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Old School


Traditional Nautical Sailor Tattoos: Meanings, Origins, & Ideas

Traditional American nautical tattoos have a long history behind them. If you want a maritime tattoo for yourself, check out the meanings and history, and you might find some informative gold nuggets.


Ship Tattoos: Design Ideas and Meanings

A collection of ship tattoo photographs with a discussion of meanings, symbolism, and history.


Lighthouse Tattoo Designs, Ideas, and Meanings

Learn about the meaning behind lighthouse tattoo designs and view a wide range of beautiful examples.


Chain Tattoo Designs, Ideas, & Meanings

Discover the meaning behind—and design ideas for—a chain tattoo.


Anchor Tattoos: Designs, Meanings, and Other Ideas

Anchor tattoo designs come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Learn more and get some great ideas for your next piece of body art.


Pirate Ship Tattoos

Here's a look at various tattoos that feature pirate ships.


Boat and Ship Tattoos

Considering a nautical tattoo? First, you'll want to read more about the history and meaning of ship tattoos and browse photos of the many different styles of boats.


Nautical Tattoos: Mermaids, Sparrows, Ships, and Pirates

Nautical tattoos are very popular these days. The history of these tattoos goes all the way back to 18th-century sailors. Check out some of the most popular designs.


Lucky Dice Tattoo Ideas

An amazing array of tattoos with a lucky dice design and theme.


Ships and Sea Life Tattoos

While I usually enjoy targeting a certain theme when writing on tattoos, I got motivated to present a variety of tattoos related to oceans, ships, and sea life in general. Read on to see great examples of these tattoos.


Majestic Ship Tattoos

Who hasn't dreamed of sailing the seas in days of old, as sailors and ship captains of those days were the explorers and greatest risk takers of their time? There's something about the majestic ships and tossing seas that stir emotion. Read on to learn more about majestic ship tattoos.


New School vs. Old School Tattoos: What's the Difference?

What is the difference between Old School and New School tattoos? Read on to learn to identify each style and get great ideas for your next tattoo.