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Gorgeous and Badass Tattoo Ideas for Women

Michelle is fascinated with tattoo symbolism and art. Her favorite designs include ancient symbols and religious themes.

Discover some popular and beautiful tattoo options for women.

Discover some popular and beautiful tattoo options for women.

Girls can get any tattoo boys can, but these designs, symbols, and body placements are some of our favorites. Check out these cute, beautiful, and charming tattoo ideas that women (or anyone looking for a feminine tattoo) will love!





Lotus Flower

Musical Symbol

Sun and Moon


Zodiac Sign






Cherry Blossom

Angel Wings






1. Dandelion

This is the flower that makes wishes come true. Blow it and the seeds give birth to more dandelions. It is no wonder why the dandelion tattoo is associated with wishes and dreams.

2. Sun and Moon

The sun represents eternal renewal and hope, and the moon is associated with feminine mystique and power. The crescent moon design can make a very cute tattoo and is usually worn on the wrist, the shoulder, or the neck. Another popular design is the half sun and half moon tattoo. This is an awesome rendering of the yin yang symbol and represents the working balance between two opposite forces.

3. Feather

Feathers are associated with the concept of freedom or travel. Someone who wears this tattoo reaffirms their decision to live freely or their love for traveling.

4. Rose

Roses are stunningly beautiful if you want to go for a sleeve tattoo because the vines can wrap around your entire arm. Roses symbolize love, beauty, and femininity as well as other meanings. The thorns are also a profound reminder that even pretty and delicate things are strong and tough.

5. Wings

Angel, bird, or insect wing tattoos have inspiration and spiritual meaning. They can represent freedom from something or flying towards a goal/dream. They can also symbolize guidance and protection from God or from a loved one who has passed and is in heaven. Women like to get wings tatted on both of their shoulder blades. These wings can be small or they can extend down the entire back.

6. Butterfly

A butterfly tattoo represents beauty, transformation, and change. This is a cute one to get on your shoulder blade.

7. Heart

Heart tattoos are usually dedicated to a loved one (usually a significant other), or they serve as memorials for someone who has passed away. A really romantic heart tattoo idea is getting a design that features a heart and key. This combination illustrates the importance of keeping your heart (or your feelings) protected and only letting in one special person who can truly value what's inside.

A tattoo of stars on the shoulder.

A tattoo of stars on the shoulder.

8. Stars

A trail of stars is a popular design that girls love to have wrapped around their ankle and foot. Shooting stars and nautical stars are also great choices. The great thing with a star tattoos is that it can carry so many different meanings and can be designed in many different ways, so it can be adaptable to anyone's taste.

9. Lotus Flower

This is a cool flower tattoo that represents enlightenment and perfection. An opened lotus flower is an analogy for the opening of the soul. These tattoos looks really cool in black and white and are usually located on back of the neck or the middle of the back.

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An arrow tattoo with the text "freedom."

An arrow tattoo with the text "freedom."

10. Arrow

An arrow tattoo is simple and subtle, but is imbued with significant meaning. A single arrow represents a path towards an object or goal. Two arrows pointing in opposite directions symbolize struggle or conflict. A bunch of arrows represents protection and preparedness.

11. Infinity Symbol

The infinity symbol represents never-ending opportunities and reincarnation. Some designs incorporate feathers or birds, which stand for freedom and infinite possibilities.

12. Birds

Different types of birds will have different meanings. Doves usually represent peace or memorial to a dead loved one. Eagles are associated with freedom and swallows are associated with finding one's way home. Women, in particular, adore the hummingbird tattoo, but the most popular bird tattoo design is a group of generic black birds in a pattern of migration.

13. Anchor

This traditional nautical tattoo has been used for centuries by sailors who wanted to be reminded that no matter where the sea took them that they would always have a home back on land. Today, girls use the anchor to illustrate their desire for stability and security.

A crown tattoo with the text "one love."

A crown tattoo with the text "one love."

14. Crown

As a symbol of royalty and authority, a crown tattoo reaffirms the wearer's leadership or serves as a reminder to the wearer that she must lead, not follow.

15. Mandala

The mandala is a spiritual Hindu symbol associated with balance. The word "mandala" translates to "circle," and the design is a compilation of geometric patterns that form a circle. This is a really mesmerizing design for those who like complex shapes and a variety of colors.

A lacy bow tattoo.

A lacy bow tattoo.

16. Bow

A bow tie is super girly, but it is more than just a cute tattoo idea. The bow tie sends the message that there is something special kept under wraps. To get to the real you, people must be willing to peel away the pretty wrapping. Bow ties are also appealing to those who want to move forward because the tying of a bow is associated with the phrase "tying up loose ends."

A tattoo of musical notes behind the wearer's ear.

A tattoo of musical notes behind the wearer's ear.

17. Musical Symbol

This is a no-brainer for music lovers. Whether you sing, play an instrument, or compose, your passion for music can be represented by notes or with a musical instrument. Some musical symbols can be drawn to look like a heart, which, of course, is symbolic of the wearer's love for music.

A Pisces-inspired fish tattoo.

A Pisces-inspired fish tattoo.

18. Zodiac Sign

While the traditional zodiac sign is cool, some women prefer a tattoo of the actual animal that inspired their zodiac, such as a lion for Leo or a scorpion for Scorpio.

A dragonfly tattoo on the inner wrist.

A dragonfly tattoo on the inner wrist.