Rope Tattoo Designs

Updated on January 26, 2016


Rope is one of the more useful inventions ever made, and has numerous uses in the cattle industry, livestock, horses, and a number of other areas of life on a ranch or farm.

Of course rural life is far from the only place rope is used, as it plays a major role in sports, sea jobs, and exploring around the world.

Now just because rope is utilitarian doesn't mean it doesn't have an aesthetic side to it, as it does in western art, as it does for those seeking to express their lifestyle through tattoo designs.

We'll look at some rope tattoos people have had inked on them to show exactly what most men prefer in this area.

The braided or twisted look of the rope makes for good tattoo art material, and looks great when done by a good artist and has a good design.

Rope Tattoo Designs

We'll look at several different rope designs, although with the exception of one, all are armbands, wristbands, or a band of some sort, as you'll see below.

Another powerful element of the rope tattoo is the inclusion of knots. The rope will circle the chosen part of the body while having a knot included in the design in some cases. Some of them look really good.

Since I mostly focus on western culture and related topics, I didn't include some rope tattoo designs such as those on an anchor, or other themes, as it goes too far off topic.

Here we'll just look at rope specifically, and hopefully it'll generate some tattoo design ideas for you.

Wrist Rope Tattoo

With this first rope tattoo design it is a simple twisted rope around the wrist with nothing else. While the rope is done well, it does make me wonder why someone would go through the trouble of getting some rope ink and just having it designed with nothing else. Maybe the top of the wrist has some additional elements to it, but it doesn't appear to be the case.

As for the rope itself, that was done pretty decently, with the shadow giving the textured look of a rope.


Armband Tattoo

I found this to be a very strange rope tattoo design. It almost looks like a ribbon or or a fringed shoelace rather than a piece of rope. It's almost like seeing two ends of a rope with a piece of flat material in between.

One thing it does have going for it is a very cool and well done knot. If you recognize what type of knot it is, leave a comment below for the rest to see.


Thigh Rope Knot Tattoo

Here is another interesting knot tattoo, this time as a band on the thigh. This is a very detailed piece an extremely difficult one for a tattoo artist to execute. It does look good for what it is, and again, the shadowing creates a nice look to it.

The one problem is that the artist may have taken the shadowing a little too far, darkening it a little more than it needed to be to get the desired results. But still a good tattoo.

Do you recognize the specific knot with this one?


Armband, Rope, Knot Tattoo

With this tattoo we have a little bit of everything as it applies to a rope. You have the band of course, tied in a knot with the dangling pieces unraveling. There are even little frays at the end of the unraveling pieces. Pretty cool looking.

It was an interesting decision to go with a rope look that was less detailed; appearing to look flat, rather than a rope made from the usual materials, which show more as fibers and coarse.

You can easily see it, but the hanging braids are on the back of the arm, making a very cool effect if you can picture it in your mind.


Two Rope Wristband Tattoos

This is a really good set of wristband tattoos, with the contrasting dark and light colors working together well to create a great rope look.

It's also enjoyable to see the way the artist decided to give each wrist a completely different design. On the wrist on the left of the photo is a knot I'm sure everyone that has some knowledge of knots knows. Again, leave a comment if you know what it is.

What I like about the other tattoo is the way the rope appears to hang down to the thumb joint after wrapping around the wrist.


Rope Tattoo on Hanging by a Thread

Now I'm not 100 percent sure this tattoo alludes to hanging by a thread, but is sure appropriate even though the rope is inked on a horizontal plane. The single strand of rope in the middle really looks fantastic, and could speak to any number of areas of like where we feel we're literally hanging on by a thread.

While I really like this theme and design, just as impressive is the extraordinary detail of the rope, which is why I had the picture of the tattoo enlarged. Even that doesn't do it complete justice, as it appears very fibrous when enlarged even more, and gives the impression you're looking at a real rope on the edge of breaking under the strain of some force. Great tattoo.


Rope Tattoo Designs

Rope is far from being utilitarian, as mentioned earlier, and confirmed with these high quality tattoo designs that, for the most part, anyone liking the subject matter wouldn't mind having tattooed on them.

For standalone rope tattoos, a band placed in different parts of the body are the predominant design, and it's understandable why when combined with knots and other elements to create a great look.

Some of you may not look at rope quite like you used to, and may get into contact with your local tattoo artist to see if you can get some twisted hemp inked on your body.


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      Bish 9 months ago

      Simple rope (line) around the wrist is a tattoo sailors get when part of deck force- popular with sailors