Pistol and Revolver Tattoo Designs

Updated on March 16, 2020
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Pistol and Revolvers

Pistols and revolvers were a big part of the American West. The difference between them is that the pistol includes a chamber that is integrated with the barrel of the gun while the revolver holds the bullets in a cylinder that is separate from the barrel.

While all pistols are handguns, all revolvers aren't as there are other types of guns that include a cylindrical holder of ammunition separate from the barrel.

Either way, the two are popular with those who respect and use these handguns, which has resulted in a variety of tattoo designs for those wanting to sport a specific look, and in some cases, a specific type of gun.

There are a lot of differences between tattoo designs of handguns, including whether or not to have a short or long barrel, as well as being plain or ornate.

Glock Tattoo
Glock Tattoo | Source

Glock Tattoo

It was mentioned that some people want to have a specific gun type tattooed on them, and that's what this tattoo of a Glock represents.

The Glock has a wide fan following. It is used by the military in a number of countries, as it is on police forces around the world. Private citizens in certain countries also carry the Glock. That, of course, is why the Glock tattoo is a very desirable one.

But for the one below, I'm not overly impressed with the tattoo design, mostly because the appearance of the barrel is curved. Having said that, the bottom part of the handgun is designed very well.

Some of this could have been from the placement, but the artist should be good enough to compensate for that. Too bad the top was done so poorly, otherwise it would have been one of the top pistol tattoos I've seen.

.357 Magnum
.357 Magnum | Source

.357 Magnum and Bullets Tattoo

The .357 Magnum is one of the most recognizable handguns, almost certainly because of its use in the Dirty Harry films starring Clint Eastwood.

His snide remarks when he is ready to take down the bad guys will always be associated with this amazing firearm.

As for the tattoo design, it's incredible. The way the elongated barrel is produced with depth and the awesome color is extremely well done, as are the cylinder chambers and the trigger and finger grips. It doesn't get much better than that, and adding the bullets lying around the gun was a great addition to the overall look to this great tattoo.

Pistol in Pants Tattoo
Pistol in Pants Tattoo | Source

Pistol Tucked in Pants Tattoo

Handgun tattoos are among the few that, in some cases, are designed to be partially hidden as part of the design.

As you see below, it's really a compelling look and one that is somewhat humorous as well. Let's face it, how many of us wonder what would happen to a guy that has a real gun stuffed in his pants like that and it goes off?

This pistol design is full of detail, and I'm sure looks fantastic when viewed in its entirety as well. And yes, I'm talking about the actual pistol tattoo here.


Skeleton Shooting Revolver Tattoo

One thing about a revolver as a piece of art is that it's far more interesting than most pistols, mostly because of the cool cylinders which can look so ominous and imposing when designed correctly.

That's the case with this particular piece of tattoo art, as you see those chambers about to turn, signaling it's about to send a bullet out of the gun. And in this case, that action was just taken, as evidenced by the evil and gleeful look on the face of the skull.

In other words, if you were the one that just saw this image, you're dead. So long buddy.

The point is that what is conveyed by the artist in a manner that is very successful. A very cool tattoo design for sure. It's why the revolver is such a great piece of subject matter for tattoo artists and others.


Revolver Tattoo on Woman's Shoulder

This is a great tattoo of a revolver on the shoulder. Just as interesting are the ancillary tattoos surrounding the revolver, especially the one with lighting crashing out of the eyes of the woman.

Also very well done is the way the gun looks like it's tucked into the skin as if it was a holster. That is a popular tattoo design among handgun tattoo fans, even though it's only done by a small percentage of those getting handgun ink.

I wonder what the message is this young lady is attempting to convey to those looking at the ink on her back?

On a side note, just as many women as men seem to enjoy having handgun tattoo inked on them. Most of it is determined by the type of gun and what else is included in the tattoo design.

Revolver With red Highlights
Revolver With red Highlights | Source

Revolver Tattoo with Red Highlights

With this final handgun tattoo, we see what most of us think of when contemplating the look of a revolver. I'm talking about proportions here, not the color of the gun in the tattoo.

I like the simple design and the way the shadowing was subtly done. What really stands out for me though is the star on the handle of the gun. It looks good and gives a break from the predominant red of the design.

This is a good tattoo, but I think it would have even been better if the gun had been done with dark ink alone, rather than the more colorful look. But apparently the woman getting the tattoo liked the color, and in the end, that's all that really matters.

Handgun Tattoo Designs

There are many types of handgun designs out there, and this just provides a little sampling of how people chose to get revolvers or pistols designed on their skin.

For those wanting to have a look of just having shot the handgun, providing a nice puff of smoke works really well. Others like the more colorful gun designs that include other elements in the tattoo.

Whatever the desire and reason, pistol and revolver tattoos are a real good tattoo option for those who enjoy handguns and what they have represented over they years, referring to self-defense and the enjoyment of shooting for pleasure.


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    • Cristale profile image

      Cristale Adams 

      7 years ago from New York

      This are cool tatoos!


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