Tattoo Ideas: Stars

Updated on June 9, 2011
Star tattoos are bold and beautiful but can still be small and dainty depending on personal preference
Star tattoos are bold and beautiful but can still be small and dainty depending on personal preference

Stars are, by far, one of the most popular trends in tattoos today. They are so popular, in fact, they will probably soon become too popular and therefore end up going out of style. Oh well, they rock for now, and there are so many different styles and colors and ways of inking the image onto your skin.

The standard, basic star is a common choice for a first tattoo. It's easy, it's simple, and you can pretty much place it anywhere and it will look good. Although I might be biased, because my first tattoo was a small black star on my lower stomach, I think it's a good way to introduce yourself to the pain of a tiny needle repeatedly puncturing your skin--an experienced artist can ink a small star in under five minutes.


A variation to the standard filled-in star is the standard star outline.

Shooting stars look good all by themselves, but it is also possible to incorporate a word or phrase into the stardust that trails behind them.

Nautical stars are pretty hot right now. The nautical star is a symbol of protection and guidance, primarily used by sailors or soldiers as a way of finding their way home. It is characterized by half of all five points being colored black. A true nautical star is black and red, but unless you're a diehard sailor to whom accuracy matters, any color will work.

Star trails, or lines of stars, make great armbands. They can wrap around your wrist, ankle, or bicep, accentuate your lower back or hip bones. Remember, they don't need to be in a straight line, a little curvature is fine.

Colored stars are an easy way of representing people or ideas important in your life: rainbow colors to symbolize gay pride, your favorite color or the favorite color of someone you love.

An idea I've recently come upon is constellations. Every zodiac sign has a constellation that rules it--get a set of stars tattooed in your sign's constellation formation. Another option is to get the constellation formation of your significant other's sign either by itself or intertwined with your own.

Similar to constellations are star clusters, groups of stars which are gravitationally bound. The most prominent clusters are Pleiades and Hyades, characterized by hot blue stars surrounded by a bright luminescent glow.

I've recently noticed a sudden influx of stars on the side, beginning at the hips and winding their way up the ribcage. If done correctly and the placement of each star is exact, this can be a beautiful accentuation of a woman's natural curves. If done incorrectly, it looks like the sky exploded onto your skin.


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      adult 4 years ago


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      Shavanna 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Kim 6 years ago

      i#m going to get stars as a memorial tattoo. at the mo it's gonna be four but i have to have the place to ad on to them soo, not sure yet where. either around the wrist or inbetween my shoulderblades. what do you think?

    • profile image

      Star Tattoos Ideas 7 years ago

      Star Tattoos Ideas: Putting the Bright Side on Your Skin

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      country_honey_09 8 years ago

      I have 7 stars going up my right side, They all have zebra print in them, all hand drawn print so I know that they can never be copied. I love them and cant wait to show them off in the summer. Stars are very popular but I doubt they'll ever go out of style because there are so many different ways to have the stars. They might fade away like so many other tattoos but they wont become unpopular just because so many people have them.

    • profile image

      cindy 8 years ago

      i really like the stars going down the girls back im planning on getting a tattoo with stars aroung my hip but im scared that its really gunna hurt me

    • profile image

      voci 8 years ago

      i,love shum nejs i,love d stars , it shows off who u r star jan mir

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      TERRY 8 years ago


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      tani 8 years ago

      love d stars. it shows off who u r

    • profile image

      Mouse 8 years ago

      I love stars!!! My first tat was a nautical star wit a ribbon round it sayin my last name in da ribbon...Im only 15 and im ready for my next tat!!!! Its gonna be on my back like da 1st one. Of some sorta star idk yet...

    • profile image

      erin 9 years ago

      i have a tattoo of 4 outlined stars and a nautical star behing my left ear hurt like a bitch but it was worth it

    • profile image

      tigerbonn 9 years ago

      these are great tattoo of stars.. i lookin as gettin one very soon.. i am goin to get a cluster of stars up back of me leg. i'l post a pic when get

    • profile image

      starr 9 years ago

      they are kool

    • starrkissed profile image

      starrkissed 9 years ago from Arizona

      i love star tattoos.

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      Ellis 9 years ago

      i recently decided i wanted a tatoo of a star and wandered if gettin it done behind the neck hurted??


    • profile image

      Sheila 10 years ago

      Those star tattoo's are awesome....I just got one on my neck with my sons name in the middle and it is great!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Nabila 10 years ago

      I had a friend who got a bunch of stars tattooed up her side, and she had each one filled in with different animal skins, ie: leopard print, zebra, tiger, etc., and they were all different colors - pink, purple, green, blue...

    • GreatTattoosNow profile image

      GreatTattoosNow 10 years ago from San Jose

      I like the whole stars on the side. Great picture you added for star tattoos. THe best thing is star tattoos are often smalla nd can be added to later on.

    • profile image

      icarusalsoflew 10 years ago

      My first tattoo was a nautical star. It serves as a reminder that all I need to guide me is already within me.