Tattoo Ideas: Zodiac Signs—Taurus

Updated on February 15, 2019
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I have thirteen tattoos and think they're all pretty cool (and definitely don't qualify as "bad-quality").

Taurus the Bull zodiac symbol
Taurus the Bull zodiac symbol

Taurus (April 21-May 22)

Taurus is the second sign in the astrological zodiac and is represented by the symbol of a bull. It is an earth sign, and those born under this sign are ruled by the planet Venus (which also rules Libra). When illustrated, the Taurean symbol is a circle topped by a squiggly U shape to form the appearance of a bullhead with horns. Being housed under the sign of the bull, Tauruses are characteristically stubborn, determined, strong, and believes in standing up for what is right. Although often blamed for being headstrong, a Taurus's stubbornness is sometimes actually rebelliousness.

A Taurus is acutely aware of their inner worth and very sensitive to moments when she is being underappreciated as a girlfriend, daughter or friend. Taurus is calm, level-headed and down to earth, able to objectively view all sides of a problem. They are also very emotional and tend to be shy, reserved and introverted. They are creative individuals who value family, trust, honesty, consistency, and stability.

Taurus is the most sensual sign in the zodiac—their ruling planet of Venus, Goddess of Love, can account for that. Taureans experience life primarily through all five (and sometimes six) senses, all of which are greatly heightened. They are loyal and deeply romantic. They crave touch, affection, interaction and often feel their lives are not complete without true intimacy. They do not share this intimacy with just anyone, however.

There must be an inherent sense of trust before a Taurus will give over freely. But once they are willing to give that love—watch out! They will be willing to give it forever. Highly sensitive and sentimental, a beautiful sunset can move them to tears. Taurus's sexuality is strong. They enjoy making love, especially if there's music playing in the background to set the mood, and believe in having a healthy, well-rounded sex life. Nobody loves food more than a Taurus, yet at the same time, they can be quite picky eaters.

Taurus is one of four fixed signs in the zodiac, and as such, they desire security, though not necessarily financially. Emotional security is much more important to them. Because they are a fixed sign, they tend to stick with what they know works as opposed to trying new and different things on a frequent basis.

Taurus rules the neck, throat, ears and lower jaw. Taurus women traditionally have gorgeous collarbones and lovely, slender necklines. Many are phenomenal singers. The downside is that they are prone to throat-related problems, such as recurrent incidents of strep throat, colds that settle in the throat, coughs, persistent earaches, stiff necks, and other injuries.

Taurus is Negative in polarity (along with Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces). Negative signs are generally introverted and introspective. They are much more likely to look inward, drawing upon their own inner reserves of strength and wisdom, as opposed to looking outward toward external stimuli. Negative signs are naturally more nurturing than the Positive signs (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius). The downside is that Negative signs are more cautious and standoffish than Positive signs. More than any other sign, Taurus will stew silently and keep their feelings under tight control.

Taurus Tattoo Gallery

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      8 years ago

      Omg! This is me all day long!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      This described me so well than i was freaked out. I don't really believe in horoscopes or their accuracy but after reading this holy shit!!! Someone has been stalking me. I think im a believer now wow


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