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Septum Piercing General Info and FAQs

I've had my septum pierced for many years, so I've become quite knowledgeable about how to take care of it. Here, I share everything I've learned from my experience and research.


My Septum Piercing Experience (With Healing Tips)

Thinking about getting your septum pierced? Here's my personal experience!


How to Make a Silver Nose Ring

Want a silver nose ring but with a special homemade touch? Enjoy making your own jewelry? Here's a quick and easy tutorial on how to save money by making your own nose rings.


Nose Piercing 101: Choosing the Right Jewelry

Deciding to sport a nose piercing comes along with a few responsibilities. Find out what you need to know about getting a nose pierced.


Different Kinds of Facial Piercings (Pictures Included)

Here are photos and recommendations of the top 26 facial piercings, with jewelry recommendations and healing time information.


Everything You Need to Know About Oral Piercings

This article provides in-depth and specific information on the care of oral piercings, as well as examples and pictures of the types available. You'll also find useful links that relate to you and your piercing.


Facial Piercings Don't Mean Much

How much does a lip ring matter in a job interview, or at the workplace? How much should it matter? I say don't judge a book by its cover.


All About Nose Piercings

Read this article to learn about different nose piercings and jewelry styles, see videos, and get information and advice before getting pierced.


Lip Piercings: Labret, Lowbret, and Madonna Pictures

We only have one pair of lips, but lip piercings actually fall into eight separate categories. Here's a look at all the cool different ways you can pierce your lips.


Nose Piercings: Types, Healing, and Pics (Nostril to Nasallang)

When you hear about a nose piercing, chances are you think of a nostril piercing, which is the most common, or in the septum, which is the second most common. Learn about placement, heal time, and more.


Illustrated Guide to Eyebrow Piercings

Look at all the different ways to pierce an eyebrow: vertical, spiral, bridge, anti, etc., and learn about the heal times, jewelry types, and risks for each placement.