Flock of Birds Tattoos

I was watching a bunch of birds the other day circling around searching for food near some fields. They started low and began their circling motion, climbing higher and higher in the sky as they expanded their search parameters.

As a tattoo fan, a question came to mind as I watched those birds: Has anyone ever thought of using a flock of birds as a tattoo design? Turns out, there were a lot more than would have believed.

What was interesting to me was, the tattoos I found included standalone flocks of birds unconnected to anything else as well as others that appeared from flower seeds or feathers (as in the image above). Turns out that this is a very cool tattoo design with a lot of options to be creative, as you'll see below.


Like most of the bird flock tattoos I found, this one was inked with black ink only. It looks like this woman just had her flock of birds tattoo completed, as evidenced by the red, painful look of her skin. That aside, I like this tattoo because every bird is shaped differently. There are even tiny specks for birds that are far away, creating the illusion of a huge flock.


Because birds can big or small and can be spaced as close or far apart as the artist wants, these tattoos can be placed on almost any part of the body. The image above, on a forearm, shows birds both near and far, spaced in a very natural way.


A flock of blue birds across the chest.
A flock of blue birds across the chest.
Birds emerging from a dandelion seed.
Birds emerging from a dandelion seed. | Source
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A simple grouping of birds on the foot.A grouping of birds lifting a man up into the air.Birds flying out of a birdcage.
A simple grouping of birds on the foot.
A simple grouping of birds on the foot. | Source
A grouping of birds lifting a man up into the air.
A grouping of birds lifting a man up into the air.
Birds flying out of a birdcage.
Birds flying out of a birdcage.

Here's another example of this design idea's flexibility. In the case above, a relatively small part of the body was used to place the birds. I like this foot tattoo, but it looks almost bare. More birds or a little background would have made this a better one.

This unique flock of birds on this young man's chest looks great. When you closely observing the details of the birds, you can see some amazing tricks the designer used. For example, the bird farthest on the left is just a couple of lines. I also like the way the birds are highly detailed on the right and gradually become more abstract.

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