Zombie Tattoo Designs

Updated on March 16, 2020
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I've always thought that zombie tattoos were some of the most creative tattoos out there.

Great Zombie Tattoo Ideas
Great Zombie Tattoo Ideas

There is no doubt that of recent entertainment trends, vampires, werewolves, and zombies are among the most popular. There has always been interest in zombie movies on the fringe of the movie industry, but recent shows, including The Walking Dead, have made the genre more popular than ever.

The variety of possible zombie tattoo images from movies and comics is vast. Most, however, include a lot of colors, which do not translate well on to the skin. At the very least, it's very hard to predict how a very colorful tattoo will look. Personally, I also prefer darker ink and don't find tattoos with a lot of color appealing.

That said, red ink works great in a zombie tattoo. What decent zombie doesn't want to satisfy their insatiable hunger for human flesh?

Many of the following design ideas include blood, but they work pretty well in my opinion—as far as the subject matter allows! If you like zombies, you're sure to like these tattoos, some of which include a bit of humor.

Zombie Man in Suit
Zombie Man in Suit

I really like this first one. It's a bit of a caricature of the genre and really well-designed. What is humorous and cool are the eyes going in different directions and that saw blade stuck in the top of his head. Funny!

The flickering flamed from the fire also impresses me. That must have been very hard to do.

Zombie Joint Tattoo
Zombie Joint Tattoo

Very seldom have I come across a tattoo that works on a joint of the body. Usually you can only see a portion of the image, which takes away from the quality of the work.

In this case, the placement on the knee works to the design's advantage. The small eye directly behind the kneecap looks better there than if it was placed somewhere flat. Also, as the wearer bends and straightens their leg, the larger eye must stretch and contract in a really ghoulish way. Really fantastic job by the artist!

Zombie Elvis Tattoo
Zombie Elvis Tattoo

What would a tattoo gallery be complete without an Elvis zombie? This one made me look twice and laugh at the inclusion of a Samurai sword. How much weirder and strange can you get than that? Great conversation piece though.

Woman Zombie Tattoo
Woman Zombie Tattoo

This Pride and Prejudice zombie, complete with period clothing is one of the more gruesome designs of all!

This one has to be the most evil looking zombie in this gallery. The detail is extraordinary, and the shadowing really stands out nicely. If you like this type of material, it doesn't get much better than this.


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