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Lobster Tattoos

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Tattoos of Lobsters

For those of us that love the water and seas, a lobster tattoo is a compelling choice. We who are born near the ocean have a unique affinity to the sea and the life forms associated with it. Not only is it meaningful, but the lobster itself has a lot of unique features which lend it to a nice piece of art, if done well.

Colorful Lobsters

Most of the many lobster tattoos I've seen are done in color, usually red or blue.

This is unusual because, customarily, black ink is the norm and color is the exception.

I have to say, while I'm definitely a fan of the dark ink tattoo, in the case of lobsters, the color works pretty well.


Blue Lobster Tattoo

Here's an example of a blue lobster, which was interesting in the lighter shade chosen. What is nice about this one is how you can view the details of those little legs, which adds a nice look.

The way the blue is left with the skin showing as a color is also done very well. That's not always easy to accomplish. I would have preferred a much darker blue, but still not black.


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Red Shoulder Lobster Tattoo

When talking about and viewing tattoos, I like to include a wide array of styles and quality, and while this first one doesn't look too bad, it's not what I would want. For me, it just isn't realistic enough to get me excited. But if you prefer a cartoon style, this might be for you.


Lobster on Leg

Here's another somewhat dubious lobster tattoo. The front of the lobster looks very good, but the middle and back is very unappealing to me. It almost looks like a lobster front with something like a caterpillar back.


Colorful Lobster

I'm surprised how much I like this because, as I mentioned, tattoos with color aren't that appealing to me, and they usually don't measure up to their darker-inked cousins. But this is a rare instance where it not only looks decent but excelled. The color and detail are vibrant and look really nice.

Shoulder Lobster

After praising the prior lobster tattoo in spite of its color, here we have my favorite of the bunch. In my opinion, the darker ink surpasses the others, even when they're done very well.

Here the shiny shell, shades of color, and overall detail is by far the best of all the tattoos shown here.

Lobster tattoos are more desirable in regions where they're part of the culture. That said, the cool look of the creature itself makes it a good option for those looking for something more unique and different.

As with all tattoos, know what you want as far as design and color before you go in, as these play a big part in the quality of the tattoo you will get.

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