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Everything You Need to Know About Tongue Piercings

As someone who has gotten her tongue pierced, I share with you everything you need to know about what to do before, during, and after.

Everything you need to know about tongue piercings.

Everything you need to know about tongue piercings.

Tongue Piercing Info

This article is based on my personal experience of getting my tongue pierced, and it covers:

  • General information about tongue piercings
  • Who can get them
  • How to get them done
  • What to expect before, during, and after
  • How to care for them
  • Tongue piercing facts (and myths)

Who Can't Get Their Tongue Pierced?

  • People who have a very short tongue. This includes you if you cannot stick out your tongue or stick it out very far.
  • People who have a lot of webbing that stretches far up the tongue. This webbing should never be cut because cutting can cause extreme swelling, suffocation, and bleeding. It is not legal for anyone but a medical surgeon in a hospital to cut a tongue to increase its length.
  • People who have a vein in the wrong place. Some people have a vein directly down the center of their tongue. Even so, you may be able to get a piercing if the piercer can put it at a slight slant or offset it so it doesn't touch your artery. You may not be able to get venoms (a piercing on either side) if your veins are running down the sides of the tongue. Your piercer can assess whether this will be an issue.
  • People with certain health conditions. If you have paralysis, nerve issues, or any health conditions, you should alert your piercer.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Get Your Tongue Pierced?

U.S.: Most states require parental consent if the person is a minor (under 18 years old). In some states, a parent must also be present during the process. The states where there are no laws concerning age limits for piercings include Alaska, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, and Oregon.

U.K.: People who are between 14 to 16 years old need parental consent, but can do without a parental consent if they are 16 to 18. Local laws may vary.

Studios are allowed to set their own standards as well, so even if you live in a state or area where there is no age limit or where the law does not require parental consent, the studio may still require it. Ask the studio before you go.

a close-up of a woman with her tongue pierced

a close-up of a woman with her tongue pierced

Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Tongue Piercing

You should always research a body modification before getting it done. You need to know the process, what questions to ask, what to look out for, and how to choose a studio.

How to Choose Your Studio

  • You should choose a studio that has been established for a long time and has plenty of experience with piercing. Ask for the piercer's portfolio. An established piercer will have a binder of their work to show you.
  • You should also choose a studio that carries a government license. Professional piercers can prove they are licensed.
  • Is the establishment clean? Check the walls, flooring, and ceiling. If the shop isn't clean, leave and find another place!
  • Look for an autoclave. This is a small machine that looks sort of like a microwave and is used to sterilize equipment. If you don't see one, ask to see it. Sometimes they keep it in the back. Never choose a studio that doesn't have sterilizing equipment.
  • You should never go somewhere just because it is cheapest; the cheaper it is, the lower the quality of the service and equipment that you will get. You are welcome to shop around, look for reviews, and find somewhere that fits just right.
  • Tongues are usually pierced with a 16–18mm by 1.6mm straight barbell made from either titanium or surgical stainless steel.
  • Your piercer will explain the potential allergies some people have to stainless steel and have you sign a document to show you understand.
  • Titanium is the best metal because it is the least likely to cause an allergic reaction.
  • You should never have a tongue pierced with a short bar, with a ring, or with any metal other than titanium or surgical-grade stainless steel.
  • Your barbell can come in any color and type, and you will be free to choose at the studio.
  • You'll likely go back to the piercer to get a shorter barbell once the swelling has gone down.

Pain Level

  • A tongue piercing is typically one of the least painful piercings, but this depends on the person. For me, the pain level was at a zero. I felt it, but it didn't hurt me in the slightest.
  • The longer your tongue is, the less you will feel.
  • To help you understand what the pain is like, this tongue piercing pain chart compares the pain of getting your tongue pierced to the pain of getting a flu shot, teeth extraction, biting your tongue, etc. Tongue piercing pain is relatively low on the list.

How Much Is a Tongue Piercing?

The average cost for both the piercing and the jewelry is usually around $30 to $90. Some piercers may charge separately for the piercing procedure and the tongue ring. Call ahead to inquire about the price.

Types of tongue piercings

Types of tongue piercings

Types of Tongue Piercings

  • Midline: The midline tongue piercing is the most common type. This is where the jewelry goes straight through the middle of your tongue (about 1.9cm from the tip of the tongue). This type of piercing uses a straight barbell.
  • Frenulum: This under-tongue piercing or web piercing is located underneath the tongue on the frenulum. The frenulum is a fold of mucous membrane that connects the underside of the tongue to the floor of the mouth. A curved barbell or a circular barbell is used.
  • Horizontal: This piercing goes straight across your tongue, and the balls of the barbell stick out on either side. Horizontal tongue piercings are extremely dangerous, so talk to a professional about the potential risks.
  • Tip: A tip-of-tongue piercing is a type of horizontal piercing, but instead of being placed in the middle, it is placed on the tip. The balls of the barbell stick out to form what looks like snake eyes, which is why tip-of-tongue piercings are also known as snake eye piercings or venom piercings.
  • Side: This one is done in a similar fashion to the midline piercing but is placed slightly to the left or right side of the tongue instead of in the middle.

What You Need to Do Before Getting Your Tongue Pierced

  1. Once you have chosen your studio, you can go in and ask as many questions as you want. You should always go somewhere reputable and very clean where they do not reuse their equipment.
  2. When you go in you will be asked to sign a consent form. You should read this carefully. Let your piercer know if you are on any medication or have any health conditions or any allergies. These can have a big impact.
  3. Be sure you're feeling fit and healthy when you go to get your piercing. Menstruation does not count for feeling under the weather. I am talking about a cold, getting over an illness, or being on antibiotics.
  4. Make sure to eat something substantial. Food helps to calm the nerves.
  5. Wear loose and comfortable clothing.
  6. Be sure to brush your teeth, floss, and rinse your mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash beforehand to reduce the number of bacteria in your mouth.
  7. Once you have signed your consent form and chosen your jewelry, your piercer will set up the cubicle, private room, or piercing station for you. At this time, you may ask how they clean their tools, how long they have been piercing, or any other information. You'll want to ask your questions now because you might not feel like talking much after the procedure.

The Tongue Piercing Process


Before they pierce, they will check your veins. Sometimes, if they cannot see them clearly they will use a blue light on your skin to make the veins show.


This is how they will pierce your tongue:

  1. Once they mark the position, they will clamp the area and pierce you. The clamp holds your tongue in place and gives them an accurate target. They may pierce straight down the middle, at a slight angle, off to one side, or in another position.
  2. After the needle has gone through, they will remove it and slide the jewelry in through the hole in your tongue.
  3. Then, they will attach the ball. After this, you are ready to leave.
  4. They will let you check it out in the mirror and make sure you're okay before you go.

Note: The piercing should never be close to the tip and should never touch the teeth or cause a speech impediment. Speech impediments only happen if the person has a tongue that is too short to pierce correctly, or if it has been pierced wrong (too close to the tip).


  • The piercer should give you some advice on aftercare. If they don't offer it, ask if they can write down the instructions or give you a handout or flyer.
  • Once you leave the studio, the piercing is in your hands. The piercer should have done it professionally with sterile equipment. People do not seem to understand that any infection that follows is always a result of a lack of proper care. So don't blame the piercer! That's why you get a piercing done by a licensed professional and sign a consent form.
  • You may have to return after your piercing has healed to get a shorter barbell. When you first get pierced, they use a longer barbell to allow for swelling. Once the swelling subsides, the barbell will be too loose, which is why you need to go back to get a shorter one.

Tongue Piercing Aftercare

Your aftercare is the most important part of your piercing. Once you have it done, you are responsible for healing and cleaning it. Your piercer will talk you through the basic care and you should follow their advice. They are the professional.

You want to make sure you have a clean toothbrush, your own toothpaste, and alcohol-free mouthwash. Rinsing with alcohol will more likely aggravate the piercing and cause extra swelling and discomfort.

How Long Does It Take a Tongue Piercing to Heal?

  • The healing time will depend on the person, the care, and the amount of swelling.
  • In general, the healing period takes two to four weeks after getting them done. A piercing will usually be fully healed within eight weeks. Most are healed before that, but, again, it depends on you.
  • Oral piercings are the fastest to heal and least likely to have problems if cared for correctly. To get a more in-depth understanding of how to heal your tongue piercing, check out the descriptions of the day-to-day healing process.


  • Your piercing needs to be cleaned one to two times per day in the morning and at night.
  • You should brush your teeth as you normally do. Then, rinse with warm water and non-alcoholic mouthwash or use a salt mixture (1/4 teaspoon of sea salt in an 8 oz. glass of water). Rinse for 60 seconds. Do not rinse excessively with the mouthwash. Do not use hydrogen peroxide!
  • After eating, you can rinse with water and have plenty to drink.
  • If you have to touch your piercing (which you shouldn't), be sure to wash your hands well beforehand.


  • It is normal to have a lot of swelling after a tongue piercing. The swelling is worst on days two and three but will reduce over the course of the week.
  • It helps to suck on clean ice cubes and drink cold drinks.
  • To help reduce swelling, you need to sleep with your head elevated above your heart. You can prop yourself up, which is even better.
  • Ibuprofen is good for pain relief (which you likely won't have). It can also reduce swelling.

What to Eat After a Tongue Piercing

You may eat and drink virtually anything from ramen to soda, however, be warned that spicy foods may make your piercing sore. Most people can eat normally after a tongue piercing. I myself ate normal solids straight after, though you might find softer, blander foods easier to handle. The following are foods that are easy to consume and won't irritate your new tongue ring.

Foods to Eat

  • Smoothies
  • Non-spicy soups (don't eat while hot)
  • Noodles or pasta
  • Pizza
  • Ice cream
  • Sandwiches with soft bread and meats
  • Salmon or tuna
  • Salads
  • Non-acidic fruit

Foods to Avoid

  • Hot drinks, such as coffee or tea
  • Pineapple, kiwi, pickles, lemons, or anything sour
  • Cookies, nuts, crackers, chips, and granola bars (or anything hard and crumbly)
  • Peanut butter and caramel (or anything sticky)
  • Spicy foods, such as peppers, salsa, or curry

Can You Drink Alcohol After a Tongue Piercing?

While alcohol does disinfect, it can also kill skin cells, which slows the healing process and causes swelling, itching, and infection. Avoid alcoholic drinks as well as anything strongly acidic, like vinegar. Also avoid mouthwashes that contain alcohol.

Things You Must Avoid Doing After Getting a New Tongue Ring

  • Paracetamol or aspirin (which can increase swelling by thinning the blood)
  • Rinsing with alcoholic mouthwash or hydrogen peroxide
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Kissing. Abstain for a minimum of three weeks after getting your tongue pierced. Kissing is the second most likely source of infection risk.
  • Oral sex. Abstain for a minimum of three months after getting your tongue pierced. This is the greatest source of infection risk.
  • Playing with the piercing.
  • Putting your hands in your mouth for any reason at all because this will spread germs and potential health risks.
  • Smoking. This can cause irritation, infection, discomfort, and excess swelling.
  • NEVER remove or attempt to change your tongue ring. A tongue piercing can close within seconds of being removed. Oral piercings heal and shut very quickly!

Remember that your piercing is an open wound. Although it can heal within a month, you should not do any of the above for a minimum of two to three months as they could lead to complications or serious infection.

Normal Signs vs. Abnormal Signs After a Tongue Piercing

Things That Are Normal

  • Swelling for up to two weeks after having the piercing. Normally the swelling fills the longer bar and reduces after around four days.
  • Some discomfort, especially when eating or talking excessively.
  • Feeling a little "run down" and tired or getting swollen glands. You feel this way because your body sees the piercing as a foreign object and will send the troops (i.e. your immune system) to investigate.
  • Not being able to stick your tongue out fully.
  • A small amount of white or very pale yellow pus coming out of the piercing. This should have no odor.
  • You feel a tingling

Things That Are Not Normal

  • Excessive swelling that gets worse even after four days, so that the bar becomes embedded or painful, or the piercing feels as though blood flow is being cut off
  • Numbness or throbbing
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Dark brown, green or yellow pus, especially with an odour (a sign of infection)
  • Blisters on the tongue, burning, redness, excess swelling (a sign of allergy)
  • Fever, chills, nausea, vomiting, flu symptoms
  • Bleeding (other than a tiny amount just after the piercing). If it keeps bleeding, call the studio right away and ask for advice.
  • Pain after the first day of having it done or the pain that gets worse
  • Swelling of the throat
  • Speech impediments
  • Paralysis
  • Tearing

If you have any of the abnormal symptoms above, you should speak to a piercer immediately, and then go to the hospital if they advise.

6 Signs of an Infected Tongue

  1. Swelling persists or becomes worse.
  2. Redness. Some redness is normal immediately following a piercing, but it becomes a cause for concern if it persists and is accompanied by pain.
  3. Red streaks. If you see red streaks radiating out from the piercing and onto the sides and front of your tongue, then you are dealing with an advanced infection that requires immediate attention. Usually red streaks are accompanied by tenderness.
  4. Continued bleeding 24 hours after the initial piercing.
  5. Discoloration of the tongue. The tongue may turn green, yellow, purple, or black.
  6. Presence of pus.

I must state that the risk of infection is drastically smaller than the stereotype says. Infection is 99% caused by people kissing or being orally intimate with people before the piercing is healed.

If infection happens, it's usually in the first month of having it done. Lack of care causes infection. A piercing, any piercing, is an open wound and should be treated just like you'd treat any other wound: WITH CAUTION.

Are Tongue Piercings Bad for You?

According to the American Dental Association, tongue rings can cause damage in your mouth. Some people have the habit of rubbing their jewelry against their teeth or biting on it, which may cause chipping or erosion of the enamel. If the tongue ring is not placed correctly, it could also rub against the gums and cause gum recession. A short barbell is more likely to cause damage because it is easier to rub against the teeth than a longer one.

Learn about the risks by asking the studio. If they are reputable, they will be happy to address any concerns you have. If you want to avoid these risks, try not to form the habit of playing with the ring inside your mouth.

Tongue Piercing Myths and Facts


Tongue piercings are traditionally signs of prostitutes and the promiscuous.

Tongue piercings have been around in many cultures and in many tribes throughout history. Most people get a tongue piercing done for reasons that have nothing to do with sex. The truth is that it creates little oral pleasure for the wearer or the receiver of sexual favors.

Tongue piercings nearly always get infected.

Tongue piercings are actually unlikely to get infected and will very rarely become infected IF CARED FOR CORRECTLY. If it is infected, it hasn't been looked after correctly.

You can pierce yourself if you know where your veins are.

You should never attempt to pierce yourself as you could permanently hurt yourself.

The cheapest studio is the same as an expensive one, just cheaper.

The cheapest studios have fewer highly qualified piercers, lower-quality equipment, less choice of jewellery, and a lower-grade reputation. You pay for quality.

You can buy piercing equipment online that's sterile.

Piercing equipment online may be sold as sterile, but it rarely is. Many times it is just dipped in alcohol or vinegar. By the time it reaches you it could have pricked no end of fingers or have become severely contaminated.

You can go out drinking after getting a tongue piercing.

You should avoid alcohol for a minimum of two to three weeks after a piercing as it can cause irritation, pain, excess swelling, and other complications. But after that, you can drink to your heart's content.

Smoking doesn't affect tongue piercings.

Smoking can cause extra swelling, infection, and other problems. It should be avoided for at least two to three weeks after a piercing.

Tongue piercings cause speech impediments.

A correctly pierced tongue will not cause a speech impediment. Some studios will illegally cut tongue webbing or will pierce a tongue that is too short just to get money.

Tongue piercings leave terrible scars.

Tongue piercings rarely leave any scars or marks when removed. In fact, they can close very quickly.

Tongue piercings affect your taste buds or damage the vallate papillae.

This is false. If you experience a metallic taste, then you're likely using a cheap tongue bar made of something that is not titanium or stainless steel.


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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Lulu on April 24, 2020:

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DatgirlMitch on September 08, 2018:

Every person is different. Regarding pain it really depends on what your threshold is like. But my experience with getting a tongue piercing was awesome. Seriously to me the clamp that holds your tongue in place hurt a little, really more of a discomfort than hurt if I'm totally honest, the piercing itself not at all. I didn't even realize he had pierced it already until he almost had my barbell And as for swelling I barely had any right from the get go. A friend of mine gave me a great tip to do before getting my tongue pierced and that was to take a couple ibuprofen (advil) about an hour or 2 before getting the piercing done since besides helping with pain it also helps prevent swelling. Smart woman my friend. Like I said I barely had any swelling at all and within 2 days of getting it done I had none at all. Btw I'm a smoker and I smoked right after getting it done and it did not increase swelling or deter the healing. And I also ate pretty normally, I just was cautious and took smaller bites and chewed more slowly. But that's me, I tend to heal quite quickly, others may encounter they are swollen longer, have a little bit of pain, or take longer to heal. Out of all my piercings I've gotten over the years my tongue was definitely the least painful and the fastest healing of all of them. And I learned well to always follow my friend's smart tip and take ibuprofen before getting a piercing. Just got my nosed pierced again for the second time and had little to no swelling right after the piercing and none at all since though it's only been a week still. And other than a slight discomfort the first few hours of getting it done I haven't had any pain at all. So as long as you don't have any allergy to ibuprofen my tip is take one or 2 before getting a piercing done.

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My tongue ring left a scar in my tongue... So that's not a myth. I also had to get gum surgery due to the recession the piercing caused on the inside of my lower front teeth. These are not fluke things from an incorrect piercing. These things are what happens when you pierce your tongue. DON'T PIERCE YOUR TONGUE. YOU WILL PAY LATER.

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Okay there are a few things I didn't agree with on this. Any solid foods are I sane to eat right after a tongue piercing !!!! Like pizza and sandwiches I was on a strict liquid diet for almost a week you may have been able to go to solid foods but people who can't could read this and be like oh yea I can do that! And speech impediments come with the swelling I sounds like professor von drake from Mickey mouse when I got mine done lol it was horrible. This may be what you think but there are plenty of different sides to getting tongue pierced alot of your stuff I completely agree with honestly but some were kinda like uh what?? Like you are suppose to rinse and brush your teeth after every meal. I smoked cigarettes on day one my swelling didn't get worse at all but as soon as I smoked I rinsed my mouth with the original Listerine. It's gross but it's what's best for the piercing. Always always brush, rinse and floss after every meal, as soon as you get up, and right before you go to bed if you decide on this piercing.

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I've just got mine done a about 4 days ago and my pain has started to go away my pain has lasted like 4 days and I have to chew on my right aid of teeth. Also the food that you eat will stay on your tongue so if your eating rice or something yellow your tongue would stay that colour but it's normal hopefully I have helped anybody who wants to get it done

Liz Smith on March 31, 2017:

I have allergies that can cause my tongue to swell. Does this mean that I can't get a tongue piercing?

Cecilia on March 02, 2017:

I had my tongue pierced 2 nights ago and it has given me a speech impediment. Also, I find it really difficult to eat. The piercer said that it would be painless to get done, but right after he did it, I ended up passing out and vomiting. It was pretty painful.

Any on February 01, 2017:

Actually the first 2 weeks you can't speak proper because you aren't used to have something in your tongue, so there are some letters that you can't say well

Asha on January 25, 2017:

I have pierced my tongue about 18 hours now and I'm feeling a little burning at the tip of my tongue I'm wondering if the ring is too short because if I stick out my tongue there's no length of the ring so should I let it stay or get a longer one... It's not paining me just the tip of my tongue burn when I talk.

Sarah on January 24, 2017:


I have that problem too and didn't even think about it! I got mine done three weeks ago and it hasn't caused much issues. When I feel like I'm going to vomit I just eat a little something and it goes away!

Lynia on January 16, 2017:

I usually have the reflex of vomit when something is in my mouth for to long is it going to be the same for the piercing or it is going to be like if there is nothing in my mouth

Maria on January 07, 2017:

I'm getting my tongue pierced tomorrow and I'm so nervous and excited!!

alt17 on January 06, 2017:

I got mine done 4 years ago and never had a problem. I don't even notice it. I love it!!

Jessica on November 30, 2016:

I've had my tongue pierced for roughly 10 months and I made a bet with my mum I'll take it out, if she buys me the new iPhone 7 plus! How long Will it take close up? Will it close up? I don't want it to?

katline on November 19, 2016:

tongue piercing is not a bad thing to do.

Aliesha on November 10, 2016:

I have a question... I had my tongue pierced for about 13 years... A couple years ago I decided to take it out... Today I noticed a green spot on the top of my tongue where the piercing used to be... There isn't any pain or anything... Just wondering if I should be concerned?

Princess Kitten on October 18, 2016:

i got my tongue pierced monday around 3pm and it is now thursday night, 12am so i guess it's technically wednesday morning but when can i start sleeping without my head elevated?

Samantha on October 11, 2016:

I feel like the speech impediment part of this is kind of bullshit. Depending on how close to the top your piercing is located swelling and adjusting to having a ton of metal in your mouth is going to cause you to talk a little wonky and trying to eat with the extended barbells isn't going to feel normal and food might tug on the rings a bit. Also I think the fact that you address over and over the sexual connotations behind tongue piercings and try to refute that to be strange. Some piercings are inherently intimate or sexual. There is nothing wrong with that. I mean it's not always the case but I see nothing wrong with it.

Rachael on September 25, 2016:

I've been looking into getting this done and I was curious about how long you should avoid dairy after you get it done

Lolly on September 09, 2016:

I had my tounge done for 13 days and I have a white bit In front of my bar, is this normal?

Claudia on August 24, 2016:

I've had my tongue ring in for 3 days. When I eat solids it hurts but I know that that's normal,my tongue is white and a bit yellow is it normal?

This girl on August 20, 2016:

I used alcoholic mouthwash after I got mine pierced to clean it. It makes no sense to use mouthwash without alcohol because its not cleaning anything and it'll probably take longer for the piercing to heel. Mine heeled in a week and a half

Hollie on July 31, 2016:

I got my tongue pierced yesterday and it started to swell up quite abit. Today my tongue isn't as swollen and I'm able to speak better but still can't eat solids. My piercer said to use mouthwash twice a day but I use it three times a day instead. He said I can change the longer barbell to a shorter one after 2 weeks I'm not too sure if I should leave it for a little longer so it's fully healed.

Sarah on July 28, 2016:

Hi, I am going to be getting my tounge pirced next week but im a bit worried about my pircing getting infected as i think i have bronchitis but the doctor said it could just be ashma and if that doesn't stop my cough then she said go back in 3 weeks will this affect my pircing ?

Jessie on July 24, 2016:

I had my tongue done roughly 20 years ago. I removed it 8 years or so after because it started hurting. I changed barbells did not help. Nowthe flaps are on top of my tongue still as mentioned above. Under my tounge is a small nodule around where the ring went through. I was told by a dentist it was a tumor caused by tongue rings. I can get the ring part of the way through on both sides but not in the middle. Just wanted to know should I chance redoing it? Or leave it alone?

Elizabethpalacios on July 19, 2016:

I want to get a Tatring

Ari on July 14, 2016:

Im thinking about getting mine done but, im kinda scared about my tongue being to short. How long does your tongue have to be???

Dimplez on July 04, 2016:

I got mines done a month ago I like it a lot I'm changing my jewelry next week it's cute

Eli on July 01, 2016:

I am getting my tongue done in one wk (the 6 of july) and I am soooo excited.

T on May 27, 2016:

I love my piercing

Amanda on April 13, 2016:

I got mine done last Thursday and its Wednesday now.. the swelling has gone down significantly and I can now eat most solid foods. waiting for next Thursday so that i can get a shorter barbell since this long one gets in the way of EVERYTHING. all in all.. very worth it.

Ellie on April 11, 2016:

Tongue piercings wear out your gums on the back of your teeth and cause gum recession. I have a friend who had to get gum grafting to save her teeth due to gum recession because of her tongue piercing.

I personally removed mine after viewing the inside of by bottom teeth and noticing gum recession. I've had mine for almost 10 years and have gauged the piercing up to a 2g. I've always worn acrylic barbells except for right after gauging (I'd keep the metal one in for about a week prior to switching to acrylic). My gum damage is as bad due to the tongue ring being decently far back as well as not too much movement and rubbing against teeth and gums whilst speaking.

Everyone is a bit different with a bit of difference in piercing placement, so I just suggest you keep an eye on your gums.

Allanah McDermott on April 02, 2016:

got mine done tuesday

its saturday

swelling has gone down significantly and it only hurts when i wake up because i assume i grind my teeth, so im probably moving it around a lot in my sleep

on a scale of 1 to 10 it hurt maybe a 3

the pain of the healing hurts more than the initial piercing. ive had a small amount of pain if i move it quickly or eat something too fast, which id have to assume is normal as it is an open would in my tongue.

i had it pierced with some cutesy ball that was kinda oval shaped that said shit happens on top

it kept popping off and so i replaced the top ball with a straight silver one

if you just eat soft foods after and avoid solids you will have to relearn to eat solids and it will SUCK

they say not to drink through a straw but a loophole to that is bring the straw all the way to the back of your tongue, behind the piercing


dairy can cause a yeast infection, but if you want icecream or a glass of milk, or such, just brush really well and rinse w salt water afterwards.

suck on ice, it will help w swelling and pain

i have to admit cold drinks helped a lot this week

ive bought atleast 3 sodas and a tea from local convenience stores this week just to drink to help my tongue

i thought soda would hurt but i drank some directly after piercing it

im not sure about citrus sodas but big red and coke and dr pepper have been fine for me so far

and arizona also was fine. If anyone needs advice feel free to email me :P

Chloe on March 31, 2016:

I'm thinking of getting it done but I'm scared that it will hert and will get infected what should I do

someone on February 10, 2016:

there are no licenced piercers in my country I AM SO ANGRY anyway would it be better to get it from a doctor or a popular, experienced piercer??? I know its more likely that no one will answer but yeah.

Belle on November 10, 2015:

I'm planning on getting it done but I've had my nose pierced twice (because it closed) and it hurts to move it when I need to plus I had my lip pierced for a while again I wasn't able to move it when I needed to it closed up and has a huge bump. both resulted in a sharing pain causing the areas to be sore and I'm really wanting my tongue pierced but idk do you think it will get infected of my my body will reject it?

Laura on October 17, 2015:

I got it done on 10/13/15 i have no swelling i can talk normal but the long barbell is sliding up and down and the top ball is like touching my tongue like sitting on top of it. I talked to my piercer and he said tp buy a short bar now because youre tongue is ready for .... Is this possible?

Bevana from Tauron on October 12, 2015:

Very good post abouth piercing.

shaina on September 15, 2015:

do you have to get it done with metal balls?

chucky on September 09, 2015:

I got mine done last night. It hurts like hell i cant eat drink and its hard to talk. My tongue is all yellow but i cleaned it, it went away then came back after like an hr. Idk if its cuz its swollen or it wasnt done right but i cant lift my tounge up words it feels like its ripping. The bottom ball is closer to the tip then the top ball. Is this normal or should i remove it??

Zash on August 08, 2015:

i got my second tongue piercing on Wednesday and it's now Sunday!

When I got my first one done the swelling was gone within two days and I was eating smarties chocolate!

But this time the swelling has stayed for longer but it has gone down heaps I could not speak properly for two days and I was mouth washing it with listeerene but I changed to salt and warm water about 2 days ago and I rinse my mouth with that after I have a smoke or eat and it's healing faster (I used this solution the first time I got it done) but the bottom of the second bat is right on my web and it stings when I move my tongue but other then that I've got no problems except I'm annoyed with my tongue feeling so big in my mouth!

Josh on July 30, 2015:

I got my tongue done on Tuesday an it's still swelling hurts when I talk / eat / drink my throat hurts sometimes! I didn't stop smoking I kept on doing it I clean my mouth with mouth wash every morning an all threw out the day I use warm salt water , is the pain normal ??

Tiff on July 25, 2015:

If you have white areas inside the hole & can't be removed , is this skin growing back?

Jessiie on July 10, 2015:

I've had my tongue pierced for about 4 days now, there was a little pain after it was pierced but after about 2 days it disappears, it will take up to 3-5 days for the swelling to go and about 2-3 weeks before it heals properly. They say you can't smoke when you've had your done but i carried on smoking literally after mine was pierced and theres no problems whatsoever. Trust me it does hurt but everyone has their own opinion, if you want it done, go get it. Hope this helps :)

Zoe on June 24, 2015:

I got my tongue piercing two days ago, when I got it, it didn't swell or bleed but yesterday it started swelling & there is this yellow type of stuff coming out on top of where the whole is soo I think it may be doing it because I kissed my boyfriend last night so maybe I should just wait till it is healthy. Would it go away if don't kiss him again .. ????

galaxykitteh on June 04, 2015:

uhh if you play with it it can damage your teeth, this is why I removed mine. And it can scar, I have a small flap of loose tongue after 2 years without the piercing.

denisse on May 01, 2015:

its been 10yrs that i haven't wear a tongue ring I've been wearing my retainer. Can i reuse my barbell?

Jo on March 31, 2015:

ive had my tongue pierced for 10 weeks now but today it has become a bit painful and feels like it might be swelling. What should i do?

viol on March 09, 2015:

what about the amount of webbing for tongue web piercing? because i want a tongue web piercing but i don't think i have enough webbing

jodi on March 08, 2015:

this information provided is very helpful im having seconds thoughts now don't think i want to put my tongue through all thatpain. and my tongue is short so I guess i shouldn't get it done tho I like to see it.

Monica on March 03, 2015:

I have had my tongue ring just slightly over a week. There is no swelling, I can do everything normally but I constantly have a horrible stinging sensation it causes me much pain until I rub the area where it is stinging...i'm not sure if this is normal..or how to stop it from stinging all together... :( Help!?

Raven on February 20, 2015:

I'm getting my tongue pierced soon and I've heard people can die from it has there been any recorded deaths or paralysis? I'm just very invested in every piercing I get

Brogan on February 20, 2015:

I have veins running into the centre of my tongue am I still able to get it pierced?

Ki on February 13, 2015:

This was very helpful but some of your information is completely false.

-Tongue piercings will cause a slight speech impediment when the tongue swells up

-The "good fluids" that secrete from the wholes are NOT PUS. Pus is a sign of infection.

-Tongue jewelry can damage teeth if it is constantly played with or bitten no matter the quality of the piercing itself

-Peircing equipment is usually purchased in bulk online and are often sterilized by the piercers themselves

-There will be pain due to swelling and tender tongue right after getting it pierced. Just because you didn't have pain you shouldn't advise others that they will not.

-Not all establishments have set prices so their prices DO NOT always determine the quality of their work.

-The experience of the healing process depends on each individual so it's best to keep information more broad than personal.

Taylor on January 03, 2015:

I've had my tongue pierced for about 4 days now. I still feel some pain and still a little hard to talk but not near as bad as it was when I first got it pierced. Is this normal? And if so how much longer do I have before all pain is gone and I can talk and eat normal foods agian?