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A Guide to Different Ear Piercing Types and Their Positions

Updated on March 02, 2016
Find out where tragus, anti-tragus, conch, and daith piercings are and how long they take to heal.
Find out where tragus, anti-tragus, conch, and daith piercings are and how long they take to heal. | Source

When I was six months old my mother took me up the mall to get my ears pierced. What began as two small gold studs in each lobe grew into a second hole at age 12, a cartilage piercing as a teenager, and a forward helix hoop when I began college. I had no idea there were so many options when it came to getting your ears pierced. But the human body can pretty much be pierced virtually anywhere that there is skin, and the ears are no exception to this rule.

There are many types of ear piercings. See the table below for a quick glance and read on for more detail about each specific type.

Types of Ear Piercings

What is it?
Healing time
Single hole in each lobe.
4-6 weeks
Gradually stretching lobe to hold earring from 20-gauge to as big as 00-gauge.
Transparent tissue at the top of the ear.
8-12 weeks
Industrial or Scaffold (more than one is called an Ear Cage)
Two holes connected by a single piece of jewelry, usually a barbell.
3-12 months
Oval-shaped cartilage that juts out from ear.
8-16 weeks
Piercing the cartilage opposite the tragus, usually with a barbell.
8-16 weeks
Piercing the cartilage above the earlobe and the anti-tragus on the inside of the ear.
8-16 weeks
Piercing of the thick fold of cartilage on the upper inside of the ear.
2-12 months
A piercing of the inner cartilage half-way down the outer rim of the ear.
8-16 weeks
A piercing between rook and the ear canal.
8-16 weeks
Any piercing on the outer rim of the ear.
2-12 months


Standard single earlobe piercing.
Standard single earlobe piercing.

A standard ear piecing, and undeniably the most common, is a single hole in the center of each earlobe. It is a simple procedure that is usually done with a piercing gun by workers at a jewelry and accessory store at the mall. Some people later opt to get a second or third hole above the first. Professional piercers argue that no piercing should be done with a gun, simple earlobes included, because a sterilized needle is safer. They also believe that post earrings (studs with a backing) are not conducive to healing, as they trap the lobe too tightly and prevent air from getting in. Earlobe piercings generally take just 4-6 weeks to completely heal.


Standard earlobe piercing gauged to 1" diameter.
Standard earlobe piercing gauged to 1" diameter.

A common modification that is popular currently is called stretching or gauging. Most ears are pierced with a 20- or 18-gauge needle, thus using a 20- or 18-gauge earring. However, due to the elasticity of skin, earlobes can be gradually stretched over time to eventually hold a 6-gauge, 4-gauge, even a 00! (Obviously the smaller the gauge number, the bigger the gauge!) Gauging is done by gradually upgrading the size of the jewelry little by little, coaxing the hole to fit bigger and bigger earrings until you have achieved the desired size.


A standard cartilage piercing is the second most common ear piercing seen today. Cartilage forms the transparent tissue of the upper part of the ear and is the only area other than lobes that can be legally pierced by a piercing gun. However, cartilage takes longer to hear than earlobes (at least 8-12 weeks) and because there is a limited blood supply to that area some of these piercings never heal properly.


An industrial, or scaffold, piercing is made up of two holes that are connected by a single piece of jewelry (usually a long barbell). An industrial piercing is commonly made through the cartilage on the upper ear, with one hole close to the head and the other further down on the outer rim. Two or more industrials on one ear is sometimes referred to as an ear cage. Healing time takes anywhere from 3 months to 1 year.


The tragus is a fairly popular piercing involving the thick oval of cartilage that juts out directly in front of the ear canal. The thickness of the tragus varies depending on the individual, requiring jewelry anywhere from 6mm in length and up. These piercings heal initially within 8-16 weeks and completely within one year.


As the name implies, the anti-tragus is opposite the tragus, on the outer ear, just above the earlobe. This is not a very common place to see a piercing, as the anti-tragus on most people is usually too small to pierce. If the anti-tragus is in fact large enough to fit a barbell through, micro-jewelry will most likely have to be used. Healing time is 8-16 weeks, with complete healing within one year.



The conch is the large expanse of cartilage that forms the back of the ear. A conch piercing is located in the big area of cartilage just above the earlobes and the anti-tragus on the inner ear. A ring or a barbell can be worn on this type of piercing. If selecting a ring, make sure it is large enough to encircle the outer ear. Healing time is 8-16 weeks.


A rook is the thick fold of cartilage located on the anti-helix (upper inside of the ear) just above the tragus. Because this piece of cartilage is so thick, the piercing can be quite painful. Healing time can be anywhere from two months to 1 year.



The snug is located halfway down the ear's outer rim, on the inner cartilage, just above the anti-tragus. The snug is a fairly small, shallow area where the cartilage is not very thick, making for an easier piercing than the rook. Initial healing time is 8-16 weeks, with complete healing within 12 months.


The daith (usually pronounced day-th, but properly pronounced doth to rhyme with moth) is located between the rook and the ear canal. It is similar to the snug in terms of depth and healing time, which is 8-16 weeks initially and up to one year to be healed completely.



A helix is any piercing that goes through the cartilage on the rim of the ear. If located on the section closest to the head, it is sometimes called a forward helix or an ear-head piercing. Heals fully within 2-12 months.


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    • Casey 7 days ago

      I have a total of 17 piercings currently, and have had 6 more that have been removed over the years. Here's the breakdown...

      3 in each earlobe, and 3 on each helix, 2 forward helix on the right (wanted a triple but the 3rd wouldn't fit), 1 tragus on the left, my nose, and, most recently and my absolute favorite, a dermal on my sternum. I have had my belly button done (which got ripped out), my daith and rook (closed up when i took them out for surgery), my tongue, and both nipples (these I took out voluntarily after about 5 years). Wow...I've never actually typed all that out!

      My newest, the dermal, was by far the most extremely painful! Bled like crazy but it also healed the quickest...and now I want another one above the one I have. I'd do it again in a heartbeat too! I love showing that thing off just for the reaction of people alone!

      All in all, I have never had any serious issues with any of them. Have had to re-pierce a few here and there, but nothing too bad. I love piercings and tattoos (don't get me started on those!) and I will never regret and single one. All memories of the past.

    • Sam 13 days ago

      Never, ever, ever, get a piercing with a gun! They are so unsanitary and bad for you, especially for cartilage and nose piercings. They're invasive and can cause a lot of permanent damage. If you're at a piercing place and they pull out a piercing gun, you need to get out of there. Only get pierced by professionals that have the correct training, certifications, and use needles. Not piercing guns!!!

    • Kelly 8 months ago

      I have a total of eight piercings. Most of my piercings are very old, over 20 years. Two Helix on the same ear. I got these many years ago with a gun and it was a pain to heal, but they are fine now. I can leave them empty for months and they are still fine when I put piercings back in. I have three lobe piercings on once side and two on the other. They have been recently stretched. Right ear 4G on the lower lobe, 14 next, 6G next and the two 20G helix. Other side has a 12G that I plan to stretch to 4G and a 14G. I love having piercings, they are rare where I live for an older man like me. But they are a part of my life and they remind me of times that they represent.

    • Sara Marques 2 years ago from Portugal

      Very informative ! Thanks

    • lisavollrath profile image

      Lisa Vollrath 2 years ago from Euless, Texas

      I have eight piercings in my ears: seven through the lobes, and one through the cartilage. I can attest to the fact that cartilage piercings hurt like the dickens, and take a long time to heal!

    • Kaili Bisson profile image

      Kaili Bisson 2 years ago from Canada

      I would imagine piercing cartilage would hurt like heck. Informative article!

    • sarahhhhhh 2 years ago

      Just want to know if the rook piercing will help pin back my ear a bit and how bad it hurts?

    • KenDeanAgudo profile image

      Kenneth C Agudo 2 years ago from Tiwi, Philippines

      Got interested when i stumbled and see t there are lots of discussion going on here. I never imagined of doing this since it will be a hurdle in applying for job

    • jane 3 years ago

      can anyone help years ago I bought an earing for the top of my ear it was a small diamond you put the bar through the hole in your ear then opened it out so it lay flat against the back of your ear and it didn't stick in your head when you lay down but I cant remember what it is called or where I can get one from thanks jane

    • torrilynn profile image

      torrilynn 3 years ago

      This was very useful indeed. I never knew there were so many ear piercings that someone could have. Voted up

    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 3 years ago from USA

      Ow, ow, ow. I had no idea there were so many varieties of piercings. Oh my goodness. Ow, ow, ow. When I was a teen I did get a double piercing a little bit up the ear and it hurt like the devil, so I let the hole grow over and never did that again. Ow, ow, ow.

    • lupine profile image

      lupine 3 years ago from Southern California (USA)

      I just have the single lobe piercing in each lobe. That's enough for me. Got my piercings done when I was 8, by my sister (10 yrs. older than me) a long, long time ago...the old fashioned way, with a needle and thread. Just applied ice to ear lobe until I couldn't feel it...didn't hurt at all. She also pieced two of my friends that day.

    • toptenluxury profile image

      Adrian Cloute 3 years ago from Cedartown, GA

      I think that this is an interesting hub. For me, I just like having a single piercing per ear. I think that too much doesn't look good. That is why everyone has their own opinion.

    • Charlotte Savage 3 years ago

      Why would you ever ever ....EVER, tell people how to pierce themselves?! Let's talk about MRSA or drug resistant strains of Staph infections....and those aren't even the worst that could happen. Don't be cheap, pay the extra money for the safety...also, don't get anything pierced at Claire's. Saving money isn't worth Hep C.

    • Amaris 4 years ago

      I was reading all the comments and some were informative and what not but i think it all has to do with your tolerance for pain and the mentality going in. i knew from the beginning i wanted the piercing and i got it done. Right now I have the anti tragus, the daith, the snug and my belly button along with 2 extra cartillage and 1st and 3rd lobe holes. They were all really fun to get, and i cant wait to get more. I actually prefer needle piercings to gun piercings :/

    • Tiffany 4 years ago

      I have my nose pierced, my belly button was done twice, but I let one heal, four lobe piercings, two cartilage, and I just had my rook done. I had to take my rook out because it migrated and split (I had pressure on it a lot, probably the cause). I want my daith and tragus done.

    • Sydney 4 years ago

      I would just like to say that guns aren't bad. I actually work for Claire's and I have never had a problem with guns, and haven't had any complaints from customers. I have 13 piercing and got 11 of them done by Claire's/Icings and never had a problem with them. I have 7 cartilage and they didn't hurt, and healed in less time than the 8-12 weeks.

      And with people saying the guns aren't sterilized, they are. And it isn't even the gun that touches the ear. It's a pre-sterilized package that holds the earring that does. If it gets infected, then maybe it's the persons fault for not taking good care of their piercing, or their allergic to the metal that was used. And cartilage piercings take extra care because it is so easily infected. It's not the gun, it's the person.

    • Zoe 4 years ago

      how come there's no orbital?

    • emily king 4 years ago

      Im 12 and i have 3 piercings in each ear!my cartilages done and 2 lobe piercings! I also have my belly button done and got all that done when i was 11!:o but got my 1st lobes done when i was 4. getting my tragus done soon hopefully! My parents wont let me get my tongue done yet, but i respect that as i shouldnt have half the ones ive got at my age anyway!

      But hope to get my tongue and industrial done in the future and the bottom of my belly... not 100% sure on my industrial though, might just be a bit too much! Want bottom of my lip done too but not sure on that one either!:)

    • Court 4 years ago

      This was very helpful

    • Jen 4 years ago

      They all look super white trashy. But if that's the look you're going for...

    • Petal 4 years ago

      I have had the rook done 3 months ago it hurt a bit when it was done I ended up on antibiotics due to an infection and was told salt water and sea salts are no good for healing or keeping infection away for the salts to do that you will need buckets of the stuff. I was told to just clean it with normal soap and water which works. I love the piercing but one little knock and it hurts again like it has just been done and you end up starting over again :( but I love it so I just put up with it hurting

    • monique p 4 years ago

      i have 7 piercings and im 13 turning 14 i have 1st lobe, 2nd lobes, both horizontal tragus on both ears, and my helix on my right ear. ok so my nan is taking me to get another on left ear i dont know what i want on my left ear not conch, not helix or rook

      asap reply to this i need help please

    • Erin 4 years ago

      Thank you so helpful :)

    • sam 4 years ago

      I had room and conch done at the same time last week, the room hurt more at the time but conch hurts like hell now. It's unbearable to sleep on. The rook is soo easy to care for and pain free!

    • Lena 4 years ago

      Hi, I'm looking to get my conch and rook pierced (conch most likely since rook seems more painful and harder to clean). I'm actually quite scared of the pain involved, not sure if it will hurt too much for me. Any advice guys? Btw I have 2 lobe and 2 helix piercings on each ear. during piercing the helix ones didn't hurt but they were pretty annoying and sore during the initial 2 weeks. It's been a month and my piercer said they're almost healed but I shall just leave them with the starter studs for another month (: they don't really hurt now anymore (; in comparison to helix is conch a lot for painful? (i understand that the cartilage is thicker there though)

    • Zoe 4 years ago

      Does anyone know if the anti-tragus hurts more than a rook? I have my rook and nose pierced and neither of them hurt at all. Is the pain with the anti-tragus even comparable to the rook?

    • Danielle 4 years ago

      I got my forward helix done a few days ago and it hurt more than any other peircing or tattoo i have got lol i almost passed out. I couldnt imagine getting some of the others that are shown in the pictures here

    • lolipop 4 years ago

      i want to know if it hurts???

    • Katie Sue 4 years ago

      this website doesnt give the information that i was looking thanks for nothing.

    • Chanel 4 years ago

      I'm 14 and I got my dad (he does piercings) to pierced my industrial when I was 13. I think it looks really good and it healed in only a couple months (rather fast). I'm pretty pain tolerant. When I got my industrial it didn't hurt to bad but I'm good with pain. I want to get 2 industrial bars in the other ear but I don't know what one to get? Any suggestions?

      There's some that are 2 straight bars, some cross, some go like a normal industrial and have 2 going up off that bar, some go through where your conch is.

      I also want a conch in both ears which I plan on doing soon. And I want a rook, trangus and anti-trangus. Would those hurt more than the industrial or not?

      This has nothing to do with ears but I want my tongue (venoms) and septum done too. I can't have my tongue done till I'm 18(cuz my parents dont want me to have that). Is that going to hurt? And how long do venoms take to heal? I havent asked my parents about my septum but does septum hurt and how long does that take to heal?

    • Lena 4 years ago

      Hey jolyjass, I just had my cartilage piercings 2 weeks ago so I cannot tell if it will heal. But if done properly using needle at tattoo parlour, it should heal within 2 months, of course, that means you will also have to keep your new piercings clean to avoid infections and other complications. Don't worry too much and good luck!

    • JOly JaSs 4 years ago

      hey every1..... em thinkin of cartilage to get pierced..... but everytime I go 2 a pharmacy I get dis phobia.... what if It never healed? n does it hurt??? I read above ... in some cases CARTILAGE never heals :/ ?

    • stacy 4 years ago

      i got double lobes its been 3 weeks now hasnt healed as yet n im think of getting my cartilage down so thanks for the advice really appericate it ^_^ but like im scared :$ it takes so long to heal wtf -_- if my mom sees it im dead oh yeah im only 14 :X n she doesnt no about the piercings blah

    • nicki 4 years ago

      Does it hurt to use earbuds when you have a rook piercing? what about for conch?

    • rhian 4 years ago

      ive already got my tragus done and now i want something else. i either want to antitragus or rook or snug. any comments on which hurts the less? also should i get it on the same ear as tragus or different ear?

      please help.


    • Lena 4 years ago

      Dang I just got 4 cartilage piercings done at a jewellery store and they didn't hurt just like what I felt with my lobe piercings. Btw my piercer used a needle gun. Shoot I just got them today and I don't feel anything, right ear is a little sore though. I'm not going to touch them or fiddle with them till they heal properly though. I also bought surgical spirit which will disinfect my piercings while they are in the process of healing. Are there any causes for worry? Someone please reply, thanks.

    • Neera 4 years ago

      I am debating on whether or not to get an industrial and/or a tragus. I know it will be a long recovery, but I don't know if I can handle the pain. I'm a bit of a worrywart and kinda need someone to push me over the edge in the decision. Any help?

      Also if anyone can recommend me some good places to get them done in the Baltimore or Philadelphia areas, I'd be REALLY grateful.

    • cholico 4 years ago

      hey i just got my ears pierced is it normal to get a headache after you get the piercing done

    • LaLaLaLoopsy 4 years ago

      i got my conch done a week ago and the piercer said not to twist it. i accidentally twisted it and now it feels porous and weird. im actually genuinely scared of what will happen. it doesnt hurt anymore now though. any advice?

    • Stephhhhh;) 4 years ago

      I got my rook pierced about a week ago and it wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be. It's sore to touch and sleep on, But i don't regret it. It's so cute, anyone looking in to getting it done... DO IT! Lol. Getting my tragus this weekend! :) Excited!

    • kaybee 4 years ago

      I had my cartilage done with a piercing gun at a chain jewlelry store in the mall, a little more than a year ago. hurt a lot, and I had a bump on the back of my ear. I'd take it out for 2 hours for a track meet, and it would give me a lot of trouble when I tried to put it in. it closed in 5 days after a cross country meet, and they told me it'd be completely healed in 6 months, it'd been nine.

    • kileynoel 4 years ago

      Heyy, i'm wanting to get my rook done really soon, and i've already asked my sister's friend who is the piercer for the tattoo shop i plan to go to about how much it would cost, i'm wondering, how bad it will hurt and also how long does it take before i can change the jewelry, and when showering, is there any risk of my shampoo hurting it, i know i'll have to be careful around the area for a while, thank you!

    • LYNNSI 4 years ago

      I got my first and second lobe peircings within 2 years of eachother. 1st =gun @ mall 2nd= needle@ tatoo parlor. Not only did needle hurt SO MUCH LESS, but the gun peircing hurt for weeks! No pain after needle!!!!!

    • cheymarie 4 years ago

      ok, i know all the stuff about piercing guns, using piercing needles, ect. but im never allowed to get my ears pierced, so i do my own ear piercings... i was wondering,(i got my 1st and 2nd lobe piercings done with a gun) i took the piercing earrings from the 2nd lobes, and pierced my 3 cartilage holes, by pushing the earring through my ear by hand... i sanitized it first but i was wondering if pushing it through using only ur hand is worse then getting it done with a gun? my piercing are seemless, with nooo bumps or skin that got stuck in it, but 2 right now hurt so bad, the healing process sucks. and i have unnaturally soft cartilage so my helix piercings allow me to slip different gauged rings through them... for example, i went from gauge 20 to 14, and it just slid right through...

    • Megan 4 years ago

      I got my daith pierced a month ago. I harldy felt it and it bleed a tiny bit after. The girl who pierced it took these stick qtip like things and squeezed some blood out and that hurt more then the whole piercing. it hasent gotten irritated or anything since i have got it. i have just gotten little crusties on it. and vicky do it seperatly so your ear will only have to focus on healing one at a time, im doing that with my industrial. and i am at a 2 gauge in my earlobes, it is more painful then any piercing i have had but the small sizes hurt the most once you get to a 4g for me it wasnt very painful. If you want to gauge your ears you need to know that a 2g is considered "the point of no return" but many people can go father and have their ears stretch back, but if you go to a 00g and they dont go back they will probably go back to like a 14g or something so its not that bad as long as you know what you are doing, dont size up to quickly, and once they are healed let them air out and clean them occasionally because then they wont smell. I hope this helps people, but piercings are different for everyone so i wouldnt know how much a piercing or stretching would hurt for other people.

    • Vicky 4 years ago

      I'm planning on getting my cartilage pierced and I want 3 holes in a row. Do any of you suggest to do them all at separate times or all at once? Suggestions please!

    • Holly 4 years ago

      Hey, I wanted an opinion on what piercings are most problematic for the ear?

      I just got an industrial done and i've heard that that is up there with ones that cause the most problems i.e. scarring, infections irritation etc.

      I don't care about the pain, because my industrial literally didn't hurt and I have a high pain threshold, I just want to know which ones generally are easier for aftercare and which ones heal easiest, apart from lobes since they are pretty simple for healing.

      Thanks :)

    • jan* 4 years ago

      I got all 3 of my cartilage piercings pierced with a gun and it healed fast and didn't hurt much either, I've had them for like 5 years now and I put a 14 gauge barbell in one :) now THAT hurt like hell lol

    • Mackenzie :D 4 years ago

      Zomg, I have three lobe piercings (Three on each) But one is a 6 gauge, then 14 gauge, then 18 gauge. I have two cartilage piercings on each ear, both of which are 18g [gauge] None of which were painful, except gauging my ears. But after a while the pain stopped. I did mine myself, I recommend professionally. I am going soon for another cartilage, and soon I'm getting a rook on my right ear and a tragus on my left :D Wish me luck.

    • Rachel 5 years ago

      I can't say for sure, but I strongly suspect that the reason my nostral piercing hurt less than my helix is that the chick who did my nose was way cute, had her shirt partly unbuttoned and had nice "attributes" and a lovely raven tat right across her chest and the helix piercer was a dude who, although quite nice and competent, simply wasn't as "distracting".

    • Bryan 5 years ago

      Daith piercing, it is still very risky due to the location of the piercing. Every person has a different set of ears, and many might not be suitable for this kind of piercing.

    • lily 5 years ago

      it hurts my ears just to look at these.

    • Dana 5 years ago

      Continued: That I wanted a piercing for my left ear as well , so two days ago I got a cartilage piercing with a CBR & I love it! It's only been two days so I can't say much , but I'll be back soon to give an update ;)

    • Dana 5 years ago

      About 13 months ago I got my industrial piercing in my right ear, and now it's pretty much healed up, I love it, but it's been a long journey (scarring, bumps,etc) but its all over and healed, and it's really pretty. I have two small barbells now, and it looks great! I loved it Soo much

    • mememoo 5 years ago

      hey i got a new pearcing yesterday, and its non of those above. I got it professionally done by a ladie and it seems to be very tense is that normal. i haven't had piercings done on my ear for about four years.

    • Erikaa 5 years ago

      Healing time for conch is wrong. My piercer told me 9-12 months. Every other piercer ive talked to said that also.

    • Whendee 5 years ago

      Just got my Industrial Bar Piercing and I love it! Got it done in 12-31-11! Thanks Tattoo Central only 35 bucks!!

    • Hollz 5 years ago

      I had my rook pierced in october 2011 and i have to say I didn't feel anything at was quite painful after a few days but other than that it was fine.I had to take it out last night as it has grown out in just 2 could see the bar through my this a common problem with a rook piercing or is it just my body???

    • Ana 5 years ago

      I just got a snug about four days ago. The piercing itself didn't hurt that bad. But I'm writing to you now with a throbbing ear, swollen with a potential keloid starting? I'm soaking, clear antibacterial washing, not moving and trying to be very careful of it. It was fine until about 36 hours ago. I wish I knew what in the hell I did! It's super cute, it's just a pain in the ass right now! I had an industrial done several years ago and after a year of it being pierced my bar fell out in my sleep and closed! Still wasn't fully healed! I've had several ear piercings but the snug is the only one I've got right now. Obviously do your research before you get pierced or at least brace yourself for the incoming maintenance!

      Anyone have a snug that's rejected or caused a huge issue?

    • em 5 years ago

      I just got two piercings so I could put in a Scaffold bar but I think my measurements are off what should I do?Help.

    • becauseilive profile image

      becauseilive 5 years ago from N.J.

      You're probably fine if it's been a month and you have no problems. I'm not sure what you think is going to shatter? The jewelry? I don't think there's any reason to be scared that horribly, it sounds like it's healing just fine...?

    • holy... 5 years ago

      holy shit…

      i got my cartilage piercing with a piercing gun…

      IS IT GONNA SHATTER???? T.T if so im screwed @_@

      but its already been a month so i took the earring out and it seems to be fine…. :O

      and i have a question

      are there different kinds of thickness to the cartilage earrings?

      cuz i looked up some cartilage earrings and some of them looks rly thick.. and mines pretty thin compared to those

      i shudve went to a pro to get my cartilage.. i went to the mall… and they pierced it with a piercing gun… im scared shit rite now...

    • JanieKay 5 years ago

      So I'm planning on getting my tragus done in my left ear on Thursday and not gonna lie I am shaking in my booties after reading all of these comments. I have 3 lobe piercings on each side (all done with a gun except for one) and 1 cartlidge piercing about halfway up my left ear. I'm not really scared about the pain of the piercing because I actually prefer getting my ears pierced with a needle over a gun. Everyone is telling me how horrific the pain is going to be even tho I don't know anyone who personally has it done. I'm most worried about the infecrions, I had NO problem whatsoever with my cartiledge and actually was able to fly and go on vacation less than a week after getting it done. I'm worried the tragus won't heal like this last one and I won't be able to to sleep comfortable with this new piercing, reading these comments has given me an earache just reading them! Ekekekekekeke!!=(

    • Jessica 5 years ago

      Not to be a bitch or anything, but obviously some of you haven't had your piercings done at a very safe place. I have 7 ear piercings plus my belly button, tongue & I have my lip done twice. Anyway, concerning ears, I got both of my cartilage piercings done at Claire's (one of them I had done twice because I caught the first one on my shirt while getting dressed & it got sore so I just took it out) and I have never had a problem with them. They healed in the time the woman said they would & never got infected or anything. I've had them both done for about 5 years now & I honestly don't think it's necessary to go to a tattoo place to get them done. I also have my conch, which my cousin did with a piercing gun. I don't recommend that anyone do a piercing themselves, but I've never really had any trouble with it either & I absolutely love it! I've also never really had any pain with any of my piercings while getting them done (except for my lip, it did hurt a bit) & I have a very low tolderance for pain.

    • mle 5 years ago

      I didn't read through every single comment here, but didn't notice anyone mentioning daith piercings. I got mine done a few yrs ago, and I really really love it. It was pretty painful and took forever to fully heal, but probably mostly because its such an awkward and small space to pierce. I have a hoop in but no ball on it and its never fallen out.

      I also have industrial which I've had for many years and I don't recall it being too painful to get pierced but afterwards couldn't sleep on that side for a long time. I have my lobes stretched to 2g and am going to stretch to 0g soon

    • fleep 5 years ago

      I got my industrial done a few days ago and it was quite painful . The lower hole didn't hurt too bad, but when he did the top hole it was 5x worse. I really like it though and am glad that I did it. Even if I haven't been able to sleep for the past two days because of the pain.

    • Bex 5 years ago

      Rainie- it's just called a second lobe piercing you will just say can you pierce my lobes and point to exactly where you want it done that was an easy one anywhere in the soft fleshy area is a lobe piercing.

    • Bex 5 years ago

      Hi Georgia-Lee I would say on a scale of 1 to 10 this is 6 I have mine and the first hole felt like a lot of pressure and I didn't even feel the second. Just don't think of pain it will be over in a second mine cost £30 and i love it it's a fairly unique piercing that stands out it's nothing big don't worry in the end you will wonder what you were worried about happy piercing :D

    • Georgia-lee 5 years ago

      I am planning to get the industrial piercing done for Christmas, and I am unsure if I have a low or high pain tolerance. Any suggestions on the amount of pain caused by getting this done?

    • Nikki 5 years ago

      I have my rook done and its taking FOREVER to heal. Like its been 9 months and it still hurts!

    • Raine 5 years ago

      In My Previous Comment I Meant *Ear* NOT Eat. [:

    • Raine 5 years ago

      Okay So I Want Just A Plain And Simple 2nd Eat Hole, That's Close To Wear You Would Normally Get Your Ears Pierced As A Child. What Would That Piercing Called?

    • Candy 5 years ago

      I had my tragus pierced 4 days, and have had a constant earache and tender jaw and cheek for about 3 days now. I like knowing that its common though! (: And I love my new piercing, its so cute! I have my nose and earlobes done also

    • :) 5 years ago

      I have got tragus, scaffold/industrial, rook, 2 lobe, and my top ear. Along with others have to say my belly Hurt more!! With every piercing it's best to expect the worse then it hurts less :)

    • alexNicole 5 years ago

      nostheboss21 i have my tragus pierced but it never became swollen. However, i do have a snug piercing that loves to get infected and swollen. So i use bc powder on it. It heels right up after using it for a couple days. Just mix with a bit of water and let dry on your tragus then wash off with water.

    • nostheboss21 5 years ago

      how swollen does the targus piercing get? I pierced it 3 days ago and today its pretty sore and swollen,is this normal??

    • Evie 5 years ago

      Joie; it's not a good idea to twist it as you can form a lump in your cartilage and it won't go away for ages! Keep it clean by using luke warm salt water and kitchen roll (don't use cotton whool balls as it can come apart and get tangled in your piercing) In my opinion, using a gun to get it pierced wouldn't be the best idea, as you may have some problems with the healing stage.. Try not to sleep on it or fiddle with it too much, and it should be healed within one - two months(:

      I have eight piercings in total, four on each ear. Left; two lobe, helix & tragus. Right; two lobe, conch & rook. I had my helix & tragus done about three weeks ago and all is fine. Abit of discharge, which is normal, and a tiny bit of blood on my helix, where i had picked it.. silly me. Tragus has healed nicely and i'd recommend it. I had my conch & rook done yesterday, and they're not that bad - only problem is that the rook bled like hell! I've got a stud in the conch and a ring in the rook atm, but i was wondering, as i want a ring in the conch and a double ended stud in the rook, what's the best type and size to go for? & how long should i wait until i can change, & if i buy the jewellery from the market, how do i then sterilize them?

      A lot of questions i know, sorry XD

    • joie 5 years ago

      i just got the top of my ear pierced yesterday and it doesn't hurt until I have to twist it. how long will it take for it to heal? I got it done at walmart, so I need to know if getting it done with the gun was a bad idea and the easiest way to take care of it. any suggestions?

    • Anna 5 years ago

      I want my rook pierced but both of my parents HATE piercings and would kill me if I got it done. Also, I have ZERO pain tolerance (I got a local anaesthetic shot the other day and my eyes were watering lol). I have my earlobes pierced once and I nearly cried when I got them done so maybe I won't get any more piercings :)

    • Ashleigh1994x 5 years ago

      ive had my rook done and im only 16, it didn't hurt hardly at all and i really panicked for nothing! get it done its worth it!! :)

    • WB 5 years ago


      i got my rook done last year and yes, it was tender for a few days. I felt the throbbing too, but I don't think it lasted for more than a week. It does take a while for it to fully heal though! I am no expert however. If you're getting worried, just call or go to the place where you got your piercing done. They should be happy to check it out.

      Tip for swelling: use pure chamomile tea and soak your piercing the same way as the sea salt. (I never did it, but it works for some people)

    • Sara 5 years ago

      Well, i have 5 piercings in one of my ears, two in the other ear, my tongue, nipple and belly button, the worst was the tragus but i wouldn't say it was a pain that you cannot handle. 3 of those ear piercings are cartlidge and its true do not get it done with a gun! My friend has a piercing gun so i thought ah what the heck and let her pierce the top of my ear, needless to say it swelled so big and was so sore, i refused to take it out and let it heal so i had to leave the back of the earring for about a week before my ear swelled back down to normal size so i was able to fit it back on again! will definetly be going back to my piercing shop for more!

      I was wondering what people were thinking of the snug piercing, as i don't really see many people with that so im considering getting that done prettyy soon!

    • Laura 5 years ago

      I have a cartilage piercing in my upper left ear which was done with a gun. It did not hurt one bit. It just felt like someone had touched my ear for a second. It was not painful at all afterwards and I had no problems whatsoever with healing or anything!!! I love it!!!!

    • Bex 5 years ago

      I had a helix piercing with a hoop in but changed it to a stud it was healed :] but the stud got embedded in my ear and i had to go to the doctors three days in a row on the third day [today] i had it removed it was painful severeal injections it bleed loads and i have a bandage on now covered in blood and the doc has said i can not have any more cartilage piercings i'm absolueley devastated just lettin you know what can happen.

    • justme 5 years ago

      I just got my rook pierced like 6 days ago, I love the way it looks, it hurt like hell. And the piercer had to make the exit hole a little further up than the average rook piercing, and it took about 3 minutes to get the needle through, and a further 2 to get the bar and balls through and on, which is a long time for a piercing. Like I said, I love the way it looks, and it takes a lot of looking after, soft and gentle anti bacterial soaps, sea salt solution twice a day, pain when sleeping on it etc. But I have a question for anyone with a piercing already, is it usual for my ear around the rook piercing to be red and swollen? It hurts to the touch and I have a constant little throbbing pain, but you can clearly see the different in size when compared to the other, unpierced ear. Any answers and/or suggestions would be helpful, thanks x

    • Sarah 5 years ago

      I just got an industrial piercing an hour ago by a professional. To be honest, it barely hurt at all when done. But now hurts. Throbbing and feeling hot mostly. I also have both ears done with tragus piercings and I think they hurt much worse when done.

    • Lexx(: 5 years ago

      getting my cartilage done in a week. with a needle at a parlor. aha. im 13 years old. :D

    • Bexi 5 years ago

      I have a cartilage piercing which I had a hoop in but i changed it to a stud it was healed but now there is a red painful bump growing over the stud any ideas what I should do take it out? any help would be great thanks :]

    • Lo 5 years ago

      I have an industrial(very painfull) tragus(minor pain)both conch(very panfull)

    • Mia 5 years ago

      I just got my rook pierced a few nights ago and it didn't hurt at all. The piercing just felt like pressure against my ear, and once the jewelry was in I could forget all about it. My ear was a little sore for a few hours but that was it. I couldn't press my phone against that ear for about a day but it's a relatively hidden piercing and really isn't that bothersome.

    • Holly 5 years ago

      I have 8 all together, and I'm 17. My two lobe piercing son each ear were done with a gun, as was my cartilage. I also have one just on the outer edge of my ear, but I changed the type of earring in it too quick and it got infected and scarred around the hole. My conch and my rook are my favourites and the conch healed in no time and was the least painful. My rook got done about a month ago and only hurts when I occasionally bump it :)

      Next up, my daith or anti-helix!

    • Shana 5 years ago

      Thinking of getting my left conch done, though, I'm going to wait 'til december for the simple fact that that's the month my birthday is and I feel it would be the best time to get it done.

      Just wondering at this moment though, considering there are quite a few saying this, does the conch hurt quite a bit?

      Considering the conch piercing has about the same amount of cartilage as a cartilage piercing, they should hurt around the same, am I correct?

      Granted, I've not gotten either, but it seems weird how the conch piercing would hurt more than that of a cartilage piercing, or is there more to it than that?

    • meg 5 years ago

      I've got my tragus and rook pierced and my rook was definitely the most painful due to the thickness. It's finally healed now after 6 months. I'm wanting to get a cartilage piercing but from what I've seen, my local piercing place only uses guns for this area. I'm not a fan of using guns as all my other piercings have been fine using a needle. Is it possible to get a cartilage piercing using a needle? And does it make any difference using that and not a gun?

      and @chloe it hurts but only for 10/20 seconds, then sore to sleep on but that's it. I found sleeping with my ear between 2 pillows helped because then there was no pressure on the ear. I got mine on my ear opposite to my fringe and people always notice it. I paid £25 for my rook, so £30 isn't too bad.

    • Chloe 5 years ago

      I want to get my rook done, but does it hurt? My friend got it done and she said it was really painful. Plus what ear does it look best in? I have a side fringe so should i get it on the opposite ear (left) so you can see it better? AND how much is it to get done? My friend got hers for £30..which i think is really exspensive.

    • Bex 5 years ago

      GG-I would say just to get any you want the pain only lasts a second anyway, personally I LOVE the rook piercing it doesn't get hit or anything as it is more hidden and it is relatively uncommon I have the rook piercing and healing as been great although the earring is quite fiddly to get in and out due to the placement I do not have the snug but from what I have heard the snug hurts a little less than the rook but the rook does not hurt a lot anyway. It is up to you but I think whichever you get you should have it in the same ear as your tragus it makes more of a statement i'm sure you would be able to bear any of them I have 2 lobes a rook, industrial and a standard helix piering all in my right ear however the rook is hard to clean because of the placement do not think about pain both of them look great you could get both plz let me know what you decide for me the rook was probably a 3 for the piercing and aftercare was :) good luck

    • GG 5 years ago

      Hi. I am thinking about getting either my snug or rook done. I really like the look of both of them, but I'm trying to think of the pain as I have a ridicuously low pain threshold. However, having said that I had my tragus pierced about a year ago and I personally don't think that hurt AT ALL. Does anyone have any suggestions as to which one (rook or snug) hurts the most and how much in comparison to the tragus (which i would say the piercing on a scale of 1-10 was probably 1.5 and the aftercare was probably about 3-4) - will i be able to bear it?? Also, should i get it done in the same ear as my tragus or the other one?? Any help would be awesome thanks!!! :)

    • Jhasmine 5 years ago

      OMG The helix ear piercing is too much and I only have two ear piercings the most I would get is three wow that was crazy

    • becauseilive profile image

      becauseilive 5 years ago from N.J.

      @Bexi - I had this same problem when I had to get a captive bead ring out of my forward helix. Find someone you trust and ask them to use needle nose pliers (that's what worked for me). My mom put the tips of the pliers inside the ring and then opened them up just a little bit to bend the metal to let the bead out. Good luck!

    • Bexi 5 years ago

      How do you remove a captive bead ring from a helix piercing. Someone plz reply as soon as possible as I really need to take it out for my horse riding lesson and the instructor says I can not just put tape over it. IT HAS TO COME OUT but I have tried EVERYTHING and it's just not working.

    • Erin 5 years ago

      I got my rook done about a year ago..had to take it out for nursing school. When I got it, it wasn't that bad! On a scale of 1-10 of pain, it would be a 2/3.....

    • RB 5 years ago

      I have a forward helix (did this myself which I wouldn't recommend as it's bloody awkward to get to yourself. Also not too sensible.)

      It wasn't massively painful but it has taken ages to fully heal. It never got infected (although my boyfriend tells me it looked pretty angry for a couple of weeks!) Don't pierce it with a ring as this irritates it and can be murder to sleep on. A small barbell was way better for me. Even though it was hard to see, it was worth it initially. I've had it for a year now and wear a small cbr in it which looks good but can be annoying to lie on and if it gets knocked can still be very sore even after this long. Never painful, just a bit achey. I love it and would recommend it but get it done by a professional and be prepared for it to take it's time before it feels perfect.

    • BEX 5 years ago

      Views on the industrial?

    • samantha  5 years ago

      on my ears i have a tragus, industrial, 9 lobe piercings (4 on one side, 5 on the other) and a rook. I am having troubles with my rook at the moment actually. it has a large lump above the top hole, and it went purple because i accidentally touched it because i didn't know it was there. But it should be fine in a few days. My piercer said that it would not hurt as much as my industrial, but i think this is bullshit!! it hurt way more, at the time and in the healing process (which is not yet complete, obviously).

    • Betsu 5 years ago

      ok guys, how much does a normal cartilage piercing hurt? am i going to be trying not to wince for the week following getting it pierced or what? also, what are my chances of an infection if i take proper care of it

    • Clodagh  5 years ago

      hello im clodagh, I have my ears peirced 2 times i WAS thinkin of getting it done another time but ur 1 who peirced my ear done it lopsided so my 2nd one is lower than the other so i cant get it done!!!!! feck you chemist earpeircers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! byee!

    • kitcat 5 years ago

      I had both Tragus pierced 2 wks ago today and they've seemed perfect...until right one is really swollen and hurts all the way to the edge of my cheek! I've been icing it and takin ibuprofen but it's still swollen. I do NOT wanna take it out. How do I know if it's an infection as opposed to common swelling??

    • Kitty 5 years ago

      Nobody should be freezing anything before you get it pierced!I've got 17 piercings between my ears including both tragus, rook, helix and daith. I feel pain more than anyone I know and I still got them done. Had them for about 20 years now and love them just as much now as I did then!

    • Natalia 5 years ago

      i'm getting my rook done today in 4 hours, i'm super exciteddddd :)

    • Rebecca1219 5 years ago

      Loved my tragus piercing but it didn't heal well... Twice. Considering getting it done again- 3rd time's a charm, right? I really am clean.. Followed instructions and the 2nd time it seemed ok.. Then I got lazy early on and my profession requires fiddling with my ears multiple times a day... And end if story

      Any one out there think I should consider not redoing it for a 3rd time? I really loved the look

    • Hannah 5 years ago

      brandie i got both of my tragus done yesterday. I'm not gonna lie it does hurt. but its not killer. its sooo worth it. i love mine soo much and glad i got them done. i love them soo much!!! to be honest when people ask about the pain of a piercing they have already been considering getting it and i think pain shouldn't matter as long as you want it bad enough and will take care of it.

      I need some suggestions for other piercings i should get. I have 1 lobe in each ear. both tragus. and a helix in my left. i want something else in my right (it feels a bit naked) (: haha

    • brandie 5 years ago

      i would like to know if the tragus is the most pain out of all? i really want it but im a bit nervous cause it will hurt so bad...haha

    • Kay 5 years ago

      I have had my snug piercing since September and haven't had much pain at all really, but last week I saw that I had a bump behind my ear not actually on my piercing... kind of directly behind my piercing. Should I just keep doing the sea salt soaks for it to go down? Thanks.

    • Taylor 5 years ago

      Sofii- no they do not! you just breathe in and out and as you breathe out, he/she pierces it! People say you hear popping and it bleeds? but i didn't experience either of those things!

    • Amanda 5 years ago

      I just had my third piercing on my right ear one or two weeks ago and it's swollen. Any ideas what should I do to make my ear recover. HELP PLEASE!!!!!! :(

    • sofii 5 years ago

      Do they freeze your conch b4 piercing it??

    • Taylor 5 years ago

      I got my conch done almost 3 months ago and although i have a high pain tolerance the piercing itself didn't really hurt that bad, especially since my conch is suuper thick. i guess if you're pretty excited for the piercing, your adrenaline will override the pain! The afterpain is pretty bad though. It burned and stung if you barely even touched the barbell. & DEFINITELY get a bar. I can't even imagine the healing process with a hoop. But overall, getting the conch was one of my best decisions ever!!

    • Lauren 5 years ago

      I've got 7 ear piercings so far, including cartilage and tragus...tonight I'm going for my rook, but I'm a bit nervous after reading some of the comments. My other piercings didn't hurt, so I'm trying not to anticipate any pain. Any advice on what to use to clean it and maybe speed up the healing process? I've always just used saline solution...

    • Shayla 5 years ago

      You would get that earring out just by pulling the ball out that connects the two sides. I have one like that in my tragus. I also have a bar that connects by forward helix and my rook.

    • georgia 5 years ago

      i got my snug pierced last year. i am wondering how to take it out. the place i got it pierced at has closed down now (not to do with hygiene problems or anything like that though), it was done with a ring - attached together with a ball. tips on how to get it out?

    • Kat 5 years ago

      Whoa... I really want to pierce my own helix, I'm just worried that it'll get infected, or I'll pierce the wrong place :S Any tips/ ideas? x

    • rachel 5 years ago

      whichh hurts more belly button or tragus???????

      because i have my belly pierced and i don't think that hurt very much.. but i may be getting my tragus donee sooon but i am worried about the pain...

    • Cassi 5 years ago

      idk if some people are getting freaked out with the "OMG, the rook and tragus hurt so bad!" I got both on the same day. yes, it hurt, but it was not excruciating in any way. if you want it, DO IT. they look absolutely beautiful when healed. :]

    • Molly 5 years ago

      Also anyone wondering about there getting their tragus pierced, mine didn't hurt a lot i got it done with a needle and had a bar. i honestly didn't find it much more painful than my belly button, i don't understand why it's called one of the most painful piercings! and people may say it could be as i have a high pain tolerance but really i have quite a low pain tolerance! :)

    • Molly 5 years ago

      I got my first lobe piercing at 8, my belly bar at 13, my tragus also at 13 and tomorrow i am getting my forward/anti/inner helix pierced i am not sure which is said most often or is the most professional. but i have heard it all 3 ways! what is the pain and healing like? also which out of forward,anti or innerd do you say or do you think is most commonly used? :) wish me luck!!

    • J.A.C 5 years ago

      I have my nose done, and recently got my anti-tragus and rook done. The nose didn't hurt whatsoever, just like a pinch, the rook also didn't hurt during the piercing or the insertion of the horse shoe, when I got my anti-tragus done, the actual needle piercing didn't hurt, but then the tightening of the ball made it quite painful. However, I'm SO glad I got it done, it looks fabulous (even if I do say so myself) so yeah, anyone thinking about... expect minimal discomfort depending on how gentle handed your piercer is :)

    • Emily 5 years ago

      I've got my ear lobes double pierced on both side and now I really want a third one ( on both sides) and a cartilage but my mum won't let me... F*** her Ive got more chance of going to the moon and back than having then done :( nevermind 2 is better than nothing, I guess I'm trying 2 grow up 2 early, I am only 14. When I move out I'm gonna get loads of piercings to annoy her, especially tragus which she hates but I love it!!!! ???

    • Dana 5 years ago

      @ Sophie ;

      I got my industrial in December for my 15th birthday.

      I am not going to lie like that 1st week you have it , it will be painful. That's normal! Whatever you do , DO NOT take it out. You will be sorry you did, you will get a terrible infection. I think it's a Great piercing, but if you don't like it let it heal at least 4 months if not longer before you take it out! Hope I was helpful ;

      Good Luck!

    • sophie 5 years ago

      i had my tragus pierced about a month ago, the pierce itself hurt a tiny bit but that was it it caused me no more trouble and seems to have healed brillaintly. i had a scaffold/industrial piercing on tuesday and f*ck me it hurt. the pierce itself made me feel sick (probably bcoz im squeemish lol) but it was the after effect that's annoying. ive had it in for three days now and its still throbbing and burning like i had it done 5 minutes ago. definitely considering taking it out! i don't even like how it looks on me and the bar it was pierced with is huge! catches on everything and looks like shit. i've read it takes at least 4 months before you can change and i definitely don't want this in that long! anyone help?

    • Becca 5 years ago

      Ive just asked about 5 tatoo shops how much the daith costs and ALL of them have said they have never heard of it. Anyone know why?

    • BECCA 5 years ago

      I want the daith piercing can anyone tell me what the pain is like? Thanks.

    • nicole 5 years ago

      i have my rook tragus and cartlidge done, i REALLY want my snug, but i picture it hurting waaay more then my rook.. which i didn't find as painful as everyone said. i wouldn't say i have a high pain tolerance because i cried at my last blood test, maybe its just an adrenaline rush.

      i also don't know if it would look good...

    • amber  5 years ago

      i've had my tragus done for about a year and it didn't hurt to get it done, and stopped hurting after about 2 weeks of getting it done. now have my conch done and it didn't hurt getting it done, but its been about 3 months since i have had it and it still hurts a little to sleep on it and when my hair gets caught in it, plus because the cartilage is so thick . it takes so long be able to get the piecing changed from a stud, to a hoop. i love piercings, especially unique ones. may get my snug done next

    • Zaijma 5 years ago

      I got my right daith pierced on Monday and it did not hurt at OMW it kills! I'm wondering if this is normal or if something is wrong. It hurts when I swallow and I have to take motrin. I also got a second hole in both my lobes. All of them are still bleeding. My piercer said to only flush with saline solution 3-4 times a day and not to move them. I'm just wondering if I'm doing something wrong. I love the piercing, but if this is the pain afterward, I may not get another one lol

    • gd 5 years ago

      I got my top ear done i love it lol the last picture look painful lol

    • charlotte 5 years ago

      hey, i don't think conch hurts as ucha s you would expect it, i have four lobe piercings, belly button, cartilage, nose(been done twice), tragus(been done twice), snug, and conch, and none really hurt other than snug and inner conch. and conch really wasn't that bad, the healing has been really easy for it aswell. but id say get it done with a bar, don't imagine many places would pierce it with a hoop anyway but for easier healing i would recommend a bar. i love it ! :)

    • danielle 5 years ago

      i have 2 in each earlobe, cartilage, nose, and belly buttton. and i'm getting my conch pierced soon. does it hurt?? i really want it because its so cuteee. and is it better to get it pierced with a stud or a hoop?

    • Bree 5 years ago

      on the third week of having my snug pierced i woke up to it slightly throbbing and swollen. three days later it is still very swollen but only hurts slightly. when i first got it down it swelled a bit but i could see the bar on both sides and didn't hurt much at all. its the fourth day now and i was wondering if the swelling is going to go down soon. i don't sleep on it and clean it like im supposed too. ibprofen helps with pain but doesn't take down the swelling. ive been cleaning it with dial twice a day and sea salt soak twice a day. anything i can do to get the swelling to go down, would advil or motrin help more then ibprofen?

    • Amelia 5 years ago

      Awww I got my sung done on Saturday so 6 days ago and far out... The actual piercing was great of course it hurt a little but that was mostly the clamp other then that it was fine.. But my gosh after that it hurt like hell first off that bar I chose didn't compensate for swelling which was normal but it pushed against the bar... Ouch... This made it really hard to clean. Instead of pushing the bar side to side to clean it I thought of twisting it as the ear was swollen and the bar wouldn't budge. Once i twisted it the ball fell off and oh dear did the next part hurt.. Well is got more swollen so I was impossible to put the ball on I tried for hours on end but it wouldn't work... By this time I was just thinking about taking it out but I was determined to keep it as I loved it so much. That night I didn't sleep it hurt so much. To make things worse I hit it the next day at school and almost died of the pain. I finally got the ball back on and now I'm taking anti inflamouraty tables and panadol which are helping a lot with pain and taking down swelling. The Only advice I have is not to get it done on the side you sleep on and please please don't make the mistake of getting a small bar!!!! Today my ear is much better and I can actually sleep and tolerate the minor pain left. Other from the slight problems I had the snug is defiantly a keeper and I must be crazy but if I had to go through the pain again to keep it I would. 

    • MinstrelWarrior 5 years ago

      So I've returned...just got my lobes and helix done. The piercings didn't hurt but more than a pinch for me :) Unfortunately, at the current moment my helix really aches. Cleaning it was quite painful, but it looks rad and I'd totally do it again.

    • MinstrelWarrior 5 years ago

      Hello folks.

      I had my lobes pierced when I was 11, but they got really infected and I had to remove the studs. I never really considered piercing again until recently...and I've got the ok from my parents so it looks like I may get one done. I don't know if I'll be able to get my lobes done again...just because of the build up of scar tissue, but I definitely want to get my helix done. I'm probably doing it'll be the first kind of major piercing for me!! I'm nervous but also really excited. :D

    • Amber 5 years ago

      My inner conch absolutley killed! But i love it its worth it its beautiful

    • Gabby 5 years ago


      You can get as many piercings as you want on the same day, in the same session if you want. I got my lobe seconds and helix in one session. It just means you'll feel the pain more due to all three holes being sore.

    • Gabby 5 years ago

      Dear noname,

      it's called the vertical tragus. :)

    • mel 5 years ago

      I have 5 lobe piercings (total) and two cartilages, all done in a mall store with a piercing gun, all healed just fine. People are saying not to get cartilage done with a gun, but I followed the cleaning instructions and they've both been good for years.

    • lexxus 5 years ago

      The Helix is trashy looking for sure

    • Jibba 5 years ago

      thankyou, this information really helped, had my upper ear (cartilage) pierced over like 2 months ago now, but still hasn't really healed up and has become quite saw and red, and started to bleed alot.

    • Marie 5 years ago

      I have the industrial the rook and the tragus. The most painful by far was the industrial everything else was easy!

    • lexx 5 years ago

      i really want to get my tragus and third hole pierced on the day of my birthday. i was just wondering if it is safe to get them pierced on the same day

    • Dee 5 years ago

      i have both of my lobes pierced ;

      & in my right ear i have an industrial . . next i plan to get a cartilage piercing in my left ear.

    • Jo 5 years ago

      This was helpful. I have 13 piercings and wanting more. 6 lobes. 2 cartilage. 1 helix. 1 rook. 1 snug. and 2 belly button. my belly button hurt the worst then my snug. i'm thinking of getting a vertical industrial bar, but i'm nervous because of the pain.

    • Keilani Rose 5 years ago

      and I've used sewing needles or safeyt pins on all my 23 total lobe piercings (taking most of them out the next day, just to become accostomed to the pain) 1 cartlidge, and one nose piercing, and also a friend's belly button, another friend's cartlidge,and yet another friend's lobe. I'm just curious.

    • Emma 5 years ago

      I got my helix and nose done on friday, nose for the 2nd time as first time i took it out after 6 months for a min and it collapsed and couldn't get stud back in.

      Nose didn't hurt anywhere near as much as it did first time (both times done with needles) and helix i didn't even feel at all until this morning when it started burning, and hasn't stopped. i hope this is normal as my nose is feeling normal unless i touch the end of my nose....

    • Krystle 5 years ago

      I have my tragus, bellybutton, nose, 5 ear lobe (3 on left, 2 on right) and my helix. My tragus didn't hurt. no joke. I heard a pop and I thought the girl dropped the needle, but she had actually pierced it. It only hurt when she put the ball on the hoop. I've had it for two years now and it was by far my best piercing, NO problems with it whatsoever. That achy pain only lasted a week and it was totally healed in 2months. I got my bellybutton when I was 14, more of a harsh pain but nothing too bad. My nose took a while too heal. It fell out during the healing process and closed, so I had to get it re-done. Not too painful. My helix wasn't bad. I personally think my earlobes (1st holes) hurt the worst.

      I would totally recommend a tragus to anyone, its my favorite.

      I'm getting my rook done today. I'm expecting it to be painful just because I got so lucky with my tragus, but the pain only lasts for a few seconds. If you can deal with the warm throb afterwards from a piercing, then get it.

    • Christine . 5 years ago

      how do you think an ear cage (two or more industrials) would look ?

      comment please . i want feedback :)

    • Tyran 5 years ago

      I got my first piercing done on saturday. rook and upper helix(where the piercing is on that cartilage pic)

      was fine sunday. monday they hurt a bit. and today(tuesday) my ear is fully swollen. im hoping the swelling goes down soon. but id still recommend the rook. i did it on a spare of the moment thing. but ive always wanted a rook piercing. and after i booked myself in. i thought about getting the helix done too.

      tip. don't read up on how painful they are. or you'll talk your self into not doing it. once the swelling goes down and the pain is fully gone. ill think about getting my third and fourth piercing. not sure what im going to go with. i was thinking about a snug and normal earlobe piercing. all on the left ear. or ill think about going for a eye brow ring and one of them. or both of them. i love my piercings. even though it hurts like F***

    • aeweinman 6 years ago

      i just got my rook done last night at it is still really sore. the piercer told me to move the jewelry till the ball in the middle touches either side of my ear. i was going to move it today when i cleaned it but it hurt way to bad. so my question is, when should i be able to move my piercing with out so much pain, and is it ok that i haven't been able to move it yet.


    • Kelsie 6 years ago

      Oops, I meant 3 on one side, 1 on the other.

    • Kelsie 6 years ago

      Soooooo I'm seriously considering getting my rook or snug pierced. I've heard TONS of stories. Some saying the snug is worse, some saying the rook is worse. I'm leaning towards the rook though.

      The only piercings I have right now are 4 lobe piercings, 3 on one side, 2 on the other. I had all 4 done with a piercing gun (before I knew how bad it was to get it done that way).

      I was wondering if the pain of those 4 piercings was anywhere close to the pain of the rook piercing?? I know it's a bitch to take care of, but I'm talking about the actual process of getting it done..?

    • Courtney 6 years ago

      I'm the same Courtney as a few comments above.Yesterday, on my left ear, I got my second cartilage piercing and fourth ear lobe piercing.It's looks so cute and so sexy!!! I love it sooo much!!!!! I hope that I don't get an infection and loose the piercings because I'll be crushed.My right ear looks naked with only two lobe piercings but I like it that way.

    • brooke  6 years ago

      my piercings consist of a snug, a rook,7 lobe, 2 helix & a tragius ( i wont tell ya about how many in the i am so addicted it's scary) i am about to get another helix which i was going to wait until my snug had healed but i am to impatient & a sucker for punishment.. i love the rush when i get piercings done, i think that's why i wont stop in a hurry.. my opion & from my experiences i would say the snug was abit uncomfortable & also is a bummer to heal. i had no major dramas & was sleeping on my ear after 3 months but the snug would be the most difficult piercing i hv had. i would say the rook would be next but it healed completely within 4 months.. i have 22 piercings & hv been pierced 24 times & think the snug has been the hardest for me to heal.. all in all though i love all my piercings & don't regret any of them.. i think everyone is different & will experience different things to other ppl with their own piercings..

    • Dee 6 years ago

      I have 2 lobe piercings in each ear, with the first in each stretched to a 2 gauge, and the helix of my right ear done as well.

      All 4 lobe piercings were done with a gun (the first two at my hairdressers, the second two at ardene), and my helix was done with a needle at the new local piercing/tattoo/tanning shop. All of my lobe piercings deffinatly hurt more then my helix, although none of them were too bad. Then again, I find piercings sort of addictive. I still plan to get my right tragus done and my left conch, as soon as my helix finishes healing.

    • Kay 6 years ago

      Emily, I would say you are too young for any piercing not done on the lobe.

    • Louise 6 years ago

      @ oliviaknight- im 15 and got my rook done 8 weeks ago this saturday... it hurt like hell but id say its pretty much completely healed and id be happy to change the bar so 7 months shouldn't be a problem. i went to a piercers that is well known to everyone and they did a really good job and i also bought the tea tree solution from there, infection shouldn't be a problem but it can be a nightmare to clean cos it hurt loads for a few days then it was sore for two weeks, clean it religiously twice a day with salt water, solution and cotton wool balls and you should be fine... hope ive helped you :D

    • Emily 6 years ago

      I've got 2 lobe piercings in each ear and I really really want a tragus but my mum won't let me! She thinks it would make me look like a gypsie! How dare she :( I'm not gonna give up begging her though :) I want my nose pierced aswell but it looks really painful. I'm only 13, is that 2 young 4 a tragus??? ??

    • Amanda 6 years ago

      I think that pain level depends greatly on the piercer, I have a few in my helix and lobe, one tragus, industrial and rook in my ears. My tragus was done by someone who had been doing it for a few years but it hurt the worst. Next would have been rook though that hurt no more then a gun piercing.

      I have to say though the most painful one done was my navel which I know is not on here but for healing time and problems I would say that is the worst. After talking to many piercers I found the more you ask and research before you get it done the better off you are and the best provention to pain and problem is good after care. If you are worried something is not right go back to the piercer or see a dr they will know what they are looking at and a problem caught early is a problem easier to fix.

    • Courtney 6 years ago

      I think that the last pic, with all of those earrings, looks like nothing but pure insanity to me.I already have four piercings in my left ear,three ear lobe and one on the cartilage, and wanna get one more ear lobe piercing and one more cartilage piercings.That'll leave me with six piercings and that'll be the limit for me,

    • alex 6 years ago

      Hey guys, just got my Tragus done yesterday, and after today its a bit swollen. However, I moved it a couple of times because I thought I should have? Is it that terrible for it.? I'm worried it won't heal, though I've had both good and bad experiences with piercings, most of which I have done myself. I have 11 total, but they are on the lobes and cartilage piercings are new to me. I am just worried the inflammation will prevent it's healing. Thoughts?

    • Li2 6 years ago

      Is first aid antispectic the same as using ear antispectic? will it work?

    • Dana 6 years ago

      @ Jodie :

      lol great ear shot ;

      but i just got my industrial like 3 weeks for my bday . .

      soo now i have both of my lobes piercing one and an industrial in my right ear. & on my next bday i want a cartilage piercing for my left ear. any advice ?

      did it hurt uu ? i knw pain varies but still . .& why do uu wear a captive bead instead of a stud ? just curious ; THANKS : )

    • shay 6 years ago

      im 17 and i got my rook pierced two months ago. it barely hurt! washing my hair with it was a pain and i was so careful. i move around in my sleep a lot which is a pain because the captive ring used to move around which reversed the healing tissue as my piercer put it. i now sleep surrounded by pillows, and wash my rook once a day with johnson & johnson head to toe baby wash as well as spraying it with h2ocean frequently. its a gorgeous piercing and i recommend it to anyone!

    • kitty  6 years ago

      i wanna get my rook pierced but so many people say it hurts. but it is worth it. Is the pain worth it?

    • Jodie 6 years ago

      Cartilage piercing example - THAT'S MY EAR! lol

    • Anoyamas 23 6 years ago

      Does anyone know what Gauge means

    • shay 6 years ago

      im getting my forward helix pierced how much does it hurt?

    • olivianight 6 years ago

      Ok so im 14 and i really want my rook pierced. Everyone i no is telling me its going to hurt really bad and get infected.i have a pretty high pain tolorence but im worried about it getting infected. The other thing is volleyball starts in 7 months and ur not allowed to play with piercings in. Is 7 months enough time for it to heal??

    • Meagan  6 years ago

      The rook piercing I just got less than a week ago, and while the actually piercing only takes 2 seconds, it is nevertheless a fairly painful 2 seconds. It feels very much like a sharp pinch mixed with a fair amount of pressure...about a 7 out of 10 on the pain scale for the actual 2 seconds. My piercer was really good about not fiddling around with the jewelry afterwards, so that part I didn't feel at all but for a few days afterwards, it was a defintely moderate, dull ache....nothing too bad and it looks really unique, so again given the actual time you are in discomfort (that being 2 seconds while the needle goes in), you should be able to tolerate it.

    • Kay 6 years ago

      What should I do about washing my hair with my new snug piercing?

    • Louise 6 years ago

      i got my rook done just over 3 weeks ago and it was SO painful! i absolutely love it though and it was so worth it, even though it bled when it got pierced. it is actually my first cartilage piercing as well, my advice to anyone that is considering any piercing is to find out what jewellery is best to use, the size of the piercing itself, where to get the jewellery from and most importantly see how it is done! i you tubed the rook and it was pretty rank but i still wanted it, when my friend said she wanted her industrial done and when she saw how it was done she changed her mind... that way you know what is going to happen and its less of a shock

      hope ive helped :D

    • Emily 6 years ago

      i got my cartilage done at Claires with a piercing gun and its fine iv had it for a year almost and i had no problems with it... and i think as long as you clean the piercing as you are directed you shouldn't have any problems... also i want to get my tragus done bt my mom won't let me she says its nasty i don't think so bt whatevr

    • Dana 6 years ago

      ` I got my industrial piercing for my 15th birthday last night around 7:30PM eastern time . For me as for pain on a scale from 1 - 10 it was about a 5 . & I have very very low tolerance for pain so that says a lot . my piercer told me to use H2Ocean 8 - 10 times a day and i`ll be fine . she told me to look out for crusties but I didn`t have any when i woke up . so i`m pleased . . it looks great i`ve cleaned it twice already . good luck to everyone :)

    • JB 6 years ago

      @ Morts - I know this was a question for the author, but I had my left cartilage done with a gun like 5 years ago or something and it healed up perfectly fine with no problem. Then almost 8 weeks ago now, I had my right cartilage pierced with a needle, and it gave me some problems after about a month in, but it's better now.

      As for the pain, it's quite normal for it to hurt for quite some time. Even though I've had this piercing for like 2 months, sometimes when I go to sleep it's still a little sore, but then again it gave me some complications, so that's probably why.

    • Dana 6 years ago

      ` Going to get my industrial in 5 days : )

      (I'm Really Excited)

    • Morts 6 years ago

      also i got it done yesterday and the piercing is still just dully aching. is this normal? im a bit of a worrier :/ :) haha

    • Morts 6 years ago

      I have a question for the author.... with the cartilage done ( as i recently got this done) is it ok if i did get it with a gun as this was my only option, and how do you better your chances of the piercing healing properly? im a tad worried that i got it done as a gun :/

    • olivia 6 years ago

      My friend pierced my industrial in her bedroom (shes a professional, but i felt more comfortable in her house) and it was the worse pain in my life, it got so swollen it started to set in and skin was growing over the bar so i had a doctor look at it and i had him take it out. Now i have scars which sucks because i still want to have it redone. but i would seriously say out of all the piercings on the ear that i have which is 4 cartildge, snug, tragus, and 6 lobe. industrial was awful. i would do it again though, the price of beauty...

    • kels 6 years ago

      ive had my lobes, cartilage, and rook done. id say the rook hurt the most but it was nowhere near unbearable and all i did was say ouch that hurt, but it was so worth it.

    • Superwoman 6 years ago

      These comments are great guys. I'm wanting my rook done, I've only got both lobes done once. Any comparison between the pain of the rook and the lobes? Thanks.

    • BECCA 6 years ago

      DANA-sorry about the late reply use saltwater it will look totally great,I can't get the industrial yet as my cartilage piercing is majorly infected due to not cleaning it properly. I learned the hard way and now i'm paying for it but I take extra care now.

    • Stephanie 6 years ago

      I've had my tragus done for about six months now and I'm going in next week to get my rook done. I'm just curious as to how the pain differs. Most people agree that the rook is more painful but I've heard some say that the tragus was more painful to them. My tragus hurt a little as he put the needle through, and minus the few infections I've got from it, it's been pretty great. Am I ready to get my rook done?

    • Chrissy xx 6 years ago

      I have 2 lobe piercings & a rook . Any tips on getting the Industrial ?

    • emma  6 years ago

      theres acctualy only 2 of those piercings i don't want lol the helix and daith but the reat i want :)i got my tragus and cartilage in my right ear and 2 lobes in my left :) and its going well so far had them about a month or so :)

    • maureen 6 years ago

      @ noname:

      i want to know what's the name of the surface piercing right in front of the tragus piercing.

      it's a dermal anchor surface piercings. i'm not sure if there's a specific name for that area though. that's exactly what i wantttt!!

    • Dana 6 years ago

      To Becca ---->

      Use solution or salt water? I'm super excited to get my industrial it looks great!

    • Paige 6 years ago

      i had my rook done 6 weeks ago and suddly a lump appeared on the top hole this morning its caused me no bother until now. Anyone no y and if it will go?


    • BECCA 6 years ago

      Dana-just make sure you bathe it as i only used water on mine so it has a big blister on the back of it but it's slowly healing although I cannot get it out as it is a captive bead ring I have tried everything. When it heals i am going to get a forward helix so i can get a industrial just make sure you get it done by a pro and bathe it so there is much less chance of infection. Have a happy piercing it will look awesome.

    • Dana 6 years ago

      Thanks Becca!

      I was just wondering, but today I thought about it, && I'm just gonna go ahead & get the whole thing. Pain once & after care once, I cannot handle going threw all of tht twice. By the time the first whole heals & I get ready to get the second one, the industrial could've been fully healed. But, that plan is perfect for you because you already have your cartilage whole. I don't ..


      You Were a Great Help

    • BECCA 6 years ago

      To Dana-yes you could get a cartilage first then get a forward helix -next to the head and then you could have a industrial,because i am doing the same i have got a cartiilage piercing but iam now going to get another piercing so i can have the industrial . . xx you can defo


    • Dana 6 years ago

      I'm thinking about getting my cartilage pierced in both ears, but I was wondering if I wanted an industrial in one could I just get the cartilage let it heal then get the upper part pierced for the industrial?

      Jst a thought, please respond!



    • hayley 6 years ago


      i'm thinking about having an anti helix piercing as i had my tragus done the other week.

      the only thing i'am worried about is the jewellery they might put in it. i would prefer a bar instead of the hoop types.

      do you HAVE to wear the hoop rings when your first get it done or can you have the option to switch to a bar ??

      any help would be much appreciated !!

      Thank you !!

    • DC 6 years ago

      @ lizzie: It would be cute, but i think you might be a little too young!

    • BECCA 6 years ago

      Thanx Kay i will go to the shop.

      Thanks again

    • lizzieee 6 years ago

      hey im 15 yeqars ols and i really want my rook pierced. i had 1 in each lobe when i wa 9 and then did a 2ndand third one one my right ear myself and they have turned out fine, but im worried im not old enough or it would be to ainful for me, could i do it myself? xox

    • Sarah 6 years ago

      So I had my right tragus pierced 3 years ago and I love it (it healed beautifully) then 2 years ago I got my right forward helix (right above the tragus) pierced. It looked amazing but after about 3 months it was really sore with a lump and I ended up just taking it out and it healed without a mark.

      So yesterday I went and got my left tragus and forward helix pierced (the first time I've gotten more than one) and it hardly felt like more than a pinch! I just really hope this little helix heals better than the last but it only has a little bit of space behind for movement!

      Wish me luck :)

    • Kay 6 years ago

      Becca, perhaps go back to the place where you got it pierced, and ask for advice/possibly get them to take it out for you?

    • CAR 6 years ago

      Does it mean something if you get your cartlege done on your left ear?

    • BECCA 6 years ago

      I got a cartilage piercing done in june and it has a keloid on it, but the problem is i cannot get it out. I have a captive bead ring, i'm only 13 what should i do it really wont come out.


    • Kay 6 years ago

      Thanks, JB :D

    • JB 6 years ago

      @ DCR: Good choice to get em both done at the same time. You could get just one, but you'd probably just want the other one done down the road, so save some time and get the pain over and done with at the same time ;)

      My left cartilage I actually got done with a piercing gun (before I knew about piercing guns being "bad"), but that didn't hurt at all. Just a little bit of pressure, then it was over with. When I got my right cartilage done just recently however, the piercer used clamps and they put a lot of pressure on my ear, but the needle itself going through, no real pain. Although, the pain is different for everyone.

      Let us know how your piercings go! Good luck!

    • DCR 6 years ago

      @ JB: Thank You! I am gonna go ahead & get em' both! && thts a good point, about the sleeping. Because I love to sleep on my sides. I'll have to sleep in a recliner for awhile lol. && uhm how was your experience? did it hurt?

    • JB 6 years ago

      @ Kay: Use 1 cup of boiled water, then add 1/4 tsp of sea salt. I know 1 cup seems like a lot, but you don't want it to be too salty otherwise it will be too drying.

    • Kay 6 years ago

      Just curious. How do I do the sea salt soak for my snug piercing? I'm not sure how much salt to put in compared to how much boiling water...

    • JB 6 years ago

      @ DCR: Get em both done, but you will have to be careful if you like to sleep on your sides.

      For the longest time I only had my left side done and it kind of bugged me that my ears didn't look "even" lol

    • DCR 6 years ago

      I'm gonna get my cartilage done. should I get it in 1 or both ?

    • Annie 6 years ago

      just got my rook piercing done today--- and to be fair; it hurt like shit! i've got several piercings and tattoos and the rook was by far the most painful mainly because it needs to be done very slowly to not to hurt or pinch the rest of the ear.

      but i know my piercer quite well and i trusted him. it wasn't too bad -well, it didn't bring tears to my eyes and it looks gorgeous!! ;o) even tho it hurts like shit while having it done(don't wanna make anyone believe it wasn't painful!) it's worth it and bearable!!! you won't die of pain... and my pain level is generally rather low, haha.

      i had it done a good 6-7 hours ago, had 2 pints by now and it doesn't really hurt that much anymore!

      in the end any body modification hurts -at least a little and yet we survive it!

    • Kay 6 years ago

      I got my snug pierced yday and so far so good! Was stinging a bit yday but wasn't unbearable, I could still get on with stuff. And managed to sleep on it a tiny bit. It looks gorgeous!

    • JB 6 years ago

      I have 8 ear piercings now.

      - 4 lobe(2 in each ear)

      - 2 cartilage(1 in each ear)

      - 2 snugs (1 in each ear)

      Both snugs and my 2nd cartilage piercing I just got 4 days ago though. To me, the most painful part of the snug piercings was the clamps. I had never been to a piercer where they used clamps before, so that was new to me. It was a lot of pressure on my ear, and I honestly didn't think I'd be able to go through with it, and I have a pretty high pain tolerance. I have 6 tattoos, and these snugs were more painful than all my tattoos put together in my opinion. I think it was the clamps that made the whole experience that painful for me, but looking back, I THINK the pain was all worth it because the snugs look absolutely adorable! I use the word "think" because as long as they don't give me any major problems down the road, only then will they have been worth the pain lol. So we shall see, and if I can remember to, I will come back here to report how they're doing. So far during the healing process I've just experienced a lot redness, swelling and tenderness, which is normal. These past few nights of sleeping have been a pain in the butt too by the way since I cannot sleep on my sides otherwise it will irritate the piercings. I'm a total side sleeper so sleeping only on my back has been quite the adjustment, but hopefully I will get used to that in a couple weeks. Hopefully the rest of the healing process goes well too :)

    • Clare 6 years ago

      Helloo!i got my snug done around a month ago and wasn't that sore or swollen at first but now month on has gone really swollen and scared its getting deeper into my ear..anyone any advice,would be appreciated!:)

    • Jeno 6 years ago

      I've both rooks, both tragus and both anti tragus, and obviously my lobes done (what can I say I like symmetry) but none of them hurt particularly bad, but Id say anti tragus was the worst, possibly because I got it done straight after the rook I dont know, But pain definitely depends on the individual

    • Steve 6 years ago

      Yea I got my penis pierced it hurt pretty bad the girl that did it tho gave me head right after...what more can you ask for. I'm goin to get my rook done sometime this week.

    • Dana 6 years ago

      All I have done is my lobes. Now I want my cartilage done for my 15th birthday! It's really cute, but I have low tolerance for pain soo everybody keeps scaring me. But, I'm gonna risk it! I want it like reallyyyy bad.

    • Amanda 6 years ago

      I have my tragus, industrial, daith and just recently got my conch pierced. I love them all but it gets a lil old when the first thing people ask you is, "did that hurt?" They all hurt a lil. People would be lying if they said they didn't hurt at all. The most painful was definitely my daith. It actually brought tears to my eyes! But its over in a second and id do it again if I had to because its my favorite!

    • Shanna 6 years ago

      Anytime a needle goes through a part of your body, there is going to be some pain. I have had my lobes done several times, helix, and most recently my left rook. I got the rook done about a month ago and it is still very sore sometimes. The piercing itself was probably the most uncomfortable I've had so far, and I've had many piercings. It was more pressure than anything though, and once the jewelry was put in and the pressure was relieved, it was fine.

      Kids, don't get pierced with a gun. There are plenty of other comments explaining the dangers of it, so I won't go back over that.

      You guys, don't pierce yourselves. This is also dangerous and opens you up to all kinds of infection. I don't care if you think you sterilized everything. You probably contaminated it before it ever went through your skin. Your best bet is to go to a pro. And before you go, ask some of your friends who have been pierced and see who they recommend. I am a professional body piercer and I'm here to tell you, this is not a good website for educating yourself about piercing. Good luck, and happy (and safe!!) piercing!

    • jj 6 years ago

      i got my earlobes pierced 3 times as they wouldn't heal. now they did but it took five months. now im gonna get ear pierced above the other one.

      how much might it cost?

    • Mzmurf 6 years ago

      Help!!! I had my Rook pierced 2 weeks ago. It was painful but didn't swell or get red at all until 2 DAYS ago---now my ear is red, throbbing, and swollen. There is NO discharge. I've taken care of it (anti-bacterial soap and sea salt water) but the pain is bad enough that I have to take Motrin and Tylenol at exactly the 4 and 8 hour marks to even make it through the day! My hubby says to go to the dr. but what would they do? Is this normal or should I consider going in and having it removed?! I really don't want to because I love how it looks! I had my tragus done about 9 months ago and even though I got a keloid, it wasn't ever this painful. Thanks for any thoughts/suggestions/help....

    • ash 6 years ago

      I have my nose, my conch, my tragus, and my rook and my rook piercing was the LEAST painful. Every piercing is different on every person.

    • Jen 6 years ago

      This article is rubbish, really.

      Different people have different thickness of cartilage, so it's definitely going to hurt some people to get different piercings more than other people.

      Apart from that, the snug is definitely more painful than the rook. It swells like a mother, and takes months of persistant care to heal. Most people give up on them, because they get snagged in hair and bump against things and if you are prone to hypertrophic scarring, they'll definitely appear on the exit holes.

      I don't personally have an industrial, but I couldn't understand why it would be more painful than a regular helix. Most reputable piercers won't give you the whole bar straight away, they want you to get two helix piercings and let them heal up a bit before you get the full bar. It's irresponsible people who want their industrial RIGHT NOW who deal with the more painful method of piercing with the straight bar.

      Bottom line: If you don't have the patience and you haven't done the research, don't get a cartilage piercing. For the most part, they take ages to heal fully and require a lot of babying.

      Good luck.

    • Ruby 6 years ago

      Hey guys :) just had my rook done and it wasn't too painful ;) it just went in and out and I was done! Hhah! It's my first cartlidge piercing and it's beautiful. :)

    • adrienne  6 years ago

      sooo i have my tragus pierced my rook and i used to have two cartilage piercings which got super infected and i took it out. i got it redone three years later aka tuesday and it was healing great and i clean it with saline solution everyday and then this morning i woke up and its super swollen and red and hurts really really bad.... i don't want to take it out again :S what should i do?

    • Tiif 6 years ago

      I have my anti tragus done and i love it i also have the industrial bar. after a year the bar was healed but the tragus is heals off and on and closes super fast. I also have my ears gauged to a two did them myself! i love peircings just all together.

    • Nikki 6 years ago

      It is not called Gauging!!! A gauge is the measurement of the hole.. It is called stretching.

    • rss 6 years ago

      just got my rook done... hurt like hell but im going to get my daith and tragus and maybe my snug done tomorrow. i cant wait though!! im obsessed!

    • dan 6 years ago

      I have my rook and forward helix pierced...pain wise at the actual time of piercing, i'd definitely say the rook hurt more but healing wise, the forward helix is giving me a lot more trouble! only had it done 3 days ago (I know, maybe i'm being a little presumptive) but it feels really bruised, although doesn't look it! was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and if so how long am I looking at having the 'bruised feeling' for? thanks :)

    • lu 6 years ago

      so i had my conch done in march.. it still hasn't healed properly, has a small lump at the back. any one know how long it may take to heal totally? my tragus took a year! so i guess the same? or should i just take it out!? i do love it though.. just fed up with the lump and weeping..

    • emma 6 years ago

      to becka- thanks :) im getting it done tommorow now lol and im so nervous and no amount of bad stories will put me off hehe and im getting my cartilage done aswell now :) thanks again

    • Becka 6 years ago

      To emma- iv'e heard the snug takes ages to heal and it bleeds loads it is prone to infection , that's just what iv'e heard i don't actually have it because of all the bad stories iv'e heard but i do have my tragus and that is not bad at all the piercing is like a little prick you hardly feel it + it heals quickly and looks awesome.

      Go for it emma.

    • emma 6 years ago

      wow these all look good im getting the tragus done for my b-day and thinking about getting the snug one aswell but i don't know.... but i was wondering what is the most painful and least painful in order that might help... thanks :)

    • Emily 6 years ago

      I have my ear lobes, my tongue, my rook and my snug pierced. I had a middle cartilage piercing for a while but I took it out because it was pierced badly (my friend did it, and when I took it out it def. seemed a bit infected) and so I could get my snug done.

      I just got my snug done yesterday and so far it has been great. I love how it looks and it's easily my favorite piercing. It is of course swollen a little, and it may swell up more, but so far so good. I thought the initial piercing hurt even less than my rook. I was really expecting it to be quite painful but it wasn't at all (I'm guessing I have a high pain tolerance though). It did burn shortly after, but that subsided fairly quickly. Also, I know someone said how most didn't notice their snug piercing, but the location of mine (pretty much in the middle) and the way my ear is makes it very visible. I would definitely recommend this piercing! It is definitely sore, but as long as you are careful and don't bump it on anything, it should heal fine. Perhaps I will come back here with an update though if it does become a pain to heal.

      My experience with my rook has not been as good, but I'm still really happy with it. It did take a while to fully heal, but I don't think it was awful. I have had it done for around 9 months I believe and a couple weeks ago it randomly started hurting again. I just cleaned it off and it seems fine once again. Mine was pierced with a ring though, and I think this did affect the healing process. I asked for the barbell but my piercer said the ring allowed for it to heal better. I actually don't think this was correct though. He was recommending me to twist it often also, which isn't the best of advice. I believe if I had been pierced with the barbell, it would have healed much better. However, I do really like the ring in my ear, so if not for being pierced with the ring, I may not have realized how much I like the ring in this spot. It also makes the rook piercing more noticeable than just having the barbell there, but I seriously love the barbell too. If I could easily get the stupid ball off my ring, it is possible I'd have a barbell there, but I really like both. I'd also recommend this piercing, but just remind people that it does take time to heal and will be sore. It's still totally worth it though!

      The next piercings I'm considering are a forward helix, my tragus and a middle cartilage. Though if my snug heals fine I would actually consider getting a snug on the ear with my rook as well. To all those doubting the snug, don't! Just be wary that the healing process takes time and as with a lot of piercings, it will be sore for a while. It's so worth it though; I think it looks totally awesome. :D

    • BEXIS 6 years ago

      Is the industrial really bad because people have said the helix hole is fine but forward helix is super painful. what are your views? I have a cartiladge and that didn't hurt at all, it's not just the pain i'm worried about people have said it takes ages to heal and it bleeds a this true

    • darling 6 years ago

      I have 2 lobe piercings in each ear, both done with a gun. It didn't hurt at all, and they all healed fine. :]

    • Jenn 6 years ago

      Im 12 and just got my rook done today.. i got the bar put in and it really didn't hurt as much as people say it does.. anyone who wants it should just go for it:D

    • dungeoneer 6 years ago

      Shannon - you will find the conch much much less trouble than your industrial!

    • Emily 6 years ago

      To anyone who's contemplating getting their Anti-Tragus, definitely go for it!

      I'd heard all sorts of horror stories about infection, pain and even beaing able the cartilage break up in that part of the ear but I still decided to go ahead with it.

      It did hurt but the pain wasn't unbearable and there's was only the smallest crunch when my piercer but the jewellery through.

      I've had it done almost three weeks and bar not being able to sleep on my pierced side for 3 days, I've had no problems!

      I clean it regularly with both saline and salt water to speed up the healing process and can now move the jewellery with ease. As mentioned above, I couldn't sleep on my pierced side for 3 or 4 days but I began covering the piercing with a makeshift bandage (folded up napkin and plasters) which meant that if I did turn over in my sleep, it cushioned it!

      Obviously, the piercing pain will be different for everyone but the swelling and pain stopped within a week and now it looks gorgeous! It's quite a unique piercing and I've had so many compliments on it.

      Dob't worry, I'm not some sort of piercing veteran, I only have my lobes and had a cartilage so this was a little bit daring to say the least!

      So, my summary would be:

      Pros; Looks gorgeous, easy to clean, pain stops quite quickly.

      Cons; Can't use normal headphones, difficult to sleep on initially.

      Hope that this was of some help to anyone considering the piercing. I'm getting my Snug done on Saturday, I'm really looking forward to adding another beauty to me ear haha!

    • Shannon 6 years ago

      Hey Guys i got my Industrial pierced around feb, and i would now like a few more. Im looking into getting the conch but i was just wondering if anyone has them both done which was worse the industrial or the conch?

    • Annie 6 years ago

      sami, my industrial bar is that close to the head..apparently i'm "no one" but hell does it look cooler. my industrial was my first piercing except for the regular ear lobe ones, and then i got two more done in each ear lobe. recently got my tragus done and conch done twice in the same ear. i'm a really slow healer but i have a high pain tolerance and i freaking love my piercings, so i'm okay with it. trying to decide which piercings i want next...

    • kyky 6 years ago

      ellie, i got my rook done a bout a week ago and have had no problem with it. i got the ring in it and its a lot easier to clean and definatlty do recommend it!!!!!!!!!!!11

    • lois 6 years ago

      i want to get my 2nd hole in my ear but im only 8 yrs old my best friend just got it done and shes only 8 so lets hope i can get it done im proberly getting it done on friday i don't know what stud im having my friend has got a silver ball i might have a pink gem im getting it done in bannas chal for now lois xx

    • Katiee 6 years ago

      im gettin my 2nd & 3rd & industrial soonnnn (:

    • Kaff.  6 years ago

      Okay , I am aware that everyone's pain tolerance is totally different. But I wanted to know your experiences with the forward helix piercing (earhead) What was the pain like for you in comparison to others ?

      I hav five lobe pierings, naval (belly button) and my tragus pierced. Anyone who has had both tragus and earhead, which was more painful to you ? If I'm honest , my most painful piercing was my belly button, my tragus didn't hurt at all , not even when healing. I onl suffered a headache and earache for about 20 minutes immediatley after having it pierced. :)

    • Sierra  6 years ago

      I have my cartliage and earlobes pierced but I really want my tragus pierced.. The cartliage piercing didn't bother me at all. Does getting your tragus pierced feel like getting your cartiage pierced?!

    • roxie 6 years ago

      in my experience, I'd say my conch hurt way more (and longer) than my rook. The rook took a full 8 months to completely heal (as in, I can sleep on it with no problems at all) - otherwise, it was fine after 4. I'm thinking snug next but I've heard some bad stories about it, and last time I asked, my piercer recommended I didn't get it (which is how I ended up getting the rook instead). Maybe this time I'll ask again.

    • woot woot 6 years ago

      so i want my conch pierced but im not sure how its gonna feel afterwards..i already have my ears gauged and that's the only other piercing i think looks the way if ur gauging ur ears start at 14 and DON'T skip a size just be patient with them.

    • AmandaBANGBANG 6 years ago

      i have a helix and the traditional ear lobs and my cartilagde its pretty good. an ear piercing gun was used for all of them except my helix. i love what i have i want the industrial but idk hear some crazy storis about that and the tragus. so im just happy with what i have

    • Holly 6 years ago

      Getting my rook done Wednesday!!

      I've decided to ignore the advice telling me not to and just go for it.I'll probably regret it but whatever

    • Jay 6 years ago

      i just got my daith done about a week ago and i've literally had NO pain at all. i had to ask the piercer if they even did it yet cause i didn't feel a thing. it's been a little sore after i clean it but it only lasts a few minutes.

    • Emoriax 6 years ago

      heey I'm 12 years old and I got my cartlage done but I went to someone on the Market not proffesionally so now I have ended up with a big Keloid on the back of my ear it's horrible so if your gonna get it done go proffesional and I also got my tragus done it wasn't that painful really but after it did ache a bit but it looks totally gorgeous :D I love it xx

    • Jo 6 years ago

      For anyone thinking about getting there rook done id say do it, it dosent hurt at all, i have 17 piercing altogether and recently got my rook done and i love it

    • Becks 6 years ago

      cartilagde piercings are awesome.

    • BECCA 6 years ago

      To Nicole im 13 n have my earlobes and rook pierced it hurt the morning but nothing terrible but i have a high pain tolerance.i do not have my belly button pierced and never would but other people have said u can compare belly button to the rook piercing on a scale of 1 to 10 i would say 5.The rook piercing looks awesome go for it.

    • nicole 6 years ago

      hi, im 14 and i really want my rook pierced, but i don't know how much it will hurt, i only have my first hole done on my lobe but i cant rember how much the hurt so i haven't got any piercing to use as a comparason(sorry cant spell) Is there any other pain you can compare a rook piercing too ? thanks :D

    • BECKY 6 years ago

      Thanks Symone [This is Becky] i am going to go to a professional piercing shop.But can u tell does your industrial piercing still swollen a lot?

      Thanks again SYMONE!

    • Symone 6 years ago

      i have the industrial piercing which ive had for almost 5 months. i made sure they used a needle when they pierced it because honestly the only piercings that are OK to get with a gun are the regular standard earlobe piercings. anything extra should definitely not be done with a gun. My industrial is still sore sometimes and is still very sensitive to cold. but other than that i love it! for the people who keep correcting the person who wrote this about the gauging, if you read they say it is called either Stretching or Gauging. Its all up to your discretion so chill. To BECKY- definitely go to a proffessional piercing and tattoo shop.

    • Lauren 6 years ago

      Ive got the snug done and it is definitely not painful, it is however painful if it swells up, and trust me, it swells up! im gonna go for the rook next i think.I would go for most except the conch, im told its really painful, and i can feel why!

    • Becky 6 years ago

      I Had my earlobes pierced at claires[with a gun] and they did not hurt at all.I am going to get two helix piercings and 2 more earlobe piercings on saturday,is it ok to get a helix piercing with a piercing gun at claires or should i go to a tattoo shop? Thanks for all your help!

    • Brittany 6 years ago

      "I wouldn't advise anyone to use a piercing gun for a cartilage piercing! It may be legal to do but isn't wise."

      Completely agreed. my cartilage piercing was done with a gun and it STILL hurts sometimes when I touch it or change it after 4 YEARS. Go to a piercer or even a less expensive place that doesn't use a gun.

    • sami 6 years ago

      what's with the industrial? its too close to the head no one gets it that close. who ever modeled for the helix has way too many!! i have 9 on one ear and sometimes i think that's too much that person has like 40.. id suggest taking a few out

    • Dan 6 years ago

      When i got my rook peirced it was BY FAR the most painful. i ended up with a headache on one side of my head for 3 days. it didn't really get hurt to get pierced but it hurt a lot afterwards. it really depends on the individual ear and how thick your cartilage is.

      my daith was a nightmare and just grew straight out, but i think the peircer was just incompetent, peirced it far too close to the surface.

      my nose hurt a lot the second time, but my tragus and outer conch didn't hurt a bit.

    • haley 6 years ago

      i had my rook pirced about 3weeks ago and its not as painfull as wot people say it is i just wish i had a curved barbel in it n not a ring so now i cnt wait 2 change it but yes its a cool piercing

    • Kate 6 years ago

      Well i've decide to go and get my daith pierced, so i'm going to get it done after school tomorrow, so yeah i'll come on tomorrow night and say what it felt like, so far i have my lobes done, my navel, my anti navel and my tongue =] so hopefully this wont be as bad as any of them.

    • Olivia 6 years ago

      Hey Nicole, thanks so much for the information. Been wanting it for absolutely ages now!! But my mum is still not happy with it. But i'm deffo getting it done. Cheers!

    • Nicole 6 years ago

      Olivia; Ive had my forward helix pierced for about ten weeks now. And if im honest, im still unable to lay on that side, also if i press onto it, it is still slightly sore. Id say on the pain scale for me was around half way (5). As im a bit of a weakling and tend to avoid things that will cause me a lot of pain. I don't have my belly button pierced, but i should imagine the Forward Helix is more painful as it is cartilage that your piercing. I also have my Tragus done, and considering im a wimp, id say that was just a pinch as i had mine frozen. They don't freeze your forward helix unfortunately (well they didn't for me) as they said it may run into my ear (and freeze my ear drum i presumed). But its a nice piercing to have :) make sure you keep up with the cleaning and what not! Because you get those 'crusties' as they're called, quite a lot. Also, mine was very sore afterwards, and for around 2 more days after id had it done. So be very careful not to catch or bang it! :)

    • Anna 6 years ago

      I didn't even know the name of the piercing I have... it's in the inside of both ears, like right in the middle. I guess it would be called the conch... but I don't wear a hoop. I want to get gauges next... but you have to be patient. I'm looking for tapers but don't know what gauge taper to start at. 12? 14? 10? I want to get to a 2 or 1 guage.

    • Olivia 6 years ago

      Hi, i want to get my forward helix pierced. Was wondering how much it hurts on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the most painful), i have my belly button pierced is it more painful than that?

    • Lily 6 years ago

      Got my tragus pierced about 6 months ago, I absolutely love it. I just got my anti-tragus pierced today and I love it just as much :D For me, the anti-tragus hurt a lot worse but I'm still glad I had it done. With the tragus, the needle going in was about a 4 on the pain scale (10 being highest) but then the worst part was when he pulled the tubing and the jewellery through. That raised to about a 7 for a second or two. Anti-tragus, the pain of the needle going through was about a 6 and the fiddling around after took much longer and was about an 8 on the scale. Still bearable! It also aches a lot more than my tragus did, still hurting after 8+ hours.

    • Indre 6 years ago

      OK ., so all that shit posted here about the rook being painful is complete nonsense , well for me at least , i got mine done yesterday and tbh even a pinch was more painful than the actual piercing procedure , atm i cant feel a thing and it looks bloody awesomme :D i also love the reactions you get from people when they see it , haha i would totally recomment the rook !!

    • iluvboys!!! 6 years ago

      I have my earlobes done, but I wanna have my cartlige done!!!

    • Beffff 6 years ago

      I have (in my left ear) 10mm stretcher, 2 belly bars (got bored one night) and 3 cartilage, (in my right ear) 2 lobes and 2 cartilage, I did have a 6mm stretcher, but it blew out (I stretched it too fast ya see "/) and now the hole has closed up, which I am not happy about :(, I also have, my belly, smiley and tongue web..... Al DIY's, except for my belly :D. And I am debating about whether to get an industrial, and whether to do it myself, get my friend to do it, or go to the piercing shop. But meh, I'm a risky person tbh, not one of my best qualities, I must say :D

    • Laura 6 years ago

      hey guys:))) i was just wondering if it is safe getting the 2nd lobe piercing peirced with a gun like at claires... and is it painful?? thanks. :)

    • Chrissie 6 years ago

      i just got my rook today, I already have three on my cartilage, one tragus, nose, belly button and three on my lobes. The rook hurt the least. That's just me though.

    • Lizzie 6 years ago

      hey...what do you mean a piercing "grows out" u've got me worried.

    • Lizzie 6 years ago

      Love the explanations, Just got my rook last night, and I was so nervous about the pain that I had put it off for a year. I saw how others said it really hurt, but honestly, I was shocked at how little i felt it! I actually laughed and the piercer looked at me like wtf. It didn't hurt ME at i guess everyones different and you cant go by what others feel. I even slept on it fine last night..although i do have an ear ache which idk if that's related. I got my tragus last year with gun ( i know bad idea), and I'm thinking of getting my daith, not sure cuz i don't like the look of an overly pierced ear but its addicting!

    • Robyn 6 years ago

      I have a daith peircing and getting it pierced was the worst feeling in the world. i definitely wouldn't get it done again haha

    • pheeeebz  6 years ago

      tragus is soooo easy compared to conch! i have had both my targus's done its that easy :) tragus over conch anyyday! anti-tragus aint to bad either come eo think about it :)

    • tessa. 6 years ago

      all piercings are sore. my conch is still sore and i've had it done since august, it's the second most painful. hint: its not good to put a CBR in the conch while healing because it WILL NOT heal. the CBR will constantly move, there are skin cells trying to form around it, and every time it moves it restarts that cycle, so put in a bar for healing! :) And don't get your cartilage done with a gun. cartilage heals from the inside out, thus when using a gun your pushing everything virtually in. (anyone with the tragus done how much pain can be expected!? is it comparable to the conch?)

    • jess. 6 years ago

      just got my snug pierced :) not really very sore, aches a bit now but its all good. even tho iv only had it done for about 8 hours, i love it

    • roxy 6 years ago

      well 16 ear piercing, conch was sooo bad ): still not healed, over a year! sucks! tragus was a piece of piss tbh, i have both! i need more tho :)

    • phoebe :) 6 years ago

      im thinking of my anti tragus! sore or not? :)

    • Minthony 6 years ago

      I Just Got My Rook Donee. It Didn't Hurt That Much. Cause I Mean Its Just Likee A Waspp Stinqq. Andd To Me That Dosent Hurt. But It Looks Good.

    • michelle 6 years ago

      I have been wanting my right rook done for about a year now & I've never been brave enough to get it. I was wondering if the rook hurts more than the industrial bar. I've had my industrial done for almost a year and some people are saying that it hurts more than the rook while others say it doesn't? My tolerance level is probably inbetween. Heeelllppppp?

    • Christi 6 years ago

      I have my left and right rook done and my right conch done, out of the three for some reason my left rook was the most painful. It's been about 4 months now and my left rook is still very painful, red, and a little swollen. I take very good care of my piercing and have never had any problems with any other piercings. Has anyone else had this problem?

    • Hanaa 6 years ago

      I was just wondering if anyone knows what the chances are that a rook piercing would grow out? I got mine done at a piercing and tattoo shop about 2 months ago and every once in a while it gets sore... but I can't tell if it is growing out.. help!!

    • kace 6 years ago

      i just got my rook redone but about a year ago my rook got ripped out. i was taking a shower washing my hair and there it went. it hurt so bad. luckily my ear is fine. i just have a scar but i didn't go to a doctor or put anything on it. it healed back together just fine. but my piercer said that he was surprised it came back so nice. i have no complications with it. its wonderful.

    • Mi 6 years ago

      Well my rook, that was done 2 weeks ago hurt much much more than my industrial. The difference was that once the rook was pierced, I couldn't tell I have a new piercing, but when I got the Industrial one it hurt a lot after it was done. Couldn't sleep on that side for 2.5 months I think.. The're both were worth it though :D

    • dghghmsdfhh 6 years ago

      can snug piercings pin your ears back slightly, if so that would be great! :D

    • Taya 6 years ago

      Anti Tragus - after healing time can you have like a little stud? x

    • Blablahubu 6 years ago

      i have two lobe piercings on both sides. on the left i want a captive hoop like half an inch lower from the place it is shown in the picture and a reg. car. piercing right above where the rook would be. on the right i also want an industrial. i was wondering if i could get all of those piercings at the same time, same day, same place, or if that isn't a good idea or they wont alow it ect. can any of you help?

    • emma 7 years ago

      well, i looooove ear peircing

      and i want to do all the ear peircing i can do

      i already did my belly botton myself... and what surprised me that i didn't hurt .. at all..

    • britt 7 years ago

      So many of you people have said, "getting your helix pierced with a piercing gun is bad." I got my helix pierced with a piercing gone and after four months or so it was fine. Nothing bad happened at all. Now i got my second helix piercing with a safety pin, by mt friend. Everything was steralized but there was more pain with the needle than gun.

    • Phillip 7 years ago

      Thanks . I was trying to find the "second hole piercing". Didn't know it was called that

    • srgvkj 7 years ago

      I love how so many people are talking about 'having their cartilage pierced'. Technically your whole ear (bar the lobe) contains cartilage, so people who say that aren't being very specific lol...

    • Ruthie 7 years ago

      Hey guys how's it going? :)

      Lets see, I have a total of nineteen ear piercings (or seventeen, depending if you consider an industrial one or two piercings)

      I've got; four lobe on each side, double industrial, anti-tragus, tragus, rook, conch and three cartliage.

      I had my rook pierced yesterday and it was alright actually - a bit of pain but still okay.

      I would say the most painful I've had so far is my anti-tragus..

      I'm really worried it's growing out at the moment though, it sucks.

      I've always wanted a vertical tragus piercing - but I haven't got a big enough tragus so even if I had it done it would grow out too quickly. :(

      Oh well, suggestions for my next ear piercing?

    • Megan L 7 years ago

      I just had my cartilage done yesterday at Piercing Pagoda and the lady was very nice, helped me pick out an earring that wouldn't irritate my ears (it was more expensive, but worth it), and educated me all about the piercing. I have a moderate tolerance for pain, so it didn't bother me much. It was a little sore after but nothing that Advil couldn't fix. It is tender to sleep on but there has been no swelling or bumps or infection at this point. For my rook, conch, belly button, and tragus I will probably go to a professional piercing place, but I think that piercing cartilage with a gun was fine for me. Good luck!

    • Twat 7 years ago

      i wanna get my ears peirced all over

    • Noland 7 years ago

      I've gotten my tragus, lobes, and multiple facial piercings done all in the past year.

      The only piercing I've had that's been any trouble at all was the snug piercing I did last week :(

      It still hurts a pretty good deal but looks amazing.

    • SaSii 7 years ago

      i did both my lobes myself and then i did the top but i did it were the catilidge shold be but i went up on the rim of my ear like a helix i am confused is it a helix or a cartilidge???!!!

    • DRae 7 years ago

      I just got my rook done last week and the actual piercing part wasn't that bad, just a couple of crunches. It is very painful right now though and more swollen than the day I got it done. I had my lobes done at the same time and I was wondering if it's normal for a few dark purple spots to appear around but not on the piercing... It's worrying me.

    • Ashley 7 years ago

      I've read that the snug can swell easily, but how bad does it hurt to get it pierced? And after everything is it actually worth it?

    • chelsea 7 years ago

      i have worked at claires in the mall for over a year ... i live in nebraska where it is actually illegal to pierce cartilage with a gun, however, even if it was legal i would still encourage people to go to a tattoo shop to get it done ... the sterility of the guns isn't as big an issue to me, because we sterilize them both before and after each piercing, but the fact that we use the earring to pierce the ear as opposed to a hollow needle would pose major healing problems

    • KC SWING IT 7 years ago

      Just an FYI, the proper term is stretching your lobes, not GAUGING them.

      a gauge size refers to the size of the jewelry, for instance you can have a 14G (gauge) ring. However you lobes would be stretched to a 14G.

      My piercer, and current teacher, flipped out on me when I mistakenly called it gauging.

    • jam 7 years ago

      I've had my lobes done and had my helix done a couple of months ago. Now I don't know whether to get a second pair of lobe ones first or a conch piercing. I'm not that fussed about the pain, just wondering what would look better.

    • gwen  7 years ago

      i just recommend not getting the snug. it looks good but i got mine over 5 months ago and is still not healed. it hurt a lot too. if you do get just don't get it too high up i think that is part of my problem.

    • lp 7 years ago

      I've had my tragus & industrial done. neither hurt very bad, espeically compared to other body piercings. my industrial was done first and a few months afterwards it started to get blood blisters at each end of the bar. then, i have really long and curly hair so my hair wrapped around it and they had to take it out, they said they never saw blood blisters that bad. i'll tell you what, that hurt a heck of a lot worse than the piercing itself. the same day i got the tragus done and it really didn't hurt. the industrial is worse but it's bearable. i'm thinking of getting either the rook, snug, or daith. any incite on which one to get???

    • Jessica 7 years ago

      a helix and a cartridge are the same!!! NEVER get your ears pierced with a gun! It can damage them severely. Always go to a professional. And it takes 2-12 months for your cartridge to heal... the same as a helix because they are the SAME!

    • Kristine 7 years ago

      I have my rook, industrial, cartilage, naval, tongue, and three lobe holes on each ear. None of them hurt at all. The worst about the rook was the crunch that you heard, other than that it didn't hurt. I'm going to get my helix this weekend and tragus after that.

    • Michelle 7 years ago

      I have my rook done, and i love it!! It did hurt when it was being done, but the healing process has been a lot better than my cartilage piercing. I would definitely recommend it!

    • Tashia 7 years ago

      The daith looks mega- painful!!!

    • Alex 7 years ago

      I have my rook done and it didn't cause me any pain what so ever. It healed rather fast and most of the time I forget I even have it. I also had my tragus done and my industrial. The industrial hurt pretty bad and the healing rate was rediculously slow.

    • jess 7 years ago

      i just got a rook, and thought it was pretty painful. the actual piercing part wasn't terrible because it takes a couple seconds. but getting the jewelry in was a slow and painful process. i love how it looks though!

    • ali mae  7 years ago

      i want the tragus or may be the dith wat one should i get and how painful are they

    • Jessie 7 years ago

      Teeny: I would personally wait until the industrial was healed. They are pierced into the same bit of cartilige and therefore if you have a problem with either piercing it will effect both. I waited 3 months after getting my scaffold done before I got my Daith done and i noticed that the swelling for the daith affected my almost healed scaffold. From my expierence piercings on the inner cartalidge hurt more than the scaffold just because of their placement and the fact they are somewhat trickier to put the jewellery in.

    • Teeny 7 years ago

      im thinking about getting a rook. i just got an industrial done about 2 weeks ago and i want to get the rook in the same ear. would i have to wait for it to heal more or does it not matter? and does the rook hurt more than the industrial or about the same?

    • rebeccas1991 7 years ago

      okay people who say that thee rook and tragus peircings don't hurt don't know what they are talking about. they are right the actuall getting it peirced doesn't hurt. the healing process does expecially the week after. i got my rook peirced a week ago im having to take ibprophen because that whole ear is throbbing. i cant even smile. the tragus wasn't that bad but ive had it for six months and i can finially touch it without it hurting

    • Anthony,  7 years ago

      I have my ear loobs both done once, i have my rook and tragus done last week, and the rook wasn't painfull at all, the tragus was very painfull. The guy who periced it only put the needle half way through and then stopped and then had to keep shoveing it through slowly after and it hurt like mad. The rook is healing very quickly and is almost un-noticeable when i hit it in the shower or anything but the tragus still hurts a lot more then likely because of the way they did it. I'm not trying to make you not want to get you're tragus done just letting you know how mine went. I also want to get my anti tragus and my conch in my other ear.

    • Kelsey 7 years ago

      does the tragus hurt at all?

    • thelamb90 7 years ago

      Also, I suggest getting straight barbells, or curved barbells when getting something like ur rook, anti-tragus or ur tragus pierced 'cause sleeping on a closed captive hoop ring in those spots doesn't feel to great. lol.

    • thelamb90 7 years ago

      I have the rook, tragus, and anti-tragus piercings. None of them hurt at all. Id say that the anti-tragus hurt the most getting it done(and its actually the least problem-matic), but they truly didn't hurt. Actually, my tragus is giving me the most problems, and u would think the rook would. lmao.

    • Delerious 7 years ago

      I have 9 piercings total all of which i do myself...with either safety pins, syring needles or sewing needles. i have a nose stud, a conch, a cartilage and 7 lobe piercings. It is free to do it yourself after all...

    • dunno 7 years ago

      i have a a few piercings rook,conch,tragus,2 cartiliage piercings,nose and 2 in each lobe i want to know does the pain of an industrial compare to any of these is the pain less or worse??

    • elin. (: 7 years ago

      i love the tragus piercing. would love to get one.

    • jaidaa 7 years ago

      amazing i have my ears done,2 peirsings i love earings i got them done 3 years ago byebye!!!!

    • Hayley 7 years ago

      At the time my rook piercing didn't hurt at all. I'd been worrying about it all night before and watched videos on youtube of people getting it done. When I actually had it done though it wasn't painful. Sure, it hurt more than the cartilage but they don't hurt at all anyway. However, 5 months on, it can still be quite sore and produce lymph, but I don't care because I love it so much!

    • Ellie 7 years ago

      Helloo, i have 3 cartilage piercings and i did them myself and they didn't hurt one bit, and i had my tragus done about 3months ago and that didn't hurt at all i just got an ear ache after, and i did both my lobes.. im thinking about getting either the rook or anti-tragus, im thinking rook but im worried about the pain so was wondering if anyone can help me out on that one and wondering if there more painful than the ones ive had? and can you get the rook done with a hoop? and also what about sleeping on them, how are they? x thanks :D x

    • jade 7 years ago

      I have had my snug done for about a month and a bit and anyone who says it is a hassle isn't lying :| but hopefull it gets easier after a year-

      and mine swells pretty easily if it gets bumped so i suggest not getting it changed to a smaller barbell until it has healed well :)

    • SC 7 years ago

      I know first hand about mall piercings. They SUCK. I had two cartilage piercings done there and they took FOREVER to heal, and are always getting infected even though I clean them. Definitely go to a specialist :|


    • mandy 7 years ago

      I have a rook piercing... the piercing was fine... but there was a right struggle getting the jewellery in and for two weeks I couldn't even stand the wind to waft past my lug!.. even my hair was too much weight on it... but its fine now (2 years on!) dependant on the jewellery I wear... it only seems to tolerate a titanium curved eyebrow bar. Oh and I have to sleep on a horseshoe shaped foam for a pillow or there's trouble.

      As for Helix piercings..... (which I was told was an upper Pena?) I have had two and BOTH grew out within 3 months even tho pierced further away from the initial site...?

    • Rachel 7 years ago

      I'm thinking of getting my rook done but i've heard that they grow out eventually, or in most cases they grow out. Has this happened to anyone?

    • Kayleeeeeee 7 years ago

      ^^^^^^ for brittany! its not 100% painless, but there isn't enough pan to worry about, its like a pinprick, it goes through, and your done.

      i want a snug, or a tragusXDD

    • brittany! 7 years ago

      does the cartilege hurt when u get it piersed at all because i really want it done !

    • Gabby 7 years ago

      I have a daith piercing and let me tell you, it HURT. I wanted something not as common as most ear piercings so I was thinking either anti-helix or daith, so I got daith instead. It was for my birthday about 4 or 5 months ago. It was SO sore afterwards it was hardly bareable. Even though it is a very difficult piercing to have, I still love it with all my heart, and by far the best piercing I have ever gotten.

    • Skye 7 years ago

      I got my rook pierced a week ago and the process was not at all painful. All I felt was pressure, however, the day after it was painful to the touch but nothing to bad. For me my second lobe piercing was 100 times worse than my rook.

    • TaylorFantastic 7 years ago

      Getting your rook pierced does not hurt whatsoever. I do all of my own piercings, and it didn't hurt. My tragus hurt the worst. All my other piercings, like my smiley, frowny, bellybutton, nose and septum were all pain free also.

    • Megan 7 years ago

      I have had both my Rook and Snug done. My rook barely hurt at all, which really surprised me. My snug didn't hurt as bad as I thought it was going to but my piercer warned me about the pain before hand. Bottom line: the snug is wayyy worse than the rook.

      If you do get your rook, make sure that they don't pierce it too close to your head. It is so hard to get jewlry in mine and most people don't even notice it because it is kinda hard to see.

    • asdflsfjlksjfas 7 years ago

      It may be legal to pierce a helix [it's not just called "cartilage" because the majority of your ear is cartilage] with a gun, but that does NOT mean it should happen. No body part should be pierced with a gun, especially any type of cartilage piercing. Not only can guns not be sterilized, but they prolong healing time and cause unnecessary trauma to the piercing. It's also worth mentioning that people at non-professional places like Claire's give TERRIBLE aftercare instructions. Do you expect a 15-year-old who watched a 10-minute video about pushing a button on a piercing gun to tell people about sea salt soaks or to be able to answer questions about problems with the piercing later on? They tell people to twist the jewelry [which is always a horrible idea] and give them some crappy solution... People end up with gross-looking, possibly infected piercings and they can't figure out why.

      Also, the "gauging" section was kind of ridiculous. I cringe every time I hear that term--it's called STRETCHING. "Gauge" is nothing more than a unit of measurement. It's not a verb, an adjective, or a type of jewelry. Example: You would say "I'm going to stretch my lobes to a 2 gauge" not "I'm going to gauge my ears to a 2." Also, the jewelry in stretched lobes can be plugs, tunnels, spirals, pinchers, etc., not "gauges."

      That's my rant... I hope people who get piercings will try to educate themselves at some point and stay away from sites like this.

    • Oli 7 years ago

      Does the Conch piercing heal once you ave decided to take it out for good? because it cartilage and cartilage supposedly doesn't heal well i wondered.

    • Shannon 7 years ago

      you're not supposed to use guns to pierce your ears, its totally unprofessional and unsanitary. it doesn't take out the cartilage, which most likely causes you to have to get things repierced. the first time they pierced my nose they used a gun and i had to get it repierced. the needle does hurt a bit worse, but who cares (:

    • nicko guzman profile image

      nicko guzman 7 years ago from Los Angeles,CA

      To get used to more painful procedures,pierce your earlobes over and over.It can be fun,but sterilize.

    • mo 7 years ago

      i just got my cartiliage piercing done about 4 hours ago at piercing pagota. it was painless and i still don't feel any pain. the girl that did it was super nice and i love my piercing. Thanx so much for your help.

    • Kelleigh  7 years ago

      I had my Tragus and (Anti) Helix done yesturday the Tragus was fine didn't really hurt much the Helix on the other hand was quite painful I really want to go for a surface piercing next and i am thinking of the one infont of the Tragus

    • mo 7 years ago

      can cartiliage peircings cause facial paralyzation? im thirteen and im going to get one before spring break ends do they hurt a lot?

    • Amanda 7 years ago

      I got my tragus pierced yesterday and couldn't believe how little pain there was. It's not really sore or anything right now, but kind of difficult to clean - especially on the back side because the placement is awkward; I understand why people have problems with these piercings getting infected.

      I want to get my forward helix done next (and soon!) - definitely feeling the piercing itch!

    • AshleyVictoria profile image

      AshleyVictoria 7 years ago from Los Angeles

      Hermaj, I have a tragus piercing as well and it's fine with earphones, ear buds included!

    • Jennifer 7 years ago

      Hermaj I got my tragus done and I use earbuds quite regularly and it doesn't affect it at all!

    • Rosie 7 years ago

      I got my rook done over a week ago, and well, it hurt a lot, but mainly because, as my ears are small, it took a while to pierce! Afterward it hardly hurt at all, but after 24 hours it had swollen up at least twice the size and it is very painfull. I cant sleep on it and i could hardly touch it, but its not infected. It has only just started to stop swelling, but now it doesn't hurt at all :D And its lush :)

    • New one  7 years ago

      i only have one piercing in total, well because i'm a youth and i'm planning on getting the conch done and i was wondering if it hurts or not i also have a low tolerance of pain so my problem will probably be having a low tolerance so if any one can help that would be great

    • Twich 7 years ago

      I would just like to reiterate what people have said about gun piercings. Guns are BAD. Go to a proper piercing shop. Getting it done properly may be a bit more expencive, but well worth it.

    • hermaj 7 years ago

      I had my rook done a couple of months ago and it's healed fine. It was my most painful piercing so far, the others being all lobe and helix piercings, but it honestly wasn't too bad. It stopped aching after a couple of minutes. As for it getting caught on things, the only thing I have found is that sometimes my hair gets caught in it and I have to gently untangle it. One thing that I didn't think of before I got it, though, was that it was painful to hold a phone up to that ear for a couple of weeks, and even now it can be a little bit annoying when I'm on the phone. So that's something to consider when deciding which side you want your rook piercing on.

      I'm planning to do my tragus next, and I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with tragus piercings and headphones. Does it cause much of an issue or is the piercing mostly out of the way of the headphones?

    • jenna 7 years ago

      what places should i go to git my ears pierced i have my cartlige pierced and the lobe but i want another and don't know ware to git it

    • Kris  7 years ago

      Its a nice coindence that Tracy mentioned, because the actual shop Piercology is absolutely amazing! They were the first accredited piercing shop in the state of Ohio, and the only shop I would trust with putting holes in my anatomy. If anyone lives around Columbus Ohio, (we usually drive an hour to get there) I would highly recommend it. A tad pricey, but the quality is superior. I just went yesterday for more cartilage piercings, I'm running out of room...about time to start on the helix!

    • Jennifer 7 years ago

      Amanda I would suggest tragus first, because it's not very painful and it heals quicker. Anytime you get a hole in your body that isn't supposed to be there of course there is a risk of infection, but if you keep the piercing cleaned you shouldn't have any problem. My tragus wasn't sore after about a day, but I got my rook pierced almost two weeks ago and it is still sore to the touch, but you should get both, they're both really cute piercings!

    • Amanda 7 years ago

      i want to get my tragus done or my rook done, how painful is each of these and is there a big risk of infection and lastly, how long is the healing time? and which one would you prefer the tragus or rook? pleaseeeee helpppppppp!!

    • Jennifer 7 years ago

      I think it depends on the person, because I got my rook pierced last night and it hurt so much more than my tragus or my cartlidge, and it bled while my others didn't really bleed, so it differs from person to person, but I would get it done again, I LOVE it!!

    • Hope 7 years ago

      I have to agree with Adele-Marie i got my rook done and it didn't hurt at all. I could barely feel it when they pierced it. and it wasn't even sore afterwards. My cartilage hurt way more and was sore for months.

    • Jennifer 7 years ago

      As far as all the tragus piercings I went last week to get mine done with my cousin, and it didn't hurt me at all, but my cousin that hers hurt more than her nose and tattoos put together, so I guess it's all a matter of your pain tolerance, because I have quite a high tolerance!

    • Adele-Marie 7 years ago

      I just got my rook pierced and it was not painful at ALL. I have a very low pain tolerance as well...

    • Hannah 8 years ago

      The rook really isn't that bad, it hurt far less than my industrial did and I love the way it looks. And I really doubt you could get snagged on anything or tear it because its not really on the outside of the ear. I did bump it in the shower the other morning, though, and that really hurt. And never get anything but your lobes done with a gun. always go for a professional tattoo and piercing place.

    • Christine 8 years ago

      Hello all! I have 10 piercings in each ear (from lobe all the way up to basically straight up from the first hole in the lobe [if that makes sense]). I got all of mine done at Claire's and Icings stores with the piercing gun. I've never really had trouble with any of the pierciings that I've gotton from those places. They've healed within a couple of months with very little discharge or pain, but, then again, I have a fairly decent tolerance for pain, so...yeah. I REALLY want to complete, at least, one ear so that I can actually put the barbell in for the industrial piercing. I would love to have my nose pierced, but I'm not allowed to, so I'll have to put that one on hold, I guess. I've thought about doing the rook, conch, and tragus; but, after reading some of the things about the tragus, I'm not so sure about that...LOL! The conch, I figure, wouldn't be any worse than just doing the helix, which is no big deal, so...yeah. That's where I'm at. It's fun having all the piercings because people get a kick out of them.

    • no_one 8 years ago

      i have my rook,tragus and nose as well as the usual earrings 9 in all with more in the future, i have yet to have one be at all painful TG! i'm not good with pain at all, but i am a slow healer it took my reg. cart. piercings over a year to heal and it only healed because i put hoops in them, reg. earing seemed to mess with the piercing itself. all i can say is with any piercing your body is gonna fight it and you have to deal with tenderness, swelling, and even that annoying drainage but if you want to get one make sure your ready to take care of it until its healed COMPLETELY taking it out can make things a lot worse,especially if its infected. but that's what i've figured out hope it helps!!

    • armymom47 8 years ago

      i have had my upper ear pierced since november 30th. and it is still red swollen, and huts at times, no painful hurt just discomfort i should say, the ring in which was used was too small, left an indention in the lobe of my ear, i took it out and put in a sterling silver double ball one, my question is: how long for this to heal, and is it natural for there to be whitish looking stuff around the back of hole area? i went to a professional in pigeon forge TN while on vacation. thanks for all your help........concerned in georgia..........

    • Ash 8 years ago

      I don't know a lot about piercings so this seems like a good page to get the right answers.. First of all, I have had my cartilage done twice at the mall...both times I took it out within months because it never healed. Also, how bad does getting your tragus pierced hurt?

    • Yo 8 years ago

      If it is I most certainly do not recommend it. I got my 8 lobe piercings (4 on each ear) done with a piercing gun and they were a pain compared to the cartilage one I just got done by a professional (sterilized needle and all). I think an industrial done with a piercing gun would be hell...

    • alexus! 8 years ago

      is is possible to get an industrial piercing with a piercing gun?

    • Tracy 8 years ago

      Whoops! Didn't realized when I posted comment but earhead is one word.....I have a website for you to go to called you can look at many more types of ear piercings among other kinds such as navel, nose, nipple..etc ...there's also a feature that you can look at the piercings taking place if that helps ease your mind about getting certain ones.

    • Tracy 8 years ago

      Speaking of ear head you don't have one of these illustrated on your page...very cool piercing and very cute too. Down-side to this is that there's a risk the piercer could stick you in the I'm debating this on also.

    • Tracy 8 years ago

      I wouldn't advise anyone to use a piercing gun for a cartilage piercing! It may be legal to do but isn't wise. Think about it....were does the cartilige and skin go??? it stays in the ear duhhh! Which only causes problems in the long run and may cause a keloid to appear on the back of your ear due to the trama it causes...just don't do it! I have my helix peirced and I had it done by a professional and have had no problems at all with. I also have my nose done...which dummy me didn't go to someone who knew what they were doing and they peirced it through my septum...needless to say it was very painfull. The dumbass couldn't get the jewelry in so he pierced it again in the same hole using a bigger word F**K! The begining of the month I got my tragus pierced which wasn't bad at felt like I had an earache for the longest time though...I'm thinking on getting my ear head done and wanted a rook as well. But looking at the comments I'm debating that one! All I can say is everbody's pain tolerance is different....and it couldn't be any worse than having your tragus pierced twice in one day :0(

    • padmini 8 years ago

      is piercing ear lobe an acupuncture practice??

    • vico 8 years ago

      maria don't go to a mall place for your cartilage they use piercing guns which can shatter your cartilage and put you up for serious infection or cause the piercing to never heal properly...go to a professional piercer or a place specializing in body art they use piercing needles which are much more sanitary, hurt less, and cause the piercing to heal faster

    • maria 8 years ago

      is it best when peircing your cartilage to go to someone that specializes in peircings or can you go to one of those places in the mall? Or does it matter? I want to get it done but I want to have it done right.

    • Tracy 8 years ago

      your rook is really strong. i have had mine for almost a year, and have never had a problem with it. i also have 5 lobe piercings (total) and my tragus. i'm thinking about getting a helix this weekend, but i kind of want to go for something a little more daring

    • Mui 8 years ago

      Can anyone tell me if it's possible to get the Rook piercing snagged onto something and it gets ripped out? Since the Cartilage is thick..

    • Kair 8 years ago

      The rook IS painful ! I have my nose done, five lobe piercings, and one helix piercing (one I took out too), and the rook was the only one that truly hurt. I'm not discouraging you from getting it done--it's beautiful. I'm just letting you know the price of beauty.

      Anyway, I really want a snug, daith, or anti-tragus. Or all of the above. Who knows. . .

    • Bri 8 years ago

      OMG the rook just makes me CRINGE. i have my tragus done, but wow... the rook seems like it would be so painful!

    • bme_lover 8 years ago

      Its funny that you would classify the rook as being thicker then the snug, when most certified sites claim that the snug is thicker, and the second most painful after the anti-tragus.

    • noname 8 years ago

      i want to know what's the name of the surface piercing right in front of the tragus piercing.

    • starrkissed profile image

      starrkissed 8 years ago from Arizona

      love this page!

    • izzi 8 years ago

      STRETCHING your ears.. not gauging. The gauge is the measurement of the jewelry worn in the stretched hole. Saying that you gauged your ears is like saying you inched your ears..

      get it?

    • Arnie 8 years ago

      I hope she has the same number on the other side... otherwise she must have a very muscular neck on one side

    • Rowenn 9 years ago

      Holy shit, did you see the picture next to the description of "Helix" piercings?

    • livelonger profile image

      Jason Menayan 9 years ago from San Francisco

      Great explanation of all the ear piercing variants

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