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Gothic Flower Tattoos

I love tattoos and have been writing about the topic for several years.

Gothic flower tattoo design is ever-changing.

Gothic flower tattoo design is ever-changing.

Gothic Tattoos

There are a large number of things concerning Gothic culture that interests and fascinates me, including tattoo design.

As with Gothic culture itself, there is really no one defining way to describe it, as Goths themselves testify to the fact it has to do with personal expression.

Having said that, there is something about the culture, even its diversity, that yells out that it's Goth. That's the case with tattoos, or in the focus of this article, Gothic flower tattoos.

How I determine whether or not a tattoo of a flower is Gothic has more to do with what accompanies the flower in the design, not the flower itself, as that would probably be almost impossible to confirm.

Attributes of Gothic Flower Tattoo Designs

How do you figure out if a flower tattoo is Gothic or not when defined by specific attributes?

First, in my opinion, the ink must be dark grey or black. If the subject matter included with it included those in the design, there could be an exception to that rule, which would normally be the inclusion of red with the black.

That happens with digital art a lot, but I haven't seen much of that in Gothic tattoos, but the rule would still apply.

Second, as mentioned above, it's the subject matter included with a flower tattoo that makes it Gothic.

However you look at it, Gothic flower tattoos, or those with a dark feel and look, can really stand out and generate a lot of interest and buzz. Here is a look at several of those tattoo designs.

Gothic Flower Tattoo Scene

This is an extraordinarily detailed Gothic tattoo design. It's full of imagery pointing to an interpretation of what appears to be the fall of Eve. I only say that because the female in the design has wings, which makes her not human. But that could have been done intentionally on the part of the artist.

It's a really great design if you like the subject matter.


Gothic Flower and Skull Tattoo on Neck

I'm a sucker for dark tattoo designs and am drawn to them no matter what the image is, as long as it is of decent quality. That's the case with this neck tattoo,

The quality and design are well done, but the problem is the placement to me. He had to shave his hair to get the entire design on his neck. Unless he plans on walking around shaved like that, no one will be able to see a portion of the tattoo.

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Another problem is the facial hair, which appears to intrude into the nose and mouth area of the skull. Add covering up with a shirt on the lower part of the tattoo, and there really is a significant display problem for the tattoo.


Half Sleeve Gothic Flower Tattoo

If you were to look only at the shoulder and upper arm portion of this tattoo, it would appear to be just like any other, as far as design goes. But when you add the surreal and darker element on the top of the shoulder and chest, you have a very different feel and look.

With what appears to be vapors (maybe fragrance?) coming up out of the flower, and evidently, a diabolical-looking chicken on the chest, a more Gothic tattoo seems to have been in the mind of the artist and recipient of the tattoo.


Gothic Corpse Flower Tattoo

I really like this Gothic tattoo design. Everything from the top hat on the skeleton, to the skeletons holding hands dancing around the flower.

Did you notice that the larger skeleton is standing in the flower?

The black background within the flower is done well in the sense of revealing the shape of the skeleton, while at the same time showing the shadow within the flower. Good job.


Gothic Flower and Skull Tattoo

Here, we have a little bit of everything to contribute to identifying it as a Gothic flower.

There is the black flower, this time mostly solid black; there are the reddish colored connected stars as well. Finally, there are the shadowy skulls themselves. All of this points to a Gothic design.

It's not my favorite of the tattoo designs here, but it is a good example of the elements included to make the Gothic connection.


Get Creative!

As you can see from these examples, there are a lot of ways to creatively design the Gothic flower theme.

If you enjoy this type of look and feel of a tattoo design, it is definitely one to consider among the myriad of options out there.


sierra rose bruse on November 25, 2017:

I really want a tattoo on my arm of a skull and I want it to be gothic. My budget is $500 and I want the best.

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