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Razor Tattoo Designs

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Straight razor tattoo

Straight razor tattoo

Straight Edge Razors

Straight edge razors have been around since the 17th century. To this day, their decorative handles make them sought-after art pieces by collectors.

In some parts of the world, the straight edge razor was used up until the middle part of the 20th century. Most men didn't trust themselves with the straight edge, so they went to a barber to have themselves shaved.

When new and safer razors were introduced, men started feeling more comfortable with the process, and the straight edge razor slowly became obsolete.

All of that has led to the remembrance of the straight edge razor, with its ornate art and memories of a simpler time. Consequently, it has become a popular choice for a tattoo, with a wide variety of designs and ornate looks.

Razor Designs

I was surprised by the design elements included in the razor tattoo theme.

Not only are there some very cool handles, but there were a number of designs that included things like spider webs, flowers, stars, and a number of other ancillary themes to complement the razors. When these designs were combined, it resulted in some very awesome straight edge razor tattoos.

Ripped Flesh Razor Tattoo

Because I prefer the look of tattoos done in darker ink, the one in the top image is more appealing to me, even though the subject matter would be attractive to a smaller number of people.

Ripped flesh tattoos are growing in popularity, and the one with the straight edge razor going through the skin is the first of its kind I have seen.

It would have looked better if the size of the ripped flesh would have been only a little larger than the blade. This one has too much room between the top and bottom of the blade to make it look realistic in any way, which is important when designing the ripped flesh look for a tattoo design.

And even though the ripped flesh look dominates this tattoo, it's the handle of the straight edge razor that is most desirable to me. It's very detailed, and the design at the top and bottom of the handle goes well with the inner design.

Blue and Orange Straight Edge Razor

The below example of a straight edge razor tattoo is one that would represent how the razor evolved over time to incorporate a very ornate look, moving beyond utilitarian use only.

It shows the stylish design that became part of the industry standard when it became somewhat of a status symbol for men and barbers using the tool.

I like the orange and blue colors with the curvy lines and 3-D look. You also see the blade and the place you would put your thumb to open up and hold the blade in place. Pretty cool tattoo.

The razor below that has what appears to be a snakeskin handle with an interesting orange protector on the back of the blade. It doesn't show as well to me simply because it isn't open, which is a much more compelling design.

Ornate design

Ornate design


Razor Tattoo With Leaves and Flower

This woman decided to have a straight edge razor tattoo embellished with flowers and leaves. It's unique because of the subject matter, and the fact that not too many women choose the razor as a tattoo theme.

It's nice and colorful and goes well with the rose tattoo nearby. It's hard to know what the relationship is between a razor and flowers, but there you have it.

Flower addition

Flower addition

Razor Tattoo With Spider Web

With this razor tattoo, we have another nice design on the handle. The black and light colors blend well together, with the swirling lines looking good. The red design on the back of the blade also looks nice.

When you see the notched edges of the blade along with the spider web or cobwebs, it appears the idea is the blade has been sitting around for a long time.

The cobwebs make it seem like the razor hasn't been used in a while

The cobwebs make it seem like the razor hasn't been used in a while

Razor With Dripping Blood

This purple and blue razor that is dripping blood is a unique tattoo, and one that is hard to figure out for me because I'm not sure what it is the razor is wrapped around.

At first, I thought it might be a heart because the blade appears to be cutting into it as if it's soft. But then I couldn't explain the fire coming out of the top of the object, which would suggest it's a kettle of some sort. Of course, then it doesn't explain the razor cutting into it unless it was an error by the tattoo artist.

Then there is the fan or what also looks like turkey feathers in the back of the design, along with the spider web, none of which seem to make any sense.

It's obviously some type of statement someone is making, and apparently, one that is personal.

Taken together it's interesting, and a razor tattoo design that will surely be a conversation piece for the reason you simply don't know what it is or what it represents.

As for the razor design, it's a pretty cool handle with what looks like a German cross on it. I like the color of the handle and blade, but they don't go well with the light blue spider web and orange flames.

Hip Placement

Again, the dark ink used in this razor tattoo makes it look fantastic. It is designed well, using shading and empty places in the skin to create the 3-D effect.

It's not just obvious shading either, but going from dark colors to only slightly darker colors, which is not an easy task to accomplish.

The handle was made to look like it is indented, and the blade appears to have a protruding design on the side. That's a very cool look to me.

Placed against the backdrop of a couple of stars, it's a fantastic tattoo.

There could be a little more light in the design so that you could see the image better. The shadowing is done so well it doesn't allow for a real clear picture. Sometimes you have to suspend reality for a better look.


Unique Ideas

Straight edge razors are great subject matter for a tattoo, as you can see above. The ornate designs influenced by the past have been incorporated into some of these tattoos, ending with some awesome images.

Add to that the way other elements are included in the design, and there are a wide array of options for those choosing to use the razor as a tattoo theme.

However you want to do it, tattoos using a straight edge razor are a fantastic choice for those wanting to have something a little different displayed on their skin.


Angela Brummer from Lincoln, Nebraska on June 21, 2012:

Really nice article! I will share this!

WhydThatHappen on June 21, 2012:

Wow, what a cool tattoo trend. I had no idea, and had never thought of that as a design, thanks!