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Hope Tattoo Designs, Meanings, Ideas, and Pictures

There are a few different words that are commonly used in the tattoo world as symbols of inspiration. One of those four letter words is "hope." Learn more about this tattoo, what it means, and how it might be designed.


Gates of Heaven Tattoo Designs and Meanings

When it comes to religious tattoos, the Gates of Heaven is an epic and powerful choice. See the many photos I've placed here and consider the meanings and options of this design in this article.


Cherub and Baby Angel Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Do you want a little winged angel baby tattoo? Learn more about the meaning, look at options for this design, and view various photos.


Rosary Bead Tattoo Ideas, Designs, and Meanings

What does a rosary tattoo symbolize, and why might some people consider it disrespectful? Learn what rosaries have to do with roses and what other symbols are commonly associated.


Angel Tattoo Meanings and Designs

Angels make wonderful tattoos. There's a huge variety of designs and meanings to draw inspiration from, and angels usually hold deep emotional significance for the wearer.


Tattoo Ideas: Hebrew and Latin Bible Verse Tattoos

The most beautiful thing I've ever seen entered my vision years ago when I came across a photograph of a girl who had tattooed a Corinthians verse down the entire length of her back. Read on for more Hebrew Christian tattoos and Bible verse tattoos.


Powerful Angel Tattoos

Angels in tattoos may be male or female, doomed or triumphant, a peaceful guardian or warlike brandishing a sword, or they may just be a pair of wings.


Tattoo Ideas: Quotes on Religions, God, Faith

This article explores great ideas for quote tattoos regarding religion, god, and faith.

DeNiro's character, convict-out-for-revenge Max Cady, was covered in tattoos, many of which taken from Biblical imagery.  Scales of justice were rendered as a cross-themed full-back tattoo with multiple Bible quote tattoos on the chest and arms.

The Spirituality of Christian Tattoos

Even though there is a passage in the Bible that speaks against tattooing, many modern Christians are getting Christian-themed tattoos. Learn more about the arguments for and against religious tattoos and see more of the designs and artwork.