Powerful Bull Tattoo Designs

Updated on March 16, 2020
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Tom has been an online writer for over seven years. He is enamored with everything related to cowboys, rodeos, and Western history.

Cowboy Riding Bull Tattoo Design
Cowboy Riding Bull Tattoo Design | Source

Bull Tattoos

Bulls are a huge part of cowboy culture, as they were representative of the future of cattle, with the best sires offering a look into the future of the herds. That and the power of this magnificent creature makes them a fantastic design choice for a tattoo, which many have made the decision to have inked on them.

Much of the identification with the power of the bull comes from competitive bull riding, and also the running of the bulls.

But if you ever were around cattle or dairy farms when you were younger, you would know how really powerful a bull is, especially those gigantic ones that meandered around just like they wanted to; at least until you got a ring in its nose. Even the most powerful bulls will be led where you want them to go if you're tugging on a ring on its nose.

I remember working on a dairy farm years ago that had the largest bull I've ever seen in my life. That bull got loose in the barn, and when trying to get him to back out through the opening, he started turning around and knocking 6" X 6" timbers around like they were toothpicks.

Those are the types of memories and experiences that make quality bull tattoo designs so desirable, especially those displaying the extraordinary power of the bull.

Cowboy Riding Bull Tattoo

While there are a few tattoo designs of a cowboy riding a bull, surprisingly to me, there weren't that many of them. I would have thought that tattoo theme would have been a popular one.

This first tattoo is one that wonderfully captures the rider as the bull attempts to kick him off by thrusting back those hind legs. That happens so fast in rodeos that it is hard to clearly see with the naked eye. It's more of a blur in those cases, although the usual victory of the bull lets us know who the winner is.

This isn't the highest quality bull tattoo, but it does represent the essence of what happens when man and bull meet, and how compelling that is to so many people enjoying that competition in rodeos around the world.

Bull Tattoo on Back

I like this bull tattoo largely because of the dark colors, but also because of the realistic look of the folds around the neck, which anyone that has been around bulls readily identifies with.

The way the head is tossed proudly in the air is another terrific addition to the tattoo design, and would have really looked cool if was included in a winter scene with the nostrils spewing air out. Still, it looks great as it is.

Finishing off this good tattoo is the finely proportioned body of the bull as it moves from larger in the front to narrower near the rear of the bull. And finally, that tail sticking up in the air from the agitated bull nicely finishes off the piece of skin art.

Tattoo Design of Zapata, Bull, and an Aztec Warrior

This amazing tattoo is of Zapata on the left, with the amazing bull in the middle, and the Aztec warrior on the right. My only complaint with tattoo designs like this is you can't see them as a whole when looking at them when placed as this one is. Too bad it wasn't inked on the back where the entire scene could be observed.

Having said that, this is a terrific tattoo design, with the bull being the center of the piece, and rightfully so, with flaring, smoking nostrils and saliva spewing from his mouth. I've seen this many times with bulls, and it's time to get out of their way if this is what you see.

That's what makes this such an amazing depiction of a bull, as it captures him at his most glorious and powerful moment. Really great bull tattoo.

Bull Tattoo with Flaring, Smoking Nostrils


Powerful Golden Bull Tattoo Design

It's hard to choose between these great bull tattoo designs as to a favorite, but it comes down to the last two for me, and I probably like the one below the best, probably because it showcases the bull alone.

It highlights the power of the bull in a different way than the tattoo above, but what tips the scales a little for me is that golden look of the bull below, which adds a menacing look to his face that the others don't capture.

This bull looks like he's ready to charge, or suddenly changing direction and is about to ram right into you. That's not easy to capture, and this design does it very well.

I really like the way the artist made the flesh of the bull appear to stretch to the side, just like it would look if a bull suddenly stopped and changed directions. At first I thought the face of the bull was done poorly, but then I realized it coincided with the flesh of the neck of the bull which pushed out to the side from the sudden stop.

You don't get a good feeling when looking at the face of the bull, as the furrows around its ferocious eyes say he's not in the mood to play.

To top off the great, overall look is that wonderful, curly tail, which is pointed up underneath the curl, implying he is not going to be messed with. Great bull tattoo.

Tattoo of Bull on Arm Photo

Bull Tattoo Designs

There were quite a variety of bull tattoo designs, but other than the cowboy riding the bull, I wanted to show how tattoo artists portrayed the power of this dynamic creature.

As you can see, it is captured very well, and you can feel the strength of the bulls emanating from the terrific designs.

For those who stand in awe of and appreciate bulls, these are fantastic examples of the type of tattoo designs you could choose from to have inked on you.


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