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Powerful Warrior Tattoos

I'm a big fan of all things tattoo and want to share my passion for the world of tattoo art.

Warrior tattoos like this one can convey different meanings.

Warrior tattoos like this one can convey different meanings.

Warrior Tattoos

Tattoo designs are extremely important to those in the midst of making a decision on whether or not to have one permanently inked on their bodies, and almost always, they will represent something very significant to those bearing them.

It could be something as banal as a favorite person someone wants to remember, or a pet they really liked as well. Mostly it's a theme representing a topic or theme a person really enjoys and wants to express through a permanent display.

That's the case with warrior tattoos, which appeal to fans of fantasy art and stories, and to those who enjoy the spirit of the warrior. There are other types of warriors, of course. For example, some prefer the more modern-day warrior as represented by the armed forces.

In this article, we're going to look at a variety of warrior tattoos as expressed through fantasy art, which are among some of the more compelling tattoos out there, assuming you enjoy the genre.

I love fantasy literature and art, so it fits in among my favorites, and there are some very nice warrior tattoos to enjoy looking at below to engender some inspiration and ideas.

Warrior Tattoo Portraits

Even though I prefer full-body fantasy warrior tattoos, there is a foreboding feel and compelling look that the two portrait tattoo designs offer below. The addition of the horns on the helmets of the Viking warriors also adds a great touch to the images.

Samurai Warrior Tattoos

The samurai warrior, while capturing the essence of the warrior spirit, is very different in look from the Viking warriors above. Of note is the difference in the helmets, which have the more winged look of the samurai warriors, against the horns of the Viking warriors. Either way, you wouldn't want to meet either of them in battle. Both of them look great as tattoo themes.

Including the horse with the bottom samurai tattoo was very effective to me, giving the tattoo design a very powerful look.

A Samurai warrior.

A Samurai warrior.

An impressive tattoo of a Samurai warrior on horseback.

An impressive tattoo of a Samurai warrior on horseback.

Unique Warrior Tattoo

The warrior tattoo below appears to be a magician casting a spell, although I can't be 100 percent sure. What I like about is the lines used in the design of the tattoo, which were very unique to what I've seen used in most tattoos. Dark lines balanced against the light also works very well here to create the compelling look and impression that the figure is in the midst of taking action.

This warrior tattoo design conveys movement and power.

This warrior tattoo design conveys movement and power.

Warrior on Horse

This warrior on a horse tattoo below is probably the most popular among warrior designs, and for good reason: it looks great.

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The way the warrior is holding the reins on the horse while going into battle is magnificent, and the muscles of the horse appearing to be straining to hold back when he wants to push ahead is captured very well.

Finally, the light in the place of the eyes works great against the background of the dark face.

Warrior wielding battle-ax on horseback.

Warrior wielding battle-ax on horseback.

Warrior Knight on Horse

This knight is very different within the fantasy tattoo genre, and I included it also because the color works well in this particular design.

Again we have the horse and warrior theme, and the horse is captured at what seems to be the point he is about to charge ahead into battle.

The shield and sword also look very good.

Helmed warrior on horseback with sword and shield against red background.

Helmed warrior on horseback with sword and shield against red background.

Female Warrior Tattoo

There weren't many female warrior tattoos out there, but this particular one makes up for it, as it was done very nicely.

What was interesting from the point of view of the artist was to desire to keep the beauty of the female form while incorporating the armor into the design. It was done very well, although having the bare bottom while entering into battle stretches the limits of reality. Of course, it's a fantasy tattoo, so that's allowed in this case.

Detailed female warrior tattoo with fantastical design elements.

Detailed female warrior tattoo with fantastical design elements.

Warrior Tattoos

There you have a nice sampling of the variety of warrior fantasy tattoos there are to choose from. Fantasy art is among my favorites, and to see this in the form of tattoo designs was very gratifying.

This is just a tiny amount of what you can find in warrior tattoos, as you can look for warriors in various cultures to come up with many more ideas. For example, there are a lot of warriors you can find in Native American designs, among others.

No matter what your preference, warrior tattoos are a very compelling and enjoyable genre to look at and consider as a possible tattoo.


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I love warrior tattoos and I love me some horns on viking helmets, but those are not historically accurate. It's more of a fantasy thing, looks cool anyways.

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