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Tattoo Ideas


The Mysterious Secrets of Sunflower Tattoos

I have a few friends who love to wear tattoos. One of my friends has her own tattoo parlor. It’s always interesting to learn from her about the kinds and meanings of different tattoos. I recently learned from her about different types of sunflower tattoos and their meanings. Would you like to know?


Tarot Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings: The Minor Arcana (Suit Cards: Swords, Cups, Wands, and Coins)

Learn more about the court cards of the tarot deck, their various meanings, related imagery for each, photo galleries, and ideas for how to design a unique tarot card tattoo.


Tarot Card Tattoo Designs and Meanings: The Court Cards or Royalty Symbols

The kings, queens, princes, and princesses in the tarot deck make excellent tattoos. Here, learn the meaning and symbolism of each court card and look at photos to help you design your own unique tarot tattoo.


Tarot Tattoos: Major Arcana Card Meanings and Design Ideas

Explore photos of tarot tattoos and discover what they mean and represent, with a spotlight on the 22 cards of the Major Arcana. This article will help you design and choose a custom tarot tattoo that perfectly suits you.


Semicolon Tattoo Meaning, Ideas, and Pictures

The semicolon tattoo represents a person who could have ended their story but chose not to. It is a symbol of solidarity with those fighting depression, suicide, and mental illness.


Japanese Snake Tattoos: Hebi Tattoo Symbolism & Design Ideas

The serpent is a charming yet spine-chilling reptile, often seen as a cold-blooded symbol, both literally and figuratively. In Japan, the Hebi (snake) is also a popular tattoo subject. Find out why, what it means symbolically, and draw inspiration from beautiful snake tattoo designs.


Aries Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women: Design Inspirations and Meanings

Aries tattoos can be designed in a variety of stylized ways for both men and women, such as the Aries glyph and even constellation tattoos. In this article, we talk about the personality and traits of the Ram and discuss Aries tattoo designs with visual ideas you could incorporate into your ink.


The Guardian Lions: Foo Dog Tattoo Meanings, History, Ideas, & Photos

The Foo Dog (or Fu Dog) tattoo shows a magnificent creature with its curly mane and menacing snarl, but did you know that it’s not actually a dog? What exactly is it, how did it come about and more interestingly, why is it known as a “dog”? We delve deeper into history and take a closer look.


Harry Potter Tattoo Ideas and Photos!

Looking for some inspiration for a Harry-Potter-themed tattoo? Don't want just the generic "dark mark" or "Deathly Hallows" symbols that everyone else has? Here are some unique suggestions for Harry Potter tattoos!


Freaky-Fabulous Octopus Tattoo Meaning and Symbolism

Considering an octopus tattoo? Here, you'll find lots of information and inspiration for your next ink project and discover what an octopus tattoo might represent, historically and figuratively.


Bird Tattoos Interpreted: What Various Birds Mean & Represent

Everything you want to know about birds to help you design your bird tattoo project. Don't get inked before you read this!


Kitsune Tattoos: Origins, Meanings, & Types of Japanese Fox Tattoos

The Kitsune is a mythical creature in Japan’s legend. It's sometimes seen as a deity and other times as a demon. So is the fox good or bad? Explore the different kinds of foxes and view designs for your fox tattoo inspiration.


Flower Tattoo Ideas

A plethora of flower tattoo styles and designs! Geometric, traditional, black and grey, color, pastel, and more!


Gorgeous and Badass Tattoo Ideas for Women

Girls can get any tattoo boys can, but these designs, symbols, and body placements are some of our favorites. Check out the cute and feminine tattoo ideas that women love!


Everything You Want to Know About Arrow Tattoo Designs & Meanings

As weapons or as graphical signs, arrows blend elegance, symmetry, speed, and deadly precision. If you're considering an arrow tattoo or already have one, here are some fascinating facts to guide you.


Yin Yang Tattoo Ideas, Designs, and Meaning

The yin yang is an important Chinese symbol that represents balance between two complimentary opposites. Check out the various designs and the different meanings associated with this tattoo.


Rose Tattoo History, Ideas, and Meanings

The rose is an enduring symbol of beauty and love, but why is it a popular tattoo design and what does each design represent?


How to Design a Unique Travel Tattoo

This article explores different kinds of travel tattoos and how to choose the right one for you.


How to Search for the Perfect Tattoo: An Introduction to Styles

An intro to the copious amount of tattoo styles.


5 Original Skull Tattoo Designs

The human skull is one of the most popularly used elements in the world of tattoos. If you are considering a skull inspired tattoo make sure to check out these 5 original designs before getting inked!


Tattoos for Moms: Meaningful Ideas for Important Memories

Mothers like ink, too! I began getting tattoos before I became a mom, but having a child isn’t the end of inking up.


Tattoo Ideas for the Feminine Side

Looking for a tattoo ideas for a women in your life, for yourself or just because you like to look? Here are some tattoo ideas for the feminine side.


Japanese Hannya Tattoos: Origins, Meanings & Ideas

Hannya masks, a fearsome symbol in Japanese tattoo culture. Learn of their intriguing history and significance. Browse unique hannya tattoo designs for inspiration.


My First Tattoo: In Memory of Ginger, My Chocolate Lab

At 54 years old, I finally decided to get inked for the first time. It was a decision I had contemplated for several years, but it took a major life event to make it a reality.


Compelling Tree Tattoos

Popular tattoo designs featuring a variety of trees.


Top 50 Tattoo Quotes You'll Want in 2020

A selection of fifty of the best tattoo quotes out there to use as inspiration for your next tattoo project.


Men's Tattoo Designs and Ideas for This Year

Tattoo designs with pictures and advice for men.


The Different Styles of Tattoos

A quick guide to the different styles of tattoos and things you may want to consider when getting inked.


The Art of Choosing the Perfect Font and Lettering for a New Tattoo

The font or lettering of a tattoo adds even more meaning to the words you choose. Learn more about how the shape of words impacts their meaning.


Your First Tattoo: Ideas, Designs, and Pictures

Tattoo ideas for your very first tattoo. Tattoo information you need to know before you get to the studio.


Tattoo Ideas for Women's Ears, Arms, and Feet You'll Want This Year

See what tattoos are popular on women's ears, feet, and arms.


Ace of Spades Tattoos: Designs, Ideas, and Meanings

Learn about the ace of spades tattoo design, its history, and many other ideas.


Japanese Hannya Mask Tattoo Designs, Meanings, and Ideas

Hannya masks are very popular in Japan, having been a prominent symbol in Japanese culture for centuries. Over the years, the design has spread in popularity outside of Japan, and it's now known around the world.


"Laugh Now, Cry Later" Tattoo Meanings, Designs, and Ideas

"Laugh now, cry later" tattoos (also known as drama or comedy and tragedy masks) portray two faces that depict two different emotions. They can be designed in many different ways.


Heart-and-Rose Tattoo Design Ideas, Meanings, and Pictures

Hearts and roses are a popular tattoo combination. View many artists' interpretations of the design and learn more about what this tattoo might mean for the wearer.


Blue Rose Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Blue roses don't occur naturally, so as a tattoo design, your choices are not limited by reality. Learn more about what this tattoo might mean and look at lots of photos for inspiration.


Spade and Ace of Spade Tattoos: Meanings, Designs, and Ideas

Spade tattoo designs can be inked in several different ways. Learn about spades, their meanings, and view plenty of designs to give you ideas for your next body art.


Mask Tattoo Designs Ideas and Meanings (With Pictures)

Masks are mysterious, curious, unique, and symbolic. Learn about mask tattoo design options and interpretations and view lots of pictures.


Scroll and Banner Tattoo Meanings, Ideas, and Pictures

Scrolls and banners are a great way to represent symbolic words, sayings, or phrases in a tattoo. Learn more about scrolls, get design ideas, and view dozens of photos.


Bull Skull Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Bull skull tattoos can symbolize both death and strength. They can be inked in many different ways, to reflect different meanings. Get ideas and inspiration for your tattoo here!


Hope Tattoo Designs, Meanings, Ideas, and Pictures

There are a few different words that are commonly used in the tattoo world as symbols of inspiration. One of those four letter words is "hope." Learn more about this tattoo, what it means, and how it might be designed.


Koi Fish Tattoos Meaning: Color, Direction, and More

The koi fish has profound meaning, according to Japanese legend. This meaning can vary depending on the fish’s orientation and color. Learn about the symbolism of the koi fish.


Bee Tattoos: Design Ideas and Meaning

Buzz, buzz, buzz, honey bee, honey bee. If you find these delightful creatures as appealing as I do, you might want to get a tattoo of one done. Here are some great design ideas to get you started.


Viking Tattoo Ideas and Designs

Viking tattoos are increasing in popularity all over the world. This article goes over some popular coloring and locations for the perfect Viking tattoo.


Balloon Tattoos: Meanings, Designs, Pictures, and Ideas

Learn about balloon tattoos, designs, and meanings, and view 40 different beautiful examples to help you find inspiration for your next inking!


Medusa Tattoo Designs and Meanings

If you're looking for an interesting tattoo design inspired by ancient mythology, Medusa may be for you. In this article, I will discuss Medusa tattoo designs and meanings.


Seasonal Tattoo Designs & Ideas: Autumn

A collection of tattoo designs and ideas to help you display your love for autumn year-round.


Oriental Fan Tattoo Designs, Meanings, and Ideas

An Asian symbol that makes a gorgeous tattoo is the fan. Learn more about its history, what the design might mean, and look at many photos for inspiration.


Candle Tattoos: Meanings, Designs, and Ideas

Whether your candle tattoo is the focus of your piece or an accent to a larger tattoo, its style and colors will give it the meaning you desire.


Blue Jay Tattoo Meanings & Designs

What do blue jays represent? Find out here, and view a large collection of photos.