White Tattoos Ideas, Considerations, and Photos

Updated on March 13, 2020
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As a very fair-skinned person, I was advised against having a white tattoo.

A white tattoo is a unique way to get art inked on your body.
A white tattoo is a unique way to get art inked on your body. | Source

How About a White Tattoo?

You know that you definitely want to get a tattoo—that's half the battle over with. Now which type do you get? There are so many different types of tattoo ink, let alone designs, to choose from.

How about choosing a white tattoo?

Lindsay Lohan is said to have a white tattoo of the word Breathe on the inside of her wrist, and Kate Moss reportedly has little white hearts that go up one side of her body. You may already have regular tattoos and fancy something a bit different, or maybe it's your first time and you want something discreet and/or personal. I think there's something quite mysterious about them.

If you are very fair-skinned like me, then some words of warning: I was advised against having a white tattoo, as the finished result can end up looking like scar tissue. I didn't feel like taking that risk, but of course, it's up to the individual.

White tattoo by javafixbarista @ flickr
White tattoo by javafixbarista @ flickr

White Tattoo Considerations

If you've decided on getting a white tattoo here are some things to consider:

  • Has your tattoo artist done them before? Talk with them and ask to see examples. A really high-quality, thick white ink must be used, so make sure that your artist knows what they are talking about and using. Regular white ink that is used to mix with other colours is not suitable.
  • Because there is no outline to hold the colour in, white tattoos can be prone to blurring. It's best to keep to a small, simple design somewhere that won't be exposed to the sun.
  • Remember that a white tattoo is subtle. Wait until it's fully healed before you decide that it isn't visible enough or doesn't look right.

Some Downsides

  • From what I understand, it varies from person to person as to who can hold white ink on their body. I've heard reports of it working well on both fair-skinned and olive-skinned people, but both types can reject it too. Unfortunately, it seems to be trial and error. If the body does reject the ink the tattoo will become invisible during the healing process.
  • White tattoos aren't recommended for sun worshippers, as the sun makes the white ink fade rapidly.
  • It's possible that over time the tattoo will need to be re-done due to natural fading.
  • As mentioned earlier, white tattoos can look like scar tissue on very fair skin.

White Tattoo Photos

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photo from white ink tattoo @ flickrWhite tattoo by dee adams @ flickrWhite tattoo by iansimpson17 @ flickrWhite tattoo by aribaby @ flickrWhite tattoo by jared @ flickr
photo from white ink tattoo @ flickr
photo from white ink tattoo @ flickr
White tattoo by dee adams @ flickr
White tattoo by dee adams @ flickr
White tattoo by iansimpson17 @ flickr
White tattoo by iansimpson17 @ flickr
White tattoo by aribaby @ flickr
White tattoo by aribaby @ flickr
White tattoo by jared @ flickr
White tattoo by jared @ flickr

Questions & Answers

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      • IntimatEvolution profile image

        Julie Grimes 

        8 years ago from Columbia, MO USA

        Way cool. I don't like tattoos nut for some reason I like these white ones. They create an entirely different look.

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        I have a white tattoo and I love it. I am thinking about getting another one. If you are going to get one, be prepared for people to not notice it unless you point it out.

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        I've been wanting one for ages, but I'm scared it's going to be a waste of money if it doesn't take in my skin

      • Connie Ho profile image

        Connie Ho 

        8 years ago from Quebec, Canada

        Hi 1 st time I heard of white tattoo-new tattoo trend, in fact it does not look like ink at all. Nice article, cheers.

      • moonbun profile imageAUTHOR

        Luna Fae 

        9 years ago from UK

        Thanks for the comment :)

      • tattoodesigns69 profile image


        9 years ago from Illinois

        Superb Hub on "Tat's"! I sure enjoyed the advise. Continue to keep these coming!

      • moonbun profile imageAUTHOR

        Luna Fae 

        10 years ago from UK

        Lots of people don't seem to be aware of white tattoos, I think they look really different.

        Thanks for commenting.

      • prasetio30 profile image


        10 years ago from malang-indonesia

        I think tattoo just a black tattoo or color tattoo . But this is a new experience with a white tattoo. thanks for share

      • moonbun profile imageAUTHOR

        Luna Fae 

        11 years ago from UK

        Hi Whitney, if you click on the flickr link above there's quite a few to look through.

        Thanks for commenting :)

      • Whitney05 profile image


        11 years ago from Georgia

        I'd love to see more pictures of white tattoo designs.

      • moonbun profile imageAUTHOR

        Luna Fae 

        11 years ago from UK

        Lifebydesign, I think you have a point there. I've heard a lot about white tattoos being the next celebrity must have, but I couldn't actually find much information on who has them. Maybe they're just too discrete as you say. There's probably a ton of celebs walking around with them, we just can't see them in photos.

        Thanks for the comment :)

      • Lifebydesign profile image


        11 years ago from Australia

        I've honestly never heard of them! They're quite striking on the photos, but I wonder if the fact they're so much more discrete is why they're not more obvious and 'seen'. Interesting hub!

      • moonbun profile imageAUTHOR

        Luna Fae 

        11 years ago from UK

        There are some beautiful white designs out there, I think they're really unusual. Much softer than a regular tattoo.

        Thanks for stopping by :)

      • Laughing Mom profile image

        Laughing Mom 

        11 years ago

        i've never heard of a white tattoo, although I'm not real current on very much of anything tattoo, so I'm not the least bit surprised at my naitivity.

        It's interesting. I'll have to start looking for them.


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