Leprechaun Tattoo Designs

Updated on March 17, 2020
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Leprechaun Tattoos

Leprechauns have been fascinating characters of legend and lore, as the minuscule mites of Irish descent engage in behavior anywhere from that of a naughty little boy to a dispenser of death in a horror interpretation of the Irish imp.

So leprechauns can be depicted as fun-loving, harmless little creatures, seemingly in a never-ending party with a beer in their hand and smoking a pipe with some tasty tobacco in it, guardians of a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, or a vicious murderer bent on destruction and mayhem.

You never know what personality these notorious lilliputian popinjays will display when you meet them, and hopefully, they're only braggarts, boasters, and showoffs, not the destructive little characters that the worst of the lot can be.

Taking all of that into account, leprechaun tattoo designs are a disparate group showing the range of leprechaun lifestyles all of us just know they embrace and express.

Four Leaf Clover Leprechaun
Four Leaf Clover Leprechaun

Leprechaun Holding Four-Leaf Clover Tattoo

At first glance, you would think if you're going to meet a real leprechaun, this is what you would want him to look like; with that friendly, smiling face and offering you a lucky 4-leaf clover. But the more one thinks about it, the more you wonder why he's presenting himself with that great big smile and positive-looking disposition.

While this looks like very simple tattoo design, when looking closely it's actually very well done with a lot of detail that is easy to bypass because the content is so humorous and enjoyable.

Either way, this is a fun tattoo and one that would generate a lot of smiles and laughs when seen by those appreciating the pretentious pixie.

Skiing Leprechaun
Skiing Leprechaun | Source

Leprechaun Skiing

This tattoo of a leprechaun skiing on the slopes is great. The design is fantastic even though the arm of the person with the ink wasn't conducive to a real clear image.

The shadowing and detail are fantastic, and I like how the end of the ski poles stick out behind his body, creating the illusory effect of him moving. Mountains lingering in the background is another nice touch.


Leprechaun Guarding Pot of Gold

When you look at the countenance of this leprechaun guarding the pot of gold, it would take a brave person to make the attempt to take it away from him, which is portrayed well in the tattoo.

The oversized head, big sideburns, bushy eyebrows, and mouth holding the pipe with the trailing smoke make this a terrific tattoo. All of that placed on that tiny body provides a great example of a caricature of this brooding fellow.

About the only negative concerning this tattoo, albeit a fairly big one, is the overlapping of gold color of the gold onto the sleeve of the guardian.


Leprechaun with Machine Gun

Here's our first look at a tattoo depicting a leprechaun showing his true colors, holding a machine gun, apparently ready to use it in a situation he doesn't approve of.

The real nasty side of the leprechaun race is shown here, although it can get much more intense and evil, as we'll see below.

As to the quality of the design, I really like it, although it would look better a little smaller, as you can see the curvature of the image as it wraps around the shoulder, specifically near the barrel of the gun, although it's subtle and not easy to see.


Leprechaun Holding Beer Mug

Now here's a leprechaun that's not feeling too much pain, as nicely done with his eyes. Even that taller-than-usual hat seems to imply a little guy that participates in more than his share of nights filled with inebriation.

Even though it is fun, it's still a very well done tattoo design, filled with a lot of detail, like the indentations on the hat, as well as the knuckles. I also like the way you can see his clothing through the clear mug.


Leprechaun Riding Beer Keg

With a couple of beers in his hand, riding a keg, and the look on his face, this leprechaun may not be as far gone as the little guy above him, but he is one stage from being there, as finishing off those two beers will undoubtedly prove.

My two favorite parts of this design is his straddling the keg, and that hilarious look on his face that many of us have seen on someone, sometime in our lives, who had a little more to drink than they should have.


Evil Leprechaun Tattoo

There probably isn't a better way to design an evil leprechaun tattoo than the one we see below, as it has many features that reveal the ominous side of a deranged being.

Of the many things unveiling the evil inside him is the clawed fingers, demon-like eyes, and the smile that tells you you're in trouble; one that, from the wrinkles in his face, has been seen by others to their dismay and disconcertment.


Leprechaun Fireman

Now so you aren't left with the fear all leprechauns are like the guy above, it's fitting to finish this tattoo gallery off with a leprechaun serving his fellow beings by working as a firefighter.

Even with this happy fellow you still see the mischievous character of these little beings that they just can't shake, as he smokes his pipe while on duty.

What better way to enjoy your job than rushing into danger while enjoying a final drag on your pipe? I like just about everything about this tattoo, including those great shoes, the smile on his face, the axe held in the air and the 4-leaf clover hanging from the side of his hat.

Leprechaun Tattoos

I really enjoyed looking at this gallery of leprechaun tattoos. Even though we know we'll see the green outfit and expected hat worn by the little beings, every one of them looked completely different, representing a wide range of the personalities and characteristics we've heard and seen as they're depicted in literature, TV, the Internet, and the movies.

It seems what is so compelling about them are the many sides of them which are in reality, revelations of the faults, characteristics, and foibles of the human race. No wonder so many of us can relate to them.


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