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Latin Tattoo Ideas: Words, Phrases, Quotes, and Photos

Updated on May 01, 2015
Angelina Jolie's Latin tattoo: quod me nutrit me destruit (what nourishes me also destroys me).
Angelina Jolie's Latin tattoo: quod me nutrit me destruit (what nourishes me also destroys me).

The Latin Language Today's Popular Culture

It's no secret that Angelina Jolie is fond of tattoos; everyone is familiar with the tattoo she got in honor of her now ex-husband, Billy Bob Thornton, then later had covered up. And publicity shots of soccer great David Beckham frequently show his bare back, revealing the names of his sons tattooed in thick black ink.

But did you know that these celebrities also have Latin tattoos as well? Angelina's is on her lower stomach (next to a thick black cross that covers up a small blue dragon she got while drunk in Amsterdam) and says, "Quod me nutrit me destruit" meaning, "What nourishes me also destroys me." David Beckham's Latin phrase is on his left inner forearm, just below his wife Victoria's name which is misspelled in a Hindi script. The phrase reads, "Ut Amem Et Foveam" meaning "so that I love and cherish."

Although it is now extinct, Latin was once the universal language spoken in Europe at least as early as the 1st century BC, and it is a language that we can all relate to as many modern-day words are derived from it. But today, you can still hear some Latin, even if you are not attending mass at the Vatican in Rome or in Florida with my grandmother (who still says her prayers in Latin, as she was taught to do in the 1930s), or chatting with doctors (primum non nocere, which means "first, do no harm") or lawyers (habeas corpus, an order requiring that a person be brought before a judge). In fact, many people still use Latin today without realizing it. Bona fide is Latin for "good faith," ad hoc means "for this purpose," and quid pro quo means "something for something," which is used in modern-day banter to mean "tit for tat."

In omnia paratus: Ready for anything (or prepared for everything)


Vestis virum reddit:

“The clothes make the man.”

— Quintilianus

Latin Phrases That Make Great Tattoos

Latin Phrase
alis grave nil (or alis grave nihil)
nothing is heavy to those who have wings
alis volat propriis (or alis propriis ea volat)
he/she flies by his/her own wings (or she flies with/by/on her own wings)
audax at fidelis
bold but faithful
auribus teneo lupum
I hold the wolf by the ears (like holding a tiger by the tail; I am in danger but will not give up, I face danger head-on)
carpe noctem
seize the night (as opposed to carpe diem, seize the day)
castigat ridendo mores
laughing corrects morals; one way to change the rules is by pointing out how silly they are
cogito ergo sum
I think therefore I am, or I am thinking, therefore I exist
credo quia absurdum est
I believe it because it is absurd (sometimes used mockingly)
dum vita est, spes est
while/where there is life, there is hope (or while life is, hope is)
esse quam videri (or videri quam esse)
to be, rather than seem to be (or to seem rather than be)
ex nihilo nihil fit
nothing comes from nothing
faber est quisque fortunae suae
every man is the artisan/architect of his own fortune
felix culpa
a happy fault, an apparent mistake or disaster that ends up with a happy ending
luceat lux vestra
let your light shine, or shine your light
luctor et emergo
I struggle and emerge (or I wrestle and I win)
nil desperandum
never despair
non ducor duco
I am not led; I lead
qui audet adipiscitur
s/he who dares, wins (or s/he who wins, dares)
semper ad meliora
always towards better things
sic itur ad astra
thus you shall go to the stars (or thus one goes to the stars: such is the way to immortality)
temet nosce
know thyself
veni, vidi, vici
I came, I saw, I conquered
verba volant, scripta manent
words fly away, writings remain (or spoken words fly away, written words remain)
veritas lux mea
truth is my light
vincit qui se vincit (or bis vincit qui se vincit)
he conquers who conquers himself (the motto of many educational institutions) (or he who prevails over himself is twice victorious)
vive ut vivas
live so that you may live
vox nihili
the voice of nothing

Designing a Latin Tattoo: The Translation

Luckily, unlike tattoos of Hebrew and Arabic words and phrases, Latin phrases are fairly easy to translate for the sake of tattooing. Wikipedia offers an extensive list of Latin phrases, many of which make for beautiful and inspirational designs.

As with any tattoo that is done in a foreign language not your own, make sure you do your homework. We've all heard the stories of people who get tattoos in other languages that look good but mean absolutely nothing, or worse—mean something they did not intend or perhaps even the opposite of what they wanted it to say. Double-check your translation with several sources before you get it inked on your skin. Because the Latin language is extinct, you won't be able to find a native speaker. Instead, ensure your translation is correct by either using several online translators or confirming its accuracy with a Latin teacher or scholar.

Vir sapit qui pauca loquitur:

“That man is wise who talks little.”

— Unknown

Photos of Latin Tattoos

"Don't let the bastards grind you down." (A misspelled mock-Latin translation of illegitimi non carborundum.)
"Don't let the bastards grind you down." (A misspelled mock-Latin translation of illegitimi non carborundum.)
Aut viam inveniam aut faciam: "I shall either find a way or make one."  (The first "aut" can be omitted here and still retain sense.)
Aut viam inveniam aut faciam: "I shall either find a way or make one." (The first "aut" can be omitted here and still retain sense.)
Omnia mutantur nihil interit: "Everything changes, nothing perishes."
Omnia mutantur nihil interit: "Everything changes, nothing perishes."
Illicitus: "Forbidden."
Illicitus: "Forbidden."
"Hate the living, love the dead."
"Hate the living, love the dead."
Neutiquam erro: "I am not lost."
Neutiquam erro: "I am not lost."
Nosce te ipsum: "Know thyself."
Nosce te ipsum: "Know thyself."
Alis volat propriis (misspelled in tattoo): "She/he flies by her/his own wings."
Alis volat propriis (misspelled in tattoo): "She/he flies by her/his own wings."
Vita non est vivere sed valere: "There is more to life than just being alive."
Vita non est vivere sed valere: "There is more to life than just being alive."
Tempus neminem manet: "Time waits for no one."
Tempus neminem manet: "Time waits for no one."
Ad astra per aspera: "To the stars through adversity," or "a rough road leads to the stars."
Ad astra per aspera: "To the stars through adversity," or "a rough road leads to the stars."
Dum spiro spero: "While I breathe, I hope."
Dum spiro spero: "While I breathe, I hope."

Alea iacta est:

“The dice has been cast.”

— Caesar

Latin Tattoo Translation Mistakes

Warning: Don't get a tattoo that is misspelled or translates into something other than what you'd thought. Before you get inked, make sure you have the words right! Check it again and again. Know that online translation devices are just robotic and often make mistakes (turn verbs into nouns, mix words around, confuse genders, and make other inhuman errors).

You might consider posting a question on an online forum and inviting Latin scholars to help you with the phrase. If you post a comment below, you might get lucky, since Latin students and scholars sometimes chime in to help with translations there.

You should also spend some time sleuthing out the proper pronunciation because, well, it's your tattoo.

Latin Tattoo Fonts

Of course, with any written tattoo, the style of the lettering matters as much as the words themselves. Here are some suggestions for fonts you might like to use.

Kaligraf Latin has the look of brush-stroked calligraphy.
Kaligraf Latin has the look of brush-stroked calligraphy.
Uncial is a majuscule script (written in all capital letters) used commonly from the 4th to 8th centuries AD by Latin and Greek scribes.
Uncial is a majuscule script (written in all capital letters) used commonly from the 4th to 8th centuries AD by Latin and Greek scribes. | Source
This font is sperrsatz, which is German, but has an antique feel. You could really go crazy designing ornate letters for your tattoo.
This font is sperrsatz, which is German, but has an antique feel. You could really go crazy designing ornate letters for your tattoo.

Fabas indulcet fames:

"Hunger sweetens the beans" or "hunger makes everything taste good."

— Unknown


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    • Clayton Kraus 9 years ago

      I absolutely love your tatoo ideas! I have Veni vidi vici tat'ed on my side, check it out,

      mutch love.

    • neil 9 years ago

      hi just wondering if any one knows what this would be in latin - "what doesn't kill me makes me stronger"

      thanks neil

    • Mercedes 9 years ago

      'What doesn't kill me makes me stronger is 'Quis doesnt iuguolo me,makes mihi validus' :) xxxx

    • bob 9 years ago

      can anyone tell me the font of the guys tattoo that says "there is more to life than just being alive"- the one on the inside of his forearm. thanks :)

    • Ryan 9 years ago

      Can anyone tell me what Wake You Dreams or Fear not, nor be Afraid would translate to in latin?

    • Ryan 9 years ago

      Wake Your Dreams***

    • becauseilive profile image

      becauseilive 9 years ago from N.J.

      Ryan, I don't know the translation into Latin, but I find it very interesting that I have "wake your dreams" in English tattooed on the back of my neck :)

    • Adam 9 years ago

      Hi amazing pictures.

      what's Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds into latin?

      i know its suppose to be hindi but i cant find it :othanks x

    • Corrina 9 years ago

      I really love the font used in the Alis Volat Propiis pic. Does anyone know what it's called?

    • just j 9 years ago

      that which does not kill me makes me stronger, "Quod non me destruit, me nutrit."

    • Lauryn 9 years ago

      Quod non me destruit, me nutrit. means whatnourishes me also destroys me ... not that which doesn't kill me makes me stronger..

    • Amanda 9 years ago

      Hi everyone,i was just wondering if anyone knew how to say " a new beginning" in latin? I'm considering it as a possible tattoo idea.


    • Hannah B 9 years ago

      hi, does anyone know "do everything in love" in latin?? would be much appreciated

    • chris 9 years ago

      if some one can help i want get "know thyself" and "be thyself" down both sides of my ribs can some one give me a translation i have found conflicting ones.. thanks

    • steve 9 years ago

      Could someone help me with the translation for 'You'll never Walk Alone' ?


    • AEonCrux 9 years ago

      Here's some translations from previous posts, per request:

      "what doesn't kill me makes me stronger" = quis doesn't iuguolo mihi planto mihi validus

      "Wake You Dreams or Fear not, nor be Afraid" = Excito Vos Somnium vel Vereor non , neque nec timeo

      "Now, I become Death, the destroyer of worlds." = Iam, Fio Nex , pessum ire of universitas.

      "do everything in love" = operor panton in diligo

      "know thyself" & "be thyself" = teneo vestri ego & exsisto vestri

      "You will never Walk Alone" = Vos mos nunquam Ingredior Unus

      Please remember, sometimes there are several different ways to say the same thing in Latin. However, there are some "preferred" or more familiar ways of saying things.

      I do hope that the translations above are helpful to the requesters.

      AEonCrux- quid hoc sibi vult

    • Kiefer 9 years ago

      Hello, anyone able to translate "Brothers in arms"



    • Jeff 9 years ago

      Could anyone translate "From Chaos Comes Clarity" in latin?

    • Lauren 9 years ago

      hi there,

      this site is excellent, just wondering if you knew the translation to 'to thine own self be true'


    • Vixi 9 years ago

      Hi, wow its hard to get an accurate translation! Can someone please translate for me "pray for those wild at heart, trapped in cages" ? thanks:)

    • James 9 years ago

      Hello, could someone please translate "Truth, Unity, Love" into latin for me?


    • Eddie 9 years ago

      Hi can someone please translate for me "One Life" into Latin?



    • erburns12 9 years ago

      Can anyone please translate these phrases in Latin for me?

      The Lord is my strength and song

      It was then that i carried you

    • val 9 years ago

      was wondering if someone knows the true latin translations to:

      For those i love i will sacrafice


      dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today


    • meagan 9 years ago

      does anyone know what light up the darkness is in latin

    • kyle d 9 years ago

      can anyone translate..

      "Death smiles at us all. All a man can do is smile back."

      "I will see you again. But not yet."

      "No one can outrun their destiny."

      please help??

    • yaserniaz 9 years ago

      hi,could anyone translate '"I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine' ?? plus i am a guy,is that tattoo for guys,sory i know silly question

    • willm619 9 years ago

      hey great hub, i was wondering if anyone could translate excellence into latin for me thanks

    • CarlyW 9 years ago

      lol why don't u guys get a latin dictionary for ur translations?!

    • willm619 9 years ago

      i have one but im making sure, your supposed to check with multiple sources -.-

    • zac 9 years ago

      anyone know how to say "Love and Forgive" in latin?

    • carlo 9 years ago

      does anyone know how to in latin :D fanx alot

    • iamsamlr 9 years ago

      hey everybody. can anyone translate 'you only live once' to latin please? i want it tattooed on my back! cheers.

    • dhurba3 profile image

      dhurba3 9 years ago

      well come.

    • Riley 9 years ago

      does anyone know a good family saying or something to do with my family that i can get tattooed

      thanks or on here is fine : )

    • AMY 9 years ago

      Getting confused as I would like 'Dream as if you live forever, Live as if you die today' and everywhere is so different!!! AArrgghh, Can anybody help??

    • veronica 9 years ago

      Hey everyone i was wondering is anyone new how to translate "Baby i love your Way" into latin. i know it sounds strange its just that it has alot of meaning to me and my new husband and i really want to get it tattoted on me. by the way some of these tats are really good! great page xox

    • amanda 9 years ago

      does anyone know how to say no matter what in latin?

      or any original ideas that a guy would like, not something wicked mushy?

    • iamsamlr 9 years ago

      hey. so does anybody know what 'you only live once' in latin is?

    • Kayleigh 9 years ago

      I have been looking for a long time for the translation of "Smiles through her tears" to Latin. Can anyone help me?

    • Cenk 9 years ago

      Can anyone help how can i write GOd in Latin? me

    • kenny 9 years ago

      could some one translate " this too shall pass" "Death smiles at us all. All a man can do is smile back" "no one can out run their destiny" cheers!

    • mara 9 years ago

      We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars..

    • mara 9 years ago

      does anyone know this phrase in latin??thanxxxxxx

    • a  9 years ago

      hi can someone translate for me "fight and conquer" into latin?


    • danroach 9 years ago

      can someone translate "I love my wife" into latin? please email to thanks

    • mvo 8 years ago

      Hey, I was wondering how you translate "what happen to me yesterday, makes me stronger today" in Latin?

    • Ashley 8 years ago

      Can anyone translate "Don't Ever Give Up" in Hebrew. I want it as a tattoo in honor of my dad who died from cancer!

    • mrs. Najera 8 years ago

      please help. i'm getting a tat in honor of my husband and i want it to say "until death" how do i translate??

    • iamsamlr 8 years ago

      hey, could someone please translate 'you only live once' into latin for me please. cheers.

    • Mindy 8 years ago

      Can someone translate, "I am not afraid. I know who I am." into Latin for me? Thank you!

    • Anastasia 8 years ago

      Does anyone known how to write: Family comes first. (in latin)?


    • gabby 8 years ago

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    • Stevie G 8 years ago

      Hi could anyone translate "Life is nothing without dreams" into Latin for me please? if you could email me the translation or post it on here if easier.


    • Hans 8 years ago

      if you guys need any translations email me at i have taken latin for seven years so i will be able to give you precise translations. BE SURE TO MAKE THE SUBJECT TRANSLATION OR IT MAY NOT BE OPENED!

    • benny cinatl 8 years ago

      Just wondering if anyone knows "son of the right hand" in latin?

      would be wonderful.


    • z vance 8 years ago

      does "non timebo mala, quoniam tu mecum es" translate into "I will fear no evil, for thou art withme" ? Can anybody confirm this. Thanks !!

    • xtine 8 years ago

      hello can someone help me???

      does 'true love waits' means

      Verus Exspectat Amor



    • Katie Jane 8 years ago

      Hi, can some one help me, ive tried numerous translation sites and had no joy!! can someone please translate 'one life' into latin and hebrew for me please!!!??? Please send to

      Many thanks x

    • Hollie 8 years ago

      Can anyone tell me what the tattoo "There is more to life than just being alive" is in latin please ? and do you think that is too manly for a girl to have ?

    • Kevin 8 years ago

      Can someone help me properly translate "Embrace your fear" into latin. Please contact me via email at

    • JOnas 8 years ago


      Does anybody know how to say "Everything Has Its Price" in latin??


    • Nomad611 8 years ago

      could someone please translate You'll Never Walk Alone into hebrew??

    • jade 8 years ago

      would any one know wat mother and/or sister is in latin

    • joaquin 8 years ago

      hey, can someone transalete "Unbreakable" to latin for me?

    • Tony 8 years ago

      Can anyone translate: "fear no man" into latin for me please?


    • Dolores 8 years ago

      Hi Everyone, like others I am in need of a translation. I have a dictionarybut want to double check. Anyone confident of translating "i fear nothing, my courage will guide me"

      Thank you! xo

    • Dolores 8 years ago

      Hi again! I forgot to mention that I need the translation into latin :)

      "i fear nothing, my courage will guide me"


    • mandi-gurl27 8 years ago

      Hey everyone

      You's are doin a great job translating all these saying. I'd appreciate if someone could translate in latin " I live for the nights I remember with the friends I will never forget" and "love will find a way".

    • John 8 years ago

      "I fear nothing, my courage will guide me."

      Nihil timeo, meus virtus mei ducabit.

      Roughly, of course. My Latin is a bit rusty so some of the conjugations may be off.

    • Anastasia 8 years ago

      What= QUOD doesn’t kill = NON NECAT me = MEonly = CERTEmakes= FACITme = MEstronger = FORTIOREM

      Here’s the translation of "What doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger”:“Quod me non necat me certe fortiorem facit”..... tazi mai e nay vyarnaor:-“Quod me non necat me certe confirmat”

    • 8 years ago

      I have looked and read and asked ...I am trying to find the way to say " till the end of time " in latin . and also love family and beleif.

      I have different answers,

      THANK ANYONE for their time.

    • jerkoff 8 years ago

      Does anyone know the translation for "my penis is small"

    • Dominique 8 years ago

      For Ryley in latin e-mail me thanks

    • jasmine 8 years ago

      I am looking for the phrase " she flies by her own wings". I have loked this up on the translator and it does not match what is ritten on the top of the page. Is there another way? Can someone give me the direct translation please. Thanks.

    • luke 8 years ago

      can someone tell me please what ''you'll never walk alone'' is in hebrew or tell me a website 2 go on to find out

    • Tyler 09 8 years ago

      can anyone help me with this translation into latin: " you have taught me hate. i will teach you fear"


    • Ayesha 8 years ago

      wot font is 'time waits for no-one' in?? and also wot font is 'she flies by her own wings' in?? sumbody plz write a comment wiv th answa as im gettin a latin tattoo soon an realy like those 2 fonts....

    • Nicole 8 years ago

      I was wondering what the translation of"love waits for no one " is ?

    • ianwallace 8 years ago

      I have been trying to get the Latin translation for "Pray for me" can anyone help. Thanks

    • josh 8 years ago

      can anyone translate comfortably numb for me?

    • sarah  8 years ago

      hey does anyone know three little angels would be in latin writing. i really need it quick cause im getting it done today

    • dan 8 years ago

      try got heaps of latin quotes

    • Sofka 8 years ago

      Illegitimus Non Carborundum doesn't mean don't let the bastards grind you down, it's a nonsense phrase that has no meaning,you can look it up at any good latin site, I really hope that they knew that!!!

      Great site though, the pictures are all really great!!!!

    • amy 8 years ago

      i really want a tatto down my ribs in a foreign language, preferabley latin or italian. i want a phrase that means something powerful. would u be able to translate these for me please?

      'Wake Your Dreams'

      'dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today'

    • rj 8 years ago

      hey whatsup everybody? this site is very helpful. Can anyone translate for me - "Egusum Factum Murlatum Hum" ... Thank you!

    • cara 8 years ago

      hi! this site's really helpful..i want to get a tattoo on my left hip with a latin phrase (i took latin for four's not completely random) in a really intricate script but i can't decide what i want it to say!! any suggestions? i've got a few ideas..

    • Tarz 8 years ago

      Hi Cara

      i was woundering if you could help me owt?...

      i really want to get a latin script tattoo, i have a phrase i want to get but i don't know latin...

      would you know what this phrase is translated in English... some 1 i know translated it but they don't know if its fully correct...

      “lli ego diligo , ego mos vitualamen”

      Do you know what this would say in English?

    • jon paul 8 years ago

      can anyone translate.. There is more to life than just being alive

    • nickolas from greece 8 years ago

      hey everybody i want to make a tattoo in latin words..enybody knows how we say this in latin " IN MY LIFE I I AM DREAMING NOTHING LESS THAN EVERYTHING".....if anyone knows plz respond fast...thank you

    • cara 8 years ago

      hey Tarz..are you sure thats all latin? i'm not recognizing some of those words/endings!! sorry!!


    • Steve Rodriguez 8 years ago

      how would you say "eternal soul"send me an email at thanks

    • Josh A 8 years ago

      How do i write "There is only the journey" or "The journey is what brings us happiness not the destination" pleassssse help!! = )

    • Darren 8 years ago

      Could anyone please translate

      'It's better to die on your feet than to live on your knees'

      into Latin please x

    • Orbitgirl 8 years ago

      Does anyone know how to translate "silence speaks a thousand words" in latin?

    • terry jackson 8 years ago

      hi, just wondering if anyone can hep me translate something into latin for me, its for a tattoo on my chest and want it to say "happiness is family" can anyone help with translating? hope you can help. thankyou so much

    • Clint 8 years ago

      Hey Guys... I want written on my bicept Such is lfe in latin..

      Now there is a Latin phrase Thus is life which is translated to Sic (Thus) Vita (Life) Est (is)

      If I wanted the word such (Talis) can i just replace Sic (thus)??? I know it seems like an easy question but i want to make sure the interpretation and order of latin words is correct??



    • Scott 8 years ago

      hey, I was wondering if you could translate this for me. I tried using online stuff but I can't get it close.

      Wake your dreamsFace your fearsEmbrace the darkLove justice

      its mostly the last two. I see the first two above.

    • Scott 8 years ago

      oops those are supposed to be seperated. wake your dreams, face your fears, embrace the dark, love justice. Sorry about that

    • workitgud13 8 years ago

      i need this phrase in latin " have no fear, god is watching"

    • Alex 8 years ago

      Could you please translate this into latin for me "Strength within a true spirit"

    • ben 8 years ago

      can some be able to translate brothers 4 life in latin please..send to

    • bigkarl 8 years ago

      could someone please tell me the latin translation for "my son my life"

    • (+x$)Nex Iuguolo 8 years ago

      Just FYI, all the Latin Translations on this page have seemingly been performed by people who have no insight into the actual usage of the latin language, much less any romantic language for that matter. The grammar is backwards, and some of the words make no sense at all.

      Please don't just go out and get these words and phrases tattooed on your body because someone on an unmoderated forum told you it was the proper translation.

      I came to this site by googling "(+x$)Nex Iuguolo", and I followed this statement from google:

      "What doesn't kill me makes me stronger is 'Quis doesn't iuguolo me,makes mihi validus' :) xxxx"

      Please realize initially, that "doesn't", and "makes" are not at all from the Latin Language; then please use discretion when using the internet ((eye roll)).

      -(+x$)Nex Iuguolo

      | revolutions in music are real |

    • Sophia 8 years ago

      Somebody who knows how to write "Willpower" in Latin ?

      PLEASE :) -->

    • louise  8 years ago

      could somone translate this quote for me: " knowing is not enough we must apply, willing is not enough we must do"

    • Beth 8 years ago

      Quod me nutrit me destruit - means what nourishes me, destroys me

      quis doesn't iuguolo mihi planto mihi validus - what doesn't kill me makes me stronger. someone on the previews posts said something else :)

    • simon 8 years ago

      hi guys... i don't speak latin but i have done loads a research on the internet... some of the above quates people have given different ways to say them... they are all correct it just whether you want knew latin or american latin or italian latin or roman latin etc etc.... decide what style of latin u would want then look it up on google translator thats a good site xx

    • susan 8 years ago

      Is there any way i can find out what font the tattoo meaning "There is more to life than just being alive" is in?

      Thanks :)

    • james 8 years ago

      tom... live and let live, if someone makes the personal choice of getting a tattoo good on them, if you don't want a tattoo, simple, don't get one.

      this weekend i will be getting (on the inside of my left bicep) "Quod tibi fieri non vis, alteri ne feceris" which means "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" - we all lose ourselves from time to time, so i find this tattoo quite meaningful as its a constant reminder that no matter what others should be treated with respect. we are all fighting our own battles throughout life.

      Some other forms of this rule stretching back to ancient times:

      "Hurt not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful.”Udana-Varga, 5:18 (African)

      “Wish not for others what ye wish not for yourselves”Kitab-I-Aqdas (African)

      “In five ways should a clansman minister to his friends and familiars, by treating them as he treats himself.”Sigalovada Sutta v.31 (Buddhist)

      “Do not do to others what you would not like yourself. Then there will be no resentment against you, either in the family or in the state.”Analects 12:2 (Confucian)

      "One word which sums up the basis for all good conduct…loving kindness. Do not do unto others what you would not want done to yourself.”Analects of Confucius 15:23

      "We should behave to friends as we would wish friends to behave to us.”Aristotle (Ancient Greek philosophy)

      "Do not do to others that which would anger you if others did it to you.”Socrates (Ancient Greek philosophy)

      "One should not behave towards others in a way which is disagreeable to oneself. This is the essence of morality. All other activities are due to selfish desire."Mahabharata, Anusasana Parva 113.8 (Hinduism)

      “Not one of you truly believes until you wish for others that which you wish for yourself.”The Prophet Mohammed Hadith (Islam)

      “A Man should wander about treating all creatures as he himself would be treated.”Agamas Sutrakritanga 1.11.33 (Jainism)(These guys were REALLY serious about this rule)

      “All things are our relatives; what we do to everything, we do to ourselves. All is really one.”Black Elk (Native American)

      “The heart of the person before you is a mirror. See there your own form.”(Shinto)

      So yeah, it's a good rule to live by. It must be an effective and meaningful one for it to have been independently concluded in so many places and times, by both religious and non-religious thinkers. I try to live by it myself.

    • Lacey Gardner 8 years ago

      im wanting to get a tattoo that says "Til Death Do us Part"??? in latin....or maybe a idea of something im getting ready to get married to my high school sweet heart and we want to get some similar tattoos...any help?

    • Valerie  8 years ago

      I want to get a tattoo in latin that says karma does anyone know whatd it look like or the lettering?

    • danny goddard 8 years ago

      do u know the latin sayin live for the day

    • venessa 8 years ago

      hi, i would like to know how to translate "life is beautiful" in latin. i recently saw one in italian and it was written as "la vita bella" i am not sure if this is back to front or even correct as i don't want it to say a beautiful life but life is beautiful.

    • Mike 8 years ago


      i don't know live the day but a popular one is seize the day, carpe diem

    • Sarah 8 years ago

      Does anyone know how to write "Life is an adventure" in latin?

    • alyssa 8 years ago

      can you translate ''no one alive, can always be an angel' into latin. and e-mail it to me at thank you!

    • Ciara  8 years ago

      guys does anyone know wat "everything happens for a reason" mte b? thanks :)

    • Tom 8 years ago

      Ya James, that's the reason it's called the "Golden Rule." No Christianity reference? Try Wikipedia, ethic of reciprocity.

    • Ashley  8 years ago

      Could somebody translate: God, grant me forgiveness and strength

    • Ashley  8 years ago

      I need that translated into latin-forgot to put that on there :)

    • Ashley  8 years ago

      my email address is


    • Desiree 8 years ago

      Can anyone tell me what the first part of a latin phrase is, it has to do with tyranny and rebellion. The seccond part is something like "Rebellium fio officium"

      And can you give me the meaning to the whole phrase?


    • Robbie 8 years ago

      Can someone please translate "Find a Way" from english to latin for me? I used a translator on the internet and it said it was "Reperio a Via", is that right?

    • Jenna Katilainen 8 years ago

      I would like to know what is "naked truth" in latin? All the translators on the internet say it's "vertitas nuda" but I'm not so eager to just put something on my skin that I'm not sure can anyone tell me is "veritas nuda" in latin "naked truth"?and if it's not that what it is then?

    • Mattl 8 years ago

      Can anyone translate "faith guides me" into latin?

    • Jamie 8 years ago

      that site has a latin expert who would translate phrases. but don't tell her you're doing it for a tattoo. she won't translate if it's for homework or a tattoo.

    • Laura 8 years ago

      Please could someone translate this into latin for me please?

      From error to error one discovers the entire truth.


    • Skin 8 years ago

      Can anyone translate this from the Bible (book of Revelations) into Latin?

      Revelation 6:8 - "And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him"

    • abi 8 years ago

      Does anyone know the latin for: What I have in my heart, I'll take to my grave

    • Linda 8 years ago

      Would someone who speaks latin really well please translate this into latin for me?

      Dream, fight, survive

      Thank you very, very much.

    • carol 8 years ago

      hi does anyone know how to say and write: "if you don't stand for anything you'll far for everything is in latin"

    • Magistra 8 years ago

      Hello All!

      It sounds like you are in need of a Latin teacher! I've been considering getting a Latin tattoo myself lately.

      I don't know if anyone checks this thing on a regular basis, but for the last three people who posted, I thought I would help you out. If there is anyone else who has posted previously and is still looking for a translation leave a new post and I will help you out as well.

      Abi: What I have in my heart I will take to my grave = "Quod habeo in corde meo adimam ad sepulcrum meum".

      Please note there are multiple vocabulary words for terms like "heart" and "grave" so if the words presented don't strike your fancy I can provide synonyms.

      Linda: dream, fight, survive = "sominum, pugna, vivere" and if you prefer I dream, I fight, I survive = "somnio, pugno, vivo"

      Carol: Did you mean "If you (singular) don't stand for anything you (singular) will fall for everything"? If that is the case then the Latin would be: "Si non stas cui accides quibusque"

      One thing you need to know about Latin that makes it very different from English is that Latin is a highly inflected language, meaning word order does not matter. If you don't like the look of the way words are arranged you can always switch them up. For example:Puella iacit pupam, pupam habet puella, habet pupam puella, puella pupam habet, etc. all mean the same thing (The girl has a doll).

    • Magistra 8 years ago

      Quick correction to my last post

      dream = somnium

      not sominum. Dona mihi veniam! (Forgive me!!! Literally it means "Give forgiveness to me!")

    • Jenny 8 years ago


      Can anyone help me translate 'I have spread my dreams under your feet' in latin please?

      Thank you so much!!

    • cellard00r 8 years ago

      Does anyone know a translation for "I ask your forgiveness for my lack of faithfulness in asking your forgiveness"? I suppose there is a chance that this doesn't even translate at all...can anyone help me find out? Thanks.

    • DOMI 8 years ago

      why don't you guys just get those sentances translated in english???

    • Magistra 8 years ago

      Hello again lovelies,

      Jenny: I have spread my dreams under your feet = "Dilatavi mea somnia sub tuis pedibus" ( What a beautiful expression)

      cellard00r: "Rogo tuam veniam ergo mea penuria veniae rogans tuae veniae" (I hope this wasn't for your Latin homework! The literal translation of the Latin is "I ask your forgiveness on account of my lack of faith asking for your forgiveness" )

    • discipula 8 years ago

      faith guides me: fides me ducet

      everything happens for a reason: omnia causa fiunt

    • kevster 8 years ago

      hi could someone please translate this for me into latin:

      "Strength conquers adversity"


    • Gavin 8 years ago

      Hi, can anyone translate the following

      'nothing will separate us' into latin for me....

      thanks.... its for me my brother and my sister

    • Magistra 8 years ago

      Hello, hello

      Kevster: Strength conquers adversity - "Vis vincit adversum".

      Gavin: Nothing will separate us - "Nihil abscidet nos"

    • Dizzy 8 years ago

      On the above tattoo that reads 'To the stars through adversity', it says adversity is 'aspera'. However, in Magistra's last post she has adversity as 'adversum'. Which would be the correct one for adversity? What would be the correct lation translation for 'To the stars through adversity'?

    • Alex 8 years ago

      I was just wondering with the latin for "Know Thyself" whether "Temet Nosce" or "Nocse te ipsum" is correct?? and what exactly the difference between the two of them is?


    • Joanne 8 years ago

      I am looking at getting a tattoo in latin on the back of my neck to say love is the essence of life. I am having trouble finding an image of how i want it. i want it going down the back of my neck not too big, what font would i use. i like the tattoo on the page above which says time waits for no one, and wanted the style like that but with the writing going down? any suggestions?

    • Ryan K 8 years ago

      Does anyone know how to translate, " Move Forward, the past will only darken you"

    • ABBEY 8 years ago

      Hey Magistra ,

      Would you be able to translate 'as i am you understand' for me please?


    • Magistra 8 years ago

      Dizzy: Much like any other language, Latin is very colorful with many ways of saying the same thing. "Aspera" means a rough going or difficulty whereas "adversum" is more of an opposition or having something actively push against you. Either word could easily mean adversity, it just depends on which word/mean you prefer. The translation of To the Stars Through Adversity I've most commonly seen is the one above of "Ad Astra per Aspera". Again, if you do not like the word for stars (astra), there are multiple alternatives and even names for stars that might have special meaning to you, like the North Star.

      Alex: Know Thyself is "Nosce Te Ipsum" . The Greek would be "ΓοΩΘΙ ΣΑΥΤΟο" (it is pronounced ga-no-thay sow-ton). I have no idea who came up with "temet nosce". "Temetum" is a type of wine and "temero" means I dishonor, but "Temet" on its own is a nonsense word. Mini history lesson: Know Thyself was carved over the enterance to the Oracle at Delphi. It meant that to truly understand what the Oracle would tell you, you needed to first undertand who you are and why you were there.

      Joanne: Love is the essence of life - "Amor est substantia vitae"

      Ryan K: Move forward, the past will only darken you - "Promove, vetustas occaecabis solum". In this case "occaecabis" means "will darken you" in the sense that it will cover, obscure, or veil you. If you meant darken in the sense that the past will defile or dishonor you then the sentence will read: "Promove, vetustas temerabis solum".

      Abbey: As I am you understand - "Qualiter sum scis".

    • shina 8 years ago

      can anyone tell me what the words




      are in latin? I want to tattoo them to my wrists. thanks.

    • sara 8 years ago

      I was wondering if anyone knew the latin translation for "In him I trust"...I can't seem to find it anywhere.

    • alex 8 years ago

      does anyone know the translation for "for those i love i will sacrifice"

      thank you!

    • Ramato 8 years ago

      Can someone please tell me the Latin translation for "Bear no crosses"? I would really appreciate it.


    • Martin 8 years ago


      Can anyone help me translate, tis' into Latin "One of A kind"

    • Antonia 8 years ago


      can anyone help me translate" Love is friendship set a fire"


    • Antonia 8 years ago

      anyone have any ideas I want a tattoo with my husbands name in it something romantic. "kendrick"


    • MvH 8 years ago

      Hi! Need urgent help with correct form and translation in latin for:

      "My beloved"

      "My beloved husband"

      and as well,

      if the correct translation for My wife, my beloved" is -Uxor mea, amata mea??

      pls help me out on this one!!


    • Antonia 8 years ago

      can anyone translate " beautifly mixed"


    • BobbyZ 8 years ago

      Please I know it's a long shot but I need a 100% accurate translation of:

      "Life is not a rehearsal"

      I'm preying it looks good in Latin, otherwise I'm getting it in English anyways.

    • shannon 8 years ago

      Does anyone know how to say My Vincent, My conquerer.......?

    • karen  8 years ago

      can anyone tranlate in to latin (your blood runs thru my veins ) thanks

    • Julz 8 years ago

      Ive been wanting to get a tattoo in honor of a friend past, can anyone translate "All my love, Always"? thanks =)

    • Beanz 8 years ago

      Can anyone please tell me if "Caelum, non animum, mutant, qui trans mare currunt" is correct for (Those who run off across the sea change their climate but not their mind) And also if there are any other words that can be substituted, as in any other ways of saying the same thing? pls email


    • Tommy D 8 years ago

      Some of these tattoos are great others are not so good, I know the old english/gothic script is very popular at this time for tattoos but you can't get a latin tattoo in old english/gothic script because it wasn't invented until hundreds of years after Rome fell. So if its gonna be latin at least make sure its historically accurate.

    • Matt 8 years ago

      Could some tranlate "In the middle of difficulty lies oppurtunity" into latin for me? If so please email me at coldflame658@aim, Thanks!!!

    • Matt 8 years ago

      Could some tranlate "In the middle of difficulty lies oppurtunity" into latin for me? If so please email me at, Thanks!!!

    • 8 years ago

    • chuck 8 years ago

      please be careful with what is written in these pages some of what people are translating does not cross reference do your homework

    • Elisabeth 8 years ago

      Hi. Can you please help me translating this in to latin:

      "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want." (Psalm 23)

    • josh 8 years ago

      magistra - where can i go to learn latin?

    • dimitris 8 years ago

      any one who want to ask for a greek words tell

    • Chelsea 8 years ago

      Can somebody tell me what "born to shine" is in latin x x

    • Vicki 8 years ago

      Please could someone help me and translate the following into Latin. It would be much appreciated. The saying is 'I'd rather be hated for who I am than loved for someone I am not. Could you post all replies to Many Thanks for any repsonses.

    • guns 8 years ago

      neil. what doesnºt kill u will make u freak :P

    • Spirit* 8 years ago

      Magistra,you know your stuff! Where can I learn Latin?

    • jahen Tostado 8 years ago

      Magistra, how would you translate "my heart is ready father" into latin? im getting this soon but i cant seem to find a translation. thanks.

    • celia 8 years ago

      any one know what until death separates is please

    • suz70 8 years ago

      can anyone translate for me- TRUST NO ONE- thanks -suz

    • Ashley 8 years ago

      hey everyone... i jus had a miscarraige and i want 2 get a tattoo n rememberance of my daughter.. can sum1 translate "it was written" for me..plz..n..thx

    • Rachel 8 years ago

      Hi Guys

      I really want "Only I can judge me" in latin on my wrist. Can anyone help me translate this?

      Thanks xx

    • adam 8 years ago

      i really like the saying "the past is practice". I found a translation into Latin of "preteritus est meditor". Is this the most accurate way to translate?

    • Anton 8 years ago

      can anyone please translate to latin or greek

      Storms make trees take deeper root


    • Anton 8 years ago

      another tat i was thinking about is the latin for True love Waits... can anyone please traslate the phrase i want to put it on my forearm...

    • gggiorgosss 8 years ago

      its Η αληθιν? αγ?πη περιμ?νει in greek for True love Waits..however im not suggesting your first option..anyone who wants a greek translation on tattooes can pm me

    • gggiorgosss 8 years ago

      its ? ??????? ????? ????????? in greek for True love Waits..however im not suggesting your first option..anyone who wants a greek translation on tattooes can pm me

    • rhonda 8 years ago

      i have read a phrases somewhere and cant remember the goes...i have a history that lives in my heart and runs through my veins.... can anyone help with the rest??

    • Heather 8 years ago

      anyone know how to say eternal beauty in latin?

    • chris 8 years ago

      does anyone know the latin for everything happens for a reason

    • chris 8 years ago

      if you could email me at please put the subject as latin many thanks

    • leam 8 years ago

      hi could you translate something to latin for me please.

      ... you only live once but if you live it right once is enough ......


    • paul  8 years ago

      could somebody translate "Be yourself because lifes too short" into latin please .. thankyou.

    • ElDiablo 8 years ago

      Can someone translate "I bleed for my family"

    • ElDiablo 8 years ago

      Can someone translate "I bleed for my family"

      Thanks! Can you email subject latin

    • jb92186 8 years ago

      im gettin a tattoo soon and i was wondering if someone can translate "I will fear no evil" into latin???? email me at thanks a lot!!!

    • Chris 8 years ago

      *** CAN ANYONE TRANSLATE:Character is defined not by how you react to triumph but how you react to defeat.***THANKS***

    • John 8 years ago

      PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE URGENT URGENT URGENT***********************I need to translate - "everything happens for a reason" or alternatively "every moment has its reason"Thanks in advance

    • laura  8 years ago

      can someone plz tell me what everything happens for a reason is in latin plzzzzzzzzzz

    • Jordan 8 years ago

      Anyone know what "The World Is Yours" is translated into latin ?

      And "You Only Live Once" ?

    • Samantha 8 years ago

      Can someone tell me what "Fire" is in latin??


    • Brooke 8 years ago


    • charliebee15 8 years ago

      Hey can anyone tell me what "No need to fear what you can't avoid" translates into in latin??? much appreciated

      thank u

    • Rockev 8 years ago

      can anyone translate me in latin the quote " everything you can imagine is real ' ?

    • LOUIS 8 years ago

      can anyone translate me in latin the quote "life is for living "?

    • renja 8 years ago

      can someone translate in your dreams in latin?... i have so many different answers i don't know which one is correct..if someone is latin or know the words please help me.. i'll be grateful.

      in tuo somnio (singular), in vestro somnio (plural), (in) somnio tuo,(in) somniis tuis

    • Peter 8 years ago

      Hey is vincit qui se vincit really he conquers who conquers himself? jw cuz im getting that tattoo on my ribs and i just want to make sure its right..thanks

    • kim kojouri 8 years ago

      hi.. i am getting a tattoo soon and i wanted something cute.. but i figured that "to know me is to love me" might sound a little bit conceited,, so can anyone help me translate :

      " To love me, is to know me" in latin...pleaaaase

    • Niall 8 years ago

      can someone translate - at the turn of each tide he is there by my side

      into latin for me.

      it would really mean alot as this is a very personal saying of mine that i would like tattooed in rememberence of someone close to me who passed away

      look forward to hearing from you soon. cheers

    • Emma 8 years ago

      omni aestu ad laterem meum adest = at every tide he is present at my side

      me amare me scire (est) = to love me is to know me - the "est" is optional

      in somniis tuis = in your dreams

      vita vivenda est = life is to be lived

      omnia imaginari potes vera (sunt) = everything you can imagine is real


      omnia imagineris vera (sunt) = everything you might imagine is real

      tibi mundus = the world is yourssemel vivis = you live once

      inevitabilia non timenda = the inevitable is not to be feared

      ignis = fire

    • 24hr prty ppl 8 years ago

      hey can some on translate - There Is Nothing Left to Lose and The Colour and the Shape please i want a foo fighter tattoo but don't want to go for the usual FF


    • Glenda 8 years ago

      I wanted to get "i struggle yet i emerge" or "we struggle yet we emerge" tattoo'd and i went to translating websites and got different results. can anybody give a REAL translation?

    • renja 8 years ago

      does anyone know how to write in somniis tuis in acient latin script? its for a tattoo.. i'll be gratefull.. thanks

    • Elina 8 years ago

      Hi guys does anybody know how to translate believe in yourself in latin please?? emailme at xx

    • MC 8 years ago

      hi.... please can somebody tell me how to translate "Dream as though you'll live forever, live as though you'll die today" really want this tattooed in Latin... can anyone help?? Thanx

    • Joey  8 years ago

      Can anyone translate "Longing for the night"

    • Smy 8 years ago

      does anyone know what "Survival of the fittest" is in latin? I can't find it anywhere.

    • Sarah 8 years ago

      can anyone translate 'love conquers all" for me? its greatly appreciated.


    • tom 8 years ago

      Live true to your heart's desires

      i need this or something as close to it plz and thank you if you try and fail..:)

    • reich 8 years ago

      hey....can someone translate..."know thyself"in Latin or Greek? thanks

    • Edwin 8 years ago

      can anyone translae strength, humility, discipline

    • Glenda 8 years ago

      omnia vincit amor =love conquers all

    • Antonia 8 years ago

      can anyone please translate fatmamacita

    • Jan 8 years ago

      "i struggle yet i emerge" = Luctor et emergo

      It is the crest saying of a province that almost was flooded with water in The Netherlands.

    • Konnor 8 years ago

      does anyone know how to say " Forgive me Father(God) for I have sinned in latin? Thanks for the help

    • chuck 8 years ago

      can anyone translate these two:

      sticks and stones may break my bones but words can break my heart


      Bruises heal and are forgotten. Words can last forever.


    • Luce 8 years ago

      hey can someone tell me what "vivimus dum vivamus" means in english?thanks :-)

    • Mimi 8 years ago

      FYI for all you looking to get a latin tat... or find a english phrase to put into latin i got news, CANT DO IT.. why? because latin doesn't translate exactly into english or any language it is the ROOT of all language and is extremely basic. my advice is to find a college professer to help but even than.. its never going to be exactly correct. unless you look something like carpe diem.

    • LetItBe 8 years ago

      the most badass quote that i can think of, that should be in latin is

      Only God Will Judge

      could anyone help

    • LBl0v3 8 years ago

      could anyone translate "he only takes the best" in latin?

    • Suvo81 8 years ago

      Hi,was wondering if i could have "those who procrastinate choose last" translated into latin please? Suvo

    • thefunkylama 8 years ago

      translating things into latin is tricky, i've taken latin and i cant translate half the things people have asked for. Just go find a book on learning latin and you'll understand more about your saying. be careful with the translations though, get multipal people who know latin to check it, not all translations are nessisarily acuret, and it depends if your doing literal translation or just for meaning. JUST LEARN LATIN! its easier than one may think.

    • eric 8 years ago

      can anyone help me translate "through pain comes strength" into latin for my friends tattoo

    • reich 8 years ago

      can anyone translate "this too shall pass" in latin? thanks

    • Jenny B 8 years ago


      There is a tattoo above of "everything changes, nothing perishes". Would you be able to tell me exactly what is said there in Latin?

      Also, would you be able to please translate "everything was beautiful and nothing hurt" as well as "out of darkness comes light"

      Please and thank you!!!

    • solum ludus 8 years ago

      i discovered this page a few days ago (i was looking for something in latin) and i saw that you guys realy need help, badly.. since i speak latin prety well, i decided to help you out. i wrote down all the things people asked for to be translated (from the very beginning) and i 've started translating. so if you're interested, i can translate things for you and i mean for real, not like some who were writing all kinds of things they got translated on the internet..anyway, i'll do my best to translate it right and in the spirit of latin language. if you are interested, just leave a message and i'll see what i can do

    • solum ludus 8 years ago

      oh, and a little note for those who had something translated by magistra (if some of you still check this out)... you can see that she was learning latin at the time, but many of the things she translated were wrong, to be more accurate not completely correct. it is obvious that she didn't learn more complex grammar when you look at the dependent clauses

    • Knasmum 8 years ago

      solum lodus

      I am needing to have some things translated but was wondering if instead of posting them on here you could email me?

      I would really appreciate it!

    • kelly 8 years ago

      i would like a really nice latin tattoo to go down the side of my hand, and following down to my wrist. i don't want nothing to big but i'd like it to have meaning. in other words short but sweet. can u help me out? cheers . .

      ohhh i want it in latin writing aswell obviously lol

    • Kelly 8 years ago

      this cooment is to Solum Lodus

      i have been thinking about having a latin tattoo for quite some time now and i have been reasearching the language for a few months and i think it's beautiful. i would really appreaciate it if you could help me out and come up with a few phrases that would look preety. i only want a small tattoo to go on my wrist but i want something that has got alot of meaning to it. thanks

    • solum ludus 8 years ago

      for kelly:

      have you tried looking at the comments above? there's a lot of people who wanted something translated and many of those things are really nice.. if nothing fits you maybe you could leave a comment and describe a little better what you'd like to have for a tatto (what meaning should it have.. that would help a lot), you know, just sort of narrow the choice, cause sweet and pretty can mean many defferent things..

    • Teagan 8 years ago

      Can somebody settle the correct grammar of this for me? I plan to get a tattoo with "Take it all. No fear." in Latin. Is it true that it would translate to "Carpe Omnis. Nullus Metis"? I've looked in several different places and asked a few people, and I've heard slightly different things. I've heard "Carpe Omnia. Sine Metu", also.

      solum ludus, do you have a definitive answer on this one grammatically?

    • solum ludus 8 years ago

      it isn't carpe, but cape (carpe means something different, the best translation is with cape), so "Cape omnia. Sine metu."

      it literally means "take everything (all). without fear." this is the best translation in the spirit of latin language

    • Teagan 8 years ago

      Thank you for your help!

      What is the specific difference between "carpe" and "cape"? Is it just that one is "take" and one is "seize"?

    • solum ludus 8 years ago

      carpe means seize and cape means take or capture

      you're wellcome

    • kelly 8 years ago

      to solum ludus

      its kelly again. i been thinking i'd like a tatto saying, 'she who loves all, will be loved' i no its not going to be small but it's qiute catchy. wb x

    • solum ludus 8 years ago

      first of all let me say that i think you chose a really nice thing for a tattoo =) and here is the translation:

      "Quae omnia amaverit, amata erit." omnia here stands for all as everything (leave a message if you meant strictly people =everyone)

      oh, and i suggest that you change the order of the main and relative clause, so:

      "Amata erit quae omnia amaverit."

    • Mark21 8 years ago

      Can anyone tell me if the correct translation of

      "Well, you know you make me want to Shout!"

      would be

      "puteus, vos planto mihi volo ut Clamo"

    • kelly 8 years ago

      can anyone please translate 'SHE WHO LOVES WILL BE LOVED' pleaseeeee

    • Haley  8 years ago

      Does anyone know how to say

      Let men tremble to win the hand of woman, unless they win along with it the utmost passion of her heart

      in latin

      is a quote from the scarlett letter

    • melissa 8 years ago

      can anyone translate ' the beautiful life ' in arabic !!??

    • stephanie 8 years ago

      hey there nice site. can you please translate "live each day to the fullest" to latin for me please.


      my emails

    • Steve  8 years ago

      Can Someone tell me

      "Sky's The Limit"

      in latin

    • Emma Lee 8 years ago

      solum ludus, would you mind emailing me, i would like the correct translation for a few phrases

      Many thanks

    • kaelyn 8 years ago

      the translation for "you account for yourself, nobody else"

      email answer please or myspace message.

      much love. thanks

    • vskimx 8 years ago

      solum ludus or anyone, pls help. I need "By Faith and Courage Comes Destiny" translated proper. Appreciate.

    • Shorty 8 years ago

      Hi can somebody translate for me in latin You have power inside yourseld to do imposible. Thank You

    • kelly H 8 years ago

      I am looking for something meaningful for my husband and i. I was thinking the "i am my beloved's and he is mine" could i get a translation? your help os greatly appreciated!

    • kourtneyy 8 years ago

      Can someone please tell me how to translate "My life lies within God's hands"?

      Definite tattoo!!

    • laura 8 years ago

      can someone please tell me the exact translation of "made with warmth" into latin?

      thanks x

    • shelby 8 years ago

      can anyone tell me what text/font is used for the time waits for no one tattoo

    • james 8 years ago

      i want to get a tat down the back of my arm in latin can any one translate 'victory or death' for me i would really appreciate it

    • Luka 8 years ago

      Hey can anyone tell me what "The World is Yours" transaltes into


    • solum ludus 8 years ago

      FOR JAMES: "victory or death" -> "victoria aut mors"

      FOR LUKA: "the world is yours" -> "Mundus est tuus." / "Mundus tuus est."

    • Guy 8 years ago

      Hi there,

      Solum Ludus, could you possibly tell me the correct translation for.....

      Live well, laugh often

      Many thanks

    • solum ludus 8 years ago

      for Guy..

      "vive bene, ride saepe"

      you're welcome

    • KDBUGG 8 years ago

      Can someone tell me what " Truth and time go hand in hand "translates into in latin?

    • Cashia 8 years ago

      hi Solum ludus, i am getting Fide et Fortitudine tattooed down my spine, it was my grandads motto its also on our family crest, he died 3 years ago so i am getting it in memory, firstly i have tried to translate it and i get a load of different things i think its ment to mean faith and strength or something similar- do you know what it means?? and sedondly i want to have 01.01.1940 - 07.01.2006 tattooed below it but i dont want it normal english numbers is there latin numbers? it would be amazing if you can help as i have been loking for months and i am booked in in a week thanks!!!x

    • Nomad 8 years ago

      Could anybody translate "By myself but not alone" into latin?

      thanks to translators and Metallica

    • seb 8 years ago

      hey can some one tell me what "Fear is the enemy of progression" translates into latin

      greatly appreciated

    • Stefanie 8 years ago

      Hey guys... could anyone please tell me what "Your pain is self chosen" is in latin?


    • Virgil 8 years ago

      could anyone translate "King of Kings" please

    • marley jay 8 years ago

      can u translate this word in latin?you all mind ur own business,i mind my business.thnks

    • nikki reid 7 years ago

      Can please translate "stop asking for freaking translations on this page, it's freaking annoying, get a latin dictionery, don't waste the authors time"


      carpe noctem

    • Murray 7 years ago

      does anyone know this font? im looking desperately for it

    • Liam 7 years ago

      On the 9th picture .. what font is that ? becuase i would like to get a tattoo of Semper ad Meliora (always towards better things) on my arm, but dunno what the font is used, can someone let me know :)Many thanks. xx

    • Jessica 7 years ago

      Does anyone know what "My Life Is No Longer Mine" is in Latin?? :)

    • Joakim 7 years ago

      "if the head is stupid, the body will suffer"

      Anyone know how it spells in latin?

      // J

    • Manda 7 years ago

      Can someone translate " she will be loved" or"she who must be loved" in Latin?


    • Mely 7 years ago

      can anyone please help me translate

      all i am i owe to my mother

      pleaseeeee!! i want to get it as my first tattoo and im just waiting for a good translation

      thank you!!

    • jake 7 years ago

      can anyone translate

      "sickness is but for a while, your health shall be restored"

      please, thank you

    • Mr R. 7 years ago

      Someone who can translate "Reincarnation" into latin?

    • Sarah 7 years ago

      Did the OP have the translation of "she flies be her own wings" correct above? Because I've tried looking it up, and I that translation they have hasn't showed up yet. Also someone had asked earlier how to say "Death smiles at us all. All we can do is smile back." That is a cool saying, but no one ever gave a translation for it. So could someone answer those two questions?

      1) Is the translation correct that the OP has for "she flies by her own wings?" If it isn't the correct translation, then what is?

      2) How do you translate: "Death smiles at us all. All we can do is smile back."

    • ken portice 7 years ago

      I was wondering what the Latin word for Destryoer is. does anyone know?

    • Laura 7 years ago

      Could someone please advise the latin translation for 'Never Forget' and 'Never Forgive'

      It would be much appreciated. Thanks.

    • Dan 7 years ago

      Hi, I'm looking to find a latin translation for the phrase "too in love to let it go"

      Many thanks :-)

    • Emily 7 years ago

      i hope some of you looking up these phrases on translators know that they usually translate too literally [word for word] and aren't exactly grammatically correct.

      Great article, by the way. All of these come in handy when you're looking for good ideas. :) I really the phrase "Ad astra per Aspera."

    • jess 7 years ago

      hi i was wondering if anyone new the words in latin for dark and lust?

    • ROLAND CHAVEZ TYPE O  7 years ago


    • Kelsey 7 years ago

      does anyone know how to say "more than my own life" in latin?

    • JD 7 years ago

      can somebody translate this in latin:



    • DARE 7 years ago

      FOR solum ludus

      HI I am trying for 3 weeks to find out how to say...

      " The three of us will love you forever "

      "Our love... like no other"

      and is there such a term to say

      Happy Valentine's Day?

      or Happy heart day

      or happy day of lovers ?


      THANK YOU EITHER WAY for all the help you have already given.

    • DARE 7 years ago

      solum ludus


      Can you please translate this for me? PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSE

      I would be very grateful sir.


      My fiancé and I just had twins and I was a rotten mess... I want to make him a special gift.

      Please help, I can not engrave this until I know how to spell it and his birthday was a week ago.


      or happy day of lovers ?


      THANK YOU EITHER WAY for all the help you have already given.

    • Delta 7 years ago

      can someone translate "not all who wander are lost" into latin for me. Thanks!

      And what is the font on the guys forarm that says "there is more to life than just being alive"

    • solum ludus 7 years ago

      first of all, i'm sorry that i haven't replied this long.. i've been very busy, i had to study, A LOT... i'm going to answer the requests from two weeks ago till now. if any of you who asked for something three weeks ago (or even more) still want it translated, just post a new comment and i'll get to it asap.

      FOR KEN PORTICE: i think the best word would be "confector", but you can also use "perditor" / "deletor"

      FOR LAURA: "never forget" = "numquam obliviscere", "never forgive" = "numquam veniam da" which literally means "to give forgiveness" (they don't have a verb with such meaning as TO FORGIVE)

      FOR DAN: "too (much) in love to let go" = "plus satis amatorius, ut relinquam" this is the best translation i can think of

      FOR JESS: "dark" = "tenebrae" / "obscuritas" / "caligo", "lust" = "aviditas" / "cupido/cupiditas"-these two are more of a love desire or lust

      FOR ROLAND CHAVEZ: "only God can judge me" = "solum Deus mihi iudicare potest"

      FOR SWINDELL: you honestly don't know just how stupid you are.. did it ever occur to you that those automatic translators translate too literally so none of the translations have sense (unless you are trying to translate ONE word)

      FOR KELSEY: "more than my own life" = "magis quam mea propria vita"

      FOR JD: "beauty will save the world" = "pulchritudo mundum servabit", but if i understood well what you actually wanted to say, maybe it would be better to use "venustas" instead of "pulchritudo"

      FOR DARE: "the three of us will love you forever" = "nostri tres te semper amabimus" if you mean singular "you" and if you meant plural just change "te" into "vos", "our love... like no other" = "amor noster... instar nullus alius", "i will love you forever for this night" = "hanc noctem semper te amabo" p.s. it's not sir, i'm a miss :-), and you're welcome of course.. i am sorry for not being able to translate "happy day of lovers". if you are willing to wait for that translation, i will consult my professor about it

      and last, but not least... :-)

      FOR DELTA: "not all who wander are lost" = "non omnes qui errent perditi sunt"

    • Mark M 7 years ago

      Hey 'Solu Ludus'

      Liking your work above. When you get some free time any chance you confirm the correct translation for "Peace, Love and Understanding"?

      Many Thanks


    • solum ludus 7 years ago

      FOR MARK:

      peace, love and understanding -> pax, amor et comprehensio

    • solum ludus 7 years ago

    • Dan 7 years ago

      Many thanks for the translation, really appreciate it.

      Dan K

    • solum ludus 7 years ago

      you're welcome

    • Mia 7 years ago

      Could anyone possibly tranlate: I live for those I love?

      Thanks in advance! :)

    • alexbai88 7 years ago


    • Jacqueline 7 years ago

      how would you say "truth, beauty, strength" properly in latin? I want to get this tattoo on my side as they inspire me to be all of these things. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!


    • dare  7 years ago

      solum ludus

      Thank you so very much!!




    • tray 7 years ago

      what about any ideas on words related to a father..i love "nothing is heavy to those who have wings" id like somthen similar but towards a dad whos passed

    • luvlyjubbly123 7 years ago

      how would you say??? "Never give up on something that you can't go a day without thinking about." dying to get it done!

    • Mark 7 years ago

      Solum, thanks very much!

      Stay Classy.

    • Jay 7 years ago

      I hate to say it but all of the translations, no offense, that aeoncrux has given are all wrong.

      if you'd like the correct translations, then email and ill get back to you asap

    • jaydee 7 years ago

      hey can anyone tell me translation for "never remember what is best forgotten" thanks:)

    • Gaz 7 years ago

      This is for solum ludus,

      you seem brilliant at translating and ive been searching for months for the correct translation for 'Everything happens for a reason'.

      Ive managed to find 2 translations - 'Omnia de causa fiunt' and 'Omnia causa fiunt'.

      Do you know if either of these are correct or even if they make any sense, i would be very grateful.

      Thanks in advance.

    • chris  7 years ago

      could someone please help me translate into latin

      = Everything I've ever done was out of fear of being mediocre.

      if ya can help me could you please send the translation to

      thank you!!!!!!!!

    • marleneh 7 years ago

      please someone assist with the translation "All the way" into Latin ... I would also like to see how it is written in the acient latin alphabet. You can e-mail replies to ...


    • adam  7 years ago

      hey, could someone please give me the latin for "family"?


    • tell 7 years ago

      Hi Solum great job your doing for every one. Could you please translate for me in Latin Truly Blessed Also the names neil & Shane my e mail address is.. many thanks

    • BoxaSRB 7 years ago

      Can anybody translate "alone against everybody" to latin plz i would like to get a tattoo across the whole right arm and it should have that phrase in latin cause i already got memento morri and Dat et sumit Deus...plz if you can translate this to latin at

    • stilllifedeb 7 years ago

      Hi, I was looking for a translation of .....what does not kill you.....blah, blah....... but I ended up reading all the posts...and what is more interesting and important is how many people feel they need to put this on them......because they survived some thing they thought they could'nt.....LIFE,LOVE,DEATH......and found they are stronger for it, they have come out the other side, and like myself want to remind themselves that it always/mostly turns out OK and we do go on, wiser and stronger for it.....that we heal,like a broken bone, that break is now thcker, stronger and will never break in that spot again.....Makes me feel less alone........also all the other requests for translations were so interesting. Because what we choose to Tattoo on ourselves is hopefully so profound, personal, and meaningful......very insightful, and illuminating!


    • wil_uk 7 years ago

      hi there people can any one tell me what this is in latin please? thank you guys :)

      imagine there's no heaven

      no hell below us

      above us only sky

      my gaurdian angle always by my side

    • crissy 7 years ago

      i love the latin phrase "alis volat propriis" (she flies with her own wings). i'm probably gonna get that tatted across my lower back, on my left side.

      really great ideas here! keep it up :)

    • Daniel 7 years ago

      Hey would anyone be able to translate something for the meaning 'do what you have to do'....Much appreciated =)

    • JACQUE 7 years ago

      how would you say "truth, beauty, strength" properly in latin? or "beautiful strength"?



    • Joel 7 years ago

      Hi Solum. Great work you are doing for everyone. Was wondering if you could translate...

      The last to die, the first to live forever

      ...for me. read about it in a scientific journal saying that my generation (y) will either be the last to die or the first to live forever, thought it pretty poignant.

      Thanks for all your help! J

    • DChild 7 years ago

      Bump for figuring out what the latin for the following is:

      "All I am I owe to my mother"


      "By myself but not alone"


      <3 thank you!

    • Chris 7 years ago

      Could anyone give me a translation for "Till the hour of our deaths its you and me brother"

      getting one atm that doesn't seem right.

      anyways, hit me back up, would be really helpful, for the 2nd tattoo, getting addicted haha

    • Jessie 7 years ago

      can someone tell me what is right

      Degero Tui Quietis= live your dreams

      or is it

      Vivite somnia/Vivite somnium= live your dreams/dream

    • Flo 7 years ago

      Hi, I was wondering you you could translate "never look back" and "never think twice into Latin?

      Thank you very much.

    • Kelly 7 years ago

      Could anyone help me to translate "Warrior Princess" into latin? Email is

    • Adam 7 years ago

      Could anyone please tell me what 'Did It For Love' would be in Latin :)

    • nikol 7 years ago

      hey guys

      does anyone know how to translate "fear life, not death" ?

    • Animus 7 years ago

      Hello everyone!

      So i was a bit bored yesterday, and decided to do some of the latest X-lation requests.

      Now i'm not studdying Latin on more than a hobby stage, so these might not be 100% - So don't blame me for trying, t'is freakin' hard laguage :)

      Be aware that i use comma's in the latin translations, now this is just something i do as clarification. It is rarely that you see a comma in a latin phrase, except as seperation of listed words e.g; "Veritas, Fides, Sapientia" meaning "Truth, Faith, Wisdom".

      Ok, let's start:


      "Do what you have to do"

      There's a phrase that goes like this: "Age quod agis."

      meaning "Do what you are doing." or "Do well whatever you do."

      This phrase is used to remind people to concentrate on the task at hand, rather than scattering their attention. Hope that is what you're looking for.


      "Truth, Beauty, Strength" and "beautiful strength"

      First one would be "Veritas, Venustas, Vis vires" and the latter; "Bellus vires."


      "The last to die, the first to live forever"

      I've come up with two xlations for this quote;

      "Permaneo morior, primoris vivo (a)eternus." - "Last to die, first to live eternal." the a is optional, but true latinish :)"Permaneo morior, primoris ad vitam aeternam." - "Last to die, first to everlasting life."

      The latter being my favorite, since 'eternal life' here, referes to the biblic 'afterlife'.


      "All I am I owe to my mother"

      I struggled on this, so if anyone has any idea, inlighten me please :)

      "Totus ego sum pro debitum ut meus matris." - "All i am, for debt to my mother."

      "By myself but not alone"

      "Solus sed non solum." - "Alone but not alone."


      "Till the hour of our deaths its you and me brother"

      Again a hard one =) (O'rly? Ya'rly!)

      "Donec nostrum mors mortis, stamus unita, frater." - "until our death, we stand united, brother."


      "Live your dreams"

      "Ago tui somnium" - "Live thine dreams" Or

      "Ago tui somnia" - "Live thine dream"


      "Never look back""Numquam respicio" - "Never to look back"

      "Never think twice"

      Came up with two phrases here. The first being litterally translated, and the other to give the same deeper meaning as in english."Numquam puto bis" - "Never think twice""Numquam fui duos sententia" - "Never to have two thoughts" ultimately meaning; "Never doubt"


      "Warrior Princess"

      Its actually quite funny, cuz i just learned that there's no word for 'princess' in latin, but hey, you gotta learn something new everyday, right? :)

      Instead i've changes the phrase a bit, hope you like.

      "Bellus Militis" - "Beautiful Soldier".


      "Did it for Love"

      Again, simple english phrase = complex latin phrase =)

      Couldn't come up with a litteral translation, so here's some other, close meaning phrases.

      "Ergo pro amor" - "I am for love""Ego facio pro amor" - "I do for love""Mea facio pro amor" - "my cause for love"

      And at last, but not least:


      "Fear life, not death"

      This was, fortunately, not that hard. But a very nice phrase.

      "Vereor vita, non mors mortis" - "Fear life, not death"

      Thats all fokes!

      Now please don't just go get one of my translations tatoo'ed right away, since i don't have a degree in latin or anything. Consider them more as guidelines.. Get a second eye on it somewhere - if you're lucky, your tatoo artist knows a thing or two about latin since many tend to get latin inscriptions.

      Anyways, Carpe Diem!

    • Animus 7 years ago

      Sorry for the bad formatting, spelling and uber long post, btw :P

    • Amanda 7 years ago

      I am a latin major about to graduate. You can send me a message with what you want translated and I will try to translate them.

    • Bane 7 years ago

      hey can you please help me translate: " energy flows where mind goes" into latin?

      thanx so much

    • Anna  7 years ago


      Can someone please help me translate a few phrases for my first tattoo. It has such a significant meaning to me. I would def. appreciate it...


      "TO BE LOVED...LOVE"


    • heather 7 years ago

      Hey, id like to get a tattoo either on the back of my nack or my lower back saying 'born free' what do you think & does anybody know how to translate it into latin?


    • Kelly 7 years ago

      Hey, just wondering if you can tell me what 'No fate' and also 'Beautiful World' is translated into latin?

      Thx :)

    • Marius 7 years ago


      Can someone please help me translate: "All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to you"


    • Sarah 7 years ago

      Hi, can someone please translate "every harlot was a virgin once" and "no one ever really dies".



    • J-Laly 7 years ago

      hey, can someone help me translate the phrase 'if i am not myself then who will be me?'



    • Jaime 7 years ago

      Hey, could anyone please translate for me into latin "god is in the details" thank you!

    • peaches 7 years ago

      I was wondering if you could translate these quotes for me."my heart""my whole heart""until death""my whole life""my life""forever"I just wanted alot of options, because I want it to be short (due to its location)thank you SO much!!

    • Megan 7 years ago

      Hey Everyone,

      I was hoping someone could help me out with a quote I would like to get in Latin. Not only do I love the language but it reminds me of my father and I am looking to get a quote that has a little representation of everyone in it. The quote is "She lives the poetry she writes others write the poetry they dare not realize". I know it won't be 100% accurate due to the difference between English and Latin but if someone could help I would appreciate it so much. Thank you for your help!

    • Megan 7 years ago

      *Looking to get a tattoo that has a little representation of everyone in my family .. sorry that makes more sense now!

    • Rachael 7 years ago

      hey can anyone tell me what "imperfection is beauty" is in latin? please and thanks (:

    • Keith 7 years ago

      is it posssible for someone to translate "with open arms" for me please

    • Sarah 7 years ago

      I was wondering if someone could help me translate "The magic is in the mystery"

      Thank you in advance

    • asdf 7 years ago

      Does anyone know what font the tattoo is in on the girls wrist that says she flys by her own wings // alis volat propiis ? like what the font name is

    • 7 years ago


    • amanda 7 years ago

      I am a John Steinbeck fanatic and I have his famous phrase (which he used to draw and write after his signature on letters,etc) on my shoulder "Ad astra per alia porci" which is "To the stars on the wings of a pig".

      Happy translating.

    • Ben 7 years ago

      That one that's labeled "Hate the living, love the dead"... that's not what it says. Looks like "contemno victus/diligo silenti etc" Yes, it actually says "etc.", et cetera on the end. Pretty much nonsense, though the words "I hate" and "I love" do occur in it.

    • Ben 7 years ago

      I'm pretty familiar with Latin, and i would strongly advise against using Animus' translations in the comments. All of them are way off. Let me add a few more 'y's. Wayyyy, wayyyyy off. Only use them if you don't really care that much what your tattoo says. Maybe you don't. Who knows?

    • Lauren 7 years ago

      Ben can you tell me what love between sisters would be in latin then? Thanks

    • woaaah 7 years ago



      that who doesn't kill me makes me stronger

      INTO LATIN ??? Wich answer is the right one ?

      PLEAASE .. Its so many different answers

    • paul 7 years ago

      solum ludus can you translate [ thers more too life than just being alive] cheers

    • Ron 7 years ago


      Can someone please translate "Artist of sorts" for me in latin?!

      thanx a lot!


    • solum ludus 7 years ago

      hey you guys... im really really sorry i haven't answered you for so long, ill get to it all this weekend, probably this friday already.. for now i advise everyone to listen to ben, he obviously is familiar with latin, this animus guy doesn't even have a clue just what kinds of stupid things he wrote... once again im sorry for not answering this long

    • Brett 7 years ago

      Can someone please translate the phrase and the three words 'Life isn't a rehearsal', Mother, Father and Baby Thanks i really appreciate it..!!!! ;-)

    • Janice 7 years ago

      Hi, How do you translate "In God we Trust"


    • robert 7 years ago

      i find a word in my hand

    • May 7 years ago

      anyone know what: i live for those i love

      thanks in advance!

    • Rol 7 years ago

      Hi Solum ludus!

      Can you help me please?

      I have two ideas for a tattoo and I need that you help me with the translation.

      1. Vive y deja vivir (Live and let live).

      2. Light up the darkness.

      I hope you can help me and I wait for your answer.


    • solum ludus 7 years ago

      im really sorry i didn't answer but i had to study i have a lot of exams this week, i promise i will answer you this weekend, for real.....

      hope you're not mad

    • rebecca 7 years ago

      can someone tell me the translation for

      Mother. Wife. Sister. Daughter. Friend.

      Love will conquer all

    • Rol 7 years ago

      Solum ludus:


      Thanks for answer me, I really appreciate your comment.

      I'll wait for your answer when you have time!

      Very thanks!

    • Animus 7 years ago

      Hello again ppl!

      I have some time to kill, so allow me to do some simple translations.

      I'll start from the bottom this time.


      "Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Friend" -> "Mater, Uxor, Sister?, Filia, Amicus/Comes"

      I don't know the word for 'sister' as a sibling, but as in nun it's 'Sanctimonialis'.

      I know that it means "She who is sacred", 'Sancti' being the holy or sacred part. so a rational thought would be that 'Monialis' could mean sister - could anyone help me here? =)

      "Love will conquer all" -> "Omnia vincit amor" - "Love conquers all"

      That was all i had time for this time.. I'll be back at some point.

    • 7 years ago

      hey solum ludus,

      can you translate "This too shall pass"?

      thanks! really appreicate it!

    • craig neddy 7 years ago

      can anyone tell me the translation for "what will be , will be " thanks

    • Bumble Bee 7 years ago

      Could someone please tell me the translation for, If they want it why do they need it.

      Thank you

    • Rachael 7 years ago

      can someone please translate "imperfection is beauty"

      please and thanks! (:

    • Alexa 7 years ago


      does anyone know

      'live your life' or 'the good life'

      in latin?

    • Bex 7 years ago

      can anyone translate "life is what you make it" into latin for me please?

    • sarah 7 years ago

      can anyone translate 'love's passion will be served' or 'passion will be served'? thanksss.

    • lee 7 years ago

      could you translate:

      what we do in life echoes in eternity


    • Shawn 7 years ago

      I want to get "Let it be done" in latin.....I keep getting different translations from the net........can someone give me the real translatuion please.....I would hate to get it wrong.

    • Ryan 7 years ago

      what we do in life echoes in eternity is

      quis nos operor in vita refero in infinitio

    • Sammy 7 years ago

      hiya! can anyone tell me the font from the pic above that says "there is more to life than just being alive" on the guys arm? and if possible translate "he only takes the best" or "dream as if you will live forever, live as if you will die today"

      Thanx sammy

    • CELINA 7 years ago

      solum ludus

      Please translate in Latin:

      serenity prayer (someone already posted above..."....wisdom to know the difference etc...")

      correct translation for "know thyself "

      "pray for us sinners"

      "live in love"

      "above all else guard your heart"

      thank you so much!!!

      it would be greatly appreciated...

    • Danielle 7 years ago

      Im just wondering how many different ways there are to say "know thyself" in latin?? Im about to get a tattoo in a few weeks and I was going to get "Cemel Dosce" which I thought was "know thyself" but then I saw a couple of different ways to translate it on this one page.

      I need help with it. Please!!!

    • roomfortyseven 7 years ago

      Can I get an ACCURATE translation of "Know your worth" into latin? Grammatically correct please...

      I have done minimal research via google, and have so far found the following translation: teneo vestri dignitas I am told however this could be grammatically incorrect.

    • Lucy Bee 7 years ago

      hi , if possible could u please translate

      Live, Laugh, Love

      As if tomorrow was your last

      thanks so much xxx

    • Sayna 7 years ago

      luctor et emergo -- I struggle and emerge I need a phrase ''Struggle and emerge'', so same phrase in imperative (without 'I'). I'd be really grateful, if somebody could translate them to me. ! I have my tattoo time on 27th.(

    • 7 years ago

      can anyone translate

      : lead me not into temptation

      into latin?


    • Lucy Bee 7 years ago

      ok from what ive gathered

      live laugh love is - Vive Ride Ama

      and i live , i laugh,i love is- Vivo ,Rideo, Amo

      so if someone could tell what 'as if tomorrow was my last'

      it would be greatly appreciated as my tattoo is booked for pretty soon! x

    • DECKY 7 years ago

      COULDSOMEONE PLEASE TRANSLATE INTO LATIN FOER ME........through pain comes strength...........


    • Kaila 7 years ago

      can anyone translate 'no limits but the sky' in latin pleassse :)

    • Anthony 7 years ago

      Could anyone translate 'Be yourself' into Latin please? Thanks.

    • rachel 7 years ago

      would/could someone please translate "please forgive me"

    • Andrea 7 years ago

      can someone translate into latin

      "belive in yourself"

    • PMZ 7 years ago

      Anyone know what font the "There is more to life than just being alive"picture is in? I like it a lot!

    • Number23 7 years ago


      I've noticed you've helped alot of people out and thats awesome...hopefully you are still checking this site and might wanna help me too?? :)

      Im in desperate need of the latin translation for: Too crazy to live, too rare to die"

      would be sooooo appreciative if you or someone else could either respond on this site or email me ASAP :

      thanks sooooo much in advance :)

    • Nehiley 7 years ago

      wondering if you could tell me "Let go and let god deal with it" in Latin, thanks

    • Lauren 7 years ago

      Hi i was just wondering if anyone could help me out with the correct latin translation for Learn from yesterday, Live for today, Hope for tomorrow.... At the moment i have it as perceptum ex yesterday ago pro hodie spero cras... Thanks in advance :)

    • Ashley 7 years ago

      You all do realize there are legitimate websites out there that give spectacular translations. Websites that are run by people with degrees in the language.

      Just adding my two cents.

    • Siobhan 7 years ago

      Hey, i'm struggling to find a couple of Latin translations and was wondering if anyone could help. Firstly me and my friend have been trying to get "Disability is what you make of it" for months but haven't found it anywhere. I am also looking for "Something inside so strong" Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

    • rachel 7 years ago

      well, when you find one that doesn't charge $125/hr &/or replies within two months, please let us know. college professors usually just tell you to learn the language yourself or that they don't believe in tattoos. priests are not too keen on translating either. hopefully for most, the internet is a last resort resource for something that's inked permanently on the only body we'll ever have.

      seriously, if you know of a credible and efficient and timely one, let me know.

    • Sara 7 years ago

      Can someone translate "I wear my heart on my sleeve"


    • Taylor  7 years ago

      Hey guys, what does the "Everything changes, nothing perishes" tattoo say in latin? Its a bit hard to read.

      And would anyone be able to tell me what "Born dead; Buried Alive" is in Latin?

      Thanks heaps :)

    • Taylor 7 years ago

      just email me any answers :)

    • RON 7 years ago

      Hey guys!

      i'm still looking for the translation for "artist of sorts" in latin!

      it means a lot to me for a lot of reasons!

      please translate it for me on latin!

      i would really appreciate it!


    • RON 7 years ago

      it's me again!

      my e-mail id is

      thanx again!

    • rc 7 years ago

      can anyone translate 'if you believe anything can happen' into latin please?

    • LL 7 years ago

      Prognatus mortuus ; Seputus Alive

      Born dead; Buried Alive

    • Lacey Ashley Lynne 7 years ago

      Solum Ludus,

      Care to enlighten me with the meaning of your Screen Name?

      Also... is the translation for *Always Towards Better Things* *Semper Ad Meliora* ?

      Thanks for your help.


    • solum ludus 7 years ago

      ok i'm going to answer "lacey ashley lynne" because her post is the last.. so my nick means "just a game", and it's "semper ad melioria" NOTICE THE 2ND "I" IN MELIORIA!!! it means "always towards better".. if you really want the translation with the word "things" (always towards better things) let me know (although i personally think this is better), because then this "melioria" will change, now it has to have this "i" because in this sentence it's in neuter gender, but i don't want to bother you with latin grammar.. you're welcome

      and for everyone else who still wish their phrases translated please post it again... my school year is at its end (i have two more days only), i did all of my exams so now i'm free to help you and will be glad to do so

    • rc 7 years ago

      solum ludus: could you translate 'if you believe anything can happen' into latin please?

      thanks :)

    • Mat 7 years ago

      Solum Ludus, thank you for the time you put in for any translation.

      If you would translate this phrase it would be greatly appreciated. thank you in advance.

      "May Angels Walk With Me" or "Angels Walk With Me", or something to that nature in proper latin.

    • Ashley 7 years ago


      All you have to do is go to Google and type in "English to Latin translator."There are numerous amazing translators on there, trust me, I just finished my fifth year of Latin.

      Of course, don't trust the first one you come across. Cross-reference and consult others if you must.

    • Fiona 7 years ago

      I am looking for translations for "Disability is what you make of it" and "Something inside so strong" If anyone could help I would be very grateful. My email address is

    • rachel 7 years ago


      i have, trust me. i even bought a dictionary that i can't read. if you're fifth year latin, then could you please help? i've consulted professors, a priest, doctors & botanists all to no avail...

    • Rebecca D 7 years ago

      "Alis Volat Propriis" is the correct spelling of that tattoo...i have it on my hip and they definitely have it spelled wrong........that sucks for them

    • Lauren 7 years ago

      SOLUM LUDUS... Could you please help with the translation for 'Learn from yesterday, Live for today, Hope for tomorrow'. I would really appreciate it

    • Ashley 7 years ago

      Rachel- Please Forgive Me = commodo indulgeo mihi

      RC- There's not an actual word in Latin for can, so the best I can do isIf you believe anything is able to happen = Si vos puto quisquam possum venio

      Mat-May Angels Walk With Me = at angelus ingredior me (I'm not 100% sure about the "may" part)Angels Walk With Me = angelus ingredior me

      Fiona-Disability is what you make of it- there is no Latin word for disability.Something within so strong- for some reason I couldn't find "inside" so i substituted within and got = quispiam intus sic validus

      Lauren- Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow= Perceptum ex hersternus , ago pro hodie , spero crasI'm no expert, and if i were you, I'd have Solum Ludus look this over, to say whether or not these are right. My grammar might be off a bit, I'm a tad rusty. But i figured I'd try to help.

    • RC 7 years ago

      Ashley- thanks so much :)

    • solum ludus 7 years ago

      wow ashley you can't be serious about having finished your FIFTH, i repeat, FIFTH year of latin.. i don't know how to put it nicely so i'll simply say that you're completely ignorant for the language, both its grammar and vocabulary.. and later you say you're no expert and that you're "a tad rusty" - you can't be THIS rusty after having learned the language for five years, plus you say you've JUST finished your fifth year, you know i'm guessing you're lying.. you can't even imagine what kinds of stupid thing you wrote to those people, if you care to know i'll be more than glad to tell you what you exactly said.. and you can't say that these online translators are amazing - they're completely opposite.. those are machines for god's sake!! that's a really poor help with translating, especially since latin is way more complex than english.. so i hope you had your fun, but i ask you not to translate any more sentences and phrases, especially here, because people tattoo that on their skin and later can't get rid of it, so think about it



      "please forgive me" -> "oro te, ut mihi ignoscas"; literally "i plead you that you forgive me", that's the best i can do since this is very tricky, maybe you'll like this one better: "ignosce" (forgive (me) !)

      FOR RC:

      "if you believe, anything can happen" -> "si credis, omnia fieri potest"; omnia actually means everything, not anything, but keeping the spirit of the latin language in mind, it's better to use everything (omnia)

      FOR MAT:

      "may angels walk with me" -> "angeli mecum ambulanto"; precisely what you asked for

      FOR FIONA:

      "disability is what you make of it" -> "impotentia id est quid ex ea facias"; hhh i know that "impotentia" probably sounds funny, and a lot.. because that is the word from which the medical term impotence is derived, but in that time it meant any disability at all.. still if you'll be sort of embarrassed to tattoo it, just tell me and i'll find you another word :))

      "something inside so strong" -> "aliquid intus ita forte"


      "learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow" -> "disce ex heri, vive pro hodie, spera pro cras"

    • stephanie 7 years ago

      i was wondering if someone could translate "the last enemy to be destroyed is death" yes i knw its from harry potter

    • solum ludus 7 years ago


      "inimicus ultimus destruendus mors est".. it literally means "enemy last (/ultimate) that is to be (/should be) destroyed death is". it probably sounds funny, but that's just due to latin syntax rules, so everything's in perfect order

      hhh i wouldn't have realized it was from harry potter i you hadn't said it yourself although i like the books.. i have them all but translated into my language, i read some in english and some in latin.. wack, right ? :))

      anyway, i have a couple of suggestions for the translation: if you'd like, you can change "destruendus" with "delendus".. they both mean the same, and they were both equally used (the fact that the verbs "to destroy" and "to delete" came from the verbs from which these words are derived speaks for itself) so it really doesn't matter which one you use. and as for the second suggestion, you can use "nex" instead of "mors" (death), mors was actually a lot more used than nex, but when i'm translating something for myself, especially if it's a proverb or something like that i prefer nex, but it's up to you of course

    • javi 7 years ago

      . i was wondering someone could help me. Which of these phrases are closest to " what doesn't kill me, makes me stronger". I have found 3 different forms:

      *Quod non me occidit, me certe fortiorem reddit"

      *Quod non me necat, fortior me facit"

      *Hoc non pereo habebo forior me"

      Thanks anyways...!

    • solum ludus 7 years ago

      FOR JAVI:

      actually none of these are correct, so this would be the best:

      "quid non me necet, me firmat"

      you're welcome

    • rc  7 years ago

      solum ludus - thanks! :D

    • solum ludus 7 years ago

      you're welcome

      if you need anything else, just say so :))))

    • javi 7 years ago

      solum thanks!!

      but is "quid" instead of "quod" ? so what means "necet" and "firmat" ? I found that Nietzsche wrote *Hoc non pereo habebo forior me", so that is wrong?

      I thoght the closest meaning was *Quod non me necat, fortior me facit", i searched the meanings in the dictionary, but i guess i was wrong. Thank you for your time. Now i have doubts about getting that tattoo, cause i found all kinds of answers but not "quid non me necet, me firmat".

      thanks ...!

    • solum ludus 7 years ago

      FOR JAVI:

      "quod"="which one" in neuter gender, "quid"="what"

      to tell you the truth, i don't know what this that Nietzsche wrote is supposed to mean, it really doesn't make much sense, that's why i can't give you a translation for the sentence, so i'll translate word by word: "hoc"="this one" in neuter gender, "non"="not", verb "perire" means "to disappear/die/collapse" so the best word to translate it with would be "to perish" (i even think that it came from this latin verb), "pereo" is 1st present - so "i perish", "habebo"="i will have" (i must warn you that the verb "habere" (to have) is always used as "to possess", in latin it is not an auxiliary verb - i don't know whether you live in an english-speaking country, if you do, i'm just saying so that you wouldn't understand it as future perfect tense), "forior" doesn't mean anything at all, "me"="me" - it's accusative case of the personal pronoun "ego"="i"

      "qoud non me necat, fortior me facit" isn't all that wrong except for this "qoud", but there is no need for literal translation of "to make stronger", because in latin there is already a verb with that meaning - "firmare"="to strengthen/make stronger".. "firmat" is 3rd present (in indicative mood) - "it strengthens" (in latin there is no need for using pronouns with verbs (just like in my language) because conjugation of a verb is different for every person - in english only 3rs (and only in present) is different, e.g. i/you/we/they work, but he/she/it works), and as for this "necet"... it comes from the verb "necare"="to kill", necet is 3rd present but in subjunctive mood (in indicative mood it would be necat).. since this is a relative clause, the verb in the subordinate clause (in this case: what doesn't kill me) has to be in subjunctive mood, so "necet", not "necat".. this is going to probably sound silly, but if there was a time machine and you somehow get to ancient rome, people would understand what you want to say even if you said this sentence with "necat" instead of "necet", but they would guess you are a stranger and that latin is not your mother tongue. this sort of mistakes were typical for little children who were too little to understand latin syntax rules.. if you'd like to know more about this, it's called "consecutio temporum" (literally "time corresponding") just so that you make sure that i really did give the correct and best possible translation, although i assure you that there is no need for that, i fully stand behind everything i write cause i'm aware that people come here for tattoo ideas, and a tattoo is something you can hardly get rid of.. i mean i know a lot about latin, but of course i can't know all, so whenever i'm translating something if i'm not 100% sure, i always say so and ask the person whether he wants me to consult with my professor.. here there is no need for it, cause i am 100% sure, and i even, if i'm not wrong, already consulted my professor about this one a while ago, cause people often want this one

      and you're welcome

    • Mat 7 years ago

      Solum Ludus

      You are awesome. Thank you.

    • solum ludus 7 years ago

      yep, that's me :P

      just kidding, you're welcome.. if you'll ever need sth, just post it here or e-mail me

    • rachel 7 years ago

      solum ludus:

      if you wanted to handwrite that and scan it, i'll consider inking it in your handwriting just for translating it for me! thank you so much. i really appreciate it. peace, love to you.

    • decky 7 years ago

      to solum ludus

      please help me.

      hello im in a spot of bother and it seems you are the only man who can help me,im getting a tattoo in 12 hours and need a phrase translated into latin...'through pain comes strength' i would be very greatful if you could help,thank you

    • solum ludus 7 years ago

      haha rachel, that's very nice :))).. you're very much welcome, and if you should ever need anything, just post it here (or e-mail me)

      FOR DECKY:

      "per dolorem fortitudo venit"

      now, this is exactly what you wanted, however i do have a couple suggestions depending on what you really want to say (this what i gave you is very simple) - latin is a very rich language so it enables many things..

      first of all instead of venit you can put advenit - these verbs both mean "to come", but "advenire" (infinitive) means sort of to come after being expected and wanted, it can be comprehended as to come to one's rescue

      and as for the word fortitudo (strength) it's more of a physical strength (like muscles and that).. now, if you'd like you can use "ops" - it's power/strength as something sort of surreal, or better said supernatural. it was even used as a personal name (female), so you can tattoo it with a capital "o" (Ops) - it was also written this way in literary works, especially in poems and plays (if in plays, then it was a deity or a supernatural force that for example solved problems like fights/quarrels/struggles etc.)... there was also a deity by that name, she was a fertility godess actually, but only in one of the latin tribes (i'm not 100% sure, but i think it was sabine tribe, i think that's how they're called in english - in latin it's sabini; i know a lot about latin mythology, but general latin mythology, this was, as i already said a regional deity).. i'm saying this so you wouldn't think i made it up or something like that - in general latin mythology (the overall accepted one) it was this force i've already described..

      so you're welcome of course, hope your tattoo comes out nice :)))

    • solum ludus 7 years ago

      oh and i almost forgot.. i'm not a man, but a girl :))

    • stephanie 7 years ago

      thanks you so much solum ludus it was awesome

    • javi 7 years ago

      solum !!! how !! thanks for your answer!! i really mean it!!...

      yes ..i don't speak english..i'm from argentina!...

      wow ..i understand your im pretty sure your telling me the truth...but well i don't know nothing bout latin...and i saw a tattoo in the web with"Hoc non pereo habebo fortior me"... so thats really confused me ...! so if i want to have that phrase "what doesn't kill me, makes me stronger" translation: "QUID NON ME NECET, ME FIRMAT"

      sorry i'm a little slow to understand...well i don't understand english very much and less latin..

      Thank you !!! reallly!!!

    • solum ludus 7 years ago

      stephanie you're welcome

      and javi, you're also welcome.. you speak spanish so i know you understand it, i know a little bit of spanish so i know it also has subjunctive mood (or in spanish "modo subjuntivo") since it originated from latin.. i hope we cleared things up :)))

    • solum ludus 7 years ago

      javi, gracias por tu deseo y este maravilloso agradecimiento :))

      entendi todo lo que diciste, pero me disculpo si escribi algun cosa mal, me espero tambien que lo aprendo rapido.. jeje

      te quiero mucho suerte a tu vida y si vas a necesitar algun cosa mas, soy aqui

    • JAVI 7 years ago

      SOLUM!! i have another question!! sorry!!...why the begining of angelina jolie's tattoo stars "QUOD" ?

      "QUOD me netrit me destruit" meaning, "WHAT nourishes me also destroys me."

      i found this in the dictionray : "QUID"

      Meaning: "Quid" (+ genitive) how much? how many? (question) what (thing)? why so?

      Cause that way ...could be "QUOD non me necet, me firmat"?? just asking..


    • solum ludus 7 years ago

      about this "quod" you can either understand it as a mistake or translate the phrase like this: "THE ONE WHICH nourishes me destroys me" (without "also", cause there is no in the latin sentence, so there can't be one in the translation)

      but literally "quod" only means which (in neuter gender)

      maybe you'll understand better in spanish: "quid" -> "que"; "quod" -> "quien"

    • solum ludus 7 years ago

      jajaja.. esta bien, te creo :)))

      y un abrazo a ti

    • jack 7 years ago

      solum i am i desperate need of your help. getting a tatto next week and have found so many different tranlations. how would u say 'one life' as in the context there is only one life and also how would you say 'live life' thanks so very much

    • solum ludus 7 years ago

      "one life" -> "vita una", but maybe you'd rather use "unica" instead of "una", unica meaning "unique"

      "live life" -> "vitam vive", but vive here is in imperative, so it's kind of an order, maybe it would be better to use subjunctive mood (vivas) cause then it's more of an encouragement, so "vitam vivas"

    • B.Russell 7 years ago

      Does No God. No Master. No Fear translate to Nullus Deus. Nullus Dominus. Nullus Timor.

      I have checked quite a few online translators, but I don't know if i can completely trust them. I would much rather have a person translate it. If you don't mind of course.

    • Fiona 7 years ago

      Thank you very much for the translation. If poss could you find another word for disability please. Don't think my daughter would be best pleased to find out when she is older that my tattoo for her includes the word impotance, lol. Many thanx.

    • solum ludus 7 years ago


      "no god. no master. no fear." -> since this is pretty simple you got the right translation "nullus deus. nullus dominus. nullus timor."... "nullus" actually means "none", but in this case you can comprehend it as "there is no..". i also have a suggestion for you - in latin there are a few words for fear: "timor", "metus", "vereor", "terror", so you can use any of these. however, "terror" is somewhat stronger in meaning than the other ones (it's a great fear; when used in ancient rome, it often included violence too - that's why this word has spread in many languages as what we now know terror is), i think that that is not what you really want, but all of the others would be just fine, use which ever you like the most

      FOR FIONA:

      instead of "impotentia" you can use "incapacitas", but i must warn you that this word wasn't used in ancient rome, but in medieval times (latin was still very much spread in europe despite the fact that the roman empire had fallen), the word came to use from vulgar latin (vulgar meaning folk, so the form of latin used by common people -> the one i study is classical latin used by people of higher social status - like politicians, poets, nobility... - these two forms of latin had many differences in vocabulary, but in grammar too).. so if you want it all to be in classical latin you can only use "impeditio" which is more "hidrance", but can be comprehended as "disability"

      and one very important thing: the word "impotentia" is in feminine gender, but "incapacitas" and "impeditio" are in neuter gender, so if you decide to use one of these, you must change "ea" into "eo" ("... quid ex eo facias")

      and you're welcome of course

    • ALEX 7 years ago

      solum ludus, how do you write

    • ALEX 7 years ago

      solum ludus, how do you write

    • Yunuen 7 years ago

      for solum ludus, wats "love is stronger than death" in latin? pleasee n thank you:)

    • solum ludus 7 years ago


      "amor fortior morte (est)" - literal translation would be something like this "love stronger by death (is)"..  there are two ways of comparing two things in latin: one would be with word "than" (like what you wrote in english); the other is without "than", and then you have to put the other word being compared (in this case death) into ablative case (that's how i translated it to you) - i'm just saying cause i know it sounds awkward now that i've translated it to you - both of these ways were equally used, but if you want me to translate it to you the other way, i will

      since this expression sounds somewhat like a proverb, here's what you can do to make it sound more like that in latin: for word "death" instead of "mors" (in nominative case; in ablative case it's morte like in my translation) you can use "nex" which was less used than "mors", but that's what makes it a bit special, especially in situations like this.. if you decide for word "nex", you have to put it in ablative case -> "nece", so "amor fortior nece (est)".. and now the reason i put "est" (is) in brackets: as i already said, this sounds a bit like a proverb, and ancient latin proverbs very often excluded the verb "to be", especially if it was in 3rd like in this case

      you're welcome

    • decky 7 years ago

      to solum ludus

      hello again,im awfully sorry about calling you a man,i presumed you were a man not a woman,

      i got my tattoo today and the writing above it looks fantastic.

      im very greatful for your help.

      thanks very much x

    • solum ludus 7 years ago

      oh, c'mon.. that's ok. i tell you, everyone thinks i'm a man, and they get really surprised when i tell them opposite

      i'm glad that you're satisfied with it :)) and you're welcome

    • B.Russell 7 years ago

      Thank you so much, you are my hero (instead of heroine because it makes you sound like a drug)

    • solum ludus 7 years ago

      haha nice :))

      you're welcome

    • E.Morgan 7 years ago


      I am hoping to get a tattoo with a phrase underneath it which I can relate to having my first child. Can you please translate...

      'This is your hand, here are my hands, this is the world'

      Thank you.

    • solum ludus 7 years ago

      FOR E.MORGAN: "hoc manus tua, ecce manus meae, hoc mundus" just to warn you, i left out the verb "to be", hope you're not mad, but this is obviously important to you, and this way it sounds like an ancient latin proverb and more illustrious and sublime.. of course, if you want to, i'll translate it literally, but then it'll sort of lose its charm and will even sound a bit weird

      hope you trust me, and you're welcome

    • E.Morgan 7 years ago

      Thank you so very much sounds and looks lovely.

      What does it mean literally, just so I know?

    • solum ludus 7 years ago

      hmm literally it's: "this hand yours, here hands mine, this world"

      i know it sounds really strange cause this is something you can't do in english, but i assure you that in latin it's in perfect order

    • Yunuen 7 years ago

      solum ludus, im getting a tattoo of "love is stronger than death" in latin, what would you suggest as far as the writing goes so its 'original' to the latin language?

    • B.Russell 7 years ago

      I have seen many people asking what font the "There is more to life than just being alive" tattoo was in, I am happy to say I finally found it. Here is the link so you can download it for free

    • cntrycwby 7 years ago

      solum ludus, if you could help me i would greatly appreciate it. me and my tight group of friends are all getting tattoos together on our right forearms, the tattoos will all be latin but each one of us is getting a word or phrase that means something to us. they are as follows:

      me- "only god can judge me"

      alben- "love that most which could be lost tomarrow"

      joe- "i think therefore i am"

      jeremiah- "death by my hand"

      brad- "death before dishonor"

      brice- "truth, virtue, justice"

      jen- "vengence"

      so if you could help us out we would be most obliged, thanks.

    • cntrycwby 7 years ago

      oops, forgot one:

      corrie- "friends above any other"

      thanks solum ludus

    • XXX 7 years ago

      please can you tell me what '' my mother my angel'' in latin pleeaassseeee xxxxx

    • solum ludus 7 years ago


      well if you want it to be written like ancient latin inscriptions, it should look like on these pictures:{161FCC6E-D388-4591-93AD-58C570686FC5}

      but if you don't like it, you can write it in almost any "fancy" font you want, cause here in europe latin was in regular use till the end of medieval age; b.russell mentioned this site, i always go there to download some new fonts, so you can check that out to pick up something, you can even contact me to help you chose

    • solum ludus 7 years ago


      i can help you of course.. i can translate it all, however you'll need to enlighten me about the expressions for alben, jeremiah and corrie cause english is not my mother tongue, and i just want to make sure i understood what they want to say exactly so that i can translate it the best possible way.. the most problematic one is alben's expression

    • solum ludus 7 years ago

      FOR XXX:

      "my mother, my angel" -> "mater mea, angelus meus"

    • Yunuen 7 years ago

      solum ludus, for my phrase "amor fortior morte (est)" should i include the 'est', or was it not used? I just want my tattoo to be as authentic as possible ;) thank you in advance

    • anouska29 7 years ago

      Hi solum, Help please! Can you translate "For those I love, I will sacrifice" Thanx!!!

    • solum ludus 7 years ago


      neither one is wrong, but if i were you i would exclude "est"

      FOR ANOUSKA29:

      "pro iis/eis quibus amaverim, sacrificabo" - this "iis/eis" means one and the same, use which ever you like more

      this is literally what you wanted, but it sounds just a bit weird in latin, so i offer you another solution:

      "for my beloved ones i will sacrifice" -> "pro amatis meis sacrificabo"

      you can, of course, use which ever you like

    • cntrycwby 7 years ago


      alben's means: you should love more the things in your life that could be lost the easiest

      jeremiah's means: he is responsible for death

      corrie's means: friends com first before everyone else

      hope this helps, thanks for your time

    • gimakide 7 years ago

      solum ludus,

      It is obvious that you are well versed in the Latin Launguage, I am looking at having someing tattooed regarding my son and daughter and their names. I would like something expressing my total devotion and love for them. Their Names are Mackenzie and Gillian. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    • Xareal 7 years ago

      A favorite of mine:

      Cogito, ergo iuguolo

      "I think, therefor I kill"

      Though Iuguolo (as well as the others) has various applications such as "to butcher" or "to cut the throat of"

    • Xman 7 years ago

      Solum Ludus,

      I am looking for the translation of "survival of the fittest". I saw someone else ask but couldn't find the actual response and would appreciate assistance from you when you have the opportunity. Thanks!

    • solum ludus 7 years ago


      yes, it helped a lot :))

      "only god can judge me" -> "solum Deus me iudicare potest"

      "love that most which could be lost tomorrow" -> "id maxime ama quid cras perdi potest"

      "i think therefore i am" -> "cogito, ergo sum" the comma is optional, and i must say i'm wodering you didn't find it yourself, it's a famous saying of a 17th ct. philosopher, frenchman rene descartes, it's most often cited in latin rather than any other language

      "death by my hand" -> "mors/nex a manu mea" mors and nex mean the same (death), he can use which ever he likes more, i already said it here - nex was used less often, that's why i consider it more special in these kind of expressions, when translating something for myself i usually use nex cause i have a feeling it's more illustrious, mors is really a common word...

      "death before dishonor" -> "mors/nex ante dedecum"; mors/nex - the same thing as the one above

      "truth, virtue, justice" -> "veritas, virtus, iustitia"

      "vengeance" -> "vindicatio/vindicta" those are synonyms, doesn't matter which one is used

      "friends above any other" -> "amici super cetera"


      FOR JAVI:

      puedes escribir todo en minuscula (solamente si lo vas escribir como una oracion (con punto en el fin) pone "quid" en mayuscula)

      la coma debia ir, pero no es un gran error si no lo pones, especialmente si vas escribir todo en minuscula

      me disculpo si escribi algun cosa mal :)))


      hmm.. i really don't know what to tell you. maybe you should check out some of the earlier posts to see if you like some of those, if not maybe you could tell me a bit more of what you have in mind, then i could help you with a phrase

      FOR XMAN:

      "survival of the fittest" -> "superviventia capacissimorum"" capacissimorum actually means "of the most capable ones", that's the best i could offer you in latin

    • javi 7 years ago

      solum ...perfecto tu castellano...mejor que el mío.!

      Bueno yo pensaba como una oracion, con el Quid con mayuscula. Así pensaba tatuarlo:

      Quid non Quid non

      me necet, me necet

      me firmat . me firmat

      Asi pensaba tatuarlo, pero tal como esta, de arriba hacia abajo. Me parece que si le pongo el "punto",tambien le tendría que poner la "coma". Para que quede mejor to see. Pero si lo pongo without coma, and without punto al fin, estaría mal?

      Solum your great!...thanks for what you do for tan dificil de encontrar que alguien ayude a la gente de esta manera, siempre generosa con todo el mundo....I apreciate!! really..

      Big hug...! =))

    • marissa 7 years ago

      solum could you please help me? i'm looking to get a tattoo of the meeting of my name which is "belonging to the sea" or "of the sea" in latin...i was even thinking "i belong to the sea"..if you could translate these i would greatly appreciate it:)

    • solum ludus 7 years ago

      POR JAVI:

      "solum ...perfecto tu castellano...mejor que el mío.!" jaja mentiroso.. no, me burlo por supuesto :)))

      es un idea muy interesante.. si lo vas tatuar a esa manera pone y la coma y el punto (sin eso pienso que seria raro)

      gracias por tus palabras maravillosas :)))

      un gran abrazo

    • solum ludus 7 years ago


      "ad mare pertineo" -> i belong to the sea

      you're welcome

    • solum ludus 7 years ago

      i'm sorry to inform you that i'm going to visit my aunt in vienna, so i might not have time to help you while being there, although i'll try to

      i'm coming back in monday, so if any of you leave a request, just know that i'll get to it in monday at the least :))

    • Shelby 7 years ago

      Hi Solum Ludus :)

      would you be able to translate "The scene of the crime" for me? Thank you

    • solum ludus 7 years ago


      "locus delicti"

      instead of delicti (of crime) you can put "facinoris" or "sceleris" if you want to, it doesn't matter which one you use

      you're welcome

    • jasolorio 7 years ago

      Solum Ludus, I have been reading all of your postings & I think you are great! Canyou please translate a couple phrases for me:

      Live the life you have imaged

      Dream as if you live forever, Live as if you die tomorrow.

      Live each day like it is your last


    • Jordan 7 years ago

      Im looking to get my first tattoo on the top of my foot.

      Im going to have a phrase in a different language and then a butterfly. I need help with the phrase though.

      I want it to be something about life is what you make it and live with no regrets like you only live once kinda thing. any ideas?

    • Kriz 7 years ago

      Could you please do me a favor and translate this in latin:

      You called down the thunder, now reap the whirlwind!

      Thanks in advance!Cheers!

    • Christiaan 7 years ago

      Hey Solum Lundes - can you help me with the translation form Eng to latin on this one please"Never give up on something that you can't go a day without thinking about"

    • rachel 7 years ago


      beware of the top of the foot ink. that shit hurts soso badly. i wasn't prepared, that's why i tell you.

    • Christiaan 7 years ago

      Hey Solum Lundus - great stuff - soo you know your sh%t.

      Please help me translate this :

      "Never give up on something that you can't go a day without thinking about"

      Thank you very much.


    • Conan Mc 7 years ago


      to Solum Lundus 'Madame Latin' :P

      i was hoping to have 'with great power, comes great responsibility' translated if at all possible... and also 'one man can make a difference' please if you are able

      i also want to express a great amount of thanks for your relentless pursuit of helping people during the translations. it is truly inspiring to see someone help mark the creativity of others through the use of a 'dead' language... it was such a horror that it 'died' at all, thank you again

    • nicole :) 7 years ago

      hi Solum Ludus i want to get a tattoo obviously :) and i just wanetd to know how these are translated if you can translate them for me i would be very happy :) thanks a lot

      Love understands all languages Live with no regrets

    • nicole :) 7 years ago

      those are separate quotes! lol sorry

    • autumn 7 years ago


      can anyone translate, "Even when we are gone, our names will echo through the stars"

      thanks, :)

    • tursik09 7 years ago

      hey there solum ludus i was hoping you could do me a favor and translate this i would be very grateful!

      There is more to life than increasing its speed

      kind words conquer

      live life with no regrets

    • rosalia 7 years ago

      love life

    • steph  7 years ago

      what would

      " remember to live, because time waits for no one " be in latin ?

    • Roshan Chikodi 7 years ago

      Hey solum ludus!

      can you please translate "artist of sorts" for me?!

      it means a lot to me for a lot of reasons! n i'm planning on getting it tattooed at the earliest!

      i would really appreciate it!

      btw my e-mail id is

      thnx a lot!

    • phebee24 7 years ago

      'Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass..... It's about leaning to dance in the rain'

      would you be able to translate please.


    • JUSTIN 7 years ago


      I'm hoping you can share your latin wisdom with me in regards to translating these phrases:"Excellence in all things"

      "Hard work conquers all""Drive Fast, Take Chances"

      "ONE LOVE"

      Your generosity and expertise is much appreciated!

      I can be reached at:

      richflip191@yahoo.caThanks so much!!

    • Marius 7 years ago

      Hi Solum Ludus Can you please help me translate: "All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to you" into latin?

      Please answer on my E-mail:

      Thank you so much!

    • Phill n 7 years ago

      Hey guys check this website its a free translator from english to latin

    • StormShadow 7 years ago

      Could use some help finding the closest translation from Latin to English of the words included on my family Coat of arms. It is: "Deum Cole Regem Serva". Cole being my last name of course.

    • silver 7 years ago

      hi could anyone translate 'this too shall pass' please i would really be thankful

    • serena 7 years ago

      hey solum ludus! could you please translate the night is darkest just before the dawn? thanks!

    • 7 years ago

      hi! could anyone translate "i will never walk alone"? i have, "ego mos nunquam ingredior unus", i just wanted to make sure its right, thank you!!!

    • cjcarter profile image

      cjcarter 7 years ago

      Terrific hub! I'm looking into getting karpe diem, but you got me looking at some of your suggestions!

    • Browner 7 years ago

      Hey Solum I could really do with your help!

      My brother and I want to get a joint tattoo to remind ourselves of our brotherhood and our bond so thought getting a latin phrase we both could have would be a cool idea. So I was wondering if you knew any relevent latin motos which would be suitable or if you could translate these phrases for me?'Brothers Eternally'

      'Eternal Brotherhood'

      'Brothers in Life and Death'

      'Remember Your Brother'

      If you could help me out that'd be absolutely fantastic! Many thanks in advance!

    • Browner 7 years ago

      Oh and added to my previous post, I'm wanting to get this tattooed down the inside of my right forearm so the phrase should ideally be pretty short....I've been looking online for phrases but thus far have struggled. I found one which was <!-- /* Font Definitions */ @font-face {font-family:"Cambria Math"; panose-1:2 4 5 3 5 4 6 3 2 4; mso-font-charset:1; mso-generic-font-family:roman; mso-font-format:other; mso-font-pitch:variable; mso-font-signature:0 0 0 0 0 0;} @font-face {font-family:Calibri; panose-1:2 15 5 2 2 2 4 3 2 4; mso-font-charset:0; mso-generic-font-family:swiss; mso-font-pitch:variable; mso-font-signature:-1610611985 1073750139 0 0 159 0;} /* Style Definitions */ p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal {mso-style-unhide:no; mso-style-qformat:yes; mso-style-parent:""; margin-top:0cm; margin-right:0cm; margin-bottom:10.0pt; margin-left:0cm; line-height:115%; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:11.0pt; font-family:"Calibri","sans-serif"; mso-ascii-font-family:Calibri; mso-ascii-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-fareast-font-family:Calibri; mso-fareast-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-hansi-font-family:Calibri; mso-hansi-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-bidi-theme-font:minor-bidi; mso-fareast-language:EN-US;} .MsoChpDefault {mso-style-type:export-only; mso-default-props:yes; mso-ascii-font-family:Calibri; mso-ascii-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-fareast-font-family:Calibri; mso-fareast-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-hansi-font-family:Calibri; mso-hansi-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-bidi-theme-font:minor-bidi; mso-fareast-language:EN-US;} .MsoPapDefault {mso-style-type:export-only; margin-bottom:10.0pt; line-height:115%;} @page Section1 {size:612.0pt 792.0pt; margin:72.0pt 72.0pt 72.0pt 72.0pt; mso-header-margin:36.0pt; mso-footer-margin:36.0pt; mso-paper-source:0;} div.Section1 {page:Section1;} --> 'memento vivere' which i believe means remember life or remember to live and that would look so cool so was just wondering if any of the phrases I suggested would look like this or if not, is there anything you could suggest.

      if you wanted to contact me by email its for all the blurb but it will be my first tattoo and I want to make sure I get it done right as I know latin translation can be very tricky so again, thank you very much for you help!

    • Browner 7 years ago

      Whoops, just wanted to apologise for that mess, have no idea what just happened!

    • Eric Woo 7 years ago

      Hi Solum Ludus, I was looking at all your great translations on this page and i was wondering if you can help me out with a couple of translations. "To love without being loved is suicidal to the soul" (or the closet to this) "Live each day to the fullest" "Without my family and friends I am nothing" Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

    • Eric Woo 7 years ago

      For those that are looking into a good font for their tattoos, i found one from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (i know dorky). It is called "elven common speak" looks similar to the font used in "there is more to life than being alive" pictured above. Enjoy.

      Now i just hope i can get my three phrases translated....

    • Stian 7 years ago

      Hi, can someone translate "No Dream Is Too Big" ?

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