Weeping Willow Tattoo Designs


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A Weeping Willow makes an amazing tattoo design on the shoulder or back.

A Weeping Willow makes an amazing tattoo design on the shoulder or back.

The weeping willow is among the more unique and beautiful trees. They grow well near ponds and creeks and their roots help prevent erosion. Their branches act as barriers to break heavy winds.

Add to these features the amazing look of the weeping willow, and you have a gorgeous and practical tree. They are the subjects of many works of art, including those of tattoo artists.

What makes the weeping willows such an awesome subject matter are those wonderful, drooping branches which hang down on a day without much wind, and sway brilliantly when stronger winds press the branches out in a magnificent display.

When it comes to a tattoo design, the emphasis is usually on how these trees look on a calm, windless day. With a few exceptions, weeping willow tattoos show the tree standing alone.

A Weeping Willow tattoo placed on the shoulder.

A Weeping Willow tattoo placed on the shoulder.

Shoulder Placement

The first thing that needs to be mentioned about these tattoos is that almost all of them are done in dark ink. I'm glad they are, as that is my favorite ink hue. Most tattoo themes look better when dark ink is utilized, and that's definitely the case with the weeping willow.

In the tattoo above, we have an interesting twist on the subject. The artist and designer decided to go with a dark, wide tree trunk at the center of the piece. That's actually pretty cool, and is complemented by the branches spreading out to the top and the sides. It's a different interpretation of the tree than many other artists use.

A Weeping Willow with a skull above.

A Weeping Willow with a skull above.

Rib Placement With Skull

This tattoo has its own focus, with a skull emerging from behind and dark, ominous clouds. The tree itself is great, especially the gnarled looking area of the tree trunk and roots. It goes well with the skull theme. Also impressive are the dark clouds behind the skull. This is a darker weeping willow than the rest shown here.


Realistic Tree

The natural attributes of the tree, with branches moving like whips in the wind, are the focus in this case. These features are difficult to incorporate, as the scene can become too busy and full.

This tree has a face and even seems to be bending over like an old person. In this case the artist used humor to create a piece like an illustration for a children's book or character in an animated film.


CraftingTime from Spring Hill, Florida on June 26, 2012:

Where was this blog three years ago during my search for a weeping willow image? A weeping willow tattoo was all I wanted but only found blobs attempting to resemble a willow. I love the rib willow. That is where I was planning on getting mine. Well written hub, good job!

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