Star Wars Tattoos

Updated on March 18, 2020
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I love tattoos and have been writing about the topic for several years.


The popularity of Star Wars never diminishes, and neither does fans' desire to declare their devotion.

There is no shortage of Star Wars characters to have inked on your body, as the universe offers an enormous number of possibilities to choose from. As you can see from the photos below, many fans blend the dark and light sides of the Force. Instead of choosing just one, some opt for a collage of characters. Some opt to represent the Empire, while others the Rebel Alliance, each represented with their respective characters, space ships, and weaponry.

One thing I've noticed is that those that have these tattoos tend to want extremely detailed and accurate depictions, and that can be challenging, as there simply isn't enough room on most parts of your body to include them. The result is a wrap-around tattoo that can only be seen in portions around an arm, leg, or shoulder.

Below, you'll find many photos to use as inspiration.

R2-D2 tattoo
R2-D2 tattoo | Source
Darth Vader and Pig Guard tattoo
Darth Vader and Pig Guard tattoo

Where's the Best Spot on the Body?

The shoulder sleeve tattoo may be the ideal spot for a large, detailed tattoo. But if you really want to go for it, the back is really the only place that offers a large enough canvas to show the whole cast of characters and other iconic objects from the movie.

Bespin Mining Colony tattoo
Bespin Mining Colony tattoo

Individual Character or Collage Theme?

Of course, you can choose your favorite individual character, or maybe two, and fit them successfully on an arm or leg if you don't have too many extra details that need to be included.


Keep the Cool?

You can place a simple tattoo on a small area of your body. The only problem is that so much of the cool associated with Star Wars comes from those extra things.

The Empire Strikes Jackpot? R2-D2 as a slot machine.
The Empire Strikes Jackpot? R2-D2 as a slot machine. | Source
Battle Sleeve tattoo
Battle Sleeve tattoo

Some Characters Are Cool on Their Own

On the other hand, a cool character like Chewbacca can work well as a stand-alone tattoo. Whether you have more details or not doesn't matter: He's good on his own.

Chewbacca tattoo
Chewbacca tattoo

The Dark Side Tattoos

It's surprising how many people choose to depict characters and themes from the dark side. I understand a combination of the dark and light sides, as that's what the story is all about, but the dark side alone seems to leave a lot out. But to each his own!

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Emperor tattoo
Emperor tattoo
Emperor tattoo

A Reminder of the Impact of Star Wars

The large number of fan tattoos is proof that the Star Wars universe continues to capture the imagination of fans everywhere. True fans respond to the story by putting a tattoo on their body to show their appreciation, and how cool is it to remind everyone through body art.

Very cool Mace Windu tattoo
Very cool Mace Windu tattoo
Light saber finger tattoo
Light saber finger tattoo | Source

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