Hellboy Tattoos

Updated on January 27, 2016

Tattoos for everything, even Hellboy

If there's an interesting story to tell, there's an interesting tattoo to design, and that's the truth with the cult hero 'Hellboy,' who has been a fixture among fans for those who know him for some time.

His unique reddish skin gives him great opportunity for artists and tattoo designers, as the solid color looks great if it is included in a tattoo, as well as when inked in black and white. The character's image doesn't suffer either way, although I always think black and white work better in most circumstances with any tattoos, as the right touch of limited color included with the black and white can really set the image off good.

As for the Hellboy tattoos, because of the unique solid color associated with him, it allows a lot of color to the ink design, which in many cases makes the tattoo better.

Now I like it either way in the case of Hellboy, because there's not a lot of other colors to add which could interfere and make the tattoo design too busy and not look good.

Hellboy tattoo of him holding gun

Black and White Hellboy Tattoo

Ron Perlman plays Hellboy

In the film version, character actor Ron Perlman plays Hellboy, and does a good job or fleshing out the character.

That big hand is called the "Right Hand of Doom," and is basically invulnerable and a powerful, natural weapon for Hellboy, who was created by Mike Mignola. 

Very cool Hellboy tattoo

Guillermo del Toro directed and wrote Hellboy films

Guillermo del Toro, who is know for Pan's Labyrinth, Blade 2, and is also directing and writing the Hobbit prequel to Lord of the Rings, has directed and scripted the Hellboy films.

Abe Sapien Tattoo Photo Design

Another interesting character in the Hellboy series is Abe Sapien (love that name), who is a merman and colleague of Hellboy. He is an interesting character because of his underwater abilities and being adept at telepathy, among other things. You can see his tattoo image below. 

Abe Sapien Tattoo Photo

Tattoo market for amost every type of them or character there is

There is a tattoo for almost any type of theme or character out there, and Hellboy tattoos shows there's a market for almost every type there is. 

Great Full Back Hellboy Tattoo

Art and design are my favorite aspects of tattoos

When they're done right, you can see that even if you wouldn't think of having tattooed on you, you can appreciate the art and design of it, which is what is the primary motivation behind my enjoying and writing about tattoos. 

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