Spider Tattoos

Updated on January 25, 2016

Realistic Spider Tattoos

Spider tattoos are becoming amazingly realistic, and I am surprised at how many people have them inked on, especially the number of women.

I've noticed that a lot of smart women have them tattooed on their neck so they can hide them with their hair if they choose. Others, who I don't think are as wise, just put them out there for the world to see; sometimes in places that don't make them too attractive, at least from my point of view.

What is really extraordinary about spider tattoos are the 3D spider designs. They not only look good from a design and art perspective, but they look so real I would imagine people wearing them have a number of concerned bystanders come up yelling to help them get rid of the potentially dangerous critters.

I could even believe in some cases they attempt to knock it off the one inked, specifically those on the shoulders and necks where they are predominantly placed. You'll see for yourselves as you look at these tattoos that they're so well done and realistic that it could be easy to mistake them for a real spider, which is probably part of the reason for getting that particular one in the first place.

3-D Spider Tattoo Designs

Not all spider tattoo designs are three dimensional, but the majority are, and the best looking spider tattoos definitely are, as you'll see when comparing them with others that aren't in this article.

All the 3-D spider tattoos include the shadowing of the body and/or legs of the spider to create the unique look. You can see that in the first two examples below, where two completely different looking spiders use a similar design concept from that point of view.

Both of them look great, but my favorite is the top one.

3-D Spider Tattoo on Shoulder

Very Cool 3D Spider Tattoo
Very Cool 3D Spider Tattoo

Big Spider Tattoo on Back

Realistic Spider Tattoo
Realistic Spider Tattoo

Large Spider Tattoo on Back

This is an amazingly big spider tattoo, one that is quite unique among all of those shown here.

As you can see, it spreads around from the back to the ribs, creating the terrific design. I like the dark color of the ink included, which to me adds to the quality of the overall look. Also looking cool are the lettering inside the body of the spider, which is Asian.

Giant Spider Tattoo on Ribs and Back

Full back spider tattoo
Full back spider tattoo

Female Spider and Web on Woman

Next is a cute tattoo of a spider with the face of a woman on it. That's pretty funny. I'm not sure if it was meant to convey the idea of a woman as a black widow spider which kills its mate, but it's a different look for a spider tattoo design.

While this is the only spider tattoo with a web included in this gallery, it does show some of the potential of using a spider web as part of the design.

In this article I wanted to focus primarily on spider art itself rather than including many other element in it, which some tattoos have.

Spider Tattoo with Face of Woman

Fun spider tattoo
Fun spider tattoo

Big Rib Spider Tattoo

Using dark ink in body art is by far my favorite choice, and so when I see a spider design with that as the option, it's very attractive to me. That's the case with this large rib spider, which was done very nicely using my favorite ink color. It even could have been a darker hue to make it stand out even more. But as it is it's still very nice looking.

Did you notice the fascinating use of the fingernail at the tip of the foot of the spider? Very creative.

Spider Tattoo on Rib Using Dark Ink

Large spider tattoo on side
Large spider tattoo on side

Why Spider Tattoos?

It's interesting to see the number of people getting spiders inked on them, but the reason why eludes me, although I could say the same about a lot of other tattoo themes as well.

I think it's more for shock value than anything else. There are those of course that place temporary spider tattoos on their skin for seasonal reasons such as Halloween.

Whatever the reason is, it definitely captures the attention of those who encounter people with them on their skin.

Spider Tattoos on Feet

Spider Tattoo on Foot
Spider Tattoo on Foot

Neck Tattoo of Spider

Having a tattoo inked on the neck can be a good choice, if it's done in a similar fashion as shown below with the spider design.

In this case the spider can easily be covered by the long hair to hide it when needed so it's not an impediment to certain social situations where it could be detrimental; things like jobs or special events which call for less drama and statements via body art.

The ability to cover a tattoo is an important one, and one that should be considered by most people getting inked.

As for this particular tattoo design, it's another great one with the 3-D look incorporated into it. It's pretty realistic looking at first glance.

Spider Tattoo on Neck of Woman

Small Black Widow Tattoo on Woman's Neck
Small Black Widow Tattoo on Woman's Neck

Quality of 3D Spider Tattoos

One thing is for sure, the quality of spider 3D tattoos is over the top, and in many cases you'd swear they were the real thing. That's quite an accomplishment whether you like spiders or not.

Overall, spider tattoos do have a unique look that is sure to garner attention and generate comments and conversation. And when you think of it, that's probably the two top reasons for getting some ink in the first place.


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    • profile image

      edwin 6 years ago

      nice 3d tatto, where you got that? i love it!

    • profile image

      sarah 6 years ago

      hi there, the tatantula on his shoulder is absolutely awesum, great job!

    • profile image

      Momma Jorje 6 years ago

      OMG, the top pic is the exact design I've been wanting to get for years! It's a Brachypelma smithi (Mexican Redknee) Tarantula which is the first species to start my collection. I dig spiders and would like a tat to represent that.