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Is My Belly-Button Piercing Infected?

Updated on February 04, 2016
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An infection is the most common complication of a belly-button piercing. Bacteria can easily get into a new piercing, grow, and cause a mild to severe infection. Any type of pollutant, whether it's from your sweat, unclean water, or dirty fingers, can easily be the culprit.

If you think your piercing might be infected, do NOT remove the jewelry. Doing so can block in the infection, causing an abscess beneath the skin. You want to have proper drainage so that the infection can heal.

Signs of Infection

Sometimes it can be hard to tell if your piercing is infected or just irritated. Pay close attention, because an infection can get worse, whereas a little time may soothe an irritation. Proper aftercare should prevent any problems, but some people are just more prone to complications than others.

Normal Things to Experience Right After Your Piercing:

  • Some swelling, redness, or discoloration
  • Clear discharge that dries and forms a crust around the holes

These should get better over time, and not worse.

Never forget that a navel piercing can take six months to a year to heal, no matter how good it looks on the outside.

Depending on how your body heals, it may heal in a shorter time frame, or a longer one. During this period, you will have a higher risk of infection, especially during the first few weeks or months after getting the piercing.

Definite Signs of an Infection

  • Greenish-yellow, brown, gray, or off-white discharge
  • Foul odor from discharge
  • Redness around the piercing, especially a few days afterwards, or a redness that grows more intense
  • Skin around the piercing is warm or hot to the touch
  • Burning sensation
  • Increasing swelling around the piercing area
  • Abdominal pain, abdominal infection, and "food poisoning" (if the infection spreads to the entire abdomen)
  • Red lines radiating from the piercing site

Possible Signs

  • Discharge: Clear or very light yellow discharge is normal in a healing piercing. If it's yellowish-green, though, you probably have an infection.
  • Pain around the piercing: Although you can expect some bruising and sharp pain, continuing severe pain means there's something wrong.

Not Likely to Be an Infection

  • Crustiness or what looks like dead skin. This can be dry skin caused by over-cleaning. Unless it's accompanied by another symptom, you're probably okay.

If you have one of the clear signs of infection, you should start treating immediately to prevent further complications like abscess formation.

Allergic Reaction

The above symptoms can all be caused by bacterial infection. However, if you're having trouble with your piercing, it's possible that you're suffering an allergic reaction to the kind of metal in your jewelry.

Symptoms of an allergic reaction include:

  • Itchy, spreading rash around piercing area
  • A pierced hole that looks bigger than it was before
  • Tenderness that comes and goes

If you're having an allergic reaction, see your piercer immediately to have the jewelry replaced.

Treating an Infected Piercing

  • Clean the piercing with saline solution or diluted sea salt, just as if it were new. You want to kill the bacteria causing the infection. To do this, dissolve one teaspoon of sea salt in 5 oz of water and turn a cup upside down on your piercing while laying down to submerge it completely for 10 minutes.
  • Use a clean cotton swab to gently apply saline solution around the two holes after soaking your piercing.
  • DO NOT remove the jewelry, especially if you are experiencing drainage. If you remove the jewelry, the piercing will not drain properly, which can cause an abscess to form as the hole closes up.
  • Consider using an antiseptic cream for a mild infection (not an ointment). You don't want to leave a gob of it around the piercing, as this can attract more bacteria, but put a little on the piercing, wiping away the excess. Try carefully pushing the jewelry in and out so that you can get some of the antibiotic cream into the wound.
  • If there isn't any pus, consider using a hot compress to increase blood circulation to the area. (Make sure to disinfect the compress with hot water and table salt.)
  • You can try using hydrogen peroxide to help drain the pus and clean the area, but NEVER overuse hydrogen peroxide—don't use it more often than once a day—and do not use it as an aftercare option on a new piercing, as it can dry it out and irritate it.
  • Have a physician look at the piercing. You may need antibiotics, especially if the infection is spreading.

If you think that your belly-button piercing is infected, don't ignore the symptoms and hope the infection goes away on its own. You want to get it treated before it develops into an abscess or spreads to your abdomen.

Taking Care of an Infected Belly Button Piercing


The best way to treat an infection is to prevent it from developing in the first place by taking good care of your new piercing.

  • Always wash your hands before and after cleaning your piercing!
  • Use saline or diluted sea salt (not table salt) to soak the site twice a day for the first few weeks, and at least once a day until healed.
  • Avoid touching the piercing at all, and when you clean it, use clean cotton swabs instead of towels or loofahs since they can harbor bacteria.
  • Do not fiddle with the jewelry, or change the jewelry, until the piercing is healed.
  • Avoid tight clothes and activities that can cause friction or damage the piercing.
  • Sleep on your back to keep your piercing breathing at night.
  • Avoid tanning beds until you are fully healed.
  • Avoid wearing dangly belly-button jewelry at any time during the life of your navel piercing; dangling or heavy jewelry can cause irritation.
  • Avoid using CBR's (captive bead rings) and other round rings, as this can irritate the piercing, and these rings will snag much easier than a banana barbell. Snagging can irritate and even tear the piercing, depending on how hard the jewelry is pulled.
  • Avoid swimming or spending a prolonged period of time with your piercing in water.
  • Avoid over-cleaning your piercing since this can cause irritation. Clean it no more than twice a day.

Most important, maintaining proper hygiene is the best way to avoid an infection.

Prepare Yourself for Your Piercing

Navel piercings are one of the most popular piercings for females, after the basic earlobe piercing, and are most common among youth between 12 and 18, but that doesn't mean that middle-aged women can't sport a navel ring.

Because this kind of piercing is quite common, there is a lot of information on the web about it, but not all of the information is accurate.

Before you get your piercing, do some research to make sure that you get the right information and the proper knowledge before you show up at the tattoo shop. If you are informed, you'll find your healing time will be a breeze, and you'll reduce any potential risks.

It takes about six months to a year to properly heal a navel piercing. If you think it is fully healed after a few weeks, think again. The outer area heals well before the inside of the piercing does.

Keep cleaning and following proper aftercare for several more months.

Risks of Belly-Button Piercing

Belly-button piercings are commonly placed on the upper rim of the navel, but they can also be placed on the bottom, left, and right rim.

Whatever the location, there are basic risks that should be considered.

The navel area is subject to sweating, bending, and irritation. Sitting, running, turning around, and other activities can irritate the piercing, as can tight clothes and activities that involve a lot of motion or contact.

Possible complications include:

  • Infection (the most common problem with belly-button piercings)
  • Excessive bleeding and nerve damage (which may be caused by an inexperienced body piercer that pierces the navel too close to a nerve)
  • Allergic reactions to the jewelry. Stainless steel, eight-karat gold, and titanium are ideal for piercings
  • Keloids (thick scarring at the piercing site)
  • Migration or rejection of the piercing

Causes for concern include:

  • Jewelry of the wrong size, type, or metal. Jewelry that is too small may cut off blood supply, as can jewelry that is very thin or too heavy. CBR's and rings can irritate the piercing, and can snag more easily, potentially causing irritation and tears.
  • Jewelry of the wrong metal can cause allergic reactions.
  • Piercings performed with piercing guns. This causes too much trauma to the piercing site, especially as piercing guns only use stud jewelry, which is WAY too small for a navel piercing, and the piercing gun itself cannot be properly sterilized.

If you want to get a navel piercing, make sure that you choose an experienced body piercer. You also want to make sure that you know proper aftercare processes so that you don't irritate it.

Infections Are Serious. Get Your Parents' Permission.

Because an infection can be pretty serious, and something that shouldn't be messed with, you want to be very careful. This is one of the main reasons that I recommend young teens not get a piercing without their parents' permission.

If an infection develops, you will have to tell your parents, which will get you into bigger trouble because you went behind their back to do something you were told not to do.


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    • Brooke 2 hours ago

      Hey, I'm 17, got my belly button pierced two weeks ago and I was just wondering, my belly button is healing on the ring, I clean it two times a day, and it's a little red on the top and it has scabs, is this infected or just healing?

    • Queen Emz 2 days ago

      Hi, why is the whole on the top of my piercing bigger than it original size? Its been 6 days since i got my piercing done and i'm really worried because the top whole is bigger n the ball on the top sits right in it.

    • Gabi 2 weeks ago

      Hi... Each time I take out my navel jewelry to clean it, it come out perfectly fine but when I put it back in, a long piece of flesh comes out and the jewelry is more difficult to go back in. When I remove the flesh it starts to bleed. What should I do?

    • Ellie 6 months ago

      Hi my belly button has a smaller lump on the top of the blower navel piercing I have bathed it in salt water for a while and so far it has gone for a bit then swollen back up what should I do?

    • Barbie 7 months ago

      I got my fist novil peircing years ago but ended up. Rejecting me n stayd scard i just resently went to the shop n got it done and now i notice next to scar look like a ball is growing inside the skin next to my peirceing n i squeez it kind of hurts n at the same time itches but nothing cums out n it looks like it has pus inside n a lil red to wat should i do

    • Jayonna 14 months ago

      I got mines done November 3rd for my birthday and it hurt really bad and it still does

    • Abigail 23 months ago

      Hi i did my navel piercing like 2 weeks go until my mom found out. I got mad because she told me to take it out.. i took it out but now i want to put it back but i find it stopped up what should i do?

    • kelia 24 months ago

      Hey am 17 wanted to pierce mi belly button but am scared of pain what can I do sugession please

    • Kyndra 2 years ago

      So, i just got my belly button pierced on Nov. 1st 2014. I got mine done on the bottom though. But there is this red, blister type thing inside of my belly button. Every time i sit down, or lay on my stomach, nasty sticky stuff comes out of it & occasionally it bleeds. I don't know what it is but it's making me feel sick. What should i do?

    • ansley f 2 years ago

      Ive had my belly button pierced for a little over three weeks and when I try to move it it's a little difficult... it's not really red, so I didn't think it is infected. Could someon please let me know if this is normal?

    • Shannon Keogh 2 years ago

      I got my belly button pierced on Saturday, it is now Tuesday and it hurts to touch it, I think the skin around it is bruised because it is a green/yellow colour and is painful, I occasionally find dry blood but there is no other liquid coming out of it, just wondering if this is normal, I wash it with sea salt and water for 10 minutes each night

    • alexis brim 3 years ago

      I got my belly button pierced back in august and ive had no problems with it, no bleeding puss or anything...a few days ago my sis had accidentally kicked my stomach and I noticed last night theres a bubble by the top ball...I can still change it and everything but I was this early sign of infection or did it just tear and swell up some? please help me I don't know anything bout this sort of stuff...thanks

    • keesha 3 years ago

      I had my belly pierced in april I got it as a birthdy present and it was fine until july it started paining and I took it out that night and the following morning in the bath in tore! And I really want to pierce it again but will there be any infection?

    • Becca 3 years ago

      Hi, I've had my belly button pierced for almost 4 months, and I have changes it a couple of times. Yesterday for the Fourth of July I changes it to a dangly one and we went swimming, after about 20 I noticed it fell out. I quickly got out of the pool and got a new ring but when I tried to push it through it wouldn't go so i ha to force it through, and whole I was doing that it was bleeding and this greenish yellow liquid wa coming out, but I did get it through. But the one that is in it now isn't the one I gt it pierced with so the bar isn't as long as it should be and it did get swollen again. So should I change it into the one I got it pierced with now or should I just wait?? If not how long should I wait??

    • Amy Janne 3 years ago from Gold Coast, Queensland

      I had my belly button pierced about 5 months ago. I have changed it a couple of times but I don't have my original bar in and at the bottom hole it looks like a sort of bubble thing and it keeps sticking out and it sometimes bleeds from the bottom hole. At the top hole this liquid stuff has been coming out for couple of days now and I am getting worried. Also around the top hole it looks like its been bruised. And the skin where the bar is seems to be peeling off constantly and one more thing there is a sort of lumpy thing on the inside of my stomach where the top hole is, so if I try to change the piercing the bar won't go through the top hole.

    • Alison 3 years ago

      I need some help i know my belly ring is infected but it scares me because the skin underneath the large ball is going away there is an opening where the ball lays has anybody seen this before how serios is this?

    • stephanie 3 years ago

      hey i got my belly peirce just under a month and ever since i got it done its been nothing but trouble i care for it all the time ever since its been done its red raw pain full and yellow pus comes out of it and i really don't want to lose it

    • Lucy 3 years ago

      Hi, on saturday I went to get my belly peirced&it went okay but I have been cleaning it well 3times a day but today (tuesday) it is bleeding I think I might of banged it but is this okay its not infected or rejecting is it?

    • McKenna 3 years ago

      Hey there, I have had my belly button pierced about 7 months ago and I noticed that there is a small cut of some sort between the top hole and the other end of the hole. Additionally, this cut is secreting that sebum fluid that the actual piercing does too. This cut is, like I said, directly between the barbells on top of the belly button. Is this a sign of infection or something to be worried about because it doesn't hurt, nor is it scabbing? Please someone let me know. Thanks.

    • Brittany 4 years ago

      My bar to my belly ring is too short. the skin is healing around the ball and I do not know where to find a longer bar. Can I use something else to put in it.

    • jovie 4 years ago

      please help? basicly i have had my belly pierced for 2 years now and not long ago i changed the bar. after say a month, i noticed it hurting, but i didn't think anything of it. i started getting yellowy discharge with blood but i thought its because when putting the bar in, i touched a nerve. few days ago it started getting really painful so i took it out to see what's going on. where the area of the piercing was so red i thought the bar was too short so i compared it with my original one and turned out it was more curled and too short. so i cleaned my belly with savion and the original bar and put it back in. the day after it was even more sore and more PUSS! so i went to my college nurse to see what she would say about it and she cleaned it and put a big plaster on to see how much puss comes out. when i got home the plaster came off so i put a similar one on (hypoalergic or something like that), went out and when i got back, i felt itching where the plaster was, so i took it off and seemed the redness has spread all in my belly button. i immidiently took the belly bar out ( from reading this now i realised i shouldn't of) and cleaned my belly with antiseptic liquid and applied antiseptic lotion. it was so unbelievably sore that even applying savion on it hurt. i went to the doctor on the next day and she said that it is infected gave me plasters and put me on antibiotics also said that i have to wait 3-4 months for it too heal then repierce it? but do you think i should try putting it back in now or just leave it?

    • sarah 4 years ago

      PLEASE HELP ME. i've been worrying and freaking our for days. i just got my belly button pierced 3 days and it's red at the top and warm. it's like sore. is it infected?

    • ayeelj 4 years ago

      I am having mine pierced in a week and I'm really scared of infection or rejection. Can someone give me tips on what kind of ring to use and good ways to keep it clean and un-irritated? I'm so scared! Help please!

    • Hannah 4 years ago

      So me and my sister went last weekend so about a week ago to get our belly buttons pierced together...we both have had the same symptoms so i guess everything is ok...there is no oozing no itching it doesn't hurt sting or burn its just a little sore and a little red around the top balls...that is normal right?

    • Saidat 4 years ago

      Hi i had my belly pierced on December 8th 2011 i changed my piercing April 7th 2012 and it has been hurting ever since it feels itchy and every movement i make affects it..What does this mean??? some HELP!!!!

    • megan 4 years ago

      Helo, ive had my belly done nearlly and year now. However underneath the bottom whole there is a bubble looks like its full of blood its been there for a while now im just not sure how to get rid of it, any suggestions please im really worried? Thankyou

    • ekm12096 4 years ago

      Your belly ring WILL get infected before it gets better! You just need to keep it clean and do not play with it except to twist it so it won't get stuck. Some belly rings might also cause you to get infected so make sure you clean all your rings and holes properly. When I got mine pierced it got a green bubble and snot looking stuff came out. I had to change my belly ring and clean it extremely well multiple times a day. All you can do is keep it clean. If it doesn't go away within a week or is bruised or looks really bad you should most likely go see a doctor.

    • ShiAnne 4 years ago

      i got my belly button pierced about a week ago and the top ball has started to sink in to my skin its starting to worry me. its really red and it stings sometimes. anything that can halp please im up for suggestions.

    • Deanna 4 years ago

      What do you do when your bellybutton has an abscess?

    • tiffany 4 years ago

      Hi, i got my navel pierced on dec. 26, 2011 and i cleaned it twice a day first with the bactine then with sea salt. But for about two weeks now i've hadthis clear kinda yellow ish sticky stuff come out the top hole. It does not hurt to move it or to spin the piercing around the bactine bubbles bt does not sting the sea salt mist just goes in. The bottom hole seems tight to the ring while the top hole is easily move able. My question is it infected? The stick ish stuff jus come to the top when i lightly touch around the hole and i just wipe it off with a cotton ball throw that one away and get another to clean around the hole.

    • Taylor 4 years ago

      So I got my belly button pierced about 3 days ago and I was cleaning it and I lifted the too ball and I got a whitish clear skin looking thing out from back there. Is that okay?

    • Lucy 4 years ago

      ok so i have had my belly button pierced for 4 months now and i have been cleaning it twice a day. today i was cleaning it and i saw this glob of this greyish-greenish stuff mixed with blood(yucky). i have had no problems with it so far and i have had no pain except for when i got it pierced. is this an infection and if it is is there anything i can do to prevent it from getting worse?

      plz and tank u! ?

    • courteney 4 years ago

      i got my belly peircing done on 14th january 2012 and it is now the 3rd march 2012, i regulary clean my peircing but i normally get crust around the top of the bottom ball and the other day it started to bleed again and it wont stop bleeding can somebody please help me!!

    • Vesha Warren profile image

      Vesha Warren 4 years ago

      Why is top of my belly button pierving hole is bigger

    • veshia 4 years ago

      Ok so i had mi belly button puerced for abt a week now. N tha top hole has streched so now mi top ball is sitting n tha whole wat shud i do????

    • Stephanie 4 years ago

      Okay so jve been searching up lately about navel piercingly so I can prevent infections. Im 14 and I just got my belly pierced feb 18 2012... And now it's feb 22 and I been cleaning it 2 times a day with this soap the piercer gave me. It's called TATTOO GOO for tattoos and piercings . . I just want to say thank you so much for thus information .. But when they pierced my belly I fainted and he told be it was normal because I was nervous .. But there is this yellowish coming out of the bar when I clean it. It's like gooey . But I have no scabs . I clean it well . But I'm just wondering . Would it get infected . ? Answer me at (: thank you it will mean a lot .

    • Icey 4 years ago

      is it possible to get infected after 7 months of belly pierced?

    • 4 years ago

      Okay, So, I got my belly button pierced february 9th and itd s little red and kinda itches. It has little crustys around the bottom top ball and i squeezed it when i was cleaning it and light greenish stuff came out. I'm not sure if this is okay, but i called my piercer and he said to just clean it how i have been and if it gets worse to go down there so he can look at it. I'm pretty sure its fine and whatever is wrong with my piercing will go away. Well, I hope it. ?

    • Ciara 4 years ago

      Hey dudes

      I got my belly dune last Saturday

      And today I cleaned it like normal n I had a fray coloured puss web I sweazed it but I clean it 2 times a day with tcp and hot water , and hot water and sea salt and I put tea tree oil 5% on it to

      Omg some one help me ?

    • Rani 4 years ago

      I had my belly button pierced about a week and a half ago, everything seemed fine, slight itchind and soreness for the 1st few days. Ive been cleaning it 3x a day, once with saline soak and 2x with savlon anticeptic spraay and keeping it very dry, for the past few days, the top ball looks very very red and sore, not too painful though and a bit itchy, and it looks like there may be a scab forming under the top ball at the hole, i don't know if this is normal or if the piercing is irritated or getting infected. please help, at a glance it looks like the 1st top picture on this page of the priecing.

    • lauryn 4 years ago

      i got my belly button done on th 3rd of december 2011 so abt 2 months agoo.. and the ball you screw in the top has fell out now twice during my sleep and i shouldn't cause i haven't even been playing around with it! last week in school it was really hurting me so i checked it out and the ball was out so i had to put a plaster on it til i got home, me and my friend had to go to her house and she had to give me on of her balls we just washed it with water.. mine is red only down inside my actuall belly button in that part its all red and there is constandly like all gooy gell stuff coming out of it every 5 minutes and all hard crispy stuff if sticking to the bar .. and like sometimes it smells do its not swelling or anything like that tho .. it absolutley disgusting ive been cleaning it like mad anol .. any advice would you say thats infected ?

    • Marilyn 4 years ago

      Hey, so I got my belly pierced about 3weeks ago and around the hole of the piercing, it's red and crusty, it doesn't hurt alot. Could it be infected?

    • Meghan 5 years ago

      Hi! So I got my belly button pierced back in July (so 6 months ago?) I haven't had any problems with it but I haven't changed it yet. I started to notice that it just isn't healing. Not to mention it's getting really nasty green crusties and puss when the crusties are gone. I've been cleaning it, but haven't been using the salt water treatment anymore. I looked at my belly button today and on the bottom ball underneath its like red and swollen and it's coming out of the hole from my piercing. It won't go away when I wash it in the shower.

      It's really freaking me out and I have noooo idea what to do anymore. I really don't want to have to take my belly button out, so someone please help!

      Oh and it doesn't hurt. The only time it's sore is if I really bump it by accident.


    • Elena 5 years ago

      I got my belly button pierced about a month ago, and it fell out while I was out last night. I won't be able to get another piercing for a day or two. Will the hole close? And will I get an abscess? There was some whiteish pus coming out of it recently and the area is a little red but it's not sore to touch and I don't think it was an infection.

    • Michelle 5 years ago

      Ok so ive had my piercing for 2 months and it was alright. The kin on the top amd mostly buttom kept sticking to the ring and when i tried to unstick it, it would ooze (eww sry) than after having it for 7 weeks i tried changing it and i still have the ring i changed it with in. But it is like swollen and kind of hard around the ring and about 3 or so millimeters away from the ring and it hurts 2 touch it, and it still oozes a like yellow liquidy puss. Also, at one point it was kinda red around the top but i started putting bactine on it and the redness went away. Does this mean its infected or what??

    • Sam 5 years ago

      Olright, so my ring got stuck on my blanket while I was sleeping so When I got up it pulled really hard, hurting really bad. It's not red, tender, and hurts to be touched/cleaned. It bled a little and is crusty with a scab around it, not to big or noticeable though. Should I just keep cleaning it until it goes away or should I use a cream like Noesporin? Or maybe should I maybe take ring out and thoroughly clean it then put it back in? How long will it be this way until it heals?

    • Brielle 5 years ago


      Well the redness could be caused by the type of ring you have in such as stainless steal , gold ect , it may also be caused by friction moving it too much. If you begin to see any purple blackish color & green yellow puss comes out & it begins to get swollen , then be causious that it might be an infection , go back to your piercer & ask what to do . Also changing it back to your old ring could help , but it kinda doesn't make a diiference now because its already been taken out & messed with . Just keep cleaning it daily about 3-4 times a day & make suree you wash your hand before & after

      Hoped I helped you out(:

    • Savannah 5 years ago

      After I changed my belly button ring it has been a little red and it hurts while i clean it, It's been 5 and a half months so i was sure it would be okay to change. It doesn't look bad at all, just a little red on the top; no real sign of a dramatic infection. Does anyone know if this redness is being caused by my new ring itself or is it an infection? Should i take this one out and put my orignal until the entire 9 months are done? Thank you. :]

    • Joselynbg 5 years ago

      Please help asap!

      So I got my belly button pierced about 5 months ago , I changed my ring & now ive noticed at the botton of my hole I have a red bubble looking thig!? Is that an infection or is it rejecting it . My mom tells me its fine if I keep cleaning it w. Alchohal & take an antibiotic but I just don't know I would gladly apreciate a response thanks (:

    • G, 5 years ago

      Hi, iv just had my belly pierced, its the 2nd day now, its only a little red.. But the litrtle ball at the bottom sits at the very back of my bellybutton & u can barely see it. My friend ssay its just cuz the skin is tight & once it loosens up it will stick out alot more & i can position it & it will most likely stay in place. But im still concerned... & my belly button is kinda scrunched up.. is this normal?? help...

    • reli 5 years ago

      Me and my bestfriend got our bellys pierced together five days ago. Hers was hurting,couldn't even see the bar. She was cleaning it with saline and with antibacterial soap. Turns out she was infected! I am not hurting or anything..what should I do? Should I get it checked out or relax? Opinions? Ty

    • Little girlszJay! 5 years ago

      Hello everyone, Great website :)


      ~im 14 and Iv had my belly button pierced for 6 an half weeks know and it's a bit red and swollen, and its a bit painfull to move because of the swelling. IS THIS NORMAL HEALING OR INFECTION???? someone help please x

    • Jermisia 5 years ago

      I got my navel did a year ago it still hurt sometimes and my ring keep pushing up. i need help asap

    • Steph 5 years ago

      I had mine done over a year ago. And I took it off 2 months ago cause it got infected now I have a dark bump on my belly button where the top ball to close the ring is..and I've been getting a pretty bad belly button pain..would anyone know what to tell me it is I have? The doctor told me it could be cause of my piercing but I took it off a while ago...I need better answers from anyone who thinks they know about this. Thanks!

    • mxm538 5 years ago

      I just had my belly pierced again. I waited for about 3 to 4 months. It rejected about 4 months after I had it done. This time i have a bioflex bar in. Its very light weigh and it bends with me.@ Zahra Make sure there is no infection. Have your piercer check it. Get it a few months to heal up. Then he can do it again. @ karen Don't have your daugter clean it to much. Her body can heal it on its own. Does she have a bio flex bar in? With a metal bar it can put a lot of pressure on her skin. That's what happened to me.I bend down a lot in my job. Does she do hot water soaks? A little puss is normal.

    • Zahra 5 years ago

      I hav had my belly button pierced for abwt 2 months now an it's all fine but I've noticed it's not been pierced straight it's slanting right. if I close it will it fully close and can I repierce it? and when?

    • Susanna22 5 years ago

      HI i just got my belly button pierced like 3 weeks ago, and i been cleaning it, but with just normal water. ANd like clear and green stuff is coming out of it. Is this normal? is it healing or is it infected? i am kinda worried. Please answer my question. ASAP. oh and it is kinda red around the top ball. is it becauase it is healing or infected?

    • Karen 5 years ago

      My 13 year old daughter got her beely button pierced 4 weeks ago. Just after the needle went through she moved and the needle slipped back up through the bottom hole. The piercer had to move and wiggle to find the hole to push the needle back through. My daughter was fine afterwards with no pain at all. I asked all the questions about cleaning and sporting activities and even took her back a week later for it to be checked out. All was going well, she cleans it extremely well at least twice a day but for the last couple of weeks strings of puss have been coming out of the top hole. It is a yellowish colour, possible slightly green as well. I have made her clean it even more but this hasn't helped. She has no pain at all, it doesn't hurt to touch and she can freely move the ring. Is the puss just a natural part of the healing or is there more to it. She is very active with dancing and acrobatics and we were told that as long as she felt comfortable and had no pain it was ok for her to do this. Can you please let me know what you think. Thanks

    • Taylor 5 years ago

      To everyone who has had their belly pierced for about a week or less, don't stress about any redness or soreness - you've just had a needle stabbed through your belly button and like any other piercing it's going to hurt. Think of anytime you've had a scab or cut... It goes red around it and scabs when it's healing, your belly button will do the same. As long as you are cleaning it 2-3 times a day it should be fine. If the greeny puss comes out (which I have experienced. So gross btw) make sure you don't touch it too much and just keep it clean and give it air, and it should soon pass. If you are really worried the best thing you can do is go see your GP or doctor and if it's serious they can give you some antibiotics which can aid the clear up of any infections quite well. Hope this helps and don't stress too much guys:)

    • moonshinegirl 5 years ago

      will someone please answer my question im really worried thanks?

    • moonshine 5 years ago

      i got my navel pierced aug. 31 and on the bottom of top hole it has a little red bump or spot and no stuff is coming out of it which is good i guess and it don't really hurt but im just worried about that spot or bump is that normal i clean it everyday so?

    • ……… 5 years ago

      Angie, what your describin sounds like what happened to me, i just used the cleaning solution that i was using when i got it and it just went away

    • Angie 5 years ago

      I have a problem with my belly button piercing, like someone said it seems like "flesh" is coming out like inside the belly button area. What do I do exactly?!?!?!!? I really need help. Should I buy sea salt and clean it with that and warm water??

      Please answer my question! Thanks

    • mell 5 years ago

      So i got my belly button done over 2 months ago, and it was doing fine. I've been cleaning it with a saline solution. In the morning it gets crusty on top. I took it out to clean it and it was bloody and had whitish ooze coming out of it. When i tried to wipe it away, it wouldn't move. I used my finger nails to pull at it (i know, gross) and it came away from the hole in a very stringly manner. When i squeeze it, the same blood and ooze occurs. What do i do? Am i rejecting it? Should i put in a plastic barbell?

    • Lindsey 5 years ago

      I got my belly button pierced about 2 days ago and its still red, on top and bottom. Very little lite green discharge is coming out, but the tattoo people said it was normal. Do you think its infected already?

    • martina:) 5 years ago

      Hey, I've had mine done for about 4months and it was infected but i got rid of the infection by cleaning it with diluted dettol, but now the skin around my bar is soo tight and i can't move the bar, it doesn't hurt at all unless i try to move it. will this get better on its own or should i be doing anything to loosen it? If anyone can help ide really appreciate it:)

    • Tamsin 5 years ago

      This may seem a bit premature to be asking, but I got mine done yesterday and the pains completely gone. After about an hour of having it done it stopped hurting and it only hurts if I knock it, but I've been having really pains in my stomach like when you're going to throw up. I was just wondering if this is normal and if it's not any suggestions?

    • tashaaaaa101 5 years ago

      Hi! I got my navel done just over a month ago, and I am wondering if I can change the bar while it still has yellow stuff coming out? -tash.

    • kelsey? 5 years ago

      Hiyss. Ive had my belly button done for 3 days n it is gettin itchy, and abit red at the top? please can you help me

    • Milissa 5 years ago

      i got my belly button pierced 4 days ago, it was looking good, but today i noticed the top ball is irritated, and under the top ball is a little black spot.. i have no clue what it is. help this chicka please

    • vanessa 5 years ago

      hay again have my belly button dun a week now bu theres like a clear puss cumin out of it and my friend said that's normal its just healing and cleanin itself out is that true?? please help mee

    • Tiffany 5 years ago

      hi i got my belly button pierced 4 weeks ago and i think its heeling fine. no puss or redness or anything like that but it has dead skin by the top ball and its kinda greyish in that area too. i wash it normally with h2ocean and everything. is it infected? or will it be?

    • Jordyn 5 years ago

      Hey I got mine pierced about 2 weeks ago & my top ball sinks into the hole, do I need a bigger one ??

    • mxm538 5 years ago

      @ Vanessa Just keep it clean. That top ball is a bitch. The redness will be there for awile. Its normal. just keep it clean. Don't bend to much if you don't have too. You really have to pamper it.

    • vanessa  5 years ago

      hay i got my belly button done bou 3 days ago and everything looks fine except the the top ball , on my skin it a lil red around it and i havnt got a clue what's goin on HELP ME PLEASEE

    • Meg 5 years ago


      Thank you so much! :)

    • mxm538 5 years ago

      @ Meg Just keep doing what you are doing.Keep it clean, don't play with it. Just keep watching it. Go to your piercer and talk to them about any concerns you have. I just went to mine. I had mine for 4 months. but because my job I bend down to much and I have very soft skin. it wasn't healing and he took it out.he will do it again but with a much lighter ring , bio flex. You should be Ok just keep it clean.

    • Meg 5 years ago

      Hi, I'm kinda freaking out. I'm only 16 and got my belly button done last Friday. It's been totally fine and hasn't even hurt that badly until recently. I've been noticing it getting more and more red and even a bit swollen around the upper part. I've tried to look at it closet and underneath the upper ball is a little bit of crusties. I have not picked at them and try to just avoid moving it as much as possible. It aches every so often and I have no idea what could be wrong with it!! When I woke up this morning it was kind of itchy (the feeling you get when you have a scrap or wound and its healing..but I don't know) I also noticed today that there is more redness around my whole belly button and its still sore. Ive been taking care of it and pampering it with a mild antibacterial soap and soaking it in salt water. I really really hope its not rejecting or infected! It's freaking me out. Tomorrow I'm going to the beach, will that help out?

      Does anyone know what is going on?

    • Karolynn 5 years ago

      need to know where H2Ocean is? Piecing studio, Hot Topic or even online . Price ranges 5-25$ :)

    • Karolynn 5 years ago

      i had my BB done a little while bak and i had an emergency trip and forgot all my cleaning supplys for it so i callded my piercer and she sed i can use cleaning clothes that are in first aid kits and afterwards add a little neo to go or something of that sort hope this helps some of you

    • Amanda 5 years ago

      I just got my piercing 4 days ago and last night it started to get red on top and it's just sore when i touch it. What can i do? Can someone help me?

    • mxm538 5 years ago

      Kelly just keep it clean and just pamper it. Mine did the same thing. Make sure you have plenty of room with your belly ring. If both holes touch the belly ring, you should get one bigger.if you have plenty of room to move it that's good. Don't play with it.Just keep it clean. if it was infective you know it by all that gross green puss.if you don't have that your good. just pamper it. Try not to bend down to much .

    • Kelly B 5 years ago

      Hi, I got my navel piercing about 7 days ago. It was fine the first 5 days but on the 6th day which was yesterday, the top part started to be a little swollen and reddish. It hurts a little when I try to bend down. It's a little worse today. I'm unsure whether is it infected or not. Can someone help?

    • Emily-Ann 5 years ago

      Thank you :)

    • lkc 14 5 years ago


      Well i play softball..and I do sleep on my stomach..but I played with it all through basketball and volleyball season and I never seemed to have any problems with it then..

    • mxm538 5 years ago

      I just had a white spot on top of a red bump. I just soaked in hot/warm water and it seem to draw out a little puss which was that white spot. Im not using sea salt cause it seems to dry my skin, but I do have an antiseptic wash with sea salt in it.

      @ Elle You could have irratated it by changing it. Keep it clean, soak it ,wash it, leave it alone. Don't play with it. @ lkc Have you done anything to it, like bump it,any rough clothing.?Sleeping on it? @ Emily You maybe bumped it or it got caught on something..

    • Emily-ann 5 years ago

      i got my belly button done in january and it is now july, but yesterday it was red with a little part that was white and today the little white part is a cut. any ideas as to what it might be?? thank you :)

    • lkc14 5 years ago

      I've had my belly button for almost a year. I never had any problems, it was always healing just fine. Lately it has been very sore. I have a small bump under my skin between the two parts of the ring (where the bar is under the skin). I've always taken such good care of it...but no one seems to get the bump where I have one...anyone have any idea?? Please help..

    • Elle Robertson 5 years ago

      I don't know if mines is infected because i changed mines a few weeks ago, and it was to small, and started to hurt, and got a bit red, so i changed it, and it's still really red, is it infected? or do i still have a chance of using some antiseptic cream or something?

    • mxm538 5 years ago

      @shannon no green puss is not good.

    • shannonknowles 5 years ago

      why is there green puss comeing out of my belly butten is that natrul

    • mxm538 5 years ago

      Well today I changed my belly ring, I didn't want to but I lost the stone in the bottom ball. So I bought myself a new ring,and wipes to clean and used H2ocean on the bar to help to move it into the hole smoothly. It worked. Only problem was that damn top ball was tight so I had a hard time to loosen it.But I did. So my belly is a little irratated but its ok.Its been about 3 months for me now. Its still pink in color.

    • Brittany 5 years ago

      Mine has like a red lump underneath of it idk what it is my dad said it looks like its knotting up and i got it done may 2nd and it looks great except for that lump idk what to do about it

    • chelsie 5 years ago

      i got my belly button pierced 2 mts ago and last night i accidentally bumped it in my slrrp. i woke up and a few hours later i adjusted the bar like pushed it down and a little drop of blood and little bit of green puss came out. is it infected?

    • Sara A. Smith 5 years ago

      im 12 years old and i got my piercing about a month and half ago they said it should be healed on the top and bottom by now but theres just a little red spot beside it and i think the hole has stretched im rly scared and i don't know if its infected aybe its just rejeting it it will probably go away in a couple of weeks just like my nose piercing did if u have any suggestions or anything that this could be please tell me and do you know anyway to make it heal faster ??!!! please tell me !

    • Melissa 5 years ago

      Hi, I got mine pierced in March and it was healing just fine (my 2nd time getting it pierced). I changed it about a week ago to a white gold jewelry that I got at a jewelry place. It was still a little red but not hurting or anything. And when I had it pierced the first time it stayed red for a good while as well. This morning I noticed a bump on the top hole, after I cleaned it with Epsom salt and water, the lump kinda opened and it's been emptying pus I guess. Any suggestions? Is this a sign of infection or just healing? My first one didn't give me this much trouble so I'm worried now. You can also email me if you have helpful tips..

    • dannie 5 years ago

      i have had my peircing for two months now, and it doesn't hurt but it has like a little 'blister' type looking thing beside the top ball, some days it looks like you can hardly see it, or like its getting better but i don't know if its an infection ? i clean it with salt water twice a day. is it infected ? :/

    • Kg 5 years ago

      This is my second time getting my belly pierced and they seem to pierced it directly through my scar which they said they wouldn't because the first time it was pierced too low. I'm not happy with it because I'm scared it will rip out due to having very little skin over the barbell.. I don't know any of my friends who's was pierced so low so is it my piercer or my belly button shape ????

    • bebe 5 years ago

      i had my bbr 3 weeks ago and i tought it was healing find, but now it hurt when i clean it. it's painfull when i move the ring up and down is it part of the healing process.

    • Kelly 5 years ago

      My belly ring I think has accumulated scar tissue around the top and it's lighter in color, but when I go to change the piercing it starts closing up almost instantly. In the time it takes me to set down one and pick up the other and try to put it in its already started closing. I have had the piercing for almost 6 months. It hasn't always been like that, there's been some irritation recently and it sometimes gets crusty around the top. But when i'm putting the new piercing in I have to kind of force it through and then it starts bleeding and its a mixture between blood and some whitish fluid, I don't think its puss...I don't know what to do or what's causing it to close up so fast. Help??

    • Brandy 5 years ago

      extremely helpful!!

    • kiki  5 years ago

      hey i got a belly ring about a month ago ....its like dark around the holes .It pus every now and then and the color of it is like light yellow and sometime clear. The question is about the color of the holes . What does it mean ?

    • Amanda96 5 years ago

      My friend showed me this remedy, and what u do is every few days until the area is almost cleared up(only do this if your piercing is close to infected) U pour hydrogen peroxide into a container or something, then soak the metal ball(s) and barbell in it.. Then u take saline and shoot it through the bottom hole until u see it come up trough the top hole. After that u take the things out of the peroxide and put it back in. It's been working for me so far.

    • mxm538 profile image

      mxm538 5 years ago

      You poor thing :( Jessi Have you changed it and that's when the bump showed up? Is the metal a good quality? Are you wearing tight fitting cloths to cause the friction? Is it pussing? Im just asking so we all have a clearer picture to help you.

    • Jessi 5 years ago

      So, I've had my belly button pierced for 5 months now and when I hit my 3 month mark the previous redness around the top ball turned into a surfaced bump thing and it almosts looks like a blood blister next to the top ball. I went in to the place that I had the piercing done to have them check it. They said it was a "fricton burn" from moving it around too much. They said if I up my dose of the sea salt and water then it should heal in no time but its been two months and nothing has happened... Any suggestions?

    • mxm538 profile image

      mxm538 5 years ago

      Nice to meet you Vicky! If anything my BB has made me feel younger, and happier with my self.I guess you can say I met my milestone,and to celebrate I got my BB done!

    • Vicky 5 years ago

      Hi mxm538 - just wanted to let you know from your earlier comments that you are definitely not too old for anything you want to do. I am almost as old as (or as young as) Madonna and she has a bb ring too

    • mxm538 profile image

      mxm538 5 years ago

      Hello all! Well its been one month for my bb. Its doing good. i stopped using the dail soap, it was a bit to strong for my skin. Now just using Dove for senstive skin in the shower. Cutting back on the sea salt wash too.Just not playing with it and giving it as much air as I can.

    • Vicky 5 years ago

      Hi, I had my belly piercing done last Thursday (8 days ago) and think it is starting to heal nicely. It didn't look the best on Monday and there was a little bit of white pus but I realised after reading up about the healing process that this could be normal and due to the wound cleaning or pushing out traces of dry blood/tissue. I made a solution using a cup of warm boiled water from the kettle, 1/4 teaspoon of non-idodised sea salt and 1 capful of tea tree oil, which is really soothing and healing. I put it in a clean jar and pour a little into a medicine cup to use 2-3 times a day with a clean cotton wall ball. The trick is to saturate the barbell and gently move it so that the solution gets into the hole and flushes out impurities and disinfects it. Be gentle,and let the solution do the work. Wear a towel around your waist but pat dry once or twice with a tissue as it is more sterile. Good luck

    • sharain 5 years ago

      hi, ive had my belly button pierced twice before and this time ive had it in for about 4 months then i decided to change the barbell to a smaller one. it started hurting then a big bump appeared in between the top hole and the bottom hole. ive had this before and i used bactine spray and sea salt soaks to get rid of it and it went away but this time ive had it for over a month already and it wont go away ! help =/

    • mxm538 5 years ago

      Mrs Ericka I would wait a few months before going into a pool. When you see there is no more redness, maybe then ,but I would clean it right away after your swim. My inched a little bit too. Your skin is drying out which may be the cause of it.

    • Mrs. Ericka 5 years ago

      hey I've gotten my navel pierce 4/17/11 and I cleans it about 2 to 3 times a day . And it looks good as well .what I want to knw do it supposed to itch around it and also when can you change the ring . ad when can I get in a pool.

    • mxm538 profile image

      mxm538 5 years ago

      Well Im way over 25:) But I just had my BB done 2 weeks ago. Its a little red still be and some dry skin too. But im always cleaning it, giving it lots of air as much as I can. I really am getting a lot of info here . Thanks for sure.,,,

    • eb 5 years ago

      hey, so i got my belly pierced exactly a week ago, and I had to swim in the ocean with it, (my parents don't know, but i am telling them). i looked around on the internet the night before i went in the ocean and read that it was fine as long as i clean it afta, so i did. now it is a bit red around the top ball but there is no lump or anything, and it is a bit sore again. im not sure if it is infected so pls help!

    • Kierston 5 years ago

      I got my belly-button pierced 5 weeks ago and it hurts so bad! I Can't even stand the pain to clean it. It's all red and puffy! I wanna take it out but after going through the time, money, and pain taking it out isn't an option. What about if I take anibiotics...... will that help any? I got an industrial piercing a year ago and it got infected so i took an antibiotic from the doctor and my infection went away. Sooo hopefully it will be an option for my belly-button.

    • billie 5 years ago

      had my belly pierced about 3-4weeks ago, and the bottom of the peircing is fine and normal colour, but the top is red and occasionally scabs, sometimes when i clean it it pusses a yellowy coloured stuff, what's going on? is it infected?

    • Haley 5 years ago

      Is sterling silver a good metal to use???

    • aa 5 years ago

      can i use ALZARA dead sea product as a saline solution ?

    • nrh 5 years ago

      any 25+ women here with bb rings?

    • Ellarose92 profile image

      Ellarose92 5 years ago

      This was a very good hub!! Another good thing for piercings is H2ocean i love that stuff!!

    • Amanda96 5 years ago

      This article helped quite a bit. I've had it pierced for about 6 & a half weeks. It's definitely my favorite piercing! It's a little red, and a bit crusty, but I've been cleaning it 3 times a day up until the 6 week mark, now I'm just cleaning it in the morning and at night... Nothing is coming out, and it's not bleeding. So I assume it's just healing? I've had a few other piercings, and they never rejected the surgical steel, so I know that isn't a concern. Let me know if anybody else has had the same thing happen as me. Thanks :)

    • Amanda  5 years ago

      So Everyone seems really helpful here so I thought I'd ask, I just got my bellybutton pierced, and I was wondering if I should move it every now and then or not touch it at all? My boyfriend said I should move it every few hours or it'll heal into the barbell. I just wanna be sure.

    • abby 5 years ago

      how do i kno its infected.i got it three days ago

    • Haley  5 years ago

      Hey I got my belly button pierced on December 16 and it seemed healed so I changed it out. I know dumb idea. Well it was a dangly one and now it's got a little bit of the clear yellowish stuff coming out of it. So I put a stud in. It gets a little itchy sometimes and is a bit red. Is it swollen?? Please HELP!!!

    • Caitlin 5 years ago

      I got my peircing done this month (approx 10 or so days)

      it is still a bit red but for the most part looks fine except for this black spot either in or on the skin where the top ball is and there seems to be dried sort of skin (sort of like a callouse but softer and isn't there when wet)

      Is this normal? or should I do something about it?

    • Megan 6 years ago

      Fab article :)

      that's really made me feel better about my piercing because for some reason i thought it was infected :P Iv had it done for like...2 weeks and its nit bled or had pus so iv actually worried about that....does that mean its not healing?

      also if you lift up the piercing (its pierced fairly shallow because i have no 'shelf' on my top belly button) its a bit scabbed in front of the ball at the top (making it a bit stiff)

      is that all normal ?? :)

    • Eileen 6 years ago

      I got my belly button pierced about 3 weeks ago. it doesn't hurt any more but its red at the top and dry and it some times itches really bad. is this normal?

    • kayla 6 years ago

      hey so i got mine pierced a week tomorrow and its red and kinda feel irritated. There's a little bit of dry skin, but no puss that i can see or smell. i clean it twice a day with unscented soap that the piercer told me to use. I don't know if i should do anything else and i dont't know if im getting an infection, since it is red and kinda sore.


    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 6 years ago from Georgia

      Sounds like you may be allergic to the metal of the jewelry, especially if you have had these problems for so long. As long as the piercing is not infected, I'd recommend removing the jewelry, letting it heal, and going back to have it repeirced with a different metal.

    • Holleigh 6 years ago

      I have had my belly button pierced for a little over a year and I have always had problems with it. It is always sore and the past few months it will start bleeding but not enough for it to get on my clothes. Whenever I look at it there is crust on it. Underneath my top ball it is red and underneath the bottom ball it looks as if some of my flesh is coming out?? IDK but it looks weird and always hurts. I have been using sea salt and hot water to care for it. What do you think is wrong with it??

    • chantelle 6 years ago

      hay i a worried about mine i have had it done for just over 4 months and it is red at the top and there is this red stuff comin out the top when i lift it up i use savalon antiseptic spray should i use something else or not i really don't know what to do it looks like the one with the gold ring you know the top of it please tell me soon what i should do now!!!!!!!!!

    • jessica 6 years ago

      welp i have had mine done since december 11 a day after my birthday but i have a lil red spot under my top ball and it does not hurt my belly button stopped hurting after a couple days i been using ointment and alchahol pads and greenish white stuff is coming out i dnt kno if it is normal i was told it was but i don't kno juz write me at my email

    • Jamie-Leah 6 years ago

      I got my belly pierced on thursday and it is not bleeding or pussy it is very tender and red. I think it is infected and i went back to the shop and the piercer said it may be infected but she doesn't know. also under my top ball there is a cut. and my top belly ball sinks into my belly and i think it is infected but i don't know and neither does my piercer... please help....

    • Jai! 6 years ago

      @ttrash: Thank's and yeah I've got 4piercings in each ear & my tongue pierced? I will go back to the piercer - (I hadn't had any other of my piercings done there?)xx

    • JohnBarret profile image

      JohnBarret 6 years ago

      Oh wow,

      doesn't pain is more than the jewel itself?

    • Michelle 6 years ago

      I got my belly button pierced about three months ago. It seemed to be healing fine but then for about the past few weeks it has become tender to the touch again, as well as getting really red and swelling around the top hole. Since I have had the piercing, the top hole has been the one I have had more problems with. The last week, though, the bottom one has been getting red again :( For about the first month, I soaked it in a salt water solution using the shot glass technique. After that I got busier and so have been using the salt water spray... I think that I probably need to go back to soaking it, but not sure it will do the trick? I think I will ask my doctor about trying an antibiotic. Has anyone else had success with this? It does itch at times, which I have taken to mean it is still healing in some ways. The darker red around the holes and extreme tenderness, though, are really concerning me. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!

    • brandylicious 6 years ago

      ive had my belly button pierced for 10 months it'll be a yr in january. it was infected a few months ago, but i got rid of it. i changed the barbell last night to a titanium piece but it was hard to put in! i had to put it in upside down! is it rejecting?? or migrating?

    • ttrash profile image

      ttrash 6 years ago from Australia

      Jai, your piercing may be rejecting. Rejection sometimes just happens to people on all their piercings; do you have any others? Go back to your piercer and ask them for their opinion.

      This is a great hub, I just wanted to add that any plastic derived jewelry also shouldn't be worn during the healing process. Because of its porous nature of plastics, as the tissue heals, it will grow into the plastic and moving the bar will cause irritation and swelling. Once healed though, plastic type bars are a great, more flexible alternative to steel.

    • jai! 6 years ago

      I had mt navel pierced (belly button) about 3months ago and it won’t heal! About 2/3weeks after it being pierced I noticed a “bubble” on the top hole. I have no idea what it is but it’s sore, red in colour and has an unpleasant smell! I’ve tried TCP (diluted and pure), salt water (regurally) and germoline cream! It often oozes and crust’s and I’m not sure if it’s INFECTED, REJECTING or just HEALING? I don’t want to take it out just in case it’s part of the healing process.. In urgent help, any advice?xx

    • Megan 6 years ago

      Hey Erica, sounds like a possible infection. Go back to your original piercer, or another piercer you trust and have them take a look.

    • Erica 6 years ago

      Okay, So i've Had My Belly Button Pierced For About 4 Months Now. There is What Seems To Be A Blister On The Bottom Hole, it Has A Hole Of its Own And it Has A Thick Discharge Coming Out Of it. Btw it Does Hurt :/ Anybody have Any Suggestions? :/

    • Lucieee 6 years ago

      i had my belly button pierced 10 days ago. it is red around the top ball and its made a dent in my open skin.. is that normal? any tips please

    • Michaela 6 years ago

      HI. I got my belly button pierced like 2 or 3 weeks ago. it does look red but it stopped hurting and would that mean it is still infected. my mom got me neosporn to rub around it is that fine as a normal aftercare? please HELP ME!!!! And does a ring that looses it color and like kind of makes your belly button look gray cause an infection? I would appretiate the help. thanks.


    • Charley 6 years ago

      Heyy Cierra, my belly bar doesn't cover my belly button either, but its just that my belly button is bigger then some of my friends, i don't know if yours is but that's why mine does lolx

    • tina 6 years ago

      i got my belly peirced a week ago and it was healing fine and then a couple days ago it started getting red where the barbell goes under the skin((its red on top where it would be)) im assuming its bc i keep moving and twisting my body in my sleep ((cant stay still!!)) but there is no bleeding or puss. just hurts a bit and is red. whatsa goowin on?((ps ive had it done b4))

    • Cierra 6 years ago

      Okay, Im 15. & I got my bellybutton peirced about 2 months ago. & my question is.. how do you know if its pierced wrong? Because my botton ball of my bellybutton ring doesn't sit in my bellybutton like everyone elses, & the piercing place I went to are VERY profesional. They've done tattoo's & piercings on celeb's also. My piercing lays a little below the top of my bellybutton, so is that normal? PLEASE HELP! It's been bugging me, thanks so much. -Cierra.

    • jenny 6 years ago

      this has been very helpful just got mine done and i love love love it==]

    • heather 6 years ago

      hi mine has a little redness but nit that much this page that i have read it is very good thank you for the tips

    • RNMSN profile image

      Barbara Bethard 6 years ago from Tucson, Az

      very good article and kudos to you for the wash your hands peat and repeat lecture :) this nurse gives you a thumbs up (But I don't think a navel piercing is forme...I will stick with the two in my ears!!!!)

    • 2besure profile image

      Pamela Lipscomb 6 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      Very helpful article! You have to be very careful to keep clean and dry piercings in places that are covered or tend to sweat.

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