Tattoo Ideas and Examples: Chucky the Killer Doll

Updated on March 17, 2020
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I love tattoos and have been writing about the topic for several years.

It's hard to believe that the first Chucky movie, Child's Play, was released in 1988. In the film, Chucky is a doll that became inhabited by the consciousness of serial killer Charles Lee Ray. When he was about to die, Ray transferred his soul into the doll, turning it into a pint-sized killer.

The cult following of the franchise, especially of the films before Bride of Chucky, has remained active for years, with many fans going so far as to get permanent Chucky tattoos to commemorate it. It's hard to believe that this evil little guy has such a following, but he does, and artwork abounds depicting the doll turned killer.

Chucky Tattoo Designs

Even with his easily recognizable face, tattoo designs for Chucky are quite diverse. But overall, the most predominant design is of him breaking out of his skin. I don't know why that is the case, but it accounts for the majority of Chucky tattoos. Some of those are included below.


Chucky With Staples

We all know about Chucky and that stapled face of his. The staples are such a predominant part of this particular tattoo design. This is a great portrait and would do any Child's Play fan proud.


Black and Gray

Most Chucky tattoos feature a lot of color. That's why I included this smoky gray tattoo, as it seems unique to the genre. As for the tattoo itself, it is one of the more unique I've seen, and the color scheme could work with a lot of different design choices. There's a lot of potential here.


Leg Tattoo

The appearance of the depth of Chucky's figure is well done in this tattoo design. Those evil eyes of his looking to the side give you that eerie sense of foreboding.


If you like 3-D tattoos, horror, and Chucky, you have everything going for you here. While this is a good tattoo, I think it would have been far more impressive in darker colors and shades, as the 3-D would have stood out amazingly, and the evil of his persona would have been displayed even more accurately.


Another Leg Tattoo

This calf tattoo works out pretty well, as it just fits into the available canvass. The image is very well-done, and the difference between the wide eye and narrower eye is highlighted nicely. There is even what appears to be a light source with this tattoo—it seems to be shining against the right side of his face as he looks out at you.

An Amazing Chucky Tattoo Design

Even when taking into account the type of subject matter we're dealing with, this is an amazing tattoo. Here are a few reasons why.

  • The quality of the art in and of itself is extraordinary.
  • The shading, shadows, lines, and realism are outstanding and capture exactly what this deal-dealing doll is.
  • His outfit is done very accurately, and the shine on the knife is my favorite. Too bad the choice of the theme was Chucky, as I'd like to see this quality of art with other designs.

Tattooing an Icon

Chucky has been a cultural icon for a lot of fans of the film franchise, and these tattoos show the dedication of not only those receiving the tattoos but also of the designers who have taken the murderous doll and created such compelling—although disturbing—art.

As with the character, these tattoos are unforgettable. It's a matter of outlook and interpretation as to whether or not that's a good or bad outcome. The spirit of Charles Lee Ray, for better or worse, continues to live on permanently in the skin of his devotees.


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    • Dakota Gowdy profile image

      Dakota Gowdy 

      14 months ago from Denton Texas

      I have 2 Chucky tattoos love love love in love with Chucky actually

    • profile image


      14 months ago

      I'm a huge huge huge fan of killer Chucky doll I even have 2 classic tattoos of him too I'll post it if I can and I would marry my own Chucky dolls of I could

    • profile image


      14 months ago


    • profile image

      ALissa torgerson 

      2 years ago

      I I’m a fan @❤️chunky the killer dolla

    • profile image

      shaun hutchinson 

      2 years ago

      I think Jessica Rocha did a brilliant job 100 percent jess

    • profile image

      Thomas Glapinski 

      8 years ago

      I hate when I see pictures of my work on tattoo sites without any credit to the artist. You "tattoo" sites should be ashamed. The 3D Chucky tattoo on this page was done by Jessica Rocha of Red House Tattoo in Buffalo New York. Start giving credit to the artist before you steal there work and put it on your shitty website. Thanks


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