Majestic Ship Tattoos

Updated on January 26, 2016

Great Ship Tattoos

Who hasn't dreamed of sailing the seas in days of old, as sailors and ship captains of those days were the explorers and greatest risk takers of their time.

There's always something about the majestic ships and tossing seas that stir our imaginations, and that transfers into a great tattoo design and experience, as these terrific ships and scenes become a part of the canvass of our bodies.

So here's a look at some fantastic ship tattoos, and I even included a crusty old pirate and a ship-in-a-bottle for fun.

This first pirate ship tattoo has a little more color than I personally like, but it is placed and designed well for the place on the body it was inked.

I'm not sure about that red color in the background because it seems to take away the nice brown coloring of the ship, which I do like.

Still, overall not a bad tattoo if you enjoy a lot of color.

Pirate ship tattoo design on arm
Pirate ship tattoo design on arm

Tattoo of Pirate Ship and Mermaid

I like just about everything about this pirate ship tattoo and the included mermaid, except for the placement around the nipple, which while subtle, still somewhat interferes with the image.

But other than that, this is a nicely done ship tattoo, and the mermaid evidently following it along on its unknown journey adds a sense of mystery; you don't know whether she's friend or foe with that knife in her hand.

Mermaid and pirate ship tattoo
Mermaid and pirate ship tattoo

Pirate Ship Tattoo on Chest

I included this ship tattoo on the chest because it has a very unique look. It almost seems to be stamped or branded on, as far as the ship goes.

One strength it has is you can see every single detail of every line of the ship, so it stands out in a way that you can enjoy or be repulsed by the image. I do like tattoos that you can see exactly what it is and make a decision based upon that. This one is bold, and I like that, although the tattoo itself isn't a really great design.

Pirate ship tattoo on chest and stomach
Pirate ship tattoo on chest and stomach

Pirate Tattoo

Here's that pirate tattoo I promised you, and it's pretty cool. Again, I'm not a great fan of a lot of color in tattoos, but this one seems to hit it right, and the bright colors add to the menacing look of the scurvy pirate.

I like how his gun has just been fired from the trailing smoke, and how he has the look of just getting down to his dastardly deeds.

Tattoo of Menacing Pirate
Tattoo of Menacing Pirate

Nicely Detailed Pirate Ship Tattoo

Even though this tattoo's blue color turns me off a bit, the detail of this pirate ship tattoo is extraordinary, and the numerous colors across the entire tattoo are of highest quality.

The back of the ship is really well done, and it makes the tattoo design and image work, as the dark detail and lines allow it to stand out and saves the rest of the ship tattoo. The billowing sails are also very nicely done.

Ship Tattoo with Billowing Sails
Ship Tattoo with Billowing Sails

Ship in a Bottle Tattoo

The ship in the bottle here is unique as a tattoo theme, and so I thought you would enjoy having a look at it. The octopus wrapping its tentacles around the bottle added a nice touch to it.

Did you notice the bubbles floating around within the bottle?

Tattoo of ship in bottle
Tattoo of ship in bottle

Full Back Ship and Shipwreck Tattoo

Whoever conjured up this ship and shipwreck tattoo had a great imagination, as it is awesome in quality, and the design really well thought out.

The shoal is also really done very nicely, giving the impression you're in a graveyard of ships which has been tossed and thrown about on their attempted journey. It seems to be a metaphor for life.

Either way, this is a really high quality tattoo design by any standard.

Ship and Shipwreck Tattoo Design
Ship and Shipwreck Tattoo Design

Ship tattoos are very compelling

These ship tattoos carry the aura of history, danger and a way of life that took risks in the hope of great rewards.

Ship tattoos here show the hazards of those journeys, along with the mythology of the sea such as mermaids, and the very real dangers of pirates and other potential disasters. It's like seeing history while it was being made. Very powerful tattoo theme.


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    • profile image

      Gene 5 years ago

      Many awsome tattoos. Very nice !

    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 7 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      Awesome Tattoos, and the ship wreck was well done with the islands in the backround. All of them were great. Nice Hub too.

    • profile image

      troubled 7 years ago

      the ship wreck tattoo at the bottom really caught my eye. There's not to much going on but you can't help but understand the story. Very well done, and the artist is so amazing I almost wish it was customary for them to sign there work.