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Updated on January 28, 2016
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After writing over two dozen hubs on tattoo ideas that showcased pictures as the majority of the content, I started noticing that a large portion of the comments were from people asking for ideas on what to say, not so much on how to say it. Like Lindsay, for example, who commented on the hub Tattoo Ideas: Words & Phrases, said: "I want some sort of latin script with a phrase having to do with karma." Or Jesso, who said: "I have a colourful fish on my left lower back, but next I want a script.. .. just what I don't know... something positive to remind me every day is mine, I am in control of my destiny."

The tricky thing about quote tattoos is that nine times out of ten, they can't be too long. Unless you have a huge expanse of skin that you plan on dedicating to the tat, like a forearm or your entire back, you're going to need to pick a quote that's short enough to fit in a small area. A few years ago, my girlfriend wanted to get something I had written tattooed on her in my handwriting. The quote she wanted was twenty-one words long, and she wanted it somewhere on her inner forearms. As she is already fairly heavily tattooed, she did not have the criteria of getting it on a place that could be easily hidden if need be. She's lucky. She ended up getting it running lengthwise down her arm next to the word GIRL that was already there. Most people don't have the same flexibility as her. Maybe your job is too professional for tattoos and piercings, or you don't want your mother to see it. If that's the case, then a quote tattoo can be challenging to find space for. And if you think you're going to fit an entire poem (unless it's a haiku) on your wrist by shrinking down the letters to a size 5 font, you're mistaken. Good tattoo artists will only let you make the lettering so small, because they know that tattoos blend, fade, and bleed over time. The smaller the font, the better the chance that you'll be left with a meaningless blob ten years down the road. So although there are millions of wonderful quotes about the beauty of love, I've tried to only assemble the ones that are on the shorter side, while still being meaningful.

I went back through all 2,000+ comments on my previous hubs and tried to identify the most common themes people requested when asking for help with quote ideas. In addition to being a voracious reader, I've been compiling quotes in notebooks and journals since I was thirteen. This article is second in a series broken down by category that started with Tattoo Ideas: Quotes on Strength, Adversity, Courage. Please, if you have any ideas or would like to share a favorite quote of yours, feel free to comment! The examples I've chosen for this particular article may not resonate with everyone. You might read it and get nothing out of it. But my hope is that something will resonate with someone, somewhere, and the words written here will inspire you to take a step you may not have taken otherwise.

Quotes—Love of Life and Living

  • I was throbbing; it shook the bed. I was more alive than I could bear.
  • Live to the point of tears.
  • We do not remember the days, we remember the moments. -Pavese
  • I beg have patience with everything unresolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves as if they were locked rooms or books written in a very foreign language. Do not search for the answers, which could not be given you now, because you would not be able to live them. And the point is, to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps then, someday far in the future, you will gradually, without even noticing it, live your way into the answer. -Rilke
  • Nothing is worth more than this day. -Goethe
  • The journey is the reward. -Tao saying
  • Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground. -Rumi
  • Before I almost used to think there was something wrong. Everybody else seemed to have the brakes on. A scene in a movie, a voice, a phrase was not for them volcanic. I never feel the brakes. I overflow." -Anais Nin
  • Love the life you live, don't live the life you love. -Chicago
  • La vita e bella; la vita e amore. (Life is beautiful; life is love.) -Life is Beautiful
  • Living well is the best revenge.
  • Just remember, the sweet is never as sweet without the sour. And I know sour, which allows me to appreciate the sweet. -Vanilla Sky
  • Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around. -Vanilla Sky
  • He who has a why to live can bear almost any how. -Friedrich Nietzsche
  • He who has nothing to die for has nothing to live for. -Moroccan Proverb
  • Unbeing dead isn't being alive. -e.e. cummings

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        djxj djxj uxj Dhahran jabber eugenic Weismannism justly guess his nutshell megalomaniac 7 hours ago

        Softball team in for the new York city ball

      • profile image

        kay 5 years ago

        im getting one that says I will not break but I think I want another one about strength any ideas??

      • profile image

        roei 5 years ago

        Best tattoo quotes -

        You are the master of your life and the captain of your soul. I I take it from :

      • profile image

        pamela 5 years ago

        I have my kids kindergarten autographs on the top if my feet. Best tattoo ever.

      • profile image

        5 years ago

        Nike "Just Do It".. I Do What It Do!!

        Love This Part From Lil Waynes Song..

      • profile image

        jacqueline 5 years ago

        hey guys so i wanna get my first tattoo and i have a few ideas, but was hoping to get some more second opnions on them. What do you think of any of these:

        "your heart is free, have the courage to follow it"

        "losing your hearts desire is tragic, but gaining your hearts desire is all you can hope for"

        "dare to live"

        "live a little, love a lot"

        "live for love"

        "love conquers all"

        "keep on dreaming even if it breaks your heart"

        or i was thinking an infinity sign with the word love incorporated in it

        any other suggestions please feel free! thanks! :)

      • profile image

        syoung 5 years ago

        I want the quote "life is what you make of it" but I don't know where to get it... Any ideas??

      • profile image

        Tyler 5 years ago

        i want this on the inside of my arm

        i didnt choose to live and i wont choose to die but i will choose the middle because the middle is mine


        i believe in heaven, but have been to hell, i fear them both, but trust them as well

      • profile image

        elizabeth. 5 years ago

        i love the quote,

        " this is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time. "

        deffinately getting this.

      • profile image

        Just because. 6 years ago

        I have a tattoo that says, "I may struggle, but i will survive." with an anchor.

      • profile image

        DLayna 6 years ago

        I'm getting a feather starting at my rib cage right under my left breast curving up right under my shoulder, that says, alongside the feather

        "Wounds will soon be Wisdom" or either "Learn to fly"

        Not sure which i want, yet, ideas?

      • profile image

        Adam Matulevich 6 years ago

        Life............Death (Cursive writing)

        Live the Line (cursive writing)

        tat on ankle, thoughts? can't put the shit on my wrist it's full

      • profile image

        gibsy 6 years ago

        i want to get this but dont no where on my body to get it any ideas?

        "a person may die but there legend lives on"

      • profile image

        kate 6 years ago

        "If you focus on the shit

        you forget to shine"

        cursive on my wrist..good or bad idea? :)

      • profile image

        del 6 years ago

        if i had wings, i would fly up to the heavens to see you

      • profile image

        JohnDeere651 6 years ago

        YOLO!! YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!!! moto i live by everyday!

      • profile image

        Summer 6 years ago

        I would love a few of these (when I'm older!)

        'If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it' - Charlie and the Chocolate factory song; don't particularly like the story but love that quote.

        'All you have to decide is what to do with the time that's given to you' - Lord of the Rings - fave movie.

        For all the writers out there - 'The only reason for being a professional writer is that you just can't help it'

        'WWAD' = What would Atticus do? (from To Kill a Mockingbird)I adore that man!

        For all the procrastinators out there, to give you some inspiration - 'The path to hell is paved with works in progress'

        'If you can't learn how to do something, learn to enjoy doing it badly'

        'Aim for the moon, because even if you miss you'll land amongst the stars'

        I'm thinking of getting 3 or 4 of these; one on the back of my shoulder, one along the side of my little finger and maybe one on my foot, I can't wait!

      • profile image

        Stephanie 6 years ago

        Hi, this goes to anyone who can help. ZMe and my bestfriend(guy) want to get some type of bestfriend quotes. I want it in a sexy cursive font. I would like the quote to be really cool, but not cliche. thanks any feedback e-mail me at

      • profile image

        brittni 6 years ago

        I got a tattoo on my left shoulder that says " music - forever elastic and infanite in communicating the pulse and passion of life". And its in the shape of a treble clef.

      • profile image

        ragv 6 years ago

        In my opinion getting a meanfull tattoo it´s a very personal choice.

        If you ask someone for an idea it will never be your own thought…

        Try to understand what you feel about it - your pain, your lost, your love, your family, your feeling about life - and try to put it on your own words. For a tattoo better to be a short quote and with a easy meaning (for yourself and/or for the others…)

        Assume your language if you like it, or assume another language if it means something to you. But never, never, write anything in a language that you don’t understand please! (because all dam motifs!)…

        And if you can’t write something ‘beautiful’ (not all of us have skills to write) try to find an author that mean something to you (a singer, a poet, a politic, a philosopher, a prophet...)

        And try to make your tattoo unique, just like you! Unique… ;)

        (I hope it helps. Sorry for my mistakes… that’s not my language, and google translator sucks anyway…) Peace, love and good luck for all of you, Bob and Suck-dicks too! Cheers* keep smiling! :)

      • profile image

        kels 6 years ago

        @dawn , im thinking, have hopes and ambitions and look at things in the right way, but dont lose grasp of reality, or something along those lines. i really like it.

      • profile image

        Diana 6 years ago

        I am so getting one :

        -Just like in the movies the end is unpredictable

        -Every second changes who i am

        -If you don't take your life, time will

        -In my dreams I live 4ever

        -Not even God knows me

        -Life may be a game but you don't need rules to live it

      • profile image

        Dawn 6 years ago

        Im getting this tat and when i told someone they said it makes no sense, but it has meaning to me.

        Everyone makes sense of things in there own way if you saw this quote what would you think it meant?

        Keep your eyes on the stars

        And your feet on the ground

      • profile image

        ryan 6 years ago

        for my grandad

      • profile image

        ryan 6 years ago

        i want "good bye my old friend hope to see you again" on my fore arm awsome!!

      • profile image

        doug 6 years ago

        "Live Fearlessly" is tattooed across my back.

      • profile image

        kels 6 years ago

        @becauseiliive thank youu. i really want it. but i hate telling people because theyd think its weird. like it dosent make sense. but those three words, "we have now" mean alot to me. a reminder to take each moment and cherish it.

      • profile image

        sierra 6 years ago

        "Crying doesn't indicate weakness, since birth it has been a sign that you're alive"

      • profile image

        Micah 6 years ago

        designed it myself. shitty pic, but you get the idea

      • profile image

        No name 6 years ago

        I'm only 15 and have mum on my worst cause she's helped me through a lot, I know I

        Still underage I. The uk for tattoos but I

        Getting another 2-3 for my 16th I'm getting gran&granda cause they've been a big part of my life and a wAs thinking of getting live laugh love on my arm cause I use that when times are hard and if helps me think of all the good memories what dobh think?? I'm also thinking of getting a fancy t because it is the initial of my little brother and sister what do use think ?

      • becauseilive profile image

        becauseilive 6 years ago from N.J.

        @kels - I love that idea :)

      • profile image

        kels 6 years ago

        I'm young but ive seen people die too early. When i turn 18 i was thinking id get the words "we have now" somewhere. maybe my wrist where i see it everyday or maybe somewhere that is more personal. i havent seen anybody with the words "we have now" because its not an actual quote. its something i thought of. not in a sexual way, but as in, you have the moment, you might not get another, this could be your last day make it worth it, that kind of sense.

      • profile image

        biglad 6 years ago

        i have its not the cards your dealt its how you play the game

      • profile image

        Steph 6 years ago

        Nosce te ipsum. I'ts Latin for "know thyself"

      • profile image

        Katelynne 6 years ago

        In my lower back my tattoo reads Follow your own star.

      • profile image

        Jamie 6 years ago

        Ive got a tattoo on my right wrist tht says In capitals.....D.T.A it means dont trust anyone .

      • profile image

        SamHuey 6 years ago

        hello i have already got 1 tattoo but i want another one on the outside of my right arm but i dont know what to get if someone could give me some advise it would be good thanks ...!!

      • profile image

        Goods 6 years ago

        "can be destroyed, can't be defeated" .... Badly needs some feedback guys!

      • profile image

        Anne Marie 6 years ago

        I am looking to put a tattoo on the bottom of my foot, painful, but that is my only option, seeing how I model. I danced for 16 years of my life, and it was my passion until I was recently injured, so I am hoping to one day get a dance quote tattooed on my foot.

        "we are fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance"

        "dancing with the feet is one thing, dancing with the heart is another"

        "to dance is to be out of yourself: larger, more beautiful, more powerful"

        Any ideas, or if you like any of these, that would be so helpful to hear!

      • profile image

        Ciara 6 years ago

        I love all these ideas!

      • profile image

        cornflakes 6 years ago


      • profile image

        Cowgirl 6 years ago

        Ideasss Pleasee!!!

        When i was little my cousin would always draw this certain flower and i could never do it so i would always get so frustrated she was the best at everything she attempted when she turned 17 she went completly down hill and i now feel like she has died on me because the girl in her body is not the girl i grew up with and looked up to so much... We had always planned on getting matching tattoos but the way things look that is never oa happen! I want to get the flower from our childhood on my foot and a quote that sums up the meaning but i cannot find a quote that relates...

        If anyone has an idea that would be supppeerrr spectacularr!!!!

      • profile image

        Mimi 6 years ago

        Mimi 1 second ago

        i need a quote that fits what I'm trying to say... I just can't put the words together.

        What I'm looking for is a short quote that incorporates Beauty & Death. Sooo... how death can be beautiful. Or that beauty can grow from death... My tattoo is of a skull and flowers are growing from it. It is for a family member that passed away. Any ideas of how I can say this?

      • profile image

        Julia 6 years ago

        so my grandma passed away on my 16th birthday and i want to get a tattoo symbolizing how much she meant to me but im not sure what to get any suggestions?

      • profile image

        Adesse 6 years ago

        My life is my message.

        Be the change you want to see in the world.

        Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

        I like them very much and yes i forgatt the last one The way we see the world" (it is a song that I like) :))

      • profile image

        Krisi 6 years ago

        Im planning to have a tattoo on my 3 fingers on the side. Can you please help me? Ideas:

        -live life

        -love learn

        -never regret

        -1 life to live, no time to waste

        -no failures, just lessons

      • profile image

        ArnoldPalmer 6 years ago

        I know this was over two years ago, but to the douchebag who thought it was funny that someone's friend hung themselves, rot in hell you low life scumbag. Depression is a disease, you ignorant loser, which is why most people end up taking their own life. Educate yourself, dick head. Even if you never read this, I feel a lot better, because I came on here because I want to get a tattoo for my brother who had hung himself. I need like a good brother memorial quote or something along those lines.

        Any suggestions would be awesome! Thanks!

      • profile image

        sai 6 years ago


      • profile image

        Maverick 6 years ago

        Real Eyes. Realize. Real Lies.

      • profile image

        Mmmmm 6 years ago

        "life is what you make it" girl or guy tattoo? Any ideas

      • profile image

        Hmmph 6 years ago

        The fact they you are arguing on a website is so frightening! Get real and grow up. You hide behind a computer! I suggest you find your own voice and live your life not ridicule others opinions.

      • profile image

        frances 6 years ago

        this is a reply to Jamie- about the mom being sick and losing friends etc.

        "don't cry because it happened, smile because it's over"

      • profile image

        Tatto, 6 years ago

        heey, i was thinking about getting a tatto for my nan who died of cancer, i was going to put it on the side on my body i wat it to be swirley writing saying Nan Iloveyou with love hearts getting bigger + bigger, but then i thought about doing Familys 'R' Life, but if you have any ideas about the cancer one can you please email me on thanks so much xx

      • profile image

        TRAVEL. 6 years ago

        "My body is a garden, my will is the gardener." - Shakespeare

        "Die living." - unknown

        "Why take life so seriously? It is not like anyone will get out of it alive." - unknown

        "Whatever you do will be insignificant but it is very important that you do it" - Ghandi

        "Stop existing, start living." - unknown

        "Be the change you want to see in this world." - Ghandi

      • profile image

        ken 6 years ago


        I want a meaningful tattoo for my ribs that remind me the reason why i should live

      • profile image

        lola 6 years ago

        hi i had my baby boy when i was 15 so i wanted to get a quote about that but dont know what. ..any ideas

      • profile image

        Trixysurfchic 6 years ago

        I have a few ideas I like for quotes but would really like some of them in Elvish, can anyone help to translate:

        I so far have Koiva Lyaa Olor not sure how correct it is but means Wake your dreams.

      • profile image

        6 years ago

        I Like Some Of These Quotes.. Here R A Few Of My Favs..

        Everything Yet Nothing.

        1 Day I Will Find Me..

        2 Be 2Gether.. U Have 2-Get-Her!!

        Every Good Girl Has A Bad Secret.

        Fear No Bitch..Trust No Snitch

        U Let Me Fly So High..

        Imagine If There Were 2 Of Me.. :]


        U Know My Name..Not My Story

        U Can Never Lower Heaven But U Can Always Raise Hell

        By That Sin Fell The Angels

        I Knew It Then & I Know It Now

        Times Have Changed & So Have I

        & Someday I'll Have My Perfect Wings

        Light Up Ur Life.... [[Good 4 Weed Smokers]]

        4Give Me 4 My Sins

        S[he] Be[li]ev[ed].. Read In Between The Brackets

        S[hes] Br[ok]en.. Read In Between The Brackets

        Once Upon A Time..

      • profile image

        Jamie 6 years ago

        hey guys im having a difficult time finding a tattoo quote that suit difficult situations that ive had to deal with like being raped, my mom being sick and loosing all my bestfriends and my boyfriends along the way. Just moving forward and using my past as learning experiencse, Can anyone help?

      • profile image

        TRAVEL. 6 years ago

        I have "On the road" on my right foot. I had it when I was 16, I had just got back from India and I've seen many other countries and I think traveling is the best way to meet, to get experience... I think trips are the only things that are really worthy in life and it is certainly more important than anything material.. And I Got it on the foot because you walk with your feet, you travel around with your feet...

      • profile image

        krista 6 years ago

        but "jeez", how can you request proper grammar if you couldn't even spell grammar right yourself!

      • profile image

        Liggy 6 years ago

        Learn from yesterday live for today hope for tomorrow

      • profile image

        BarrelBabe21 6 years ago

        i have one on the tope of my foot that says "The Past Is Practice" because i once was a alcoholic and thanks to my brothers opening my eyes and helping me out of it i try to think of my past as something to look back on and teach people to not do what i did

      • profile image

        jon 6 years ago

        my moms a alcoholic and im going through alot and its tough

        i want a tattoo that symbolizes that a word or a quotes....?

        let me know

      • profile image

        Justadreamer 6 years ago

        In memory of my grandma, I got "I never walk alone" on my foot. As for other tattoo ideas I suggest:

        "We avoid risks in life, so we can make it safely to death.”

        "Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.”

        “It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank god that such men lived.”

        "It is a risk to love. What if it doesn’t work out? Ah, but what if it does.”

        "The time you enjoy wasting, is not wasted."

        "She flies on her own wings."

        "There comes a time in a man’s life when to get where he has to go – if there are no doors or windows - he walks through a wall.”

        "I may be lying in the gutter, but I'm staring at the stars."

        Hope these help!

      • profile image

        Jeez 6 years ago

        Can't some of you people at least attempt to use correct grammer???!!!

      • profile image

        Karen 6 years ago

        "I believe for every drop of rain that falls a flower grows"

      • profile image

        Outsider 6 years ago

        I laugh at the people who comment to say "your all weird" and things like that. Not only are their posts pointless, but in incorrect grammar. It should be you're; big difference (so annoying)! So to those people, maybe you should take a second glace at yourself before you decide to judge others.

      • profile image

        Gemm 6 years ago

        Love the quotes, I my 5th tattoo & most meaningful the other month, down my spine & it reads.... 'Your song has ended but your melody lingers on' it's in memory of my mum who passed away 5 months ago :-) I want another down my side , unsure on what to get, but all of the above quotes have been great help :-)

      • profile image

        Marilyn 6 years ago

        Suggestions Please! I want something like 'everyone dies but not everyone lives' but worded in a more positive way, like carpe diem, or 'live life' ... but that's not quite it! Might get it written in arabic or sanskript..., along with the word 'strength'. My other idea is a slightly gothic butterfly with a treble clef drawn into it to either go on the hip or on the foot with the quote written along the foot... ???! Will be little tats on feet or hips.

      • profile image

        DanceK 6 years ago

        @ GP : errors detected : )

        "Zivot je dobar" - Life is good (in Serbian)

        "Sutra je novi dan" - Tomorrow is a new day (in Serbian

        But if you want it to be credible,Serbs use the Cyrillic alphabet

        "????? ?? ?????" -Life is good

        "????? ?? ???? ???" -Tomorrow is a new day

        If u decide to put some text on your body its stupidly to use google translate.At last ASK someone or regret all your life for what u have done.

      • profile image

        Claire 6 years ago

        I really like "Don't tell me the sky is the limit, when there'e foot prints on the moon." I don't know where to get it though? and I would have to get it somewhere that my crazy mom couldn't see it. I'm only 15 and my mom is completely against tattoos. I don't wanna wait till I'm 18 though.. I'll find a way:)

      • profile image

        Lexanne 6 years ago

        Hi, im 18 years old and i was born with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a serious heart condition that means i could die at any moment. My boyfriend just proposed, and i want to get something that will show him that no matter what happens, he'll always be the one. I was thinking something like: "If i die tonight before i wake, no that you touched my life in so many ways."

        Is that too corny ? I really need something good. Help please !

      • profile image

        lauren loves 6 years ago

        Hi, i want a short quote on my rib cage but im no sure wat to get. So can you please help me?


      • profile image

        okyt1 6 years ago

        i want to get "Burn Out or Fade Away"--kc but idk wer to get it i was thinking my fore arm

      • profile image

        Yeaaaa buddy! 6 years ago

        How about " Death is certain, Life is not "

        Then a upside cross on a pentagram lol

      • profile image

        Hitman 6 years ago

        Dedication is doing the "BEST" with your life rather than settling for what is only the "good."


      • profile image

        commonsense.. 6 years ago

        for those who are planning to get tatts in 'next couple weeks' and 'are still deciding' why are you bothering?? shouldnt get a tattoo until you know its right, it shouldnt be left with picking, it should already be known

      • profile image

        Michaela 6 years ago

        "Mistakes turn into lessons.Failures into blessings." Thats a nice one too :)

      • profile image

        missbooboo 6 years ago

        your all weird .

      • profile image

        beck 6 years ago

        "the earth is made not of matter, but of music"


        "every moment is another second chance"

      • profile image

        Bec 6 years ago

        I have "once upon a time" tattooed on my left rib cage

      • profile image

        Ahha 6 years ago

        C.R.E.A.M- Cash Rules Everything Around Me, Good Song!XD

        For those you would like a long Quote, to go on a ribcage I have this. . .

        "Facilis descensus Averno; Noctes atque dies patet atri ianua Ditis; Sed revocare gradum superasque evadere ad auras, Hoc opus, his labor est."-Virgil, The Aeneid.


        "Easy the descent to hell, Night and Day stand wide the gates of the domain of Dis, But to retarce one's steps and escape to open air, That is the task. This is the labor."


        "Before me things created were none, save things Eternal, and Entrnal I endure. All hope abandon, ye who enter here."-Dante, Inferno

        These are some deep and meaning full quotes, if you understand them. So I suggest you do your homework if you decide to use them. Good luck.

      • profile image

        batman 6 years ago

        i have mum and dad tattooed on my chest on my heart area so i can allways say there close to my heart and when i was going through my own shit i had when your dead your dead, thats it. on my left wrist and on my right the purpose of life is a life of purpose

      • profile image

        Vanessa 6 years ago

        i want to get a quote about my dad he was killed .. and family was everythng to him .... i was thinking of getting his date of birth on my side going down in romain numarols .. but with a quote but idk what it should say any ideas ???

      • profile image

        hope. 6 years ago

        'Never regret something that once made you smile'

        'Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there is so much to smile about'

        'No matter how you take it life is what you make it'

        'Have the courage to live, anyone can die'

        'Stand for something even if it means standing alone'

      • profile image

        JulsG 6 years ago

        been thinking for a while now to get

        Our Scars Remind Us

        Our Past Is Real

        to me it means that our scars, whether physical or even our memories, are proof that our past has made us who we are. its a reminder to not look at your scars as a negative but more of a growing experience. what does everyone think? would mean alot to get some feedback!

      • profile image

        JulsG 6 years ago

        been thinking for a while now to get

        Our Scars Remind Us

        Our Past Is Real

        to me it means that our scars, whether physical or even our memories, are proof that our past has made us who we are. its a reminder to not look at your scars as a negative but more of a growing experience. what does everyone think? would mean alot to get some feedback!

      • profile image

        legenden 6 years ago


      • profile image

        Amanda Grant-Fraser 6 years ago

        I love the tatoo that says Life is a beautiful struggle and the one that says love the life you live and live the life you love

      • profile image

        Kaien 6 years ago

        I really want this tatto that cover most of my back but I want to wait a few more years before I get (seeing as though im only 16)

        But I would really like to get a set of angel wings with the words "To the lost souls;past, present and future"

        with R.I.P underneath.

        It represents all the people I have lost in life, will lose in life and all the lost souls who need an angel to guid them.

        and on my right shoulder I would like to have the dates of my beloved deceased.

        I mis you all xx

      • profile image

        Lebbing 6 years ago

        Life is beautiful...As long if your happy....and that`s about it.

      • profile image

        Ed 6 years ago

        bob hahaha

      • profile image

        song daikui 6 years ago

        [url=]authentic retro jordans[/url]

        style industry via storm. Not alone has made a reputation for themselves throughout the earth of sport, but additionally captured a large market throughout the manner industry too. Today, Jordan is recognized both for its durability and since creating a style statement

      • profile image

        theblamguy 6 years ago

        i want on my arm "pressure makes diomands" ;)

      • profile image

        GP 6 years ago

        "Zivot je dobro" - Life is good (in Serbian) there is a special character over the "v".

        "Sustranje je jedan nov danje" Tomorrow is a new day (in Serbian)

      • profile image

        Tadgh 6 years ago

        i love.. When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on

      • profile image

        Julia 6 years ago

        Ok so I'm 21 and already have a celtic cross on the back of my neck and my mother passed away last year right after my birthday and I've been thinking the whole year about what tattoo to get for her. I'm wondering if I should get it on my ribs or the top of my shoulder. I may get either a star gazer or one of the following quotes...

        "to live in hearts we leave behind is not to die"


        "everything I am or ever hope to be I owe to my angel mother"

        Also I'm having wherever I get it done put some of her ashes in the ink so she's always with me. Any ideas about where to get a tattoo since I'd need it concealable for work that also is a good idea feel free to email me. Or if their are any really good quotes about a mother my email is

      • profile image

        Michelle 6 years ago

        The tatto number 8, what is the name of the fond???

      • profile image

        monica 6 years ago

        ha ha Bob


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