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Lily Flower Tattoos: Meanings, Pictures, Designs, and Ideas

Richard Hale is a tattoo enthusiast who studies and researches tattoo symbolism, meanings, and history.

Rachel Kramer Bussel's Lily Tattoo—Modified With Text and Subtle Effect

Rachel Kramer Bussel's Lily Tattoo—Modified With Text and Subtle Effect

The Lily Tattoo

This beautiful flower is surely worthy of consideration for your next tattoo. Although it's not considered to be a mainstream tattoo, it's still fairly popular. It can be designed in a variety of sizes, alone, or with other accompanying symbols and elements. It can be regularly found on nearly any part of the body and can represent a host of different meanings to its wearers. Its color is often cited as an important element of its meaning, and it's most commonly seen in pink.

In this article, we will discuss lily tattoos, their various designs, and their meanings. You will have the opportunity to view a wide array of different designs to gather ideas and inspiration for your own unique tattoo.

What Can a Lily Tattoo Mean?

The lily flower is recognized all over the world as a flower that holds a wide variety of meanings. In the table below, you can find some of the most common meanings associated with it. It should be noted, though, that it most classically represents purity and innocence. It's also closely associated with faith and Christianity. Remember that in the end, your tattoo will represent whatever you want it to represent.

16 Common Lily Flower Tattoo Meanings

1. Purity

9. Exoticism

2. Abundance

10. Wealth

3. Innocence

11. Prosperity

4. Beauty

12. Love for God

5. Sexuality

13. Faith

6. Chastity

14. Fertility

7. Gracefulness

15. Femininity

8. Elegance

16. The Virgin Mary

History of the Lily Flower

The lily flower is one of the most widely known and recognized flowers in the entire world. To a variety of cultures all around the world, it is very symbolic and important. The beauty of this exotic flower makes for a great tattoo design for anyone interested in getting it tattooed.

Since it is used in a variety of different cultures over the ages, its symbolic meaning can differ between cultures. To find the right meaning and association for you, you must explore its significance to each individual culture. For example, in Egypt and Greece, it represented fertility. According to the Chinese, it symbolizes abundance, purity, and innocence. To the Greeks, it was a symbol of sexuality.

It may be more closely linked to Christianity than any other culture in the world. According to Christians, it's a symbol of the Virgin Mary, who was pure of heart and soul. In Christianity, the lily is representative of purity, innocence, and chastity—all of which are traits of the Virgin Mary.

This beautiful flower has additional associations in Christianity besides the Virgin Mary. It can also be used to symbolize faith and love for God. Lily tattoos are often used to represent one's own personal connection to their faith.

It is a beautiful flower that holds many symbolic meanings from across the globe and has deep value and beauty to those who wear it as body art. Very few flowers can match the beauty of the lily when it comes to tattoos.

What Kind of Design Can I Put With My Lily Tattoo?

Lily flower tattoos come in a variety of different colors and designs. The pink lily and the purple lily are the two most popular choices when it comes to tattoo colors. White is rarely used because the white ink doesn't stand out on this skin like purple and pink. They're also often done in orange, blue, and many other colors. There are many different types of lilies, so there are a variety of different color patterns that can be used.

Their designs can be done in a variety of different ways also—some only show the petals, while others show the entire flower. Some are done with the flower sitting on the water in the background, while others have no background at all. The designs often include other symbols as well—butterflies, dragonflies, stars, fairies, hearts, and a variety of other motifs. Each of these has its own separate meaning that creates a unique feeling when combined with the lily flower. Thus, this is a very versatile tattoo idea, and you really have many options to consider when choosing a final design.

Take Your Time Choosing Your Tattoo

There are some very important things to remember before you choose a tattoo. You want to make sure you do your own research and understand what your tattoo symbol represents and means. You want to choose a tattoo that fits your personality and one that symbolizes yourself. Don't rush into the tattoo process before thinking everything out. When we rush, we tend to get something that we later regret. Do your own research, take your time, and understand the tattoo that you want.


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