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Tattoo Ideas for the Feminine Side

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Feminine vs. Womanly

There are far too many articles out there already that highlight plenty of girly tattoos that they say are great tattoos for women. So instead, let's talk about some great tattoos that highlight our feminine sides, especially since there are plenty of men who like more feminine tattoos, and there is no reason for us to classify these tattoos as for men or for women. Masculine and feminine are simply different genders, both of which all peoples of all genders need a balance of in their lives.

Softer Lines

From the perspective of the artist, softer lines are generally always allied with feminine forms. When it comes to tattoos, this often means that an artist will not make the lines around his or her work as bold as they would with a masculine featured tattoo, unless you specifically ask for a more feminine tattoo but with bolder line work. Something as simple as a normally drawn balloon could be considered a more feminine tattoo, simply because they are often drawn with thin soft lines and softer colors.

To the left, you'll see two examples of great soft-lined tattoos to give you a starting place to think about when it comes to your next feminine tattoo.


Small and Subtle

Feminine tattoos often differ from masculine tattoos, simply because they tend to be more subtle and act more as accents to certain body parts and areas. Masculine tattoos, on the other hand, tend to big and bold, covering as much space as possible, just about anywhere on the body. This isn't a hard and fast rule, and as with anything, you can definitely create an exception. Though if you're looking to stick with a tattoo that is truly traditional in the feminine sense, then you'll want to look at tattoos that are smaller, more subtle and that accentuate certain features.

Good examples of these are tattoos on the back of the neck, under the breasts, on the ankles, around the belly button or on a shoulder blade.



Traditionally, animals and weapons belong to the masculine spectrum of tattoo art, whereas flora and geometric lines tend to be categorized as in the feminine spectrum. So when you're thinking about getting a more feminine tattoo, if you're not looking to reinvent the wheel, start with designs that include flowers, plants or mandalas. From there you'll get plenty of ideas for your next tattoo.

To get you started, if flowers are you're forte, you might browse some tattoo ideas that include sunflowers, roses, tulips, and lotus flowers. If you prefer plants, look for designs with lavender, sage, lobelia or ivy. When it comes to trees, just about any trees with brilliant, colorful foliage and preferably flowers, is going to fit in best with other feminine designs.



What is more symbolic of the feminine essence, than a Goddess herself? There are many to choose from, as almost every culture has its own list of goddesses, or goddess-like figures. You'll only need to decide what attributes you want to bring into your life and exemplify on your skin; then the real fun can begin.

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Some traditional goddesses to think about are: Venus, Brigit, Aphrodite, Parvati, Ceridwen or Diana.



This is a very fine and very technical line, one which many might find hard to believe, but text tattoos or tattoos with more than one written word, are generally considered more feminine than masculine. One or two words that are super artistic and not very focused on the words themselves, are more on the masculine side. Anything that focuses more on the text, such as a poem or a passage from a favorite book or movie, would definitely dive more heavily into the feminine realms.

This is a great thing for anyone looking for a more feminine tattoo, as you can easily find plenty of ideas out there for tattoos that include text and passages. Just think about your favorite song, book, movie or written wisdom.


Cartoon Style

For the past few decades, cartoon style or cartoonish type art has been considered more feminine than masculine in the tattoo world. That being said, with the evolution of New School, neo-traditional and various other fringes, cartoon-style art is becoming more and more masculine. With that in mind, cartoon or animation style tattoos still widely belong to the feminine side of the artistic line, which makes it another great starting point for your next feminine featuring tattoo.


Feminine Animals

While many animals are generally considered more masculine, nothing is all black and white and this is especially true when it comes to animals. There is plenty of fauna in the kingdom that belong to the queens.

To start, let's talk about Cats. What's more feminine than a feline? This especially applies to domestic felines, with their delicate features and small bodies. Then you're going to see the more delicate big cats taking up the stage, starting with panthers and moving into cervals, lionesses and cougars.

Besides cats, Birds are also going to be a great choice if you're looking for a more feminine animal tattoo. Doves, parrots, peacocks, and love birds are great choices, as are pheasants, finches, and flickers.

There really are too many choices to list when it comes to feminine animals, but to give you a few more ideas, you'll want to peek at some turtles, giraffes, snails, fish, deer, snakes and rabbits.

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