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Beautifully Dangerous: Corset Piercing and Scarification

Read all about—and see some photos of—two extreme body modifications: the corset piercing and scarification.


Hip Surface Piercing: Healing Tips With Pictures and Videos

If you get a hip surface piercing, choosing the right jewelry and doing proper aftercare may keep it from being rejected.


An Illustrated Guide to Neck and Nape Piercings

This article explores great piercing ideas and includes useful tips for deciding whether of not to get a neck piercing.


All About Nipple Piercings

Learn about how nipple piercings are done, what types of jewelry are worn in them, and how to deal with nipple rings and airport security.

Body Piercing Videos to Watch

Sometimes pain is alleviated when you know what's going to happen. Before you get a body piercing, you might want to take a look at what you're in for.

Placing surface piercings in areas of high impact should be avoided

Extreme Body Mod: Surface Piercings

As opposed to a traditional nose or tongue piercing, a surface piercing has both entrance and exit holes that go through a flat area of skin such as the arm, leg or sternum. Read on to see great examples of surface piercings.


Where on Your Body to Get a Piercing

If you are considering where you should get your piercing, read this page for information on the pros and cons of each location, including the ear, nose, eyebrow, and belly button.