Tattoo Symbolism: Snakes, Mushrooms, and Moons

Updated on March 14, 2020
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This is a tattoo that I recently got as a part of my full arm sleeve tattoo.
This is a tattoo that I recently got as a part of my full arm sleeve tattoo. | Source


Snakes have been iconic in tattoo designs for as long as tattoos have been around. Some are added as a compliment to a larger tattoo, while some tattoos are based on the snake itself. It makes a lot of sense when you understand the symbolism of snakes. They represent power, fertility, spirituality, sexuality, prosperity, self-healing, and new beginnings.

Of course, you can find even more power in snake symbols when you turn then into the oroborus or "never ending" circle. The snake eating its own tail is a super symbol of abundance and is widely chosen. The cadicus is another popular one, because it symbolizes great healing powers.

When choosing a snake tattoo, it's also important to consider the color of your snake. Each color gives it a different vibration. White speaks to our subconscious powers. Black gives it an added hint of power. Green and gold will bring you lots of abundance and prosperity. Red is a very sexual yet grounding color for a snake tattoo. Purple highlights your spiritual nature. Go through the colors available to you and consider which one speaks to you the most.



Mushrooms have been power symbols. They represent the powers in our world that exist abundantly, but are often unseen. Because of this, they are often thought of as psychic symbols, as well as symbols of the call of magick. Since they are connected with ancient and modern art, they are also thought of as great inspiration and a source of creative manifestation.

The little fungi not often respected for their symbiotic connection with the trees and plant life they grow near, but nonetheless, they symbolize the circle of life. They are connected to all things and all things are connected to them. By having a mushroom tattoo on your body, you will be reminded of how many ways you are connected to everything around you, and how everything around is connected to you (even if you only notice subconsciously).


If you are looking for a great symbol of fertility, abundance, enlightenment, and mystery, then a moon tattoo is for you. The moon looms over us with a graceful smile, she is there even when we can't see her and always caring. Many spiritualist have based their whole lives around the moon, and many others are extremely enchanted with them for no explainable reason.

The power of the moon makes a great tattoo to compliment other designs, or by itself. Choose it to symbolize your inner mother, your feminine nature, your supernatural powers, your abundant life, or as a reminder of the beauty in all things.

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