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Sunflower Tattoo Designs

I love tattoos and have been writing about the topic for several years.

Sunflower Tattoos

Sunflowers are one of the most noticeable of plants in the garden or yard, with the bright flower head sitting on top of the elongated stem, providing delight and wonder to all who view them.

That has stirred up the imaginations of artists for centuries, and has migrated to tattoo art, where the popular flower design has become a staple for many who love the flower.

Because sunflowers are in nature, they also include other critters like bees and butterflies as part of their existence, which makes for great ancillary objects to include in the tattoo design.

Artists being artists, there are all sorts of other creative touches to the sunflower tattoo which adds a lot of compelling and appealing images to enjoy, as you'll see in the sunflower tattoo gallery below.

Also of interest, people choosing to have a sunflower tattoo had them inked on in many different parts of the body; all of which work in my estimation, even though in some cases the attempt to maintain reality was forsaken for a cool look with the sunflowers.

Sunflower and Bee Tattoo

This is among my favorites of the sunflower tattoo designs. I think it's the darker color of the sunflower head which is attractive, and the inclusion of the dark ink on the bottom of the petals helps to present the flower in a very compelling manner.

The dark shading of the area where the seeds will develop also looks fantastic to me. That little bee about to land on the flower is also a nice addition, generating a whimsical look.


Sunflower, Butterfly Foot Tattoo

I really like this sunflower tattoo on the foot. The color combination works great, with the orange and yellow contrasting wonderfully with the dark ink.

Probably the best part is the way the scrolling lines connect the image together. It really adds a unique look to the tattoo, with the lines meandering through the image; going from a sunflower on one end of the image through the butterfly, to the sunflower on the other end of the foot. Nice job.

My only quibble with it is the inclusion of the blue in a couple of areas which to me, only detracts from the artistic design. Fortunately, it's more subtle and doesn't take away from the overall tattoo design, which is awesome.


Celtic Knot Sunflower Tattoo

It's fascinating to see how artists envision a certain topic, especially when they decide to combine them together, as this particular artist does with a Celtic knot and the sunflower.

To me it works very well, with the sunflower centered in the very detailed Celtic knot.

My favorite part of this tattoo design is the leaves, specifically those that show the under side and have terrific leaf veins protruding out. The one at the top of the design is especially nice looking, although I think the rest are too, but you can't see it in the shadowy part of the photo.

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Vampire Sunflower Tattoo

I thought it would be humorous to take a look at a very different interpretation of the sunflower, which in this case was one that depicts the giant flower as a vampire.

Seeing that vampires are currently one of the more popular fictional characters in our storytelling, they seem to have a place in almost every type of subject matter of interest, including, as you see, sunflowers.

The face is done well here in the sense of using the detail of sunflower seeds to create the vampire face. Also interesting is the way the two leaves are made to appear as the arms of the vampire.

It's a funny tattoo that lends itself well to those who love sunflowers with a little more "bite" to them.


Vining Sunflower Tattoo on Leg

Even though sunflowers don't vine, this is an interesting tattoo on the leg; mostly because of vines themselves, and not the sunflower, although it is placed in a central location on the leg.

This is a case where the artist took license with the subject matter in order to create the effect he and the recipient of the tattoo wanted.

It's not a bad tattoo, just one that gravitated into a vining, rather than a sunflower tattoo, as far as what you notice and what stands out.


Sunflower Tattoo on Shoulder

This tattoo design is one of two sunflowers, and what appears to be a daisy in the center of the design at the top.

What is fascinating about this is the way the artist designed the tattoo around the freckles of the skin. It was an interesting choice to see the daisy filled with the color of the freckles, using them as part of the ink, rather than using ink itself to color the flower.

As for the sunflowers, they look great, and the way the freckles flow around them adds a nice touch as well.

I really haven't seen a tattoo designed in a way that it interacts and uses the freckles on a person's body to create a compelling work like this one. Very cool and well done.


Sunflower Blowing in Wind on Arm Tattoo

The colors included with this sunflower tattoo are gorgeous, with the contrasting bright yellow and orange looking great. All of that set on the vibrant leaf background makes this an outstanding tattoo design.

That would have been enough to make this a terrific sunflower tattoo, but the added element of the sensation you get that the sunflower is being pummeled by a strong wind takes it to even a higher level in my estimation.


Sunflower Tattoos

As you can see from this gallery of sunflower tattoo designs, it is a fantastic choice for those loving flowers, or for those wanting a unique tattoo which includes a sunflower, but who want to include other elements in it to create a custom or diverse design.

Sunflowers make great subject matter for a tattoo design because of the height of the plant and the amazing size of the flower head. Because people love to see them in real life, which translates into art which is appreciated by all.

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Louise Powles from Norfolk, England on February 17, 2017:

Oh, I like the one with the butterfly in the middle. That's really pretty. I wouldn't mind getting a small sunflower tattoo myself. They're gorgeous flowers.

frogpetals from Christiansburg, VA on May 04, 2012:

Love sunflower tats! My next one is going to be a sunflower!

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