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Viking Tattoo Ideas and Designs

Olga is an avid tattoo enthusiast. She has been an online writer for over nine years.

This article will provide lots of Viking tattoo examples to help you get inspired for your next body art project!

This article will provide lots of Viking tattoo examples to help you get inspired for your next body art project!

What Do Viking Tattoos Mean?

If you are at all familiar with Celtic and Scandinavian heritage, then you know that the Vikings were fierce and mighty warriors, who commonly sported long-braided beards, corneal helmets and . . . some wicked tattoos as well.

These tattoos often served as reminders inked directly on their body to represent the values of courage in battle, devotion to family, and an adherence to the Viking ways of life.

That makes a Viking tattoo a great choice for those who want to depict the virtues of courage, heroism, strength, and loyalty.

How to Style Your Viking Tattoo

Common Colors

Most of those who get Viking tattoos get them in black or in dark shades. It's not the kind of design that would look good in hot pink.

One other option would be to use a brown-red palette scale of hues for this kind of tattoo. That might give it the "mud and blood" look that Vikings were often known for.

Colorful tattoos of that kind tend to be a bit unusual. I'll show you some examples below, so you can make up your own mind about what you prefer

Common Locations for Viking Tattoos

The #1 spot for a Viking tattoo is the arm, and the upper arm specifically.

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There is nothing more intimidating than seeing a vicious-looking Viking tattoo across a 28" bicep or a well-developed shoulder.

Other possible locations include the back—which is a wide space and so could fit a larger and more detailed tattoo—and the leg, which is where women tend to get Viking tattoos if they get them.

Done right, a massive chest tattoo can also be super impressive.

What Goes Well With a Viking Tattoo?

If you have an idea of how you want your Viking to look but don't want them to be lonely, here are some suggestions for what to pair them up with:

That's All for Now!

Hope you enjoyed this short introduction. You are welcome to leave your comments.

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Joosep on June 02, 2013:

One eyed viking? seriously? Allfather, Odin,Wotan, any of those ring a bell? the grey wanderer?

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