Flock of Birds Tattoos

A flock of birds in flight, whether depicted realistically or whimsically, makes a beautiful and unique tattoo design, with lots of potential for creativity.


Horse Tattoo Design Ideas

If you're a fan of horses and love to ride and take care of them, you know how easy it is to get close to them and what a big part of your life they are. Read on to learn more about these beautiful tattoos.


Wolf Tattoo Designs

Wolf tattoos have a unique place in body art because the wolf itself means many things to a disparate number of people. A pest or threat to some and a bearer of spiritual meaning to others, wolves are unique creatures that make for unique tattoos.


Spider Tattoo Design Options

So you're thinking about getting a spider tattoo, but do you want one that's realistic or 3D, and have you considered placement? Here you'll find information and photos you'll need to make your decision.

photo by ReLache, taken at the Folsom St Fair, SF, CA

Japanese Koi Tattoos

See the beautiful Japanese tattoo designs known as koi, the sacred carp. Learn about these colorful fish and their meanings.