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Hip Surface Piercing Healing Tips

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A example of a hip piercing

A example of a hip piercing

Hip Piercings Are Often Rejected

Sometimes, no matter how you care for your new surface piercing, your body may still reject the piercing. Surface piercings often turn out to be temporary. Keeping this type of piercing for one or two years is a great feat.

Basically, when the body rejects a piercing, it spits it out like a splinter. The body finds it easier to push out the foreign object (in this case, jewelry) than it does to heal the skin around the object.

Surface piercings are prone to rejection, as are belly-button piercings and eyebrow piercings. The rejection rate of a type of piercing depends on the placement of the piercing, the blood flow in that area, and any irritation or abuse the piercing suffers. The rejection rate for these piercings on the hips is high because the hips are a very high-contact, high-motion area, where a new piercing can get irritated.

In order to increase the odds of a surface piercing turning out to be permanent, follow proper aftercare, as described below.

The video below shows a rejected hip piercing hanging by a thread, about to fall out, leaving behind a scar.

Choose the Right Type of Jewelry

When getting a hip surface piercing, it's very important to use proper jewelry. The right jewelry helps the piercing last longer with fewer risks.

  • Proper jewelry includes Tygon (PTFE, a non-reactive plastic) and surface (staple) barbells.
  • Improper jewelry includes CBRs, banana barbells, and straight barbells.

Tygon and surface barbells reduce the risk of migration and rejection by creating less tension and stress on the tissues, which should reduce the risk that the body will try to push out the jewelry.

It's very important to use proper jewelry. Straight barbells are not recommended

It's very important to use proper jewelry. Straight barbells are not recommended

Healing a Hip Piercing

When healing a hip surface piercing, you want to be very cautious. Your hips and pelvic area experience a lot of bending, friction from clothes, and overall activity, which makes the area a high-contact area. Because surface piercings on the hips have a high rejection and migration rate, proper aftercare is a must.

You can increase the chances of keeping the piercing longer if you properly care for the piercing. You'll find that there are many different aftercare tips for piercings. It's a matter of which one you want to follow.

How to Clean Your Piercing

Many piercers recommend using antibacterial soap, such as Dial, but in my experience, Dial soap can irritate a piercing, especially if you don't properly flush the soap out and it leaves a residue around the piercing where it can irritate it.

The easiest way to clean a piercing is to use either a pre-mixed saline solution or a solution of non-iodized sea salt. Saline, to me, is the easiest. If you use sea salt, mix 8 ounces of warm water with 1/4 teaspoon of non-iodized sea salt (not table salt).

  1. Pour the saline or the sea salt solution into a disposable cup (the small, bathroom dixie cups work great).
  2. Carefully bend over the cup so that you can flip the cup over onto the piercing.
  3. Soak the piercing for about 10 to 15 minutes.

How Often Should I Clean It?

You want to clean the piercing at least twice a day for the first few weeks and then clean it at least once a day until the piercing is healed. Some claim that cleaning a surface piercing daily even after you think that it is healed is beneficial, as this type of piercing can be quite finicky.

If you feel discomfort during the day, you can spray the piercing with Simply Saline or Wound Wash Saline during the day. Soaking a new piercing as your regular cleaning will be good for it, as it cleans the outside and the inside of the piercing as the solution soaks through.

Just make sure to keep an eye out for migration, rejection, and irritation.

The Piercing Process

If you decide to get a hip piercing, It's important to understand what you're getting into before you go through the process. Do keep in mind that microdermal implants are a nice alternative to surface piercings, and they typically last much longer. Below are videos of a hip surface piercing and a microdermal hip piercing.

Jewelry Is Too Big: Bound to Be Rejected

The video above shows a hip piercing in progress. The jewelry is too large and is bound to be rejected.

Dermal Implant Hip Piercing

The video above shows a hip piercing using a different technique called dermal implants.

Hip piercings done with the dermal implant method

Hip piercings done with the dermal implant method

Other Types of Surface Piercing

In addition to hip piercings, other types of surface piercings are becoming very popular these days. With some exceptions, surface piercings can be done on any flat plane of the body.

Common surface piercings include:

  • Anti-eyebrow piercing: under or beside the eye
  • Corset piercing: a series of symmetrical piercings intended to be laced like a corset
  • Nape piercing: on the back of the neck
  • Neck piercing: on the side of the neck (may be referred to as "vampire bites")
  • Madison piercing: horizontal piercing above the collarbone at the base of the neck
  • Sternum piercing: on the sternum
  • Stomach piercing: anywhere on the stomach, typically near the navel (may be referred to as a reverse belly-button piercing)
  • Vertical tragus: in front of the ear, on the side of the face
  • Wrist piercing: on or near the wrists, generally on the top side

All of these piercings are prone to rejection or migration. In many cases, if the jewelry isn't removed once rejection starts, scarring can develop.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


a on December 01, 2014:

I got my hips done and I love em. It didn't hurt at all I guess my pain tolerance is very high. I'm in love with my hips thinking about going to get another one above the ones I Already got.

Magenta618 on August 04, 2014:

I've had my hips pierced for almost 2 months. If you are wanting these I recommend stocking up on high waisted pants, looser fitting pants, and some dresses. I've had to avoid wearing my jeans because they sit on the rods. My jewelry is a similar shape as my belly button ring but one side did get embedded within the first week. However, I had the bar extended and they are healing nicely. This is a piercing that simply requires constant maintenance but it is truly sexy. Mine hurt immensely to get pierced but after those five minutes, I haven't really had any pain from them. Only constant redness.

Tiffany on May 02, 2013:

Okay, so I have had my hip piercings for about a year now and still have not rejected and have already gotten infected really bad and I got a staff infected in indeed of them and almost died because of it :( the pussing and redness is completely normal and just part of the healing process. When someone tells you that they only take 8 weeks or 2-3 months to heal, that's crap. They take at least a year to a year and a half to fully heal and when you can change the bars. Mine still aren't healed yet and the holes are only a little tanner than my skin color but that's only because their trying to get back to their normal skin pigment but I already ordered new bars and they are amazing! Hope I helped out!!

Fred on March 23, 2013:

I really want both hip dermals done but I'm actually scared of infection now, how long does it usually take before they grow out. Or don't they ?

Chloeejoness on March 10, 2013:

I've had my hip pierced for nearly 3 months now and I love it so so much, I used a staple bar but changed the jewellery too early on whilst healing, this caused irritation and redness around the piercing. Not good! I'd recommend a hip piercing to anyone wanting one as mine did not hurt to get pierced at all but it all depends on the persons pain threshold really.

courtney on May 11, 2012:

Well I've had my hips pierced for a month and a half and it doesn't look good for them right now.their really red around the holes and lately they have been bleeding and pussing ever once in a while.this tattooer said to use sea salt but maybe I'm using to first I was using dial soap and they started to itch all the time and would feel super dry and started getting I did sea salt and now they drain a lot of puss and sometimes its got some blood in this normal?I really don't know what they would look like this is my first time.I really love mine and don't want to see them go.the guy said if they don't clear up in 2 weeks I have to take them out.please help me.

yesitsme on April 25, 2012:

i have pierced my toungue, belly, clitoris, and surface ones on my hips all by myself. they were perfect but don't with a profeesional kit that was given to me. all were well and no infections. when i pierced my hips i bent industrial bars and put them in. they looked bad but i just thouight about the after when i get a shorter bar. don't pierce them yourself!! I MEAN i wouldn't do it aagain. i went to MudFest andd they got really infected and my skin started to eat my piercing balls. it was terrifying. i have 4 little scars now on my hips :(

courtney on April 14, 2012:

I got my hips done about 3 weeks ago and i love them but their a lot of work.and the person who did them told me to use antibacterial soap which only made them redder and scabby.also they made one thinner than the other.i do love them a lot but i went and got a second opinion and was told to use sea salt and that i needed to squeeze them to get the puss out or there will be an infection. Also i have 7 piercings and i thought getting my hips done hurt the worse.but it was totally worth it :) I'd give up all my piercings for just these two.

Luke on April 11, 2012:

In my experience I have had the hips done and I have found out if you have keloid skin don't get this done as like one person said the scars when you first get them done are ment to heel if you have keloid skin I suggest you don't get this done as the bruising stays with you mine look vile ATM and I'm close to just taking them out :L there grea. At first but if you have the wrong skin after 4 weeks they look disgusting ;L and produce excess puss

Rose on April 09, 2012:

I think it hurt! I have pierced my own eyebrow, cartiladge, ear lobe and nose and i didn't think it hurt but this was killer!! I really hope mine don't reject. can i bandage them while i sleep so they don't move so much?

Babydoll227 on April 05, 2012:

I've really been wanting my hips peirced and my mom will sign for it. But I'm just scared how much does it hurt... I have my tongue and it didn't hurt at all neither did my belly button... Does it feel just like a belly button peircing??

brooklyn Alexa on March 22, 2012:

i really want to get mine done im 14 and getting mine done on my birthday which is in like 2 weeks and i will be 15.. But after reading this im afrid to get it done... i have my snake bites, smiley, and my venom bites, and my tongue... none of those have rejected but im afriaid this one will ahhhhh!im still gonna get them thogh. also people say if your super skinny it hurts more and im super you think it will hurt more?

122410andstrong on March 20, 2012:

I have a pretty small torso (as in length)and my hips always seem to be right on the tightest part of my jeans, so, if I were to get this piercing, should I ask to get it a little higher than normal or should I just wear super low rise jeans? I'm pretty sure the constant friction would cause it to migrate and/or regect... so what do you think?

shortiee on February 20, 2012:

i just got my hipss pirced about a week ago amd been takinn really really good caree of them but now im scared their goinn to reject causee i can feel the bar likee bad,,and this article has me scared too i wanna keep these for about two yeears and takee them out myself instead of them rejectinn..but now im really scared :/

Whitney (author) from Georgia on February 10, 2012:

pain is subjective

Ashleigh on February 08, 2012:

I really want my hips pierced, i have many pierings and none of them have rejected, im just scared my hip piercings will-_-, & on a scale 1-10 how much to they hurt?

Barbie on December 26, 2011:

I Got my hips pierced its healed and everything, but the holes are dark. By the time will it get lighter or What? Helpp Please

JesseLee on December 23, 2011:

I got my hips pierced about a day or two ago, and I'm not sure what they are supposed to look like.. But the clamp was really tight, and it bruised my skin. I don't know if that's normal or not, but The place I got it done at said bruising is highly likely, and there's nothing to worry about, so I'm not too worried.

But it bleeds, I don't bump it at all, and I clean it twice a day with this piercing cleaner, especially for piercings. I'm just not sure what it's supposed to look like, but I'll describe it.

It's a little purple around it from the bruising, and it has tiny red circles around each hole. It doesn't ooze or anything, but it bleeds from time to time.. And when I got it done it bled a heap. I just wanna know if it's healing nicely, or if it's going to reject.

Please reply?

Caroline on November 08, 2011:

Most places where I live won't give you dermals under eighteen even with consent. Where could i go to get it done

Natalie on July 30, 2011:

Does anyone know how long the healing takes? I got my hips done yesterday but just realised I never got told. Also to those of you wanting them under 18, if you are still growing the piercing is meant to be more likely to reject, so you're probably better off waiting :(

Cillaa on July 28, 2011:

I only have my ears peirced but I want to get my belly and hips done too. But my mother is having me wait till im 18 -__- anyway, soo for the hip peircing, if i take out the pericing before it rejects will it still leave a bad scar? i really want the peircing but i don't want the scar afterwords ..

kalynn. on May 27, 2011:

wow. you should never do a surface puercing yourself. you'll never get it straight. nor will the needle go in straight. i got my hips done when i was 15. all you need is your parent to sign the papers saying you can get it done. or you can wait a little bit longer until you are 18. but doing any piercing yourself isn't a very good idea. unless it's your ears. plus, with a surface piercing like your hips, you need a bigger gauged needle than one you'd use for your ears. and if your piercing is still gooing after a few weeks then it's going to reject. you should clean it once a day, i personally think that twice is a overkill because you'll dry it out. just like you shouldn't wash your hair everyday. sometimes too much, isn't good.

Laura on May 22, 2011:

I got my hips pierced a week ago and they have been fine until 2 days ago , they started to turn purple & w

red around the balls , also the balls going downard are sinking into my skin , is this normal healing ?

Shayne on March 21, 2011:

I just got my hips pierced about 2 days ago and I really really want them to last long. I knew that they had a high rejection rate, but I didn't know it was SO rare for them to last more than 1 or 2 years (that's weak!). After reading this, I'm definitely not laying on my stomach anymore, and not going to play with the bars as much. I thought moving them was good for healing, like twisting an earring, but I guess not? I want mine for a long time, so I'm going to clean them twice a day for like ever and be extra careful. (if they do reject and don't leave scars, then I'm just gonna repierce them. Temporary, no thanks.)

alura on February 04, 2011:

do u think it's a bad idea to do it urself.

i have all the tools needed and i already bough sea salt

for cleaning, i seen youtube videos of ppl doing it themselves

and it encouraged me

i am 17 so i wont be able to get it done professionally, and i don't want to wait until then

i think it look great and i pierced my ears, nose, cartilage, eyebrow, lip and belly button

and none of those have rejected yet?

tips plz:)

autumn on January 29, 2011:

i've been dying to turn 18 to get this done but i've always been one to hate getting piercings. it took me forever just to get my ears re-pierced from when i was a baby lol. i want them sosososo badly though. i'm just scared of the pain. i'm gonna suffer through it and get it done though. just nervous haha

Molly Jean on January 23, 2011:

I want them so bad but now u guys got me spooked. Is this telling me that nomatter what it's temporary? I want it for at least 4 years. And I don't want a scar. Will it scar?

mikii on January 19, 2011:

I just got one side of my hips pierced. I really like how it looks, slightly pinchy when I got it done tho.its been a couple days and its difficult to move around without feeling like I'm pulling it, but the uncomfyness of it has gone down. Its blood crusted a little on each hole but I think that's normal. I do not have that dark shadow thing you are talking about tho, but I hope its not a sign of regection. Should I wear a bandaid around it for the healing process?

Just thought I'd share :)

Ashley on December 25, 2010:

I've had my hip pierced since June and I have the black shadow thing going on too! I think it may be permanent and that scares me. I cleaned it with salt water and it is completely healed, no rejection or anything. So I'm not too sure if the black thing is permanent :(

kandiileena on October 20, 2010:

umm i got my hips pierced about a month ago maybe and im not sure if it rejecting or not, like theres a black shadow around the whole piercing, seems like its fading but puss or gooey stuff is still coming out of it occasionally, when i just got the piercing it was dark it was perfectly fine, but after about 3 days it got dark around the piercing, then one hole was slightly raised and that's gone down now the others raised lol im confused. HELP MEEEEEEEEEEE

Anjelica Rae on October 14, 2010:

This is a great hub! I had dermal anchors in my hips and felt like SUCH a failure when one would just not take and rejected really quickly despite dilligent care. And then once that one finally came out, the other one that I had never had a problem with was rejected without warning. They were fun, but very temporary!

Whitney (author) from Georgia on August 12, 2010:

Migration is where the piercing and jewelry moves from the initial location and placement. Rejection is when the jewelry is completely pushed out of the body.

Design Jewelry on August 11, 2010:

I just happened to see the title of your page and decided I would read it. I don't know anything about piercings, I guess I am old fashioned. I just have the 1980s 4 holes in one ear and 3 in the other. But I only wear earrings in the first holes. This article is fascinating. What does "migration" mean?

chezuk on July 22, 2010:

I love them !! look so pretty :):)

Would love it done, but my Elvis/Gill piercing is rejecting, and has 'put me off' a little.

Although my nape piercing is doing much better :)

Have to add that neither of my surface piercings hurt at all

ThreeFootHat from Chicago on July 21, 2010:

Hip piercings just seem like they would be inconvenient to wear, but who am I to judge? I had my tongue and my eyebrow pierced when I was younger and many people thought that was crazy. lol To each their own!

Whitney (author) from Georgia on July 20, 2010:

All depends on pain tolerance

Autoaficianado from California on July 20, 2010:

Ouch!! Does it hurt?