Finger Mustache or "Fingerstach" Tattoo Designs

Updated on February 8, 2016
It's unclear where they came from, but finger mustaches, or fingerstaches, are fun and popular.
It's unclear where they came from, but finger mustaches, or fingerstaches, are fun and popular.

Known as the "fingerstache" tattoo, this design is inked on the index finger and then held up between the lips and nose to give the appearance of a mustache on the wearer.

All you need is a good design, proper placement on your finger, and some practice with a few funny faces.

Whether it's a temporary or permanent fingerstache tattoo, it is sure to be a hit at any social event when you include all the things that make it so enjoyable to those seeing it.

While there are a variety of finger mustache designs, by far the most popular is the handlebar, with the curly tips pointing up. Others are long and thin while others still are shorter and thicker.


An interesting take is to tattoo a mustache on one finger and a monocle on the other.

Or invoke a different type of mustache altogether, getting other fingers involved.


There are different stories about the source of the finger mustache tattoo, but a Columbus, Ohio-based tattoo artist named Giovani claims to have given the first to a friend.

As mentioned, finger mustaches are generally placed on the index finger. This placement presents a challenge because most people use this finger constantly. Sometimes this means that even a permanent tattoo will fade or blur as a result. This takes time, and doesn't happen to everybody, but it is a possibility.

Another option is to go with a temporary tattoo. This also provides opportunities to try different designs. You can buy temporary tattoos or design one of your own if you want. Most people use a marker, but be aware that your drawing will smudge easily.


This is one of my favorite designs, mostly because of the creative way the guy placed his fingers. The shape of the mustache adds to the fun, with those very slender, curly ends working well with the corrugated design of the mustache tattoo. The facial expression is also perfect for the overall look.


Now, how fun would it be to surprise people with his and hers fingerstache tattoos? It doesn't matter what type of costume you wear. Just put up your fingers and surprise everyone with two mustaches.


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