Tattoo Ideas: Zodiac Signs—Pisces

Updated on March 14, 2020
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I have thirteen tattoos. I think they're all pretty cool (and definitely don't qualify as "bad-quality").

Pisces Tattoo Photo Gallery

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Pisces (February 19-March 20)

Pisces, represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions but held together at the mouth by a cord, is the 12th and last sign in the zodiac, which originates from the constellation of Pisces. The symbol of the two fish is an excellent and accurate representation of Pisces individuals. It belays the inner tension that many pisces experience on a daily basis—the desire to do right is battled by the urge to go wrong, the drive to get an education and a steady job duels with the craving for the eternal party. Pisces, a water sign, has the ability to truly "go with the flow," traveling peacefully upstream. But throw a pebble into the water and Pisces will split. They'll get around the rock, for sure, but it might set them off into two totally different directions not so easily reconciled.

Pisces are compassionate and kind, selfless and giving, creative and imaginative. They are also secretive and vague, truly trusting only a very few select individuals. They crave acceptance and can become weak-willed when caught up in a crowd. The tendency to go along with what everyone else is doing is strong; even if Pisces doesn't enjoy the selected activity for the night, she'll do it just because it's the selected activity for the night, and everyone else is doing it. Drinking beer, for example, when she doesn't even like the taste of it, and downing it makes her nauseous. Yet Pisces does not have a hard time fitting in. She is accepted by those around her because of her easygoing and affectionate nature. They have no need to hog the spotlight or keep all eyes on them, and this makes them acceptable to those who do because they don't present a threat or challenge.

As my sister Lindsey would quickly tell you, the life of an average Joe with a 9-5 job Monday through Friday is not for them. They dislike discipline and confinement, and require settings where they may come and go as they please (much to my mother's chagrin, particularly when my sister is living at home). Pisces have rebellious natures, though they lack the motivation required to be an activist or disestablishmentarian. Pisces are good friends, great listeners, and amazing partners. They are thoughtful and give freely without hesitation.

Because Pisces are so imaginative, they often have a dream world that exists inside their own head. They want life to be the way it is depicted in movies, books, and on television. They want romances that defy space and time, friendships that miraculously survive trauma, and loud, swinging parties where everyone's having a good time and funny things are happening at every turn—trust me. When my sister was 15, she used to beg me to take her to Long Beach Island at the end of the summer. We had never been there, but my sister just knew there would be great parties going on. She said we could rent a hotel room (read between the lines: I could rent a hotel room for her) and then she and her friend would wander the beach streets until they found a happening party with cute, older guys and lots of beer who would happily invite them up to the room and they'd dance all night and the guys wouldn't take advantage of them and nothing dangerous would happen at all! Like magic!

Pisces are most compatible with Cancer, Scorpio, and sometimes Taurus. Pisces governs the feet, liver and lymphatic system, which can result in anemia, ulcers, skin diseases, gout and heavy periods.

Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune (although previously, before Neptune was discovered, it was ruled by the planet Jupiter). It is a feminine, negative sign, which means it is somewhat introverted, passive and sensitive. Because it's a water sign, Pisces are malleable and impressionable. For as much as they rally against societal norms, authority and restriction, they are quick to take on the shape and interests of those around them.


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I'm a picese and have wanted to do my sigh as two coy fish with there body on wrist and or around the don't of the foot done in pink, purple, yellow and orange, can't wait I love my 69 sign!

    • ceholmes profile image


      9 years ago from Chicago

      everything you said in this writing is right. I know a LOT of pisces, and before they told me their sign, I already knew b.c they are dead give-a-aways. Yes, they can be very weak-willed.

    • Everything-Jewels profile image


      10 years ago

      I'm a Pisces, and I have a tattoo on the back of my shoulder, it's two swordfish (swimming in oppostie directions of course), with the Gilth behind the fish and splashing water on the bottom. It's really cool. I was the first tatto I ever got, I was about 35 years old.


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