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10 Really Bad-Quality Tattoos and Tattooing Mistakes

I have thirteen tattoos. I think they're all pretty cool (and definitely don't qualify as "bad-quality").

Messed-up line work and shading are among the mistakes that lead to bad tattoos.

Messed-up line work and shading are among the mistakes that lead to bad tattoos.

What Makes a Bad Tattoo?

The only thing that qualifies me to be an authority on what makes a bad tattoo is that I have 13 tattoos myself and think they're all pretty cool. Granted, mine are small and pretty hard to mess up. However, I've met a number of individuals—online and off—whose tattoos are just completely atrocious. What possesses them to get such horrible things inked permanently onto their skin for the rest of their natural-born lives, I don't know and can only speculate. I have noticed several requirements that are pretty much guaranteed to create a bad-quality tattoo.

Mistake 1: Inappropriate Scale

A tiny image on a huge expanse of skin. Not only does the tattoo look lost in the midst of all that blank space, but it has the probability of interfering with any hopefully larger, better tattoos you may want to get in the future.



Mistake 2: Poorly Drawn

This is most likely the fault of the artist. Just because you can learn how to work a tattoo gun doesn't mean you should do so for a living. There's a reason why they're called tattoo artists; there is supposed to be an artistic quality to the images they create.

MIstake 3: No Outline

A yellow dragonfly with no defining outline, shading, depth, or dimension will quickly grow to look like the mark of a leper...unless leprosy is the look you're going for?

Mistake 4: Lousy Cover-Up

Covering up tattoos is a finely honed skill that can turn an old, spur of the moment, or regrettable tattoo into something new and beautiful. Ideally, the new image will be much better than the original. Apparently, this isn't always the case.


Mistake 5: Announcing Prejudices and Ignorance

You want the world to know you're a close-minded bigot? Fine. But the annihilation of the body by symbols of destruction and genocide is something I simply cannot respect.


Mistake 6: Lack of Artistry

The body is a blank canvas to which paint must be applied accordingly. Some people do not understand this concept, and believe they can just splash ink on their skin in any fashion and it'll look good. You are not Jackson Pollock. Sorry.


Mistake 7: Getting Inked While Drunk

If you're drinking with your buddies and one of them says, "Bro, let's go get matching tattoos!" chances are he means YOU get the tattoo while he stands there and laughs. Also be wary of the friend who says, "Bro, my uncle's got a tattoo gun. Let's use it...on you!"


Mistake 8: Poor Coloring Decisions

If this isn't the fault of the tattoo artist, it should be. I understand that a lot of people have no idea what they're talking about when they enter the tattoo parlor and ask the tattoo artist to bring the idea in their head to life on their skin. But it is the job of a good artist to explain the concepts of shading, how certain colors fade faster over time, and what colors look best when blended together. On the other hand, some people can be very insistent about what they want and what they think will make a great tattoo, despite any warnings or opposing suggestions.

Mistake 9: Randomness and Lack of Meaning

There's no explanation for these atrocities. They are random selections that are randomly placed and poorly executed.


Mistake 10: Tattoos That Never Get Completed

Many tattoos can not be completed in a single sitting. Intricate designs using a lot of color or large back pieces usually require several sessions before they're fully finished. But there's no excuse for small designs like the ones seen here to remain incomplete for longer than a few moments. Unless you're a wussy who couldn't take the pain.

Music lines with no music notes

Music lines with no music notes


justme on May 30, 2012:

Uhh the six lines could be guitar strings?

Lundy on February 21, 2012:

Lol some of these tattoos are bad - as are some of the comments! I esp like tattoos = unemployed :) I have a sleeve, back piece and 11 other tattoos and guess what I've never been unemployed not only that I'm a company director granted most of mine are covered by a suit lol. But I wouldn't even look at a girl without tattoos they are super HOT! Oh and my own tattoos got my first at 16 and I'm now 32 and I regret 0 of them and I plan on adding to them!

Cody Webb on February 19, 2012:

Oh, and to anyone who's said "tattoos are self-inflicted scars, why would purposefully harm yourself?" Whaddaya think a tan is?...

Mikal Smith from Vancouver, B.C. on January 28, 2012:

Unfortunate but thoroughly enjoyable! This really makes me appreciate my beautiful tattos.

Mike on January 27, 2012:

The last image of the piano lines, it could also mean straight lines representing how many people you killed.

milkwhiteneck on January 08, 2012:

can anyone offer ANY information on CONSUMER rights?? what can the customer do when the tattooist gets it wrong?? [other than buying a baseball bat i mean]

any genuine information on consumer rights & bad experiences will be greatly received.

tattooing needs to be better regulated

andy mack on December 14, 2011:

A tattoo used to be a sign of rebellion, now it is just a sign of conformity. you are all in the same club, the same fraternity, and since I want to be rebellious I don't want to join your club. the more tattoos you all get the more unique I feel

rnalasa on November 15, 2011:

tattoo, sticking itself to display a secret motive gives identity and mystery to the self if they are randomly chosen if accurately arranged from a magazine, but as soon as they are stuck in you its just similar to wearing the sme outfit all the time so consider what you feel when you are being poked. unless you want to alienate your body during rest of your life and not be comfortable about your self esteem plummetting every time you see it you maybe just want to tattoo some panties on or a thong for example or maybe a tear drop betweeen your eyebrows and wearing that outfit during the rest of your life.

but in society the inks stuck into your flesh just reveal some temorary identity you had once or a motive that takes longer to heal than the brain can acknowledge if you want it to be permanent. if you break all this down your just wearing your conscious and your subconscious is constantly dealing with it, after all is that what you feel when your stuck. and for the socal status of tattoos think about it this way, if you don't want to wear that ink or outfit you cant feel during all of your life, try it this way, what if you just stick a sticker over your tattoo, would you feel any different and what if that sticker is somewhere else, you may feel different also, specally if that sticker is exactly the same as your tattoo, but cleansing of flesh can happen if you mix teaspoon of powdered koolaid, few grains of salt and some duct tape boiled in a pot and the skin will absorb the liquid if it covers the skin, after 2-2.5 hours the ink will be absorbed via the skin because the koolaid consists as dixetrose methoclone, if its mixed with sodium it converts to sucrose hydrochlorosone, and the tape ingredients baically dissolve acids out of the hydrochlorosone, unfortunately you'll still have the blurry plotch, but your self esteem will stop crumbling every time you acknowledge you have it or you see it, considering its still painful to the subconcsious being tatted, to prove it the tattooers that charge money, what happens if you dissolve rubbing alcohol on clean flesh until you cant smell the alcohol anymore, and tattoo water into the skin you wont feel a fucking thing right, and for the people why is it more painful being tatted in some place than if you just stuck a clen sewing needle all the way into your flesh, chances are your body will do revenge and afterall is that all it truly does to the selfesteem becuse of the ink but what happens with that sewing needle stuck an inch thru your flesh, but your selfesteem is a to way street, just apologize to your flesh and your self esteem will re adjust. what's truly dissapointing about all of it though, why don't peeople jiost fuisckin dsiover clothes are just a comfortable tattoo, and you can take it off anytime you want, but eventually you alienate anyclothes, why doient tha fuickin tattos do tht too so some instruction that someone else discovered and wanted isn't being taught to your conscious.

but what truly is appealing about tattoos if you want to express your subconscious thru your skin just care about yourself while your scribbling on your flesh would that give your self esteem to your subconscious and if its tatted it would cause you to feel as if you balancing a gallon of milk on your forehead whil your laying on the kitchen floor with hands, but for fucks of conlcusions sake,if you just apologize to your flesh for the tat, weren't tat, or actually care about your self with that marker and do the same test with the milk, if you have high self esteem still it means you flesh still isn't trying to conform to society anymore

Cathy on October 01, 2011:

I personally loved the Lori/slut tattoo, i've always told ppl it's a horrible idea to get ANYONE's name on your body... that's a death knell to the relationship.

And to the guy who said tattoos are for the uneducated, dude, i'm an English BA, and I promise, i knew exactly what I was doing, I have an art minor, and I love my ink. I'm extremely educated, and I promise, it's not something only eigth grade dropouts subscribe to.

Tend2Offend on September 10, 2011:

Live & let live.

For gods sake what does it matter about what on a strangers/friend ect skin?

Do you judge the same way about skin color or the color of peoples eyes?

Deep minded problems to those who cant admit they do.

Uk Tattooist Artist..

Love&Ink to those who are in the know...

KT Rae on August 25, 2011:

None of your photos are resolving at this time. Please revisit.

scott cooper on August 10, 2011:

i got a bad tattoo from a shop in sauchie clackmannanshire called icon ink tattoo studio,iv seen other tattooists and they said that the tatt was done far too deep this so called tattooist should be shut down as iv seen another two people with the same if your ever throo this neck of the woods stay well away from this icon so called joke of a shop.....

jackie on November 27, 2010:

that tattoo on the person's butt is not a woman's. i've never seen a woman's crack that hairy and those jeans look like men's jeans

Typo Tat on November 20, 2010:

Some of these tattoos are quite horrible, but I totally dig the flesh eating turkey (next to last pic), I think it is awesome!

Kara Lee on November 03, 2010:

The last photo is not of a music staff. There are 6 lines when there are supposed to be 5.

britt on October 21, 2010:

um, here's a thought. it's not your body being tattooed, so don't complain about it.

Who are you to say tattoos are an atrocity, when you may do things that people find atrocious?

Don't be so judgemental, that shows extreme ignorance.

becca on September 09, 2010:

ok, honestly? i could do better with a sharpee marker!!

B on July 09, 2010:

The dragonfly looks an awful lot like henna to me. That's why it's bright orange, and has no outline.

Stace22 on March 10, 2010:

You know what, cheap ink is shitty ink. i have a few tats myself and i love em. for the dips in the comments higher up who said their there to showoff, well u clearly have no passion for art. its better that drawing on your skin with a regular ink pen wishing it were permanent. and as for the bad tattooing, honestly iv seen worse. Some people even ask for bad tattooes simply because their drunk. So its fairly no argument here. oh and as for employment, obveously if your getting a tattoow here its to be seen w/ clothing on. It most lightly means ur job is less stressful on tattoes

Alyx on February 07, 2010:

and then there's this....

kelsey on January 21, 2010:

omg that is sooo silly

Jack Coveney on December 15, 2009:

Here is another collection of pretty crazy tattoo's

Great collection still :)

nikki on October 23, 2009:

sorry! that's my üneducation" and probably because english isn't my native language; it should've been "new" studies instead of "nes studies"! LOL

nikki on October 23, 2009:

If you are really serious aboutgetting tattooed it is all about making sure you are very well informed on the artist of your (final) choice beforehand. So it is really your own responsibility too. Talk to others, make sure you get a good look on his or her works. Make sure you not only take a look at pics of their work (as they may be someone elses) but go in and watch them while working so you can actually judge for yourself how they work (quality, hygiene etc.).

Go to a few conventions so you get a chance to meet different tattooists and styles. It may take a while but that way chances are you'll end up with a tat that you will be happy about. Good luck from a tattooed girl with a regular job that requires nes studies on a regular basis! :-)

cHELSEA on October 06, 2009:

Why the hell would u want a tattoo making your face too look like some one beat the shit out of you...i think that is soooo UGLY n STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!LMFAO

Carly on September 14, 2009:

Please exercise caution people, ask to see other work or even speak to other people the artist has done. I had a terrible experience, and am now scarred for life. Was tattooed by a guy called Stuart O'Neill in Stoke On Trent (feel i should mention his name so others are aware). He messed me up so bad, and he knew it... with that he kept trying to fix it, long story short... he went WAY to DEEP, I got infected and went to dr, put on oral antibiotics and went back to shop where they returned my money... problem is... how the hell is thing gonna heal up? Will i EVER be able to get it covered... it is still infected, i am early in the stage of antibiotics, and it is far from healed.. so i have NO CLUE if this is even going to be able to EVER be covered if it is scarred.. it is VERY small which is the only good thing!

Willem on July 30, 2009:

Saw an absolute stinker here

Jessicadragon on June 20, 2009:

There are two types of "bad" tattoo, in my opinion.

1) The artist failed, whether it was not filling a solid properly, digging too deep, sneezing and dragging the gun where it did't belong, uneven or illegible lettering or a thousand other scenarios. Basically the artist only fails when it is not what the client intended and/or doesn't match artwork provided and they are not satisfied.

2) When a client's choice of art is not appealing by common standards within the tattoo culture (or artistically bad by the majority in general) and the level of artistry by the tattoo artist cannot compensate for poor selection because it is just that bad.

One cannot blame the other. With the latter, If the client is happy with the tattoo, then they're happy. Some of the stuff people choose to make a part of themselves does make me wonder what they were thinking, but I wouldn't judge them for it beyond what they blatently intend. I don't think it should automatically be filed as "bad", just maybe in poor taste.

To the ones here criticizing tattooed folk, your opinion doesn't actually matter to the people you are expressing yourself to here. I'm just guessing. But what do I know, I am supposedly uneducated and jobless.

Jenn on March 21, 2009:


Tattooed people are able to get jobs and keep them.

How do you think we pay for our tattoos?

And how do we get our money?

Oh- and just as much as you hope that the whole tattoo explosion will pass before the next generation comes of age.. I too hope that your ignorance and close mindedness won't rub off on any of them.

Michael on March 04, 2009:

Tatoos are for low-class, uneducated, and uncultured people. Hopefully this disgusting fad will not be passed on to the next generation of Americans.

sara on January 11, 2009:

The one with the eyes on the butt, well that looks like a mans butt, unless she a hairy one..gross!

Shane on December 19, 2008:

Tattooists are artists and not all art is for everyone, good work becauseilive.

sad panda on December 18, 2008:

I was expecting this to be really entertaining, or at least informative, but instead it's simply someone ripping on tattoos because they or their placement is not to her taste. Very sad. While a few actually fall into the category of "Really Bad Quality", most of them don't and it's rather insulting to the artists to say that they do.

jovifreak on September 25, 2008:

If tattoo's = unemployed then nobody would have any (good ones anyway) they cost so much !!

I have 4, my last one was done quite badly and I am about to have it sorted out.

I would say to anybody wanting a tattoo, do your homework first, check out different tattooists, look at their work, make sure your confident that they can do what you want and do it well.

starrkissed from Arizona on July 28, 2008:

wow these are some seriously bad tattoos!!

flutterbug77 from USA on June 27, 2008:

I'm not one to wear tatoos, but these are HORRIBLE!

RyanRE from Bellingham, WA on June 04, 2008:

Ouch... Those are some pretty bad tatoos. I realize this is an old hub, but I am new to HB, so I just checking it out for the 1st time. Nice work Jaclyn :D

Humblebee on May 04, 2008:

Wow, some of those tattoos are quite miserable, such as the "friendship" one. it could've needed some help on the hands ^-^and the guy who said "tat(t)oos=unemployed" should just think again for a moment. if you're like covered in tattoos all over your face and other pretty visible spots (hands, neck) then you probably won't get a job in a shop. but if you have like, a tattoo on your back (well I do expect people to wear shirts :p) or other spots like that, then why not?I can and can't agree that tattoos are bad, if you tattoo your Girlfriend/boyfriend's name on you, and you break up (which I think happened to the "loli" guy, lol) you're fairly screwed, unless it resembles some important memory. I think it's a great way to memorize someone/something by getting a tattoo to honor the bad again, don't try and tattoo a spot which changes alot after the time you get the tat, as an example, (women) don't get a tat on the boob, get pregnant (boobs grow fairly bigger), get a child to suck your boobs flat, and take a look at the tat, I think that could challenge the ink a little too much. Or if you're fat, and lose a ton of weight, it won't look good :p (I think)

Hoshi on January 24, 2008:

Becauseilive - would you mind giving me an honest evaluation of the following tattoo? Good or bad? And why? Sorry that the picture is so small, but hopefully you can get the idea:

Confused on January 23, 2008:

Thank you for clearing that up Becauseilive :)

Jaclyn Popola (author) from Florida on January 21, 2008:

Hey Confused -- The armchair tatoo was originally placed in the "random" section in haste. After it was brought to my attention that it was a tattoo of the Eames chair, an icon of design from the 1950s ( ) I took a second look at it and decided to promptly remove it. Because it was under the "random" section, it fell under a heading that said it was a poorly executed atrocity, which it clearly was not. My bad :)

Confused on January 18, 2008:

Which one is the "arm chair" everyone's talking about? Is it the one below the face scars tattoo cos i have NO idea what that's supposed to be..

dreamcatcher080 on December 31, 2007:

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Tattoos are just a more permanent way of expressing who we are just as our clothes and hair do in a more temporary way. Although tattoos are not my style they may be ideal for someone else and I don't think we have the right to be prejudiced against those individuals. I thrive on change and I do agree some of these tattoos are bad quality, is in the eye of the beholder!:-)

ryan on November 13, 2007:

randomness tattoos are the best :D

FPM on November 07, 2007:

I used to be a homeless rodeo clown but now I am a world class magician !

liz on October 30, 2007:

I've seen the Eames chair riduculed in a few different tattoo posts and it's really sad for so many design ignorant people to embarrass themselves this way. THIS CHAIR IS AN INSANELY IMPORTANT AND FAMOUS PIECE IN DESIGN HISTORY. I doubt it was chosen at random AND it's a really well executed tattoo. Is there some way you can edit this one out of your article and perhaps spare yourself from looking clueless and judgemental any longer?

jade on October 29, 2007:

yes its definitely a art tattooing ,

i can personally say sometimes its an artists fault but other times its so dammn hard to interpret what the hell the customers want !

simply because he or she cant fully communicate exactly what they are seeing in their mind , many great artists are people persons who understand customers and therefore they seem to get more work and better ideas for tattoos.

the worst i think is when i see girls come in with bad ones , to me its fucked to seriously scar a pretty girl ( no im not a guy being sleazy im a girl too lol married to a tattoo artist :)

when they dig it in too and it scars ,brutal!!!!

poooooooor girls

Carol on October 02, 2007:

iraado todos !

Beijo ;**

Michelle on October 02, 2007:

I agree with what everyone is saying, yes it's kind of a weird location, but that armchair tattoo is DAMN good. The detail and shading is just right. AND YOU KNOW WHAT, you can easily get jobs with tattoos as long as you don't get them on your fucking face! I got two jobs and my tattoo covers my entire back and I LOVE IT

I'll never change my t-shirt again on September 29, 2007:

I love the logic of that guy who thinks "tattoos are kind of like idiot filters. They keep away the people whom I wouldn't want to know and attract the people who I generally get along well with".

He should go out pointing a toy gun to policemen, it will allow him to become friendly with the ones who understand his humor!

tab on September 28, 2007:

Thank you, Tim... Charles and Ray Eames, the designers of the chair in question were very prolific designers. This extremely well-executed chair would not be so random for a tattoo client that had a passion for design or architecture.

I'm also trying to ignore the tattoo=unemployment comment. I have several larger tattoos and I have a Master's degree along with a well-paying career. Please climb back under the rock from which you came.

tim on September 25, 2007:

That chair is not just some random piece of furniture. It is the 1956 Eames Lounge, an absolute icon of design:

Or just google "eames lounge" and see how many pages you find.

Just because *you* don't recognize something doesn't mean it's random.

Sam on September 24, 2007:

I think the person in the last picture was a guitarist. Music score has 5 lines but guitar tab has 6.

Whitney from Georgia on September 23, 2007:

"Actually there is, as long as you don't just tattoo the name of your current favourite band" My boyfriend has tattoos from bands he's worked for as well as bands of friend's. We've talked about having tattoos as older people and not liking them, and he's stated that he'll never regret getting any of his tattoos except for his poorly done skull (the tattoo artist dug too deep and the reds and blacks bled together). He says that all his tattoos represent a time in his life that he wants to remember, good or bad.

I think he's crazy, but thought I'd throw that in.

And, I do agree that some of the tattoos in this article aren't necessarily bad tattoos, just different. Probably loved by the person who has it, such as the chair, or the chicken thing breaking through (I kinda like that one, random and weird yet but with a tad work could be cool looking).

As for jobs, I've seen many managers with visible tattoos. I have a visible one that I've had with a job. I've seen corporate world employees with tattoos. I've seen retail with tattoos. Most say that you cannot have them, but many places do not reinforce the rule, unless someone has an offensive tattoo. Usually names and such are ok, but a demonic skull probably not.

Oh, and yes, that is a man with the eyes on his butt cheeks. He's wearing men's baggy pants with boxers pulled in to show the tattoo. Plus the hair. Ha.

Tattoos.soottaT on September 22, 2007:

To the anti-tattoo people posting here:

I have tattoos, some of which cannot be easily hidden like the one on my left forearm and bicep. Obviously at job interviews I wear long sleeve shirts but day to day at work I wear jeans and short sleeve t-shirts. I work as a network engineer at a big data center and nobody cares in the slightest that I have tattoos.

The only places that tattoos would make me unemployable at are places where I wouldn't want to work in the first place. And the people who my tattoos "offend" are people who I absolutely would not want to hang out with in the first place.

So my tattoos are kind of like "idiot filters." They keep away the people whom I wouldn't want to know and attract the people who I generally get along well with.

Mixas on September 20, 2007:

The pic with eyes on the butt is not a girl - it is russian mens prison tattoo and it has a meaning - that he is everybodys bitch.

Swamp on September 20, 2007:

I love random tattoo's! That chair tattoo has been one of my favourite tattoo's for ages. So well done and a nice omage to a very expensive piece of vintage furniture.

'tattoo's = unemployment' guy, pretty smug sitting there with your billion dollar an hour job that you received on a strict no tattoo agreement. Ive got many visable tattoos (some that belong on this page) and I live happily animating cartoons that your kids watch. Don't judge a book by what people drew all over it.

taylorblue from Canada on September 20, 2007:

Thanks HaHa at least you said it!

Renaissance on September 19, 2007:

Wait, wait, I get it... it's an armchair... on an arm.

HaHa on September 18, 2007:

I like the guy who says "Tatoo's = unemployed" .. the guy can't even spell tattoo. Who is the Dropout ?

And I'm not bias, I do not even have a tattoo

lani on September 18, 2007:

1. Sometimes no outlines work on tattoos. Work better than having an outline.

2. She wanted a tattoo on her butt. Who cares? That is where she wanted it. If you don't want a tattoo on your butt, don't get one. Not all women want tramp stamps

3. Whether or not it looks disjointed to you, I bet that is how he wanted his back, or he would not have gone for all those sessions. I may not understand it either, but it's obviously what he was going for.

4. The turkey and the armchair are not poorly executed. In fact the armchair is one absolutely stunning tattoo. Just cause you don't like them or understand them, doesn't mean they are poor tattoos.

5. Simple line work such as the last tattoo are becoming a popular style of tattoos. What is wrong with them? Nothing.

k on September 17, 2007:

it strikes me as odd that people see tattoos as "self mutilation." it's one of the oldest forms of expression in existence. no one questions pierced ears, or calls them disgusting or seems like an arbitrary distinction to me. the only difference is that one is considered more mainstream than the other.

jimmy on September 17, 2007:

#1 - Jim, Tran5, Jack - you spent the time to look at a page devoted to something you find repellent and then had to comment on it? I don't get the point, unles you like being grossed out. Even then is probably a better bet.

#2 - The chair is gorgeous.

#3 - I would never choose it for myself, but kind of like the Warrant/Whitesnake/ Twisted Sister tattoo. It shows dedication. Give'r

ophotric on September 17, 2007:

tatoos gives a very first impretion of who you are and eventually the way you look and judge things that comes your way

Andy on September 17, 2007:

That is not an unfinished music staff on a wrist. There are six lines there and a music staff has only five.

taylorblue from Canada on September 16, 2007:

Thanks for showing these to us...some people are crazy on what they want...don't let anyone tell you different.

SmashTheState on September 15, 2007:

There's no way you can know whether the chair tattoo is "random." Maybe the person owns an office furniture store. Maybe the person worked her or his whole life in a chair factory. Maybe that was the chair she or he was sitting in when she or he qon the lottery. Symbols have totemic power, and no one can know their true meaning except the person with the tattoo.

Renaissance on September 13, 2007:

Awesome Hub!

Well, I may as well throw my own tattoo up here and see how the Hub community judges it...Though the photo is not the best quality, I assure you that the lines are crisp, so the quality of the tat is very good:

By the way, becauseilive, I dig your armband.

VB on September 13, 2007:

"Do yourself a favor people, there is no design in the world that you will want on your body for the rest of your life"

Actually there is, as long as you don't just tattoo the name of your current favourite band/squeeze/team or go in there and just pick something out the flash books.

The point of putting tattoos somewhere where people can't see them is because they're a personal thing not a t-shirt slogan. Also of course it saves us from narrow-minded idiots like yourself.

The kind of person who'll have a tattoo on their face are the kind of person who wouldn't get a job, tattoo or not.

Kit on September 12, 2007:

Tran5, Jim ?

I don't suppose it's ever occurred to either of you, but here's a gentle hint...

Folks with tattooos aren't trying to attract *you*....

Jim Smith on September 12, 2007:

I have never seen any tattoo that looked attractive. You will acquire enough body mutilations naturally over your lifetime. Why would you do it deliberately? Then having them put in locations where you can't even see them, is even more ignorant.

H. L. Menken was right. "No one ever lost money underestimating the taste of the American Public." What is sad is so much of the rest of the world imitates them.

tran5 on September 10, 2007:

well, other than the fact that all tattoo are pretty much unattractive, these take unattractive to a whole new level. although i also agree w/ the other commentor, that executive chair is actually quite cool and even though i'm not a fan of tattoos I really liked that one :) Do yourself a favor people, there is no design in the world that you will want on your body for the rest of your life, and you can never be truly naked after one, so DON'T GET A TATTOO! pls.

Dyl on September 09, 2007:

I have that office chair... in fact, I'm sitting on it right now, and it looks pretty much exact.

Jack on September 09, 2007:

Ugh! Tattos are self inflicted scars and the most off putting thing I ever see in a person.

Lesley Shell on September 09, 2007:

That tattoo of the eyes on the butt is male not female. there is hair between the crack and the thighs are straight, not curvy like a woman...

Learntospell on September 09, 2007:

Tattoos = unemployment? Really? Speaking as a well paid and tattooed manager, I would say that not being able to spell is more likely to mean unemployment. I noticed you spelled tattoo correctly in your name though, so I'm going to assume the incosistency of your spelling means you are a moron.

mistermooster on September 09, 2007:

At one point I would have agreed with dropout that tats are for losers, etc. But let's face it, those days are long gone. Tattoos are mainstream now, and while facial tattoos, or large tats completely covering one's neck, arms, or whatever may limit employment opportunities, saying that tattoos=unemployment is just silly.

Lindsy on September 08, 2007:

It's not wrong to judge someone's tattoo. They are likely getting it to show off and are subjecting themselves to other people's opinions then. Tattoos that can't be the center of discussion should be in places no one can see.

That office chair tattoo is random, true, but so well done. The artist who did it is clearly taleneted and has my approval for being willing to give someone exactly what they wanted and doing it well.

Kit on September 08, 2007:

Very strange indeed - the article, not the choice of pics..

A small 'starter tat' is never a problem for a even a halfway decent artist to integrate into a larger piece if later desired, and a small tat is more easily removed with laser methods than a large monstrosity one regrets.

As for your chosen pic for 'bad cover up' ?

What on earth gave you the idea that was meant to cover the name , lol ?

It's very clear thecustomer wanted the name to remain visible, and the added art makes a statement. One you might disagree with, and certainly 'Lori' would , I bet !

But it was not an attempt to 'cover' completely the existing tat.

You write well enough.

But- your provincial attitude on whether other's tat's had meaning for *you* and your rush to include pics of tats that did not match your take on them show too much sloppiness.

Take some more time on your next rant, and match what you're saying to what you're showing- and remember the difference between 'not to your taste' and 'poorly drawn'.

The chair ? Not to your taste - VERY well drawn.

isabelletrapnell on September 08, 2007:

the chair tattoo is actually by a fabulous artist, nick baxter,

and is also extremely well done.

the fact that it's random says nothing about the talent of the artist.

anyway, it's not the artist that decides what the tattoo is,

that's the customer's responsibility.

just because it's not a tattoo that you can see meaning in does not mean it's devoid of personal significance.

grow up.

lidybean87 on August 31, 2007:

man that's some BAD BAD BAD ink !

Carrie on August 30, 2007:

A music staff has 5 lines, either the customer didn't do his/her homework or really wanted six lines. Also, the lines are uneven.

jamestedmondson from San Francisco on August 30, 2007:

I really enjoyed this Hub. Those tatoos look horrible!

I kind of like the one of the executive desk chair though. It is strange, and at least its not poorly drawn (possibly poorly executed though).