Lucky Dice Tattoos

Updated on January 25, 2016

Dice Tattoos

When the idea of looking for inspiration from dice concerning tattoos, it amazed me to find the large number of design ideas and amount of creativity with the theme.

The predominate thought was unsurprisingly luck in reference to dice tattoos, and the most popular image within that was flaming dice, or dice with fire. That seems to speak of entering into a hot streak when throwing the dice.

There was no special place to ink dice on the body either, as it appears it was largely dependent upon the decision of the one getting it done, and not the dice themselves.

Some people will put tattoos on certain parts of the body based upon a particular theme, but that wasn't the case with dice.

As for complementary images, there were other elements of luck and chance, such as Irish shamrocks and horseshoes. Lots of fun to look at. 

What better way to start off looking at dice tattoos than that place of chance: Las Vegas.

Here you have a combination of flaming dice and the Vegas logo, showing a very cool image.

Vegas Dice Tattoo

The tattoo below has a little bit of everything represented in games of chance. There's the eight ball from pool, cards, and of course dice.

Dice, Cards and Eight Ball

Although I'm always concerned when I see a neck tattoo, as it can definitely affect one's life because of the placement, this is a nice tattoo design, and looks great.

Born Lucky Tattoo on Neck

This neck tattoo is a little better as far as ability to hide it, as it could be covered with a higher neck shirt. The image itself is interesting in that it includes the flaming dice, but this time in the darker colors and not the reddish hue usually included. I like the look.

Dice Tattoo on Back of Neck

This is a fun dice tattoo. This is one of the looks that is part of the flaming dice theme. As far as the bones in the background, for those of you unfamiliar with dice, it's a name people using dice call them, i.e. "Bones."

Flaming Dice with Bones

Although very simple, the dice tattoo below is among my favorites. I really like how the dice are made to look like they're in the middle of a roll. Great job.

Dice Being Thrown Tattoo

As mentioned above, flaming dice is by far the most popular among dice tattoos, and that's because all of those using dice to gamble love to feel like they're going to hit a hot streak and win a lot of throws in a row.

I like what appears to be dice so hot that the dice themselves are melting.

More Flaming Dice

Here's a great dice tattoo, similar to the one above as far as so hot the dice are melting, but the inclusion of the word "Lucky" and the number "7" adds a lot to it. Nice tattoo.

I continually am amazed at the quality and uniqueness of tattoo artists, as revealed with the card, dice and tribal effects below. Fascinating and interesting image.

Dice, Card Tribal Tattoo

Love the colors of this dice and dagger tattoo. Especially effective to me is the way you can see the dagger piercing the dice because of the transparency.

Dice and Dagger Tattoo

It's always cool to see whimsical tattoos among those who are serious about their designs. And the one below is nice in its simplicity, as well as the way the shamrock, stars and dice combine to give the appearance of riding a streak of luck.

Dice and Shamrock Tattoo

Horseshoes are another thing that people associate with luck, so it was inevitable, like the shamrock, that it would be included with dice in a design. Of course you have a little of everything lucky in this one, as there are also shamrocks at the bottom of the image if you look closely.

Horseshoe and Dice Tattoo

The cards, dice and skull aren't that unique in general in tattoo design, but what is compelling is using the skull as the face of the card. Using the star as a centerpiece to build the design around was an interesting idea.

Dice, Cards, Skull Tattoo

The joker sitting on the dice with the deck of cards behind her is fantastic and creative. This is pointing to the fact that the joker, in a number of games, is used as a piece of luck, and can change things around for the player. Very cool.

Joker Sitting on Dice Tattoo

This was a lot of fun seeing how artists would design and include elements of luck with their dice tattoos. It points to the desire of some who are always looking for some luck to improve their lives, and these symbols have been representing that possibility for a long time.

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