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Updated on April 16, 2016

Whether you are a fan of tattoo art or not, motorcycle tattoos are entertaining, often with terrific artwork and design.

There's something for everyone that enjoy motorcycles and bikers to look at, and most of them are inked by true tattoo professionals. You have the typical and traditional biker look, plus Ghost Riders from movies, and fun and humorous innovations.

With an occasional exception, most motorcycle tattoo designs are made for larger portions of the body; usually on the back or ribs. This is because there is usually an accompanying and complementary scene that goes with the motorcycle and its rider.

Most motorcycle tattoos are on men, and you can tell from the art that they have a couple of things in mind: the power and speed of the motorcycle itself, along with the memories of hanging out with buddies they spent time riding with. Memories, friendship, and a good bike are part of an experience they will remember until they die, aided by the body art as a testimony of those days.

Grateful Dead Uncle Sam Motorcycle Tattoo

patriotic tattoo photo
patriotic tattoo photo

This "ghost rider" tattoo is a lot of fun and has a lot going for it. You have the patriotic element with the Uncle Sam hat flying off the skeleton's head. You also have the subtle red, white and blue light standing out in the midst of the black and white of the motorcycle tattoo, making a strong patriotic reference.

You can feel the action of the tattoo as the mud goes flying on his fast ride, and the gritting teeth of the rider make you feel his exhilaration on the ride. Great tattoo.

Ghost Rider on Harley-Davidson

Full back Harley-Davidson tattoo
Full back Harley-Davidson tattoo

It's too bad this Harley-Davidson ghost rider tattoo is not in the best of light (either that or the colors aren't quite as dark as they could be), because it's an extraordinary tattoo design.

When you look more closely, it's really detailed and full; probably too much detail, as you get blurry-eyed trying to find everything and see what the tattoo really is.

Yet this is an amazing motorcycle tattoo design, one that any motorcycle lover wanting that much ink on them would be proud to display.

Guru/Rockstar Biker

Cool tattoo biker
Cool tattoo biker

I don't know who this bike rider represents, but it is really neat. It seems to be some type of guru or rock star, but I can't quite come up with who it is. If you know, let me know in the comments below.

It looks like a guy from ZZ Top, but I'm not sure.

Either way, it is really done well, and shows again the quality of artists avalable to do this type of detailed, loving homage to the bike and rider.

"Three Riders" Design

Motorcycle riders tattoo
Motorcycle riders tattoo

This tattoo of brothers riding is awesome. It looks like they have all died but continue to ride, which is a very cool theme and honor to pay them.

It doesn't matter if the three were actual brothers or not, as it's the idea of camaraderie and shared experience of riding that makes them brothers, not only the blood relationship, as most of us know.

Those tall handlebars are a lot of fun, a customization element that has been popular for decades.

Motorcycle Tattoo on Forearm

Motorcycle Tattoo on Forearm
Motorcycle Tattoo on Forearm

I included this motorcycle tattoo on the forearm because of the extraordinary artwork needed to design a bike there that would look this nice.

While the overall bike is a fairly simple design, it's the placement on the forearm and how it looks that is amazing. This is much harder to do right than it would first appear. The dark, clean lines really make this a piece of standout body art.

Full-Back Motorcycle Scene

Tattoo story on a back
Tattoo story on a back

This motorcycle tattoo is one of my favorites, although it's obviously far more than a biker tattoo theme.

The color is great, it's easy to see the fantastic lines, and every part of it is done in very high quality.

It's an entire story being told through the multitude of story lines and background. Quite an accomplishment and tattoo design.

I would like to have been able to ask the tattoo artist the whole story being depicted here.

Man Resting on Motorcycle

Man lying and resting on motorcycle
Man lying and resting on motorcycle

While I said the above tattoo was one of my favorite motorcycle tattoos, this one is my favorite.

I don't know how much better you can get with a tattoo design, but this one is close to reaching the top in my opinion.

The dark, vibrant colors offset by the white of the man's shirt are powerful. The minutia of different shades of black and shading is also done very well. The quality of detail is extraordinary.

Motorcyle Tattoos Are Among the Best Quality

So here was a quick look at some of my favorite biker and motorcycle tattoos. As you can see, the designs and tattoo artists implementing them are of very high quality, and though there are some motorcycle tattoos out there that aren't done particularly well, most are awesome. You can tell the artists and their clients are fully engaged, because of the quality coming out.

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