Contest-Winning Tattoos From the 17th Annual NC Tattoo Convention

Updated on February 5, 2016

Check out pictures of the daily contest winners at the 17th Annual NC Tattoo Convention held in Greensboro, North Carolina.

To qualify for the contests, tattoos had to be done at the show, started and finished on the same day.

Awards were given for both the best color and the best black and gray tattoos.

A panel of judges views each tattoo to find the best of both categories
A panel of judges views each tattoo to find the best of both categories

Friday, Color: 1st Place

One Hot Car

Friday night's first-place winner was Jacob Thompson's "Old School Hotrod" by Daniel Jones.

2nd Place Snafu

No Picture: I was unable to catch a picture of Jan Sanchez's tattoo by Bart Andrews of "Bombs Away Tattoo."

Friday, Color: 3rd Place

Meditation Tattoo

Rebekah Payne's tattoo "Meditation Girl with Bees" by Deran Hall of Golden Spiral Studios won 3rd place.

Gabe Sandy From Little John's Tattoo Won Two Awards During the Weekend


Friday, Black & Gray: 1st Place

One Cool Portrait

Sara McIntire's portrait of Vincent Price, by tattoo artist Terry Stevens, took 1st prize in the Black & Gray category Friday night.

Friday, Black & Gray: 2nd Place

Hunka' Hunka' Burnin' Love

Tara Sandy's portrait of Elvis won 2nd place. The tattoo was done by her husband, Gabe Sandy of Little John's Tattoo.

Friday, Black & Gray: 3rd Place

Dia De Los Muertos

Ashley Howell's female portrait, by Bobby Williams of Anything's Possible Tattoo, won 3rd place.

Women painted for "Day of the Dead" are becoming a highly popular design for tattoos and clothing.

Saturday, Color: 1st Place

Stay Away From Capt. Howdy

Darryl Trogdon's tattoo of the Exorcist, by Matti Hixon, was the 1st-place winner in the color category on Saturday.

Saturday, Color: 2nd Place

I love the Smell of Surgical Cleanser in the Morning

Dave Chandler calls this tattoo, Saturday's 2nd-Place Color Tattoo winner, "Napalm Overlord."

Artist Bobby Williams works at Anything's Possible Tattoo.

Saturday, Color: 3rd Place

Boy, Oh Boy

Amanda Wilkerson's tattoo, "Robot Boy" won 3rd place in the color category on Saturday. Daniel Jones of Asylum Tattoo is the artist.

Saturday, Black & Gray: 1st Place

"Aaay, Yooo Guuuys!"

Brooke Bloom's tattoo of Sloth from "The Goonies" won 1st place in Black & Gray on Saturday. On the other side of her leg is a portrait of the skeleton of One-Eyed Willie. She plans to continue the Goonies theme on her leg.

Deran Hall of Golden Spiral Tattoo inked this piece.

Saturday, Black & Gray: 2nd Place

The Thrill is Gone

"The Thrill is Gone" may be B. B. King's most celebrated record, but Andrew Wood was thrilled that his new tattoo won 2nd place in Black & Gray on Saturday.

Bart Andrews of Bombs Away Tattoo inked this portrait of King and his famous guitar Lucille.

Saturday, Black & Gray: 3rd Place

Daddy's Girl

Robert Forsch's portrait of his daughter, inked by Gabe Sandy of Little John's Tattoo won 3rd place in Black & Gray on Saturday.

Artists and Collectors are both winners

Tattoo collectors and artists both took home awards to honor their awesome ink.

Andrew Wood is pleased with his award for a black-and-gray tattoo portrait of B. B. King.

Awards for Artists

Matti Hixon took home the award for 1st place in the category of Color Tattoos on Saturday night.

Bart Andrews From Bombs Away Tattoo Won Three Awards Throughout the Weekend

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