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Tongue Piercings: the Healing Process and Pictures

Updated on January 12, 2016
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Tongue Piercings

Tongue piercings are probably one of the more popular piercings — they're easy to heal and simple to conceal.

In general, getting the piercing is relatively pain-free, but depending on your tolerance, the actual pain will vary per person.

  • Swelling. You tongue will swell for about 8 to 10 days after the initial piercing; the amount of swelling will actually depend on how far back the piercing is placed (the further back the piercing, the more swelling).
  • Eating and speaking. For the first few days after the initial piercing, you won't be able to eat solid foods or talk properly.
  • Jewelry. The initial jewelry used will be longer to accommodate the swelling. However once the swelling goes down, a smaller barbell will be switched out. You can tongue barbells in surgical steel, gold plated steel, and acrylic. After the piercing has healed, you can consider using a labret stud or a tongue retainer when you need to hide your piercing.

Standard Tongue Ring

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by JesseVby Barbie, Hardcore, St. Thomas, On.
by JesseV
by JesseV
by Barbie, Hardcore, St. Thomas, On.
by Barbie, Hardcore, St. Thomas, On.

The Healing Process

After you get your tongue pierced, it generally takes about 10 to 14 days to fully heal. These are one of the fastest healing piercings, as the enzymes in your saliva help fight infection and kill bacteria.

You'll need to use a good mouthwash to help clean your mouth, but you can easily over clean your mouth with the mouthwash, which can cause your tongue to turn green or brown. If this happens, just reduce the amount of mouthwash you use and how often you use it.

  1. Day 1. After the first day, you'll experience swelling; the worst of it will be during the first 5 days. During this time, your speech will be hindered and you'll have to alter your diet to mashed potatoes, noodles, and very soft foods.
  2. Day 3-5. The swelling will start to reduce starting three to five days later. .
  3. Day 7-10. A week or so (around ten days) later, you'll need to have the barbell replaced with a shorter one. The actual time frame for when you can replace the long barbell for a shorter one will depend on the amount of swelling that you experience.

Normal Side Effects

While you're healing your tongue ring, you may experience the following problems, but don't worry as they will stop once the piercing is fully healed.

  1. You'll have an excess amount of saliva, which will cause you to swallow more.
  2. The taste buds on the end of your tongue may be tender, and you may experience tingling or burning.
  3. You may experience tenderness on the top of your tongue where the ball makes makes a depression, and on the lower inside gum area.
  4. You may notice white fluids excreted by the wound, where the piercing is healing, as the dead white blood cells are just leaving your body. Normally the dead blood cells would form a scab, but the saliva in your mouth won't allow a scab to form.

Multiple Tongue Piercings

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by Body Piercing by Bink, & Rings of DesireLifestyles Waterbury Ct Did Itby Anders, Flesh Impressinonsby Brad & Tammy, Island Ink Tattooby Rich and Ross, In Di Go
by Body Piercing by Bink, & Rings of Desire
by Body Piercing by Bink, & Rings of Desire
Lifestyles Waterbury Ct Did It
Lifestyles Waterbury Ct Did It
by Anders, Flesh Impressinons
by Anders, Flesh Impressinons
by Brad & Tammy, Island Ink Tattoo
by Brad & Tammy, Island Ink Tattoo
by Rich and Ross, In Di Go
by Rich and Ross, In Di Go

Horizontal Tongue Piercings

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by Bar, Bizzartby Shawn O'Hare, Fillmore Tattoo & Piercingby Shawn O'Hare, Fillmore Tattoo & Piercingby RiP, Nycby Nickk Leading
by Bar, Bizzart
by Bar, Bizzart
by Shawn O'Hare, Fillmore Tattoo & Piercing
by Shawn O'Hare, Fillmore Tattoo & Piercing
by Shawn O'Hare, Fillmore Tattoo & Piercing
by Shawn O'Hare, Fillmore Tattoo & Piercing
by RiP, Nyc
by RiP, Nyc
by Nickk Leading
by Nickk Leading

Venom Tongue Piercings

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Carribean Connectionby Samantha, The Exotic Bodyby Samantha, The Exotic Bodyby Margarett Fight
Carribean Connection
Carribean Connection
by Samantha, The Exotic Body
by Samantha, The Exotic Body
by Samantha, The Exotic Body
by Samantha, The Exotic Body
by Margarett Fight
by Margarett Fight


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    • BB 2 days ago

      I have a question is it normal to have a hard bump on my tongue in front... My tongue is not swollen anymore.

    • Shannon 3 weeks ago

      I got my tongue done around a week and a half ago and my tongue as went a white yellowy colour although iv been cleaning it fully with warm water and salt mouthwash ect? Is this normal

    • katey 4 weeks ago

      I have had my tounge pierced for a good two weeks and a couple days the swelling went down alot when can i change the bar ?

    • Tatianna 4 weeks ago

      So im getting my tongue pierced for the first time and was wondering can i gdt a clear bar as the bar they pierce with or does it have to be metal? Thank you.

    • Craig 3 months ago

      I have 2 10g tongue piercings one behind the other, the piercing was painless. They are 5 weeks old and feel great. The swelling was really bad, but the settled down and now the shorter posts are in there are no problems, just waiting until I can stretch up to 6g. Don't be put off if you think there is pain, although everyone is different this is not a painful piercing.

    • Diane 4 months ago

      Got my tongue pierced 8 days ago. Just changed to shorter barbell yesterday. My question is, I still can't stick my tongue all the way out. Is this normal?


    • Porsha Wilkinson 4 months ago

      Got my tongue pierced yesterday.. the piercing didn't hurt the swelling hasn't been bad I've even been eating pizza and Buffalo wings with ranch.. To top that off I am a smoker but I've been drinking water none stop.. I really love this piercing though!!

    • Megan Marlow 5 months ago

      I got my tongue done Wednesday and it's now Sunday, so 4 days. It has swollen but not too bad and the pain hasn't been bad I've not had trouble moving it or anything, but I don't know what I can eat?? The soup heats up the bar and burns me, and I'm alactosintolarant so there's not much for me, I can barely eat bread and margarine but it does hurt, and there's a small flappy little bit of skin on the under part of my tongue, someone help me???

    • AlyssaPrivik 8 months ago

      I just got my tongue done 5 days ago. I've been talking normal the whole time. There is swelling but it's starting to go down. The worst day so far was the 2nd day. I woke up and my tongue hurt so bad. But I took ibuprofen and it was good. I've been using regular salt, and warm water to clean mine and it seems to be helping. But now I noticed some whiteish clearish pus coming out the bottom. Is this normal?

    • Nicole baxter 9 months ago

      Im 15 (14 at the time) and i got my tounge pierced a week before christmas 2015, when getting my tounge pierced it was the slightest we pinch that i bearly even felt i got a long bar in for when my tounge swelled that night i came home and i was fine my tounge was its normal size ect, the next morning was the worst the pain for me was unbearable i couldnt eat a thing not even soup, mash potatoes anything! I was throwing everything back up? I thought it was beacause of the pain that i was just being sick. The following two days were the same and finally on the fourth day the swelling reduced and i was able to eat without throwing up and i was able to start wiggling and lifting my tounge. I kept mine in for about just near 3 weeks and id recommed for people who are planning or have just got there tounge to do so as much people put a new bar in and there tounge swells again. I was able to eat my christmas dinner with my family

    • Stephanie 9 months ago

      I got my tongue pierced last Wednesday and it's still swollen but I knew that would happen but would would my whole left side of my jaw & down hurt? I also have like little bumps on the top of my tongue by the ball! Is that normal for the healing? They hurt bad!

    • autumn95 10 months ago

      Got mine done about five weeks ago I have this white reddish bump on the bottom on of my tongue around the barbell it Hurst but no bleeding and the white stuff is almost gone is this normal

    • Ashley 17 months ago

      I just got my tongue peirced yersterday and i just woke up and now i cant move the ring is this normal?

    • phoebe 19 months ago

      I got my tongue done 4 days ago it didn't hurt at all and I could eat right from day 1 but my bottom ball keeps clinking on the bottom of my teeth is that normal?..

    • Vexyne 2 years ago

      I would like to see ONE person with a tongue thin enough to use a labret stud as a retainer. That is so DANGEROUS!

    • S.A.A. 2 years ago

      I got mine pierced about two days ago. I absolutely love it. It hurts a little and it's swelled. But I figured it would. The worst part was the clamps. It hurt bad. I don't know about anyone else but the clamps were very uncomfortable and hurt. If any anyone has any advice for me I'd love to hear it.

    • kasikaden 3 years ago

      I just got mine done yesterday n idk if the guy that did it hit a nerve r what bt on the left bottom side of my tongue is black bt it culd be that i ate ice cream too

    • yessuhyerbua 4 years ago

      avoid using anything with alcohol. if you hafta use it. mix it half and half with water. alcohol makes it heal slower. sea salt water works best

    • billie-Ann 4 years ago

      got my tongue done on tuesday, it is now a week later and its fine and mines pierced towards the back and to one side next to my tongue web (which i had pierced but took out a couple of days later and gonna pop back in) so it swelled up so much but went down in 6 days, had my bar changed to a 14mm yesterday which i could tell by the looks of it was too short, and i could tell it was too short this morning, completely sunken into my tongue, caused it to swell back up again and was a mess! went back today and got it changed to 16mm and it feels amazing, hardly a deep indentation anymore, just a little tender due to the mishap yesterday, still a little bit of swelling to go down and i was eating solids on sunday just very slowly, i got that horrible hard white lump in front of it and i thought it was cause i was a smoker, but i kept on mouthwashing and that and the next day it was completely gone and i was eating solids normally! absolutely love it! can't wait for the last bit of swelling to go down and for it to settle completely so i can order some new snazzy bars!

    • Matt93 4 years ago

      I had my tongue peirced a week ago, swelling has pretty much gone but i have a white and yellowish tongue, i also have a burning feeling in the tip of my tongue with some red taste buds showing. is my peircing okay or not ?

    • Bee 4 years ago

      Got mine done yesterday. Have to say it was kinda painful - but not tears-worthy (for example my belly button didn't even make me flinch, but this did). Anyway, it's looking good, no major color changes, (if any at all) and it's kind of swollen and my tongue is tired from being in this position due to the looong barbell.

    • lealea_babey 4 years ago

      i got my tongue peirced 4 days ago and it is swolen and sore... there is a little yellow puss looking blob on the front of my tongue by the bar... it is sore at the back of my tongue and on the tip of my tongue.. ive been told 2 use listerine which i have been... im a smoker as well so i have been using it after every time i eat and drink... is this normal?

    • Phil 4 years ago

      So i just got my tongue pierced on april 9th so its been about 4 days since i got mine done. I would say my swelling is pretty bad still i am developing the little redish yellow dot in front of my piercing on the top of my tongue and just now noticed the"scab" under my tongue. Now i am a heavy smoker so i use mouth wash (pro crest health non alcohlic ) every time i get done smoking and DESTROYED my gums lol THey are healed now but i only mouth wash now 5 to 6 times a day with 75% with water and the doc gave my nystant whatever you spell it so i hope that works! CAN'T FREAKING WAIT TO EAT REAL FOOD THO!!! XD

    • Peaches0998 4 years ago

      I got my piercing 2 weeks ago! The same day I was eating solids and didn't need pain killers. It hurt slightly but not as much as I expected. Oral-B mouth wash (no alcohol) and ice cubes are the best (: , use a soft bristle toothbrush to clean around the barbell , I've already started changing my barbells :) xx

    • meme 4 years ago

      i getting my tongue done today man im scared wish me luck

    • Whitney 4 years ago

      i got mine done last friday, i had one back in 06' but took it out due to a root canal and never put it back in . The second time around the swelling was much worse (must be due to scar tissue and being pushed back further on the bottom) but other than that, still expericing a tingly numb sensation at the tip of my tongue but it feels a little better now that the swelling isn't pushing much on the nerve . I recommend anyone to get one..mature ones at the most . :] can't wait to play w. it more in a good week or so .

    • lucy 4 years ago

      i had my tongue peirced 10 days ago, everything has been perfectly fine. ive had my barbell changed to a shorter one and the swelling has gone completely down, but i have a lump underneath my tongue to the right side next to the hole, its hard and quite big but ive only just noticed it, i was wondering whether it was normal or not?

    • Aknight92 4 years ago

      Hey all. :)

      I just recently got my tongue pierced, this last Friday. It is THEE weirdest thing ever. I didn't exactly think it through. I mean trust me, I asked a million and one questions, but the thought of what it would be like when eating or talking, never crossed my mind; which is a tad bit ironic since I am a "Chatty Cathy," as well as a "big girl." Haha and well, I am sad. Happy that I did it, sad that it is sore and swollen and that I can't talk. My tongue is stiff, and I would rather not talk at all, but as you have read, for me it is pretty inevitable. I L-O-V-E talking. I am glad that the "white," that I sometime see around my piercing is normal. Phew!

    • BAMBOLAXX 4 years ago

      well i got my tongue pierced for the second time and it didn't even hurt at all! its been 4 days and i can already eat solid foods. one advice don't use LISTERINCE.. theres to much alcohol in there... or u can use salt water... after u get your piercing done ask them if they have anything to clean your tongue.. my piercer gave me some h2o salt walter which works wonders...but its pain ful ( just the healing) but after that's it worth iy

    • cynthmarie 4 years ago

      i got my tongue done thursday, it is now sunday. its been 4 days n the swelling still seems to be the exact same as the first day. ive been eating tons of popsicles, drinkin water like its my job, & mouthwashing after everything including smoking. i actually have been eating all kinds of food, although i have to put it to the back of my mouth n chew very slowly. im kind of concerned why the swelling has remained the same.. & why my tongue feels really dry n raw.. ne ideas?

    • Des 4 years ago

      I got my tongue pierced exactly 1 week and 2 days ago. The piercing itself didn't hurt me at all. It didn't even swell for the first 24 hours. Then the next night as i was sleeping it swelled a little. Not a big deal! ICE helps A LOT! The swelling went all the way down on the 5th day, and I changed it myslef on that day. once its changed and the swelling is gone, you don't even know its there. I love mine!

    • Celena 4 years ago

      I just got mine done saturday today is monday and I dot have that much pain I justcant eat good and they said I can't my bf omg I hoped gets better soon a lil wight stuff inside so im kida scarred

    • ßlaqueCOUTURE90 4 years ago

      I just got my tongue piecing last tuesday. I hate being in pain but it was worth it =). It didn't hurt when i first got it dun felt like a toddler was pintching me. 'BUT' the next day was hell! Since i have a very long tung they put it towards the middle so it was quite swollin. My first few days was painfull but i made sure i kept it clean with mouth wash and brushed m teeth and tongue about 3 times a day. Iam a smoker but it didn't bother my piercing at all just had to rinse. They told me to use a sea salt mixture with water and as soon as i did my tongue swell and bleed a lot. I called the piercer he just told me that every1 heals different. So i cutt the sea salt out and did my regular mouth wash rinse,soft foods,and ice cold water/ice cubs. The week went by so fast it dnt feel like i had it that long.If your going thur pain suck it up its worth it. Just dnt pay it no mind and before you kno it will healed. Cnt wait to get a shorter bar soon :)

    • dawna 5 years ago

      seasalt&water mix. no mouthwash. rinse after smoking. rinse after any drinks besides water. brush teeth three times a day. take a multivitamin. suck on icecubes. take ibuprofen.

    • icycold 5 years ago

      I just got mine done have slight swelling but not to bad. Use ibuprofin every 4-6 hours and mouthwash (alcohol free) and if possible sleep in a chair so your head is elevated above your heart as this will reduce blood flow to your tongue reducing the swelling dramatically!!!

    • Zachary Amaya 5 years ago

      Omfg, my tongue hurts so freaking bad, so i got it done its 9:38pm and the bottom of my tongue piercing is like inside my tongue, but i can still see like a little of it, is this normal? well im guessing it is because of the swelling, oh yeah it is swelled up HARDCORE, it hurts :( Please, someone give me advise :(

    • Katie S 5 years ago

      I got mine done yesterday after school. I am a smoker and I am already having problems cutting down. I woke up this morning and my tongue was fatly swollen and I had puss on the bottom of my tongue. My nurse made me take it out and rince with Hydrogen Peroxide and it felt better, but an hour later, the puss came back. What do I do?

    • maya 5 years ago

      Just got mine done yesterday to me it hurt a lot lol i was tearing up but it was worth it. Right now the most irritating thing is the tenderness of the tip of my tongue and the bottom gums hurt. Can't wait till i can eat without pain lol.

    • Brittany 5 years ago

      I'm getting mine 2morro for my 17th birthday and I'm scared as hell about it but ik the pain will be worth it...I dunt du good with pain -____- lol

    • 5 years ago

      I got my tongue pierced yesterday, after a long time of wondering if this would be something for me. My tongue is really short, so the pierced had to to it really slowly, so he could check underneath if it was placed right. I was SOOOOO fucking scared, so i turned my head and took my toung inside my mouth when he was halfway. And i even I tightened my tongue. NOT A GOOD IDEA!! so honestly, if you ask me, it hurts like HELL!

      but right after i started drinking ice water. A good tips is to freeze half bottles with water, and fill the rest when its frozen. MUCH better than icecubes. I have no trouble speaking, and my parents haven't even noticed yet! I can even eat good, i found a technique that is perfect! just put the food on the side of your tongue, and push it back! Its easy, but probably because my tongue isn't that swollen. I can still see like 5mm of the barbell!

      if you want your tongue pierced, do it! you wont regret, its awesome! :D:D:D

    • Jen 5 years ago

      I got my tongue pierced 4 days ago and have had no problems, I can eat soild foods, couldn't for the first two days, and I've been smoking, all you have to do is clean it after, and drink a lot of water with ice. Parents haven't even noticed yet (:

    • maggie! 5 years ago

      I have had my tongue done 3 times with no problems except my last one had a lump when I took it out but it went away but tomorrow I am getting the venoms done I am so excited as well as nervous!

    • playboy 5 years ago

      i got ma tongue ring when i was just 14 but then like a month latter i toke f out and did it again when was 16 on nov.26 and now im 17 about to be 18 soon in nov.2 and im about to make a year with my tongue right and t didn't hurt at all to and i didn't have any problem with it eithere

    • -_- 5 years ago

      i couldn't care less about the pain of it.

      i'm just really scarred about getting an infection or a screwed up tongue from it :/

    • kole 5 years ago

      my taste buds are tender as hell on the tip of my tongue ! i got it done yesterday, didn't hurt as bad as i thought.. i love it but CAN NOT WAIT for the shit to heal up.. the way the tip of my tongue feels is annoying. i can't eat nothing and i drool.. A lot.. hope this ice water and mouthwash fixes it up quick

    • Mimi3 5 years ago

      Ok so I got my tongue piercing about 2 weeks ago but I have a lump I front if it is this normal

    • ariaaa 5 years ago

      I got mine 3 weeks ago and it didn't hurt me at me biting my tongue hurt worse then getting it pierced. But i still was able to eat and talk but the bottom was sore for a couple days and i had to eat slow but after like a week it felt completely normal

    • kendall sue 5 years ago

      I just got my tongue pierced last night, it urts like a b!tch lol. It is swollen and stuff, but i think i may have pierced mine too far back, but i can't tell. And idk if you are supposed to, but, i used a 14g even when i first got mine done. Any advice??

    • jimmy 5 years ago

      Didn't see any guys names on here so figured id comment. Got my tongue pierced a week ago, can't wait to switch it out. ( )

    • rhiannon 5 years ago

      i got my toung pierced about a week ago it hurt me quite a lot and when they pierced it loads of blood started driping down me, when it stop he had to take the bar out and put a different one in it hut so much it felt like he pierced it twice. but now it still hurts and the hole at the top has gone really big :(

    • Emmalou 5 years ago

      I've had mine pierced for about eight years now how long will it take to heal if I take it out? I've got an ulcer right by the hole so need to take it out for a bit but I heard they heal really quick

    • Bree 5 years ago

      I just got mine done two days ago and it is very sore! And the hole in my mouth is bigger than the ball! should it be that way? It looks like the ball is sitting inside my tongue instaed of on top of it. Idk if that is normal or not!

    • Erika 5 years ago

      I finally got my tongue pierced and the actual piercing hurt much less than my nose piercing. It shocked me actually. The swelling on the first 2-3 days is terrible and annoying, but I'm on day 6 now and I'm eating chicken nuggets and everything. It's sore when I wake up, but after I brush and rinse with the mouthwash it's back to normal. I'm excited about putting in my shorter bar next week!

    • Laz 5 years ago

      well i got my tongue pierced like 4 days ago they told me i wasn't suppose to smoke for about a week but dam the swellingnes hurt so much i had to smoke so today i woke up and like lilitery on the tip of my tongue i have a big as lump like bigggg its like 5cm from my piercing any1 know if this is normal i look in the mirror and stick out my tong and it looks like an alien space ship with an antena like a frizby a fat 1 with a glass on top lol this is 4th day of piercing

    • danielle chrisitne 5 years ago

      i just got mine done like 3 days ago and its swollen and i can't eat ANYTHING im so hungry; how long does it take to be able to eat something solid?

    • Emily duhh trick 5 years ago

      I juss got my tongue pierced yeserday the actually piercing didn't hurt but now it hurts im juss ready to eat right this sweeling is annoying n I can't barely tlk

    • Luke  5 years ago

      thinking about getting my tongue done next week, just worried about all the swelling!

    • michelle 5 years ago

      i got mine done 5 days ago. and my tongue is still very swollen. the acual piecing hurt more than i thought i would give it a 7 out of 10. i have a lot of other piecing and this one hurt the worst. i still can't eat very much and lost a lot of weight because of this piecing. but i know in a couple days time it will be all worth it ;] does anyone know how long you have to wait to drink acolhol?

    • lilli 5 years ago

      i got my tongue pierced about 3 days ago and its kinda bothering me and i would just like to know if its optional to take it now if i wanted to?

    • Toni 5 years ago

      I just got mines yesterday and its pretty tender today. Its not as bad as i thought it was gonna be. Its swelled up doe. I think I'll have to stick with my water and ice the rest of the day

    • jose 5 years ago

      I just had my tongue pierced five minutes ago, I can honestly say I had no pain occur to me at all, the worst that happened was the tongs. It's what holds your tongue still so the piercer can focus and concentrate on the needle and where it needs to go. The, on a scale from 1-10 is about a 3. The swelling, and speech however is annoying on a scale, is like a 8 or 9 haha. I think the customer will be okay. It's not as bad as anyone would think.

    • effie 5 years ago

      im getting myn done tomorrow....for the second time....scared and excited at the same time

    • atomicxkitten profile image

      atomicxkitten 5 years ago

      I got mine pierced July 9th and it's now August 2nd. It's been almost 4 weeks now and I still have the whitish yellow lymph coming out of my hole but it's not a whole lot and the area around the holes is not red or anything. My tastebuds on the tip of my tongue still burn from time to time as well. Could I be irritating my piercing or is my tongue just slow at healing? Still rinsing after every meal and everything I drink except water. :(

    • reni** 5 years ago

      so, i got my tongue pierced three days ago. there is a white ring around the top, not the bottom. and it hurts a little bit, more today than it did when i got it done, on a scale of 1-10 the proceadure was a 2. and i haven't had much swelling........but i have like an indent on the top of my mouth where the ball shits, even tho there is room for it to move around, can anyone tell me why this is ??

    • Ashley 5 years ago

      I don't really have a comment its more like a question. I had my tongue pierced for 3 years and its starting to hurt, does it mean its infected?

    • Elissa 5 years ago

      Savona, take ibeprophine (or however you spell it) and suck on ice!

      I got my Tongue pierced 3 weeks ago, there is a small White bump on the top side of my Tongue just in front of the whole. Any ideas of what it is or how to get rid of it?


    • Savona 5 years ago

      I got mine done today and I'm kind of nervous that it's going to take forever to heal. I work and the next time I go in is Monday. I can barely eat or drink anything right now :( any advice to me!?

    • Nicole 5 years ago

      i got mine done yesterday and today's swelling was pretty uncomfortable... it doesn't hurt at all its more annoying than anything and it just feels weird. to me the pain feels like biting your tongue just the pain doesn't stop right away. it last a couple days...

    • Jenn 5 years ago

      @Allyssa- umm, like i said up there ive had my tongue pierced sense monday (7/11) but really think that you should not pull of the skin. my advice is that you try turning your barbell so that skin doesn't heal like on it. that's what ive been doing. i read it on a website. also i think you should talk to your piercer and see if that's normal. i haven't had that happen. mine is healing pretty good but talk to your piercer. don't touch the skin let your peircer tell you what's going on

    • Allyssa 5 years ago

      I got mine 4 days ago, and it didn't hurt. But it's swollen still and its annoying to talk. I had a piece of skin starting to grow in front of it so whenever it grows back I just pull it off. Am I not supposed to do that or..?

    • Jenn 5 years ago

      Ookay so im 16 and i just got my tongue done yesterday (7/11/11). my tongue is swelling but ice water and midol helped it go down. i haven't really eaten anything except 3 baby bites of applesauce and a banana and like tons and tons of ice water. but i been talking normally well trying so i think i been moving it to much so now its like really sore. i also notice that when i talk normally it feels like im swallowing the ball so im constantly checking to make sure everything is still there. and the barbell is so long that the ball is rubbing against the bottom of my mouth. umm i don't think none of the piercing procedures hurt (clamps,needle,etc)afterwards i did feel really hot and my vision got blurry and i got lightheaded but now im fine my tongue feels okay its just the bottom of my mouth that hurts. i do have a little white substance coming out on the bottom but i think its healing. im just trying to make sure that my balls are tight so they don't come off and that my tongue doesn't get to swollen. but i am planning on callling my piercer today (7/12/11) so i can see if the little amount of white substance is normal and see if i should come in for them to check the piercing in like 2 weeks. cause most sites say go and see your piercer after to weeks of having it done. all my advice is, if you're thinking of getting this done make sure your ready for the after math because the piercing aint nothing compared to the swelling and stuff like that. some more advice is have mouth wash, water, ice, some kind of painkiller or a anit inflammatory pills to take, umm im not really sure of what else to say because ive only had my tongue piercing for about 13 or 14 hours. so i don't have that much knowledge about this but i know a lot of people who have it done and ive read a lot of information about it. but anyway good luck with everything for those who are getting it done.

    • EmilyGoodie profile image

      EmilyGoodie 5 years ago from Philly Pa .

      Its Normal , My Tongue Was Yellow For About 9 Day . Then It Goes Away

    • katie 5 years ago

      *creamish ring

    • katie 5 years ago

      i got mine done about five days ago and it didn't hurt at all

      i got my eyebrows threaded and to me that hurt a lot more

      now i just got some swelling but i do have this yellow ring around the piercing can any tell me if that's normal ?

    • Mandy 5 years ago

      Is it normal for your tongue to burn after getting it pierced??

    • EmilyGoodie profile image

      EmilyGoodie 5 years ago from Philly Pa .

      Honestly , I Was High When I Got Mine . On June 29th , The First Two Days Were Jus Painful . I Threw Up All Day (June 30th ) But As For Getting It Done It Didn't Hurt & I Didn't Bleed At All . My Piercing Is Pushed Really Far Back , I Don't Like It So Far Back But I Do Have An Over Bite & It Would Of Got In The Way . Its The 4th Of July & I Feel Fine . But Im Jus Wondering Is The Hole From The Ball Going To Close Up ? Because Its Huge ! Im Only 14 , (:

    • Roisin :)  5 years ago

      i got mine done there on Wednesday (29th of june) today is friday(1st of july) .. i have a bit of bruising on my tongue as the bar is slanted so i think its bruising it when i move my tongue .. i also noticed the underneath of my tongue started to bleed after i ate some hot soup . is that normal?

    • elisa 5 years ago

      Okay well I got a tattoo for my birthday last year on the 1st of july,,when I had it done I landed up punching the guy it was soooo sore!!! But afterwards it was fine,, when I did my belly ring I landed up fainting twice befroe and after LOL,, but as soon as it was done and after the whole fainting thing there was no pain,,cleaning it was easy and no pain at all... Now this year I did my tongue ring for my birthday yesterday(29th of june 2011) nd I had a person holdin my hand so I could squeeze it!! But I felt nothing nd trust me I cried when I did my ears so I was happy about it not hurting,,till I had to go for lunch for my birthday,,I ordered a chicken alfredo hmmm yummy to find I couldn't eat I wanted it out as it hurt too much... I went back to the guy who did it nd he told me to get medication,, so I did to land up takin more than 2 hours to eat my pasta and still have some left over... Now its june the 30th nd I'm crying cause its so sore,, tried to eat popcorn but its so uncomfortable when I talk I sound like a complete spazo and it sucks... My one friend told me I wouldn't be able to change the bar till a month later nd I can't have that!!! I can barely close my mouth with huge ass thing in it!! I can't kiss my boyfriend and you have no idea how badly I liss cake but I can't eat it!!!!:(:( and I love cake... Iv had slush,ice cream nd I'm on meds but I'm slowly dying!!! OMG

    • nikki 5 years ago

      Hey guys, I got my tongue pierced about 2 months ago. The pain from the act of piercing my tongue was bearable because it was done in a flash. I couldn't eat solid food or talk properly for 5 days. But one freaky experience I had was on the 4th day. My piercing started bleeding for no apparent reason, and it was bleeding a lot. Still, I went for dinner eating pork chops (hehe), and soon after my tongue swelled to the whole length of the bar, and the pain was horrendous. It felt like someone was driving a nail through my tongue but stopping halfway .

      I was faint, feverish, couldn't walk or talk.

      When I looked in the mirror, I saw a blood clot at the top and bottom of the piercing. it was freaky, but even after cleaning it with antiseptic mouth wash, it remained. I went to sleep anyway.

      The next morning, the was blood on my pillow and bed (lol). When I checked in the mirror, the swelling had gone down considerably, and the blood clot was only on the bottom part but this this the clot was outside and on the surface of my tongue. I could easily pull the clot out. And it was back to business.

      Now, my main problem is the ball bearings come off frequently. Does any body know if bioplast is a reliable and safe material..?

      Thanks and all the best! :)

    • Ryan 5 years ago

      I got my tongue done 4 days ago and its still swelling and one side of my tongue is swelling more then the other side, is that normal? and what is the longist time it will take for the swelling to go down i really want to eat.

    • Jacks 5 years ago

      Im 16 and got mine done last sunday and when getting it done it really didn't hurt swelling was the worse for me. I haven't had any problems with it I just can't wait for all of the swelling to go down so I can change to a smaller batbell.

    • Ann 5 years ago

      I just got my tongue pierced tuesday night and it has been 4 days and this morning I woke up and it had blood on my tongue is this normal and I also over cleaned mine and it hurt even worse

    • Blair_11 5 years ago

      I would have to say that my tongue was the least painful out of all of them. I have my tongue done 3 times and I would definitely say the swelling was the most annoying part of the whole procedure.

    • kateey  5 years ago

      I got my tongue pierced about 3 weeks ago before I got my bar changed on Tuesday(its now Thursday) my tongue was completely normal, but now having it changed it gone really sore again especially on the bottom and I've noticed a white ring around the bottom hole, is this because its been messed around with or could I be allergic to this new metal, I don't know whether to change it myself or not? And advive anyone?

    • jayy 5 years ago

      Well I just got my tongue peirced yesterday out of nowhere. . It was just decided :) anyway. . The past yesterday like 3 hours after was literally hell ! I was hungry and couldn't eat from pain plus I was hiding it from parentals *I'm 14 guy* but anyway I took off the bottom ball so they couldn't see.. its different for some people, bottom or top..anyway this morning I woke up I SLEPT WITH BOTH BALLS BECAUSE I DIDN'T WANNA SWALLOW IT but I spit and it was like dried blood colour. . I rinse my mouth out with LISTERINE after anything I eat. . And then my tasted buds around the peircing look swollen. . Thiss is a QUESTION/Informant

    • Jaz 5 years ago

      I have pierced my tongue twice before in the past, 10 & 7 yrs ago, but it has closed since then. How would the healing process go if they just repierce it?

    • TeezyBaby 5 years ago

      Tongue piercings are such cool fashion statements and totally painless I've had mine for a week now and it is great. I didn't get any numbing during my piercing and I didn't swell nor have problems eating but saliva is very plentiful. I just hate changing my barbells because I hear the piercing closes relatively fast(minimum of 5 minutes). Is that true anyone?

    • Ashley 5 years ago

      I'll be 17 in about a week. I guess that the white-ish pus being excreted from the holes is pretty normal, considering what I've read from all the other posts. I also am experiencing this. So far, I have had no issues with talking or eating. Right after i left the parlor (I got mine done at "Skin Illustrations" in Lawrence, KS), I went home and ate food that was very much solid. I didn't sound as silly as my sister, who also got her tongue pierced. She has troubles eating pretty much everything. I also have experienced the nasty color of the tongue surface, but i have also been constantly rinsing my mouth with Listerine at full strength, so i might just be overdrying it. I have to conceal my piercing from my dad, because he is against all piercings, but like my mom said: It's better to just take us to the shops instead of us doing it ourselves.

    • khadejah 5 years ago

      I got my tongue pierced on the 9th it dint hurt the only thing is is the swelling but I play with mine and my tongue is starting to split but other than that I love it

    • Tilly 5 years ago

      Well guys, To me this was the most painfulest pericing i have had! I have had my hip and my nipple and this one is defo worse! It didn't hurt 1 bit then it got periced.. But its been 2 days and it is so sore! Im starting to feel really sick becuase i havnt been able to eat proply! The swelling is hard to cope with to because my tongue is so big! Can't wait for it to heel, It looks good so that's all that matters!

    • Brooke 5 years ago

      i got my tongue pierced tuesday it is now friday!! my tongue has a burning sensation where the piercing sits and i have like a red blood blister looking thing in the front of the piercing! wat do you think this is. i was hoping that this would all stop hurting by now, it is starting to get really bothersome. please help someone

    • bryden 5 years ago

      got my tongue peirced yesterday , wanst as sore as i thought , it has swelt up but i just get on with it , i usually forget that its even there but other than that its great to play with , have ripped my tongue a little because i bit my bar ball trying to eat a smarties mcflurry after i got it done , not able to eat hard food yet hopefully i can soon though , the swelling is slowly going down and my tongue is white and the bar is dangling about all the time , hope the swelling goes down soon so i can go get my bar changed to a smaller one because the big ones a pain in the neck

    • steph123 5 years ago

      i had my tongue done today and i was just woundering is it normal after having you tongue done that the bottom ball like rubs aginst gums thanks

    • EMB0360 5 years ago

      Little dannie (and everyone els who has swelling) take advil!! this will help the swelling go down drastically . it is the only way i survived with mine :) good luck everyone. and remember the first week is the worst after that you're pretty much in the clear

    • azul4ewe 5 years ago

      got mine done 6 days ago the swelling is what kills u im starting to se the died skin cells can't want 4 it to heal

    • littledannie profile image

      littledannie 5 years ago

      Yes april theres a lot of things you can't do I just got mine peirced yesterday and I'm going through hell at the moment but doesn't hurt when ur getting it done just after

    • littledannie 5 years ago

      Hi I just got my tongue peirced less than 24 hours ago and was wondering if its too swollen? Its swollen from one end of the barbell to the other and feels like theres no more room for it to swell is this normal I'm worried

    • april 5 years ago

      im getting mine pierced in 2 weeks and im absolutely pooing myself!:( everyone i know who has one says it doesn't hurt, and i believe them its just that i realised that when i get it pierced i'll be able to see it all coz its right under my nose and is it true to stay away from dairy foods when its healing because of yeast and stuff?

    • kirsty 5 years ago

      Hey i got mine done on satudday and it wasn't all that bad. They just clamped it and told me to take a deep breath and then let it out slowly nd when i let it out i just felt a little bit of pushing and thn it was in. I didn't get it numbed as it is now illegal apparently. But now its monday and its hurting more than ever. I had 1cuggarette yesterday and i washed my mouth out with mouthwash. Salt water and i also brushed my teeth. I t wasn't all too bad yesterday but it is huge today im not able to talk and i can only eat soup and pasta. I have stuck to my water and i have mouthwash after everything. Anotherthing. I was just wondering is it strange to see where my teeth sit on my tongue and also how long will it takw dor it to not swell as much as i have earache head ache and jaw and neck ache. I jyst want to change my bar and b like everybody else. .. Xxx

    • jacob 5 years ago

      alright guys i got mine done on saturday.. but the chick doing it dropped the ball and put one from an eyebrow pericing on there.. clean of course. but i think the ball is too small and is indented in my tongue to about the same level. i can still push it out. is this normal?

    • brianna 5 years ago

      I just got mine done friday and ive had it done 2 other times before. Im 17 btw. And havin a bump in front of it is fine, just make sure you take care of it and if it doesn't go away contact your piercer. Whitish fluids is okay, its just normal dead white blood cells. If its whitish/yellow that's fine!! Its the green and brown pus u need to watch out for. As for me, each time ive pierced my tongue it bled that night and this time it bled for a whole day. It was bleeding all day and i only got it done friday(its now sunday) and the bleeding has stopped. Like theres only a tiny bit around the top bar but that's normal my peircer said.

    • daniperki 5 years ago

      I got mine done on monday (4 days ago) and mine is still a little sore. It didn't hurt when I got I pierced just the next few days were miserable. I have been able to eat normal food the whole time thanks to ibuprofen. But overall I'm happy with it, just can't wait to change my bar its rly annoying. Good luck with your piecings everyone :)

    • Emma 5 years ago

      I got mine done a few days ago and my tongue has a bit of a white ring around the hole and the edges of my tongue are whitish, is this normal ?

    • Holly 5 years ago

      Hey i got my tongue peirced on friday night today is wednsday i was wondering is it normal to have like a white flap of skin on the botton ball is it normal?

    • j0r 5 years ago

      eh can anyone tell me how long will it takes for a tongue piercing to be permanent . cos i have army in like 5 months time and i have to remove it

    • ellie 5 years ago

      i got my tongue pierced yesterday and it's gone white and have a white-ish puss coming from the top hole, is this normal? have had a lot of piercings being rejected by the body and so i am worried..

    • karly 5 years ago

      i had my tongue pierced on thursday(2 days ago), it didn't really hurt more like a quick stinging pain. mine swelled up really bad still is a little swollen now but going down, i can't eat no solids so just eating soup at the minute and drinking plenty of water. i clean it with salt water and diluted mouth wash 3 times aday. is it easy to get used to once eating solids again?

    • anon 5 years ago

      before i ask anything i wanna make sure someones here to answer ?

    • Telle 5 years ago

      How do you know if your tongue balls are coming loose the piercer did it but im really paranoid :S

    • Emma 5 years ago

      I had my tongue done on Saturday afternoon and it's now Tuesday it's still pretty swollen which is really annoying but the thing I'm worried about most is that a little spot on the tip of my tongue is numb, is this

    • Joe 5 years ago

      Its worth it.

      you're just going to miss food for the first week.

      get some protein and vitamins and make getting a tongue ring a healthy experience.

    • daniellelouise 5 years ago

      i had my tongue done 3days ago... i love it! only had a little swelling and the long bar is starting to do my head in... it's a bit big!! does anybody no what size of the bar that the piercer put in when i had it done???

    • Mandyjo 5 years ago

      I am seventeen and finally got my tongue done after being told is was too short about three years ago. That was upsetting. I have had mine for four days now, and it doesn't really hurt now. The first day was painless just weird getting use to manuvering it. Getting it pierced jus felt like I bit it, to be honest. Couldn't figure put how to spit with it when I first had to rinse my mouth. Apparently I'm over washing it cause it's yellowish I guess. It swelled up the morning after and has been a tiny bit sore, but nothing I can't handle. Good luck guys.

    • Katy88 5 years ago

      I got mine done three days ago. Didn't hurt at all. The next day it didn't hurt and it wasn't to swollen. I talk weird and can't eat to much food still. I notice the pain gets worse when I talk a lot. My mouth isn't watery it's really dry like cottonmouth.

    • tiana 5 years ago

      Omg I'm 25 and just got my tongue pierced I can't believe all these youngsters wow and the one who pierced their own tongue that's dangeriouse didn't u hear about the girl who died piercing their own tongue.... but anyway got mine done on Saturday today's Tuesday it hurt so bad clamps and all that night I had to work graveyard and omfg I just wanted to pull it out I was in sooooo much pain but I thoguht no I paid 57 plus tip of course for this I'm leaving it in lol.... damn it hurt I wanted to rip it out lol... but anyway got a question the ball is indenting in my tongue is this going to be permanent?? Its kinda nasty please email me thanx

    • Fieldy2169 5 years ago

      Crazy to read all these posts! Im 23 yr old male, and got mine done three days ago. My wife has had hers done for 2 years and told me it was almost painless. I finally decided to go and the initial piercing kinda hurt. Since then i have had no pain, and have had no trouble at all eating or talking. It is healing up nicely, as the swelling is going down but im yet to understand how im ass backwards to everyone else. For proof of me being able to handle pain i have broken fingers, toes, my hand split my lip open, eyebrow open and cracked a rib falling off a bobcat. All of those injuries didn't phase me too bad, except my rib. But i still wonder why the pain had more of an impact than some of the serious things that i have went through......

    • VicChick 6 years ago

      Ok, so here it goes.

      I got my tongue pierced two days ago almost and it was practically painless.

      The centre of your tongue where they typically pierce has no nerve in it hence, the painlessness.

      My piercer was amazing, super cool, told me to take a deep breath and when i let it out i would have a piercing, and i did! So simple.

      He also told me no making out, no oral sex, etc. But he advised me to load up on pineapple juice and chammomile tea because they are both natural anti-inflammitories, and they both work. After I got pierced i immediately made a visit to Orange Julius and asked for just a plain pineapple smoothie and the guy there was really nice about it and made me a special one haha. I couldn't bring myself to eat that night just because i attempted to eat soup and it took me half an hour and a half to down that, the noodles kept getting stuck on my tongue!

      Yesterday i had oatmeal, which was super easy, i managed to eat half of a sliced chicken sandwich too! Just make sure you have a glass of water next to you at every meal so you can swish all the food out, i found that i would get stuff stuck under my tongue and behind my piercing just because i couldn't move my tongue properly yet to get them. I am a huge fan of noodles and was stoked to find out that i could still eat them (i had to cut them up into tiny pieces though!). And, i tested myself on pizza, but of course you have to let it cool first! at first i was cutting it up and shoving the tiny pieces in my mouth like a hamster but after a while i figured my hunger was overpowering the annoyingness of the hamster chewing method and just chowed down.

      I have only bit my piecing once but i was already being careful so it didn't hurt too much, the only additional problem i faced was the fact that i got an inset sapphire top ball and i have to clean it out after eating things like bread and whatnot just so nothing gets in there and rots or something.

      Other than that, my only advice would be drink lots of cooled chammomile, pineapple juice, and oh! make pineapple juice ice cubes, they are easy to kinda mash up and just let it sit on your tongue, its so cold but makes the swelling go down sooooo much! Sea salt rinses are helpful for the healing, and make sure to rinse after every time you eat.

      Good luck! Hopefully I can get the shorter bar soon!

    • Khadijah  6 years ago

      OKAY WELL i got my tongue pierced new years eve and its now January the 18th.I didn't let it bother me but i have a huge piece of probably irritated taste buds pilling up in front of ring. yea i took mines out because that was really weird and i was worried, second i also had a weird pain on the left side of my tongue and not the right and the funny thing about it is that the lady pierced it wrong. everyones seem to be in the middle and mines was crooked and slanted to the left, giving me an additional pain to the left side of my tongue and under my neck/jaw directly below the left side....yea i took it out and now i know not to get my piercings from that lady..she even pierced my sisters ear wrong to where its so close to the edge of her ear its surely to just fall out. and the suckkkkyy thing she looked like she knew what she was =( Is there or was there anything wrong with my tongue... i want it in the midddle so ill get it repierced ....later not now though

    • Eliza 6 years ago

      Hello, I just turned 18 and got my tongue pierced on thursday afternoon (my birthday). It's now sunday morning and my tongue feels tingly. The initial pain was minimal, I was largly surprised. It didn't even swell until about 2 or 3 hours later. The swelling kind of hurt but it wasn't unbearable. It's just annoying because I have a small mouth and this fricken bar is so huge. My swelling is just about gone, but the tip of my tongue and right around the hole is sore. I expect that. There is a little bit of white fluid gathering around the hole. I expected that also. However, there is a little blood blister thing in front of my top ball. I was confused when I woke up in the morning to find it, but I realized that I have a tendency to suck on the top ball/tip of my tongue while I sleep. Could that be why?

    • Kayla  6 years ago

      Hello, im 13 years old im from, milwaukie,OR and i got my tongue pierced about 8 days ago witch was December 31st and my tongue has plaque on it. I can't brush it because I'll Gag and might through up and i was wondering if theres any other ways you could clean your tongue with out the plaque just sitting there waiting to infect your tongue. I have another question? witch mouth wash is better for your tongue( Listerine , crest , name brand stuff, or the kind for little kids where ever you can see your plaque in the sink). That stuff is amazing!

      Well i just really need help soo please give me some answers?.

    • jamie 6 years ago

      got my tongue pierced on march 2 2010 & it got hooked on my front teeth causing it to tear. it didn bleed, just hurt 4 a few seconds. 2day is jan 6 2011 and it still hasn healed. thinkin bout takin it out but the piercer said to wash it with salt. he said i could get another. help!!!

    • Callie 6 years ago

      Hi , im 13 years old , and i got my tongue pierced December 18th , so ive had it for about 12 days now , and its been great , but at first when i got it , i never felt a thing , but after wards , when i went home later that night , it bled alittle for only bout 2 minutes the most , then it swelled the 2nd and 3rd day , no big deal though , cause it didn't realli bother me , but ive been eating and drinking , and talking well now , but last night , when i was in bed at like 1am , i got thirsty and didn't wanna go downstairs , so i found my kool-aid juice in my room (not opened ) . And i drank it , and felt fine , but this morning when i woke up , my tongue was blue ? , like the kool-aid ?? So i brushed my teeth , and it barely came off ? , will that affect my tongue ? and how do i get it off without hurting my tongue ? please help....

    • dan 6 years ago

      if they clamp your tongue hard you cannot really even feel it. i hate needles and it was fast, no blood, and for the most part painless. anyone going to do it.. mine healed in three days and i changed it without any pain.

    • Amanda 6 years ago

      You think getting something pierced hurts? Have a baby. That's real pain.

    • GlitterGEM 6 years ago

      i just got my tongue pierced. and i find it really hard to swallow :( i can't even swallow my own saliva cause it hurts. they said to drink cold stuff but i find it hard to when my tongue is in pain. i can't talk ethier so that makes it even worst. i hope its worth it and i hope i can talk properly 2mro or something :(

    • gems84 6 years ago

      I'm gutted. I've just woken up cos my mouth feels weird and i've swallowed the ball in my sleep. I don't wanna take it out because i've done that before and its healed over real quickly. I've had it pierced twice now this time for just over 4 years and i've managed to get by from using balls from my old labret studs when my tongue bar ones came off but now i've ran out and i don't think anywhere will be open at 5.08 in the morning:( This is exactly what happened the first time so here's a warning to people always make sure the ball is done up tightly and always keep spares just incase

    • camcam 6 years ago

      im gettin mine done saturday 12/11/10

    • ashley 6 years ago

      I just my tongue pierced on Dec. 2nd. The initial piercing didn't hurt just a quick inch and it was done. I was really amazed by how quick the process was. I was able to talk all day up till dinner. It was annoying to eat and I had to constantly drink water to help my food go down. Th swelling increased by the time I went to bed. I got up today and it was still swollen but I have eating crushed ramen noodles so far and drank plenty of water. Th swelling is already going down and I can talk normally again. My only real problem is my gland that secretes saliva because it is sore now from the ball. But that's normal. I use my non-alcohol mouthwash after eating. I like playing with it and can't wait till it heal.

    • ruben 6 years ago

      i got mine done 10 days ago. dint really hurt as i thought it would. i think im ready to change my piercing but idk? it has bn to days and i got full motion of my tongue back not since like 3 days ago. coulnt really eat the first day but the 3rd day i was doing preety good. yea i had white stuff coming out of it but i decided it was normal wich i was right so im all good. you think im able to change it now? i really want to! my girl sure guna enjoy this as much as me:) so change it now? or wait the full 2 weeks? as i said im doing fine now and it don't hurt or anything sleep well with it on and everything. full motion of my tongue back so what you say?

    • Naomi 6 years ago

      Turns out I have tonsillitis and my tongue is fine!

    • Naomi 6 years ago

      My throat is also hurting quite bad and I had mine done 3 days ago. I also have a blocked nose so I'm not sure if it's the breathing with my mouth open all the time plus the increased amount of swallowing!

    • Alisa 6 years ago

      my throat is actually hurting and I got mine done 2 days ago can anyone tell me if that's normal?

    • Chrissy 6 years ago

      I got mine pierced a week ago today, and I had 1 day of swelling and that was brought on by yelling at my Other than that, it was fine, and the piercing itself didn't hurt. I do have pain in the bottom of my mouth now, but that's cause the barbell's too long, and I was told I can swap it to a 5/8" by week 2...but I called my piercer today to ask about swapping it and am going in today to have him I may be able to swap it by tonight. I wouldn't swap it out too soon though without talking to your piercer.

      As for the younger ones getting piercings, I agree...I didn't get my ears pierced til I was 13, I did however allow my 5 year old to get her ears pierced before that age. She's not getting anything else though until she's at least 18, 16 if it's another hole in each ear. She's amazed with mommy's piercings and wants some of her own as well as tats, but she knows that she's not old enough.

    • lj 6 years ago

      ok, so i got the ring tuesday, its now friday, no problems but last night and this morning the bottom of the ring seems to be going into my tongue. the top of the ring is fine, it is actually sticking out far. the problem is that this monring ii had to force the bottom ball of the ring out, i think my tongue is closing around the bottom of the ring, my tongue doesn't feel to swollen, but if it was wouldn't the top ball of the ring be up against my tongue as well? what's going on?

    • natasha s 6 years ago

      @chloe how long did you wait to re-pierce it? cos i think i need to re-do it? and wen u u say it hurts more second time is it when u pierce it or the after affect second time round?

    • natasha s 6 years ago

      I got my tongue pierced about 2weeks ago and it didn't hurt at da time, but a few days later it did a bit but its alright now,. My problem is that my bottom ball is still not out, i think the piercer did it too far bacck, can any! tell me about this as im really worried something is wrong.

    • Jaybayb 6 years ago

      erm.... i jus got my tongue pierced about a month and a couple of days ago... im kind of concerned because i think the barbell is too long, the guy said not to change it until 3 months, im almost there but i just bought a new set like, a week ago.... so should i chang it? and also,is it supposed to be a sort of hump (kinda looks like swelling) around it?

    • RiderCorpse 6 years ago

      Venoms Don't Really Hurt I Actually Moaned When I Got Them Done, The Only Down Side Is No Solid Food For A Week

    • kat 6 years ago

      I got my tongue done 2 days ago (12 november 2010) and i can tell you 1 thing if you don't ike needles or can't take pain do not get it done. i made that stupid mistake. i hate needles and pain so it reli hurt. i doesn't hurt when it's being done it's just the shock of something being put in there. mine is still hurting a little because i'm not used to it. it is hard to eat for a couple of days but if your hungry you have to eat. i am 16 just to let the younger 1's no. so yes it hurts and the metal ball also rubs under your tongue witch also causes irratation.

    • rachel 6 years ago

      ok i got mine done for the second time 2 weeks ago an i changed the balls on the big ring they pirced it with cuz i still had a lil swelling aroung the barbell. but thismorning when i woke up an still now it has been more swollen. irinse my mouth out afer eating an everything idk if its infected or what. please help

    • minnzz 6 years ago

      i got mine done @ 11 something this morning... very quick procedure and hard to spit afterwards... its not 7 and i am not expiriencing any pain, its just trying to get used to it. i haven't eatin just drinking water and ive taken 3 ibuprofens. im hoping the swelling or whatever wears off soon im ready to eat!!

    • Tweety 6 years ago

      I just go my tongue re-pierced 3 days ago after it was out off n on for about 1 1/2 yrs and it is pierced right in the center and the first time i got it done it was pierced on a slight angle from the bottom but in the middle at the newho,now its straight through top to bottom and it still hurts.the bottom of my tongue hurts and i feel like my glands are swollen! idk if it's b/c he had to go through a lil bit of scar tissue or if its b/c its a lil further back now?

    • Tasha 6 years ago

      I'm 19 and I just got my tongue pierced about 3/4 days ago. It hurt a a bit more than I thought it was going to, but this may be because I wanted it a little further back. Over all the actual piercing process is fast and is not bad. Mine is still swelling up pretty bad if the ibuprofen wares off, but can eat most things with a little soreness afterwards. I am talking with a little bit of a lisp for now, but I'm hoping that stops soon lol. I am very excited about when it is all healed and can eat without ibuprofen. I am a little scared that its going to take longer to heal further back. Other than that I am sticking to my alcohol free mouthwash and ice is always good :)

    • danniella. 6 years ago

      I just got my tongue done yesterday, I complety admit the clap they use hurts more then the process. Moy tounq is still swollen but I'm qood. I take it out when I eat sometimes depends on what I'm eating. Its hard to figure out the whole process of movement. Its very confusing lmao, but the swealling has gone down quit some bit.(:

    • krunal 6 years ago

      i just got my tongue done yesterday it didn't really pain tht much jus felt like an injection in my tongue,its still swolleen tried to eat but im nt able to chew as it pains, can't even swallow properlly hope this swelling goes down as its annoying can't speak properly lol but it looks dam awesome can't wait fr 2 weeks den try my kissing skills ;)

    • Alicia 6 years ago

      Ha yeah, I am 17 and am just now convincing my parents to let me get it done. I could only imagine trying to ask at 12. lol. But I might get it done tonight! i'm really hoping it doesn't hurt! I want it done so bad!

    • No Namee XP 6 years ago

      Ok Thank You Soo Much n_n

    • rebecca 6 years ago

      im a total baby with pain and when they actually pierced it, it barely hurt; least painful piercing so far (out of snakebites and a monroe). but the swelling is what gets you, i can't talk right at all and my job requires a lot of talking >____> but yeah, if your worried about the pain, don't be, it gets annoying, but its really manageable, just drink alot of ice water and be prepared to fast for a while. im on day 3 and i still can't talk right but it'll be worth it :P

    • Emmeline 6 years ago

      just got my tongue pierced three days ago, dealing with the usual swelling and dead cells and aches. the entire muscle and area around my neck/jaw is tender, but with plenty of advil and liquids im starting to feel better already. i was worried because of the placement, but after research ive realized its normal. the top ball looks like its farther back than the bottom ball, making me thing it was crooked, just not sideways... but i can't be picky, ive got a small akward tongue, and savanna[my piercer] must have adjusted the placement to avoid any veins. either way, im stoked and through the pain this has been quite the experience. im not debating venom piercings or another tongue piercing further up one day, i guess im just addicted! and as for smoking, its okay to smoke after just give it a day if you can hold off. rinse with alcohol free mouth wash BEFORE and AFTER smoking, eating, and maybe even brushing just to ensure you're doing what you can to avoid infection. my piercing hurt a bit more than average because i tried eating normal foods right away, i figured it would help me stay healthy to fight infection if need be but when people say don't chew right away, don't chew. drink your food when possible! the blender will be your best friend for 3-10 days. hopefully it doesn't swell for that long, especially coz this friday ive got a speech to present! haha. :) happy piercing!

    • No Namee XP 6 years ago

      Haii,im 13 and im getting my touge pierced at xmas my mums not really up for it but she's said i can. it didn't hurt when i got my nose done, sodoes tongue hurt more or less? Also, how long will it take for the swelling to go down? thanks btw n_n

    • kate 6 years ago

      DON'T ever get you toungue pierced its the worst pain in the whole entire world and i would rather be dead!!!

    • haylz09 6 years ago

      white marks could just be dehydration and you should just drink some water, cause when i got my tongue pierced i thought i had an infection but it was just dehydration. and getting my tongue pierced wasn't sore until i tried to eat foods, best thing i thought was easy to eat was yoghurts but i didn't eat ones with a lot of dairy, e.g you could have rolo yogurts or chocolate ones or even have some jelly :)

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 6 years ago from Georgia

      Infection. Permanent lisp. Permanent speech problems.

    • RoaR 6 years ago

      i want to get venom piercing..but i don't know the problems of nervous.. :(

    • c.k 6 years ago

      Got mine done on monday, now four days ago, piercing didn't hurt except for the slight pinch which was nothing. i've been doing everything right, rinsing it out after i eat. tho i had soy milk on the first day and icecream on the second, washed my mouth thoroughly after this. I'm worried that it's still so swollen after four days when others have said it goes down after two or three, is there something wrong with it? There's no pain or any white markings on it. Just very swollen around the top ball. Also is there any way to make sure i don't chip my teeth when it healed, like use a rubber ball?

    • brooke 6 years ago

      i got mine done two days ago and the initial piercing itself(as in the needle going through) didn't hurt whatsoever $6. It was really fast, simple and wasn't painful. The swelling really kicked in yesterday, I could not eat a single thing! I ended up eating chocolate pudding for dinner cuz it was the only thing i could manage to put in my mouth! I started getting a white layer over my tongue and the white ring around it. Ive heard two theories: 1. its scabbed over and the saliva make sit look that color and its bruised. 2. im using mouthwash that contains alcohol so I need to cut to half water and half mouthwash three times a day. Most say its a natural reaction. Im not too worried about it but if it goes green or something ill go get it checked out! So if you are worried about the needle going biggie...its the swelling after that that is the worst! Good luck everyone hopefully mine heals faster so I can eat a cheeseburger!!!!!!

    • alex 6 years ago

      i got my tongue pierced 7days ago.

      the swelling has started going down and it doesn't hurt. my tongue was yellow, so i called my piercer and she said it was bruised, and its almost back to normal now :) but i have a lump right in front of the piercing, it doesn't hurt or anything but yeah? and also ive been getting the lymph stuff but it seems like..a lot of it? its not green it varies from white?clear to slightly yellow???? is all this normal or . . .???

    • thea 6 years ago

      i got my tongue done yesterday, n it didn't hurt. its just sucked when i was trying to eat my burger n i bit my ring then pulled it. but barely ne swelling or blood. the healing process is annoying though case it can't eat cheese but letting ice pops melt a little til it soft is a good way to help with ne uncomfortableness. also ramen noodles crushed is a good thing to eat to if ur having trouble chewing.

    • kira 6 years ago

      i had mine done on friday and it is now monday, peirceing didn't hurt but oh my jebus did the pain after hurt =[ couldn't eat for so long, swellin is going down great, with the whole cleaning thing... when it gets really really really tender, i used the powerful mouth and it sucked on a bit of ice and it stoped hurting for a good while =D first day or 2 DON'T STOP EATING ICE hahaha

    • Paul 6 years ago

      TOM: I got a cheap soft bristle toothbrush just to clean around where the piercing is. might just be a big of plaque forming sounds gross i know but might help get rid of it.

    • TOm 6 years ago

      got mine done 3 days ago, the actually peircing didn't hurt, but it is such a pain not been able to eat, all i can eat is soup and icecream, i have eatedn some toast but that made it swell more, also got a tiny amount of yellow stuff next to the peircing iv been using a lot of mouthwash so i was really supprised

    • Paul 6 years ago

      I had mine done about 4 weeks ago. Not going to lie but 1st few days was a killer couldn't eat properly for about 4 days which was the worst part. But after that the swelling and soreness went down. Now healing well still a tad bit swollen around the pierced area but reducing well. My advice if you get this done stock up on soup, Ice lollys, anti bacterial mouthwash (i used oraldene) and Ibruprofen (helps reduce swelling).

    • juliee 6 years ago

      i need sum advice, so i got my piercing last friday, just two days ago i got sum white n light yellow stuff coming from the hole where my tongue bar goes in, n its kinda sore. n hurts wen its moved. is it infected? n if so wat can i do to make it go away

    • andrea 6 years ago

      I got my tongue pierced Wednesday and it is now Tuesday, my tongue did not swell all that much thankfully! But I'm worried because I have a pain in my ear & throat ever since I got it pierced. Is that normal? Also I feel like I can't taste with the tip of my tongue, I can put something sour & feel the sour burn but don't really taste it? Is this normalll? I hope so. PLEASE HELP !

    • shelly 6 years ago

      I got my tongue peireced in April and remove the ring in august but it wont get in does this mean im gonna have to get it redone or is their a smaller ring that could fit?

    • Caitie 6 years ago

      I got my piercing done early Tuesday morning at about 10am and now it's Thursday at roughly 9.30pm the swelling has swelled up so much and I have realised I've over used my mouth wash. And now I'm also worried cause I have eaten some bread and worried if my tongue will get a yeast infection because of it :/

    • Emily 6 years ago

      @Renee, it's worrying that you can't see the ball, it means that your tongue has swollen a lot and that the bar is too short. It's dangerous because as the tongue swells the ball can actually sink into the tongue and cause problems. I'd advise that you switch to a longer bar.

      The white tongue sounds like thrush or a yeast infection, you should get some thrush reatment from the pharmacy, and beware of overcleaning. You can actually remove all the helpful healing enzymes and halt the healing process in your piercing, and you'll also remove important cleaning enzymes that help prevent infection, so don't overclean!

      and make sure you're not using mouthwash with alcohol in it as it can remove these important anzymes as well. Use mild non-alcoholic mouthwash for healthy cleaning :)

      hope I helped, it worked for me!

    • Renee 6 years ago

      Im 19 i got my tongue done on wednesday its now sunday, the piercing itself didn't hurt at all really just a lil pinch!

      The last couple of days have been sore and swollen and im hoping it will gone down soon you can barely see the ball its soo swollen is that normal?

      my tongue is all white as well is that ok?

      i rinse my mouth with salt water after i ate and i try to drink lots of water plus i rinse 2 times a day with anti-septec mouth wash.

      im worrying its going to get infected!

    • sammy18 6 years ago

      @court..I,myself think that you are to young to have your tongue pierced.but its all normal..and when it does still have to worry bout rubbing the top of your mouth raw with the ball and all other type of problems...

    • court 6 years ago

      I'm 15 and Its day three for me. :) i love it. I'm eating like i normally would and cleaning my mouth like crazy all the time. Hurt getting it done but only for a few mins.. and that's only cuz they guy didn't use a clamp. Behind my bottom row of teeth is so sore from the ball though :( Can't wait for it to heal. I wanna be able to stick my tongue out and stuff again lol (sounds silly but if you have it done you should know what i mean)

    • teach4apeach 6 years ago

      Okay, so I went and got my first piercings back in middle July. They were all very painfree except for my ear cartilage, and this one still is sore. I had the usual swelling in my tongue and a little discomfort. After two weeks, I changed barbells out to a shorter one. The shorted one was still to long for my mouth and continued to rub the roof of my mouth and under the tingue areas raw. I went back to see my piercer and she sold me some shorter bars. Great! Switched them out and everything was great! We are now is September and my tongue is swollen again! Last Saturday the lower part of my tongue swelled and is now sitting on my back teeth and raising my tongue up to constantly touch the roof of my mouth. It is not infected and I have seen my doctor. He put me on a steriod but it has not helped. Has anyone else had this kind of sweeling so late after a piercing? It is so bothersome!

    • tracy 6 years ago

      thx sammy iv still have small bar in still no pain so im just going to leave it a bit longer and cont with my ice lol

    • jfarfan 6 years ago

      I got my tongue pierced today. the piercer said that i had such a small tongue that she had to pierce my tongue while it was inside my mouth. It hurt so bad! its getting better now but its still swolen

    • sammy18 6 years ago

      @prettyinpink---that is normal.Mine felt numb after i got mine done, and the like 2 hours later my throat started hurting really bad!

    • prettyinpink 6 years ago

      i got my tongue pierced about an hour ago and it kinda feels like the back of my throat is a little numb.. is that normal??

    • sammy18 6 years ago

      @Tracy--your tongue may stay swollen for longer then you think it will.Everyone is different.I have had a small bar in since the day i got mine pierced and it was horrible painful for me. You can have the bigger bar put back in if your worried but if you wanna keep the small bar in that's your judgment.

    • sammy18 6 years ago

      @diablita--I had the white crust stuff around the top and bottom of mine to, i put some mouth wash on like a cotton swab and used that to get it off.Yes its gonna be sore for a few days mine was and that how i figured out how to use the cotton swab to get it off.I had the white-yellowish substance excreting to, the guy that pierced mine said it was normal and part of the healing process.It is completely different with everyone i've only had mine for a week&one day and mine doesn't hurt any more.

    • Diablita 6 years ago

      ok I pierced my tongue exactly 1 week 1 day the swelling has gone down

      but I have lie this slightly hard white crust around the ring on top

      It hurts when I pass my toothbrush around it, is dat normal? Also

      ive noticed like a liddle bit of like whitish-yellowish substance excreting

      from top n bottom of the ring is dis normal?

      How long doz the piercing actually take 2 rid d pain .. Now the pain isn't annoying

      just a liddle tinsee bit it hurts plz ans I need 2 knw thnx all


    • sammy18 6 years ago

      its been about a week now since i got my tongue pierced. i smoked the whole time and two days after i got it done i was eatting solid food again. but mine is completely healed now.

    • lucy 6 years ago

      well i got my tongue pierced like about a week agoo. it was swollen for like 4 days. i got it done in mex. it didn't hurt cause they numbed my tongue. it juss felt like a small pinch. i am a smoker i smoked 2 days afte the piercing and everything its finee. i juss use the mouth wash after every smoke. and every meal. it looks really nicee..

    • sammy18 6 years ago

      I got my tongue pierced 3 days ago since i couldn't get my tattoo finished.I thought it was gonna hurt really bad, but my tattoo artist/piercer told me that it just feels like a lot of pressure on your tongue.I was still really nervous and i was squeezing his pants cause i was nervous about getting it done.But he was completely right.It doesn't hurt at all getting it done.I didn't even feel when he put the barbell in.The only thing that i had a problem with was it burned a little when the saliva first hit my tongue and it felt really weird for a few minutes after getting it done.The swelling has been horrible for me.But the only time it really swells is when i lay down for bed at night.but other then that i have had no problems with it.I am eating normally but its hard to and i am constantly rubbing the bottom ball on the back of my teeth, is that a bad idea to do? I actually have plastic balls on my barbell cause i couldn't have the metal balls on it.If you are thinking about getting a tongue piercing go for it, it doesn't hurt and they are easy to hide. A tattoo hurts more then a tongue piercing does, it just feels weird for a few days.

    • 6 years ago

      i did my piercing myself about 3 weeks ago... the other day i had to take it out for about 2 hours to hide it from my parents... i had to push it kinda hard to get it through and it swelled again but there is no pain any idea when this should go away cuz the barbell is leaving a little dent in my tongue...

    • tay 6 years ago

      is it normal to have a white ring under ur tongue its now 2weeks since i go it done

    • Samantha 6 years ago

      I had my tongue pierced a year ago and ended up taking it out four months after (long story) I am actually going today to get it redone. The first time really didn't hurt, just a quick pinch. The swelling was the worst part!

    • Stephanie 6 years ago

      Got mine done two weeks ago.. The healing was not fun at all! I got Mine pierced a little further back(it looks better, and u can't see it when u talk) i didn't know at the time the further back u go the worse the healing will be. The third day my glands were sooooo swollen, my face was was horrible. My tongue was very swollen up until a few days ago.I lived off ice chips for a few days, it helps a lot.. Just let them melt on ur tongue. I didn't eat much dairy cuz I didn't want A yeast infection so I would suggest to try ur best to stay away from it. I carry a bottle of water and sea salt around, it really helped. Overall it's really not that bad considering the healing is only about two weeks. I love it a lot:)

    • sas90 6 years ago

      just got mine done 2 days ago the majority of my swelling is gone still sensative but i love it not having any problems with it!

    • Katy 6 years ago

      Thanks dgirl...... will do! Is a little tingling and itching pretty normal? A little stinging on the bottom. But, no discharge or anything, very minimal swelling at this point. What do you think??

    • Dgirl 6 years ago

      Hey Katy

      you should wait at least two weeks of having the piercing before trying something orally and before changing the barbells

    • Katy 6 years ago

      Had mine done about a week and a half ago for the third time. Love it so far, the placement I have found is very important to the over all comfort.....

      Does anybody know what the time frame for changing the barbell with a shorter one is? And I was told to stay away from certain "oral activities", but I need to know how long to wait on that as well. Help!!

    • Jess 6 years ago

      I had my tongue pierced yesterday. I am a big baby towards pain. I hate shots, but it didn't hurt at all. The only part that actually hurt was when she was putting the balls on. But so far my tongue hasn't really swelled. I just have been sucking on ice 24/7. I did eat a little grilled cheese sandwich and fries but it was really hard and annoying and my tongue started to swell so I stopped.

      My dad didn't know I had gotten my tongue pierced and I had to go directly to his house afterwords and he didn't see it. It's pretty easy to hide. Just don't laugh with your mouth open wide or yawn, etc.

      Good luck to all you guys who are getting it pierced:)

    • Mike b. 6 years ago

      I have had my tongue pierced three different times, I had to take it out when I enlisted into the marines and then again after I re-enlisted. Now that I am done I got it pierced again. The was no pain during the piercing and the swelling isn't too bad. I could eat by the second day and it only hurts when you wake up. Just have some ice or Popsicles near and you will be fine. Once it heals a tongue ring feels great. So good when you take it out you feel naked. The girls really loved it, I was the only person in my high school to do it and the girls really wanted to know what it was like. Unless you really open your mouth or kiss someone no one will notice you have it.

    • Chantelle 6 years ago

      sara:Its been over a month for me and sometimes my tongue still hurts but ive been told that was normal.

    • sara 6 years ago

      i don't know about the rest of you guys but my piercing killed when i got it done and its been about two weeks i can eat now but the pain is still sort of there

    • JadeyRawr 6 years ago

      I got my tongue pierced 3 times already. I accidentally kept leaving them out. =P I just got it done today and it hurt really bad, but it could have been because it was a new guy doing it and this time my tongue bled and it turned a little yellow tint, but I'm pretty sure that happened the last 2 times.

    • naomi 6 years ago

      i got my tongue pierced two days ago & i've noticed after eating things (trying,anyway:L) it looks a bit white,is this normal? x

    • jessica 6 years ago

      i had my tongue done last tuesday afternoon, it didn't hurt but i did have swelling, yesterday it went down, but then this morning when i woke up the right side of my tongue was swollen bad, and there is also this hard spot in front of it, is this normal? i wash my mouth with listerine after every meal and brush my teeth 2-3x a day..PLEASE HELP

    • dan 6 years ago

      you know after your tongue is settled and use to the bar in the tongue when u eat will u be able 2 feel the bar ? or the balls as your chewing or will it just sit still?

    • Victoria 6 years ago

      i got my tongue done 3 weeks ago and missed a day brushing my teeth. under my tongue there is a small white ring that is leaking what i think is pus. i don't know if its normal or what. help please.

    • neon 6 years ago

      i done mine last's not tt painful, but feeling miserable cos, can't eat and talk properly...

      i am also afraid that i will never talk properly again lol

      it's annoying....

    • shandelle 6 years ago

      hey so i just got my tongue pierced 3 days ago and it almost seems to be disapering throught the bottom of my tongue???is that normal? i don't play with it and its not very swollen, i also still have the longer bar in..any ideas?

    • Kendra 6 years ago

      Okay... so i have been reading the comments for a while now and i am 14 and yes it took a while for me to get my tongue pierced but i did and it hurt but only a little I thought it was going to be extremely painful but what i did was i went with my mom to a couple of body piercing stores to see if they are clean and to see if they had a good way to sterilize and disinfect their needles and then we went home ... talked it over and we found a great place i went to have it done and now i still have swelling and the first day was kinda embarrasing because i was drooling but ... what i think is that it shouldn't matter if the 12 year old has got their tongue pierced ... anyway i have been drinking a lot of slushies but have been losing more weight .. but only a couple pounds but i still LOVE my togue ring... it will be fun to play with in class ... and keep this in mind ... a licensed body piercer (if you go to one)which you will be glad if you do because they are great because the pain will most likely be to a minimum .. once again I LOVE MY TONGUE RING!! XD

    • Joey 6 years ago


      Yeah I lost like five pounds the first week too b/c i was miserable. My swelling has finally gone down since having it pierced 10 days ago. Not to scare you for this may only happen to me but i think i bumped it while i was talking because last night it bled for an hour and wouldn't stop. It took all i had not to take itout of my mouth, but the lisp goes away it's going to be some words that you will have problems saying though, mostly your s's, t's, th's, and a few others but it'll get better. Just stick in there lol i kno i'm tryin to.

    • meagan 6 years ago


      i got mine done friday night and my lisp is barely starting to go away. the only problem ive had is from my 's' sounds. its getting better pretty rapidly though, since today. i was scared too. a lot of the problem is drool coming down when you go to say your 's's... it will go away after your tongue gets used to the foreign object in it.

    • Kristin 6 years ago

      I got mine done 6 days ago honestly after I did it I regretted it so bad I was so swollen n in pain it was just annoying now it feels a lot better I am eating normal and the swelling is gone my mouth is just Very dry it gets a lot better trust me lol hang in there lol

    • kirsty 6 years ago

      I got mine done monday evening and now i regret it big time!! I can not talk properly at all and i can't see how i'm ever going to talk properly again which is making me really worried. Since having the piercing i have lost 4 pounds as i have hardly eaten anything. I have eaten some proper food today but with quite abit of difficulty. Did anyone else talk really funny when they got theirs done and how long was it before you could talk again? Please help as i'm so scared i'll not be able to talk proply again!!!! Thanks

    • meagan 6 years ago

      my tongue piercing hurt very very badly! ive had many piercings and have done many myself and i have a very high pain tolerance and let me tell you it was by FAR the worst... my godmom has done plenty of tongue piercings and it took a whole 8 seconds to get the needle through. i was almost in tears. whether or not it hurts depends on how tough your tongue is. if yous is like butter, good for you.

    • David 470 profile image

      David 470 6 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States

      I know a lot of people that have a lot of piercings, but have not seen any of them with tongue piercings, I would never get a a tongue piercing. I think tattoos would be more preferable.

    • kristen 6 years ago

      yeah, im 13!! lol i think its totally fine to get your tongue pierced when your 13 as long as your mature..and i got mine 2 days ago and i culdnt eat the first day but today im eating alright just not solid foods, its still swelled a little right now, but other then that, im really happy i got it! kay, thanks :D

    • Holding 6 years ago

      I got mine done two weeks ago, I was surprised at how much they actually piercing didn't hurt :O, although my tongue had swollen up the next day (Which is the only annoying part of having it done, as it's really hard to eat). the swelling went done 2-3 days late, which meant I didn't have to stuff food to the back of mouth.

      Just ensure you clean it properly after each meal.

      I'm a bit worried that a 12 year old has a tongue piercing as well :S

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 6 years ago from Georgia

      nicko, no I wouldn't change to a curve barbell, but I have seen some who have changed to CBR's. I'm just not sure how long they kept them in there. Switching from straight to curved, can sometimes cause irritation.

      Kristin, smoking is what's causing the dry mouth, which isn't good for a new piercing. The mouthwash should be fine. Just keep an eye on it.

    • kristin 6 years ago

      hi i got my tongue peirced friday it is sunday now the only time it feels normal is when im chewing on ice otherwise my mouth is completley dry is that normal? im a smoker also, but after i smoke i rinse my mouth out with mouthwash should i use sea salt and water? this is very annoying lol

    • nicko guzman profile image

      nicko guzman 6 years ago from Los Angeles,CA

      Hi Whitney05,

      I got venoms done about 5 months ago and I wanted to change the curved barbles to straight barbels.Is this a good idea?

    • Joey 6 years ago

      So i decided to be spontaneous and get my tongue pierced wednesday evening. I'd been wanting one for years but i'm very pain intolerant. So my 23rd bday is next sat and i was just thinking i wanted to do something for myself so i went into the tattoo shop and decided to get my tongue pierced. Surprisingly enough it was over before i could even think it was going to be pain involved but this swelling has been a b*#@$ for the last 2 and a half days. I've found out that drinking vodka helps a little lol but i'm still eating ice ALL day and rinsing out when i wake up. I haven't been able to eat though due to the tenderness so i just count this as dieting until this gosh forsaken swelling and tingly pain on the tip of my tongue goes away.

    • Msmi 6 years ago

      I got my Tongue done on Friday it didn't hurt at all only thing is I smoke and I rinse my mouth after it but ive came across this White thing as if it's like a White taste bud ? Is it an infection or is this normal ?

    • Jhae 6 years ago

      ive just got my done two days ago, it didn't hurt at all. my tongue is still swollen still now though, and it hurts sometimes. im just a little worried that i may have torn my tongue a little bit as the whole looks big ?? :/ someone help xx

    • Tyler 6 years ago

      Got mine done like.. 2 1/2 weeks ago. It kinda hurt getting it done.. Nothing too bad though.. kinda like someone pinching you extemely hard but only for a milisecond lol.. as for the swelling it took like.. 10 days and it was back to normal. i love it!

    • loren 6 years ago

      im a boy and im 16 years old. i just got my tougue pierced 2 days ago and there is swelling. i havnt seen any dead white blood cells yet and the pain is pissing me off and i think my bar is too short. i just want to know will that interfere with that healing process.

    • crystal 6 years ago

      just got my tongue periced 2 days ago.. it didn't hurt.. just the swelling is pissing me off.

    • Rana 6 years ago

      Got my tongue pierced 3 days ago and its doin very well. Didn't have much swelling and i was eating solid foods that same nite (slow n careful). Can't wait to switch to a shorter bar cuz this long one is a pain. Can't wait til its completely healed! And if ur thinking about gettin ur tongue pierced research it first.

    • Kristin 6 years ago

      All I can say is PPFTTT!!it hurt like a bare feet walking across hot coals! not through the top but throught the bottom. I was only reading sites for info because i noticed the white on my tongue as well and i see it's only dead white bloods cells, a scab, or thrush. Either way, I was happy to find out there's not an infection. I won't be taking it out if there is or not this is the third time i have done and it and my husband really likes it and wants it to stay. if i remove it again i'll be a SOB if I ever do it again. That scare tissue, sigh, it hurts!!

    • Sam 6 years ago

      I got my tongue pierced two days ago and i must be unusual because the piercing hurt me quite badly, and the healing process is miserable. I wake up in the middle of the night with incredible pain and i can't go back to sleep. I cannot take pain killers because i have already taken too many so i have just been sucking on ice since about 3 a.m. I seriously considered taking the piercing out myself since i am so miserable, and i think i may go back to the piercer to see what he thinks. I am so envious of the majority of you who say yours do not hurt, im dying here!!!

    • amy 6 years ago

      i have 2 tongue rings, vertical. im thinking about getting venom ones as well... does anyone know if 4 could actually be too much for the tongue? could it cause damage, other than my teeth of course.

    • Katie 6 years ago

      I got mine done on Tuesday and I have a white thing on both holes. what is that. and I'm rinsing every time i eat and drink and i've changed to drinking only water. can someone help?

    • Soph 6 years ago

      Cait90, I would get the person who pierced your tongue to take a look at it for you, I assume you have to go in soon anyway to get the bar changed. I don't know what that could be, if its underneath your tongue it may just be where the webbing of your tongue is settling round the ball? Ha ha best to ask the professionals! Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. Good luck.

    • Cait90 6 years ago

      Ok, I got mine a week ago today, the swelling is gone, but it's still slightly sore RIGHT around the bar. And I have tiny red bump sitting right in front of the ball, but it's on the edge of the hole where it got pierced. What could that be?

    • T.T. 6 years ago

      I just got mine done 2 days did not hurt as I expected to be like....and the swelling isn't as bad as I thought my mouth is sore a lil but I take pain killers for that and the swelling goes is annoying that I have a lot of saliva and the non-alcohol mouthwash works great....I do eat semi solid food but I eat it cold/warm and chew slow.....then rinse with mouthwash depends on your body how you react to pain and healing so if you are skeptical ask around do research...I took me 6 years to decide to get one for me personally and I like it....;O)

    • Kellyy 6 years ago

      Wow, someone above said that they nearly passed out due to getting their tragus and nose done, but there tongue was fine! that's the total opposite to me! i thought my tongue was so painful, but the others were totally fine! i have my nose, tragus, 4 edge ear piercings, scaffolding + many many more haha. the tongue was by far the worst for me!

    • Erica 6 years ago

      i just got venoms done.. the first one wasn't bad.. but the second one hurt pretty bad.. like maybe a 7 and the first one was a 3.. and i was pretty much able to eat since he didn't put in the super long bar since i told him i didn't swell much since i had my tongue done 3 times (once redone)..

    • Soph 6 years ago

      The piercing itself hurt very little it was the swelling and eating that hurt the most for me. The pain went away for me on day 5 and I could eat properly again, but I think I was unlucky with mine. Since quite a few people I have spoken to told me the swelling went down after a few days and it wasn't painful. It's so much fun to play with and looks great, defiantly worth it. I had some puss with mine, no blood though, I used a cotton bud that I dipped in some salt water to clear it away. I like to think that the stinging you get when you clean it means its working :S but then I had a lot of pain with mine anyway so I just put up with it. If its really bothering you I would dilute the salt solution some more. Hope I have been helpful!

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 6 years ago from Georgia

      Pain varies per person. Even per location per person. No one can tell you which is easiest except which was least painful for them, which doesn't mean that'll be the case for you.

    • denise 6 years ago

      ok well i really want to get my tongue pierced, but im scared its going to hurt. people told me a belly button piercing doesn't hurt at all to get but it hurt me kind of bad when i got it. which 1 do you think is worse when it comes to pain, a belly button piercing or the tongue piercing?

    • cassi 6 years ago

      I had my tongue pierced two days ago and there's a tiny bit of blood and puss coming out of the whole...very little is this normal? Also my piercer gave me a sea salt and water recipe but it burns when I rinse. Is there too much salt possibly?

    • Soph 6 years ago

      I have found it to be very painful, particularly in the morning! It is now day 3 and still very sore. My diet now consists of jelly, rice pudding, ice cream, yoghurt and soup (not together but consumed via straw! when possible) But when it is not being a pain it is so incredibly fun to play with! I amuse my self with my pronunciation of certain words, so it isn't all bad, despite the pain. I can't wait until it is healed and I can go to an all you can eat Chinese and Thai food buffet!

    • Heidi 6 years ago

      I got my tongue pierced like 3 months ago. I had all the professional supplies and my friend did it for me. NOTHING WENT WRONG. Everyone freaks out about self piercings when basically all of mine are done by me or a friend. I thought the piercing itself hurt a little bit but the swelling for the next 3 days was hell. one a scale of 1-10 id give the piercing a 4, it wasn't bad at all. It healed in a week and i ate solid food fine.

      I don't see the concern in piercings for teens. I'm 14, almost 15 and i have 17 piercings and plan on getting more. I got my ears done once when i was 7, and the rest between ages 10-13 and i currently have 12 ear piercings. I have snakebites, a nose piercing, and my belly. I did the snakebites myself and my nose. Everything looks great now. I didn't mess anything up. I say that if you know what you're doing then feel free to pierce it yourself. Yes in some risks it is dangerous but if you take care of it properly everything should be okay.

    • shez 6 years ago

      hiya,i got my tongue done 4wks ago the pain was so bad that i nearly passed out when i left the shop.i could'nt eat anything solid 4 about 3 days,i also got a mongy coating all ova my tongue but this is normal,its because the tongue can't clean itself properly when it is tongue is fine now.i love it but wouldn't go through it again.

    • Milly 6 years ago

      16 and I Got mine pierced 4 days ago : ) It hurt a lot less than biting the tongue which was a plus : ) it did swell but not much and by day 2/3 I was on solids!

      my piercer did not tell me what foods to avoid though so I would like to know that. Also how long is a typical beginner bar ?

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 6 years ago from Georgia

      It's normal to be a little sore. The soreness just varies per person.It could also be that the barbell is too short, causing pressure.

    • Raine 6 years ago

      I got mine done (for the second time) just over 2 months ago, I just changed the barbell to a shorter one, but noticed now that the piercing is tender again, especially on the top of my tongue by the ball...Any suggestions on why or what i can do to stop it, its so annoying I almost took it out and I really don't want to do that!

    • noell 6 years ago

      i got my tongue pierced on saturday it is now wednesday and at the front of my piercing it looks like there is a small chunk of tongue coming off or something. is that normal?

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 6 years ago from Georgia

      jem, i'm not 100% sure, but it would make since the dairy and chocolate could cause an irritation with the bacteria and whatnot.

      jemzi, it sounds like an infection.

    • jemzi 6 years ago

      i also have greenish goo on my tongue. should i go to the doctor?

    • jem 6 years ago

      got my tongue done 5 days ago swelling going down nicely, still a bit painful tho. can you eat chocolate and dairy stuff? My piercer said not to and why is that?

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 6 years ago from Georgia

      Clear just means it's healing. Keep cleaning and you should be fine.

    • Diosy 6 years ago

      yah its more clear. and i have the dead taste bud thing when will that come off? and omg the pain in the morning is killler.!! and my tongue is doing well so far

    • lydia 6 years ago

      i have venom bites, they're amazing :) getting them done really hurt, and my tongue was really swollen because i got them done the same day, but its so worth it, believe me. if you're thinking about getting tongue piercings, and you know a great, experienced piercer, who you trust you shouldn't even hesistate! if anyone is having a lot of swelling, pain or anything else throughout the day (especially in the morning) drink some ice water. it helps more than you can imagine :)

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 6 years ago from Georgia

      amanda, the slit could be if the piercer accidentally cut the tongue. I'm not sure. I've never heard of cuts or slits unless the piercer slipped.

      Diosy, if it's yellow, then no it's not ok. If it's more clear, then you're fine. Yellow means infection. Clear means normal healing.

    • Sabrina 6 years ago

      I got my tongue repierced on 3 days ago. I have been eating solids the whole time but my speech is impacted more than when I 1st got it done a few years ago.

      I can't wait for it to heal!! (=

      Ya the white excretion is normal as JO stated.

      If you are in that much pain Mel, take vicodin. I have been taking 3 advil every 4 hrs, just for the swelling. But for pain you may need a stronger med.

    • Jo 6 years ago

      I just got my tongue piercing three days ago and I was nervous that I wasn't doing the right thing because my tongue was excreting white stuff (very little but noticeable to me). I learned that it was dead white blood cells and it's completely normal. I was going crazy for a little bit but it'll be fine. But the pain right when you wake up is killer. Just have some ibuprofen or naproxen ready because mornings are the worse.

    • Diosy 6 years ago

      I got mine doen today (april 25) and it hurttt.!!! lol they had to do mine a bit slanted or else they would of hit a vain but i like it lol and i was looking at the bottem of it and it had like white yellowy puss coming out is that okay?

    • amanda 6 years ago

      i got mine done 3 days ago. today i noticed tht i have lik a lil slit behind it. is tht normal?

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 6 years ago from Georgia

      Mel, I would be leery about sucking on lozenges. The pain and healing process will vary per person. It won't take any time to close up, if that's what you're asking.

    • Mel 6 years ago

      Pain!!! I had mine done 3 days ago and Im in so much pain.. :( For everyone who said it didn't hurt, I wish I was u.. I passed out after the initial piercing and my tongue is so swollen I can barley swallow, although sucking Anti-inflammatory and Anti-bacterial Lozenges does help. Im seriously considering taking out, but need some advice first. Is taking out painful and how long does it take to re-heal?


    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 6 years ago from Georgia

      Sounds a little like thrush. What mouthwash are you using?

    • Jessica 6 years ago

      Ok so I got mine done on last friday and my hole on top is now huge. like a gauge. will this heal up? like go back to the normal pierced size? im really worried... and my tongue is really white and my mouth is dry all the time. any advice?

    • megan 6 years ago

      i got mine pierced 4 days ago and it really didn't swell much, i can talk fine and it doesn't hurt much anymore but on the front side of the piercing it kinda looks like the skin ripped? but im not sure if that's just dead skin that needs to fall off? is that normal?

    • sli  6 years ago

      i had mine pierced a 9 days ago, and its perfect. Ate the day after, and it went a bit yellow, but scrubbing got it off (: getting it changed soon, and i love it ! x

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 6 years ago from Georgia

      That's good to hear. Good luck with the piercing.

    • Brandienatosha profile image

      Brandienatosha 6 years ago from Arkansas

      I went to the piercer and she said it doesn't look infected but I may have some yeast in the hole. She gave me some Arctic Ocean Rinse and told me to come back in a week. If that doesn't work and still have problems we may change the type of bar. She said she thinks it will be fine though.

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 6 years ago from Georgia

      14 gauge is the average size for a tongue piercing. The bigger concern is length. There are different lengths, and your piercer can tell you what is the proper length.

    • Brandienatosha profile image

      Brandienatosha 6 years ago from Arkansas

      Oh and what would be the best gauge to put in when I can change it. I want to get this really awesome opal and gold tongue bar. I just need to figure out which gauge so I can order it.

    • Brandienatosha profile image

      Brandienatosha 6 years ago from Arkansas

      Sorry for writing you so much. I am a bit of a worrywart. I just don't want everyone who has told me this was a bad idea to be right. I live in the bible belt and I disagree with their views. I just want to be me and not what they want me to be. This includes my piercings and tattoos. I get loads of looks here. lol

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 6 years ago from Georgia

      That is probably the best idea. A piercer will be the best bet to get the answers that you're looking for.

    • Brandienatosha profile image

      Brandienatosha 6 years ago from Arkansas

      Thanx also last night I woke up and it had clumpy blood on my tongue with a little puss. I am gonna go to the piercers today. Hopefully it is fine. I think I may have done something to it in my sleep.I just don't want to have to take it out even though it is a pain in the butt right now.

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 6 years ago from Georgia

      Typically when the swelling goes down.

    • Brandienatosha profile image

      Brandienatosha 6 years ago from Arkansas

      About how long should I wait to put in the short bar because this long one is driving me nut!!!!

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 6 years ago from Georgia

      Hopefully. Try to just clean after each meal, and not excessively.

    • Brandie 6 years ago

      I was using store brand alcohol free then went to sea salt with water. I also bought some biotin mouthwash alcohol free for dry mouth today because my mouth has been crazy dry no matter how much I drink. Just one day after changing and eating yogurt I have seen a big difference in the dryness and some in thrush. Hopefully it is getting better.

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 6 years ago from Georgia

      What mouthwash are you using? 3 days is not enough time to see how the piercing is healing. Continue cleaning. Do not over-clean, as you can run into more problems, such as what you've experienced as well as piercing irritation.

    • Brandie 6 years ago

      got mine done 3 days ago and I have a mild case of thrush on my gums from over use of mouthwash so I changed to sea salt to wash my mouthe out with and have been eating yogurt and taking this silver biotic stuff. Hopefully it will get better I don't want to take it out! My husband is excited lol. Also there is a off white thing like skin almost that popped up kinda in front of the hole kinda in it. It came off but I am wondering if I should be worried.

    • Amber 6 years ago

      OMG i just got mine done and the healing process is hell..It is really annoying and I can't eat much...All i eat is soup and suck on ice...

    • Robert  6 years ago

      i got mine done about a week ago...well i had them pierce it more in the back, its still a little swollen it doesn't hurt as long as you take ibuprofen and suck on ice or eat ice cream the swelling should go down in about 10 to 14 day depending on where the placement is if its more in the front then it will swell less and it will go down by the 7th day. by the 4th day i was able to eat a lot and it was already normal for me to eat, i ate everything, but the bar was very uncomfortable so you'll live its really not that bad, i would not think twice about doing it again, the piercing itself did hurt not that bad, but it goes by so so fast that you don't even realize its can switch out the bar when the swelling goes down. but for the 1st week do not smoke, or drink beer, you can have hard liquor but that's all i'd just wait though and don't play with it too much and clean out ur mouth with mouthwash after every meal...if you do all that then the piercing will heal quickly and smoothly and you'll love it...if you need to hide it then buy a tongue retainer or a no ce-um clear half ball, other then that follow these instructions and you'll do just fine.

    • Traci 6 years ago

      Hi first i have had my tongue pierced every since i was 16 so that's 6 years i have had it. My cleaning technigue was the brown listerine because i am a smoker decided i needed some strong cleansing. After the piercing i would gargle and rinse every time. I was able to eat a cup of noodle like 3 hours afterwards. The next day i was eating some chocolate cae totally forgot i had a tongue ring somehow manged to swallow my ball. i did not notice tis until i actually swallowed it. Jus felt like a little star going down(cuz the piercer used a star shaped 1) so i felt my tongue and i indeed swallowed it but overall i relized since i had it for so long that i can remove my piercing for at least a day n half in my hole will not close. HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO KEEP BRUSHING AND USE MOUTHWASH TO KEEP CLEAN AFTER EACH TIME YOU EAT AND DRINK AND SMOKE

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 6 years ago from Georgia

      You've only had the piercing for a few days, it's normal to experience swelling and trouble eating, as well as a lisp.

      Green could be infection. Is the entire tongue green, or just the area around the piercing?

      How are you cleaning the piercing?

    • Shane 6 years ago

      I got my tongue pierced about the 26 of feb, and its now the 2 of march. It hurts so bad. i don't know why , i don't have a much difficulty eating ne more. I do still talk with a lisp. But i noticed my tongue is green and idk why ; i keep brusihng my tongue and some green comes off, idk what to do. I am a smoker, but i am rarely smoking now i got this pierced because i don't what an infection! I don't know hwat to do!

    • justin 6 years ago

      yea the piercing dosent hurt at all actually u feel the clamps more than the actual piercing u don't feel a thing or maybee a slight sting for like half a second but u cant scale that on scale of 1 to 10 it would be zero!!!! a paper cut is a world of pain compaired to this but the next 2-3 days are kinda unpleasant but its well worth it

    • Unlearned 6 years ago

      Honestly, To me; The Clamp that they use Hurts more then the Needle. It's not painfull at all. As long as you Cooperate and don't move around a shit load, It's not painfull at all. Popsickles and mouth wash will be your friend for a whole week, and remember;; DON'T EAT BREAD FOR 3 to 5 days. It "CAN" cause Yeast Infections. I've witnessed it, and I herd it's a bitch to get rid of. So be cautious on foods that you eat. Ask your Piercer what you should eat and what you shouldn't.- Hope this helps some of you Soon to be's. :]

    • ninelifes 6 years ago

      wow. i've been iffy about getting my tongue pierced, but i'm now convinced. does anyone know a good piercing place in SC?

    • Tyson  6 years ago

      I got my tongue piercing done on sat 23 jan however they dude who did it was a jackass!!! and did it all wrong i got home only to find that it was off center by quite some distance! i was not all that happy so by monday jan 25 it was out the swelling was pretty bad and wilst the bar was in it was really uncomfortabil for it was not in the right spot.

      so i hunted around for another tat palce and found a recommended place and by wen 27 jan i got my tongue pierced again this time it went well i was happy with the placement and strangly enough less swelling then the first time round i was eating solids about 3 hours after with a little discomfort! and as for to day its a little hard to eat but im really stoked that i got it done !

      and i do agree that people under the age of 18 should not be getting there tongue pierced or any thing in that nature

      and if you are using Alcoholic mouth was just dilute it 1part water to 3 parts mouth wash that should help not to destroy all the healing enzimes and its better if your a smoker to use this mixtur for it removes tar build up which can cause infections ! and no body wants that !

    • steven 6 years ago

      I got my piercing done today i am 15 and the actual piercing hurt just a little bit it depends on how good u r with pain. Now it is a little hard to talk and chewing and swallowing is a little difficult... but other than that it is fine..... clean it out with NON ALCOHOLIC mouthwash after every time u eat and after u wake up and b4 u go to bed!!!!

    • Erika 7 years ago

      I Got mine done exactly 3 days ago, getting it done didn't hurt at all but the my tongue got really swollen and that's when the pain came in. pain varies on the person. i have friends who have it and they say it didn't hurt at all but mine did hurt the day after i got the piercing done the pain was only for almost 2 days now its the 3rd day with my piercing and i can eat what ever i want and i love how it looks! :]

    • Ashlie 7 years ago

      I just got mine done today. It didn't hurt, jus felt like a lil pinch. But it is sore now and i cannot eat anything except broth. I don't think its even swelling at all..yet

    • Catie 7 years ago

      I just got it done yesterday. I can eat any food i want, and there is no swelling. I guess my guy knew what he was going...

    • zack88 7 years ago

      i got mine done about 3 days ago the prosses of putting it in dident hurt me at all but it depends on your pain tolerence.After though the swelling does hurt and its hard to eat and speak but the pain gets less and less and i would recremend brushing your teeth more then you would and rince your mouth out ( non alcaholic ) do this after you eat after you wake up and b4 you go to sleep

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 7 years ago from Georgia

      I agree that children do not need certain piercings at young ages. 13 year olds with navel piercings are at high risk of migration with continued growth. Tongue piercings are not for 12 year olds by any means.

      As for cleaning, just stick with non-alcohol mouthwash after each meal.

    • Brandon Robert Campbell 7 years ago

      I agree. I'm getting mine done in a couple of weeks. But i'm 20. Why would parents let a 12 year old pierce their tongue. I didn't get my ears done till I was 13. wow.Any advice on cleaning?

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 7 years ago from Georgia

      I agree that children at 12-16 really don't need piercings other than the basic lobe. I can't stand hearing about 15 year old who want their navel pierced because they're body is still growing and they are at higher risk of migration.

    • Bren 7 years ago

      Am I the only one concerned that a 12 year old has her tongue pierced?

      I have my tongue pierced as well, so no hatred against that obviously. However, wait until you're old enough to think things through and you are an ADULT to make such a decision. At 12 I was still transitioning from barbies.

    • Lauren 7 years ago

      the piercing didn't hurt at all i've had main for almost a the second day i was eating normal food just took me a little longer to chew lol don't really have to do anything out of the ordinary as far as aftercare hasn't even bothered my speech that much either (good parents don't approve of tongue rings) and other than my tongue still being a little swollen everything is back to normal...i would definitely recommend getting a tongue piercing :D

    • Chanel 7 years ago

      Got mine done about 3 days ago theres a little swelling still but im already eating solid food. The thrick is slushies for the first two days they are easy to drink and they reduce swelling. The actuall piercing didnt hurt at all either =]

    • Robin 7 years ago

      Tongue wasn't bad for me didn't really swell id say i was more swollen when i got my snake bites, i changed my tongue ring like a week and a half after piercing (ct scan) but next day went back in fine wouldn't recommend it tho. best of luck to all.

    • new 7 years ago

      just got my tongue pierced on sunday, it was painless and my tongue didn't swell at all...the next day it was a little sore and made it difficult to eat...but its now 4 days later n i can eat normal foods just takes a lil longer..still gettin use to having the bar in my mouth

    • maya 7 years ago

      im 12. When i got my tongue pierced i had such a bad lisp i couldn't go to school, and my tongue reainer wouldn't go on right so i had let it heal with no barbell in it and then get it re-pierced in the summer. It didn't swell as bad the second time but there was deffinately more pain for the initail piercing because i had it done fartheer bak.

    • emma 7 years ago

      i got mine about a week ago and it's perfect. the actual piercing didn't hurt at all, the next two or three days were annoying swelling, then it went down, and now i'm eating a shitload, and chewing normal!

    • RAY 7 years ago

      on a scale of 1-10 i would seriously give the initial piercing a 3. i was in awe at how much it didn't hurt. i almost passed out when i got my nose and my tragus done, so i was VERY surprised. the healing process can be best desribed as "annoying", felt like bruising/swelling. but after one full week i'd say i was at about 90% back to normal, after that its just excerising the range of movement.

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 7 years ago from Georgia

      Pain depends on your pain tolerance. If you're still living in your parent's house, you should ask permission first, especially if you are underage. Some states do not pierce or tattoo under 18 with or without parent permission.

    • karyn 7 years ago

      i wanna get one but idk how much it would hurt..

      or if my parents would kill me!!

    • Inger-Marie 7 years ago

      It's not painful :) At all... At least not for me. But the swelling annoyed me XD Great pictures btw :D

    • gr8archer45 profile image

      gr8archer45 7 years ago from Pakistan

      ughh!! i dnt know how ppl can manage to get this done!! it seems soo painful :(

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