Illustrated Guide to Eyebrow Piercings

Updated on August 30, 2007

The earlobes and cartilage are not the only places that can be pierced on an ear, the center is not the only spot that can be pierced on a tongue, and the eyebrow is not the only place that can be pierced on, well, an eyebrow. Before we begin, let's clear up one of the most prevalent myths about eyebrow piercings, the one that says half your face will go numb if it is pierced incorrectly. This is mostly false. In order for your face to go numb, nerves would have to be affected. Bundles of nerves tend to congregate near bone and beneath muscle. An eyebrow piercing is a surface piercing that, if done correctly, rests just below the skin; it should never go so deep that it comes anywhere near muscle or bone.

A typical eyebrow piercing is pierced vertically through the eyebrow, anywhere along the ridge. According to, "The usual place to pierce the eyebrow is at a 35 degree angle from the outside corner of the eye, however, it may be pierced anywhere along the eyebrow from directly above the eye, to the edge of the eyebrow." They take about 6-8 weeks to heal and because they are a surface piercing, they run the risk of migration (which happens when the piercing moves from its original location, either downwards, gradually, over time or because the body is rejecting the foreign object and attempting to push it outwards.) Barbells or captive bead rings are appropriate jewelry for standard eyebrow piercings.


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Another type of piercing is the horizontal eyebrow which, obviously, is pierced horizontally across the upper brow ridge. It should be done with a surface bar, which goes into the skin at a ninety degree angle and travels under the skin at a constant depth (like a staple shape) rather than a curved barbell.


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A bridge piercing goes through the bridge of the nose (the fleshy part at the tip of the nose between the eyes). Done with a straight barbell or surface barbell, the bridge piercing is not for everybody. If the skin between your eyes is very tight and not too fleshy, it may heal crooked or be a prime candidate for migration.


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An anti-eyebrow piercing (sometimes called a teardrop) is basically a piercing on the place where your eyebrow would be if your face were upside down and your eyebrows were beneath your eyes instead of above them. It is also a surface piercing that appears to be adorning the cheek rather than the eye. As such, it should also use a surface bar rather than a barbell.


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A spiral eyebrow is a variation of the standard eyebrow piercing, only instead of one piercing it is comprised of two or three consecutive holes. A special, spiral-shaped piece of jewelry is then looped through each of the holes.


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Another variation on the standard eyebrow piercing is the T eyebrow. A T eyebrow piercing is essentially a standard vertical and a horizontal in immediate proximity to one another so that a "T" shape is formed.


Finally, two or more different types of piercing can be combined to form a multiple, or combination, piercing.


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      • profile image

        pro piercer 3 years ago

        A complete idiot wrote this article.

      • profile image

        David 4 years ago

        Thanks so much regarding gviing us an update on this issue on your web page. Please understand that if a new post becomes available or in the event that any adjustments occur with the current article, I would be interested in reading more and understanding how to make good usage of those techniques you reveal. Thanks for your time and consideration of other men and women by making this blog available.

      • profile image

        Jeff 4 years ago

        If you do get it redone, make sure they use a ndeele! So many piercing studios use guns- which are ok on the ear lobe, but if you use them on cartilage there is an increased risk of it splitting and shattering. (Blunt stud forced through... ouch!) Needles are the way forward! Personally I'd wimp out at upper ear or inner ear, but think they'd look good on you! :)x

      • profile image

        Reya 6 years ago

        My ex had his bridge done. It looked really nice but he ended up taking it out because it was making him go cross-eyed.

      • profile image

        Jinx 6 years ago

        I want an anti-eyebrow and now I'm thinking of a spiral eyebrowbrow. I think the guy with the T eyebrow peircings are too bulky.

      • profile image

        sexy diva 7 years ago

        i want a chin piercing,it is absolutely super hot

      • profile image

        shylaaa 7 years ago

        ahah idk how this workss like im14 and i want an anti eyebrow like reallyy really bad but i have to convince my dad to let me get it done so anyy goodd things about it or advice how to do thatt? and how much do you think it would hurttt?!?

      • profile image

        Glitterpixiee 7 years ago

        I want an anti eyebrow. They are super hot!

      • profile image

        Adrienne 7 years ago

        I have an anti eyebrow and love it! only took 3 weeks for mine to heal. and everyone says they love it on me. not sure if it's a thing everyone can pull off though.

      • profile image

        Rigodon 7 years ago

        I love anti eyebrow *,* If You have kind of body that not reject any piercing that's great ! ;P Only clean it 2 a day & it'll heal fast as hell ! I assure You ;) OMG, I'm addicted piercing XP.

      • profile image

        Roarr 7 years ago

        The chick with the anti eye brow piercing is hot.

        I'd happily go bi for her :]

        The horizontal piercings are pretty sweet. :D

      • profile image

        la plebe 8 years ago

        wow i going to get one

      • profile image

        Dakota 9 years ago

        I'm really not sure why nobody has said it yet, but the girl before the spiral picture is effing hot, and the Anti-eyebrow looks amazing on her!

      • profile image

        Ashee 9 years ago

        Just wanted to say that I love the pics! I've had a regular eyebrow, a bridge, and now I have a horizontal eyebrow. They are really fun and neat and definitely a piercing I'd suggest to anyone thinking about getting one!

      • profile image

        Ashley 9 years ago

        The first guy with the spiral eyebrow piercing is cool. I want one like it too. I already have the holes I just can't find a spiral long enough to go through both. Any help would be nice thanks!

      • profile image

        ShimOrgasm 9 years ago

        so so cute

      • profile image

        skonk 9 years ago

        yeah i like the sprial percing the 1st guy own with the cones it awesome i wanna do mine tooo

      • profile image

        lacey  9 years ago

        i like all them they are neat.

      • profile image

        lucero 9 years ago

        That 1st guy with the spiral eyebrow piercing, i love his piercing! ITS FUCKN HOT! i need to find out where he got it at.

        Eny information, let me know. I must have it!

      • profile image

        will 9 years ago

        the last girl here's is hott and i love her piercing

      • jaymz profile image

        jaymz 10 years ago from USA

        I'm not a big fan of anti-eyebrow piercings. I've had my eyebrow piercing ripped out twice. I've given up having it done.

      • profile image

        beth merrill 10 years ago

        wow verry interresting but i like it


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