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A Guide to Ear Stretching

This article contains everything I've learned on my ear stretching journey: the process, healing, jewelry, tips and tricks, sizing, and more.


Beginner's Guide to Ear Stretching

So, you've decided you want to stretch your ears, but you're wondering how to start? Look no further; I'll teach you the basics of stretching your ears.


How to Stretch or Gauge Your Ears

Nothing looks cooler than stretched earlobes, but you have to stretch them properly, or it can result in an ugly disaster. This article shows you how to stretch your ears safely.


How to Stretch Your Ears Safely: The Complete Gauge Guide

Thinking about stretching your ear piercings to a bigger gauge? Check out these tips for a safe, pain- and infection-free journey to perfectly stretched holes.


The Methods, Types, and History of Gauging and Stretching

Since the dawn of the human race, we have created countless methods of altering and modifying our bodies. This article will touch base with the origins of gauging, otherwise known as stretching.


How to Stretch a Piercing

Here's how to stretch a piercing, the gauge, and plug sizes (up to 1"). In addition, I'll explain how to treat and prevent piercing blowouts.


How to Safely Stretch Your Ears With Gauges

Here are a few ear-stretching pointers drawn from my personal experience.

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Traditional African Mursi Lip Plates

To an outsider, a stretched lip is a form of body mutilation rather than art, but to a Mursi or Suri woman, it's an expression of female maturity and a sign that she has reached childbearing age.


How to Stretch Your Ear Piercing to a Larger Gauge

This is a guide on how to stretch your ears to larger gauges, as well as what tools and techniques to use.