A Guide to Different Ear Piercing Types and Their Positions

Updated on March 2, 2016
Find out where tragus, anti-tragus, conch, and daith piercings are and how long they take to heal.
Find out where tragus, anti-tragus, conch, and daith piercings are and how long they take to heal. | Source

When I was six months old my mother took me up the mall to get my ears pierced. What began as two small gold studs in each lobe grew into a second hole at age 12, a cartilage piercing as a teenager, and a forward helix hoop when I began college. I had no idea there were so many options when it came to getting your ears pierced. But the human body can pretty much be pierced virtually anywhere that there is skin, and the ears are no exception to this rule.

There are many types of ear piercings. See the table below for a quick glance and read on for more detail about each specific type.

Types of Ear Piercings

What is it?
Healing time
Single hole in each lobe.
4-6 weeks
Gradually stretching lobe to hold earring from 20-gauge to as big as 00-gauge.
Transparent tissue at the top of the ear.
8-12 weeks
Industrial or Scaffold (more than one is called an Ear Cage)
Two holes connected by a single piece of jewelry, usually a barbell.
3-12 months
Oval-shaped cartilage that juts out from ear.
8-16 weeks
Piercing the cartilage opposite the tragus, usually with a barbell.
8-16 weeks
Piercing the cartilage above the earlobe and the anti-tragus on the inside of the ear.
8-16 weeks
Piercing of the thick fold of cartilage on the upper inside of the ear.
2-12 months
A piercing of the inner cartilage half-way down the outer rim of the ear.
8-16 weeks
A piercing between rook and the ear canal.
8-16 weeks
Any piercing on the outer rim of the ear.
2-12 months


Standard single earlobe piercing.
Standard single earlobe piercing.

A standard ear piecing, and undeniably the most common, is a single hole in the center of each earlobe. It is a simple procedure that is usually done with a piercing gun by workers at a jewelry and accessory store at the mall. Some people later opt to get a second or third hole above the first. Professional piercers argue that no piercing should be done with a gun, simple earlobes included, because a sterilized needle is safer. They also believe that post earrings (studs with a backing) are not conducive to healing, as they trap the lobe too tightly and prevent air from getting in. Earlobe piercings generally take just 4-6 weeks to completely heal.


Standard earlobe piercing gauged to 1" diameter.
Standard earlobe piercing gauged to 1" diameter.

A common modification that is popular currently is called stretching or gauging. Most ears are pierced with a 20- or 18-gauge needle, thus using a 20- or 18-gauge earring. However, due to the elasticity of skin, earlobes can be gradually stretched over time to eventually hold a 6-gauge, 4-gauge, even a 00! (Obviously the smaller the gauge number, the bigger the gauge!) Gauging is done by gradually upgrading the size of the jewelry little by little, coaxing the hole to fit bigger and bigger earrings until you have achieved the desired size.


A standard cartilage piercing is the second most common ear piercing seen today. Cartilage forms the transparent tissue of the upper part of the ear and is the only area other than lobes that can be legally pierced by a piercing gun. However, cartilage takes longer to hear than earlobes (at least 8-12 weeks) and because there is a limited blood supply to that area some of these piercings never heal properly.


An industrial, or scaffold, piercing is made up of two holes that are connected by a single piece of jewelry (usually a long barbell). An industrial piercing is commonly made through the cartilage on the upper ear, with one hole close to the head and the other further down on the outer rim. Two or more industrials on one ear is sometimes referred to as an ear cage. Healing time takes anywhere from 3 months to 1 year.


The tragus is a fairly popular piercing involving the thick oval of cartilage that juts out directly in front of the ear canal. The thickness of the tragus varies depending on the individual, requiring jewelry anywhere from 6mm in length and up. These piercings heal initially within 8-16 weeks and completely within one year.


As the name implies, the anti-tragus is opposite the tragus, on the outer ear, just above the earlobe. This is not a very common place to see a piercing, as the anti-tragus on most people is usually too small to pierce. If the anti-tragus is in fact large enough to fit a barbell through, micro-jewelry will most likely have to be used. Healing time is 8-16 weeks, with complete healing within one year.



The conch is the large expanse of cartilage that forms the back of the ear. A conch piercing is located in the big area of cartilage just above the earlobes and the anti-tragus on the inner ear. A ring or a barbell can be worn on this type of piercing. If selecting a ring, make sure it is large enough to encircle the outer ear. Healing time is 8-16 weeks.


A rook is the thick fold of cartilage located on the anti-helix (upper inside of the ear) just above the tragus. Because this piece of cartilage is so thick, the piercing can be quite painful. Healing time can be anywhere from two months to 1 year.



The snug is located halfway down the ear's outer rim, on the inner cartilage, just above the anti-tragus. The snug is a fairly small, shallow area where the cartilage is not very thick, making for an easier piercing than the rook. Initial healing time is 8-16 weeks, with complete healing within 12 months.


The daith (usually pronounced day-th, but properly pronounced doth to rhyme with moth) is located between the rook and the ear canal. It is similar to the snug in terms of depth and healing time, which is 8-16 weeks initially and up to one year to be healed completely.



A helix is any piercing that goes through the cartilage on the rim of the ear. If located on the section closest to the head, it is sometimes called a forward helix or an ear-head piercing. Heals fully within 2-12 months.

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      • profile image

        Penny Gillard 3 weeks ago

        I've had piercings for many years, and from when I was a child, so I'm no stranger to them. However, I recently had industrial and daith piercings and they weren't too bad going in, but at night they were quite problematic. Especially the industrial piercing.

        I ended up googling around and finding a special pillow which helped a lot. I'll probably continue to use it until I decide to move on from this particular style of piercing. Here it is if anyone is interested: https://www.thepillowwithahole.co.uk/pillow-sleepi...

      • PhobophobiaAsylum profile image

        O Munroe 11 months ago from Michigan


      • profile image

        Maddie A 12 months ago

        I'm 14 and my birthday is this weekend so my parents are letting me get my nose and daith pierced, I already 2 lobe piercings, an industrial in my right eat and a room in my left and I'm excited and ready to get more :)

      • profile image

        Jay 13 months ago

        I am 18 now, got 6 piercings by now, but wanna add a few more in the next years.

        I got 2 lobes in each ears, the first pair when I was 4, the second when I was 15. Additionally I got 2 cartilages (I was 15 and 16) in the left ear, but want to add a few more cartilages and/or Helixes.

        All the piercings I've got were shot and I never had a problem with infections at all, but I consider myself lucky as a friend had to take her Cartilage out, because a nerve got hit in the shooting process.

        For everyone who wants to get a Cartilage shot: Ask whoever holds the gun about their knowledge. If you don't trust the shooter, don't do it. I had it done in a pharmacy where they asked for my general risk of infection and gave me something for the aftercare; I felt well-handled, had it done twice and had no problems.

        Right now I am stretching two of my lobes, but only for three millimeters, because I want to have the option of letting it shrink again if needed.

        All of my piercings - no matter how long I got them - tend to close up if I take out the jewelry so I wear my cartilages and the claws 24/7, because it costs me too much time to let the holes heal up everytime. But since this doesn't count for lobes I am used to do them myself by now, haha. I would not advice this for children or for any other piercings though.

      • profile image

        aliciawiler 15 months ago

        First off, I'm an RN, so i had to take my tragus piercing out because it interferes with the stethoscope when I use it. I have 13 piercings total. 2 from when i was a small child that I no longer use, 3 lobe piercings, a semi or half snug, a cartilage piercing, a helix piercing, a nostril piercing, and a top belly button piercing. I did have both nipple's done but had to remove them d/t the left one being so painful that my whole breast hurt! In my opinion, that was the worst piercing ever as far as pain. I slept through my ankle tattoo, and both of my upper back Tatt's, felt like I was getting a massage!!! Lol. I'm hopefully getting my right ear done with an industrial/scaffold piercing Tuesday, and cannot wait! As far as infection goes, foul discharge, redness that goes beyond the area pierced, and or red streaks are all signs of infection. Including a temperature, but not always. I've always cleansed mine with dial antibacterial soap, dried with a paper towel, and applied bacitracin or triple antibacterial ointment. No issues ever. The bump on the back that you may get is a keloid; scar tissue that forms from trauma. Do not change out your jewelry too soon and ask questions when you get it done!! Go to a professional. You get what you pay for!!!

      • profile image

        Casey 17 months ago

        I have a total of 17 piercings currently, and have had 6 more that have been removed over the years. Here's the breakdown...

        3 in each earlobe, and 3 on each helix, 2 forward helix on the right (wanted a triple but the 3rd wouldn't fit), 1 tragus on the left, my nose, and, most recently and my absolute favorite, a dermal on my sternum. I have had my belly button done (which got ripped out), my daith and rook (closed up when i took them out for surgery), my tongue, and both nipples (these I took out voluntarily after about 5 years). Wow...I've never actually typed all that out!

        My newest, the dermal, was by far the most extremely painful! Bled like crazy but it also healed the quickest...and now I want another one above the one I have. I'd do it again in a heartbeat too! I love showing that thing off just for the reaction of people alone!

        All in all, I have never had any serious issues with any of them. Have had to re-pierce a few here and there, but nothing too bad. I love piercings and tattoos (don't get me started on those!) and I will never regret and single one. All memories of the past.

      • profile image

        Sam 17 months ago

        Never, ever, ever, get a piercing with a gun! They are so unsanitary and bad for you, especially for cartilage and nose piercings. They're invasive and can cause a lot of permanent damage. If you're at a piercing place and they pull out a piercing gun, you need to get out of there. Only get pierced by professionals that have the correct training, certifications, and use needles. Not piercing guns!!!

      • profile image

        Kelly 2 years ago

        I have a total of eight piercings. Most of my piercings are very old, over 20 years. Two Helix on the same ear. I got these many years ago with a gun and it was a pain to heal, but they are fine now. I can leave them empty for months and they are still fine when I put piercings back in. I have three lobe piercings on once side and two on the other. They have been recently stretched. Right ear 4G on the lower lobe, 14 next, 6G next and the two 20G helix. Other side has a 12G that I plan to stretch to 4G and a 14G. I love having piercings, they are rare where I live for an older man like me. But they are a part of my life and they remind me of times that they represent.

      • profile image

        Sara Marques 3 years ago from Portugal

        Very informative ! Thanks

      • lisavollrath profile image

        Lisa Vollrath 3 years ago from Euless, Texas

        I have eight piercings in my ears: seven through the lobes, and one through the cartilage. I can attest to the fact that cartilage piercings hurt like the dickens, and take a long time to heal!

      • Kaili Bisson profile image

        Kaili Bisson 4 years ago from Canada

        I would imagine piercing cartilage would hurt like heck. Informative article!

      • profile image

        sarahhhhhh 4 years ago

        Just want to know if the rook piercing will help pin back my ear a bit and how bad it hurts?

      • KenDeanAgudo profile image

        Kenneth C Agudo 4 years ago from Tiwi, Philippines

        Got interested when i stumbled and see t there are lots of discussion going on here. I never imagined of doing this since it will be a hurdle in applying for job

      • profile image

        jane 4 years ago

        can anyone help years ago I bought an earing for the top of my ear it was a small diamond you put the bar through the hole in your ear then opened it out so it lay flat against the back of your ear and it didn't stick in your head when you lay down but I cant remember what it is called or where I can get one from thanks jane

      • torrilynn profile image

        torrilynn 4 years ago

        This was very useful indeed. I never knew there were so many ear piercings that someone could have. Voted up

      • FlourishAnyway profile image

        FlourishAnyway 4 years ago from USA

        Ow, ow, ow. I had no idea there were so many varieties of piercings. Oh my goodness. Ow, ow, ow. When I was a teen I did get a double piercing a little bit up the ear and it hurt like the devil, so I let the hole grow over and never did that again. Ow, ow, ow.

      • lupine profile image

        lupine 4 years ago from Southern California (USA)

        I just have the single lobe piercing in each lobe. That's enough for me. Got my piercings done when I was 8, by my sister (10 yrs. older than me) a long, long time ago...the old fashioned way, with a needle and thread. Just applied ice to ear lobe until I couldn't feel it...didn't hurt at all. She also pieced two of my friends that day.

      • toptenluxury profile image

        Adrian Cloute 4 years ago from Cedartown, GA

        I think that this is an interesting hub. For me, I just like having a single piercing per ear. I think that too much doesn't look good. That is why everyone has their own opinion.

      • profile image

        Charlotte Savage 5 years ago

        Why would you ever ever ....EVER, tell people how to pierce themselves?! Let's talk about MRSA or drug resistant strains of Staph infections....and those aren't even the worst that could happen. Don't be cheap, pay the extra money for the safety...also, don't get anything pierced at Claire's. Saving money isn't worth Hep C.

      • profile image

        Amaris 5 years ago

        I was reading all the comments and some were informative and what not but i think it all has to do with your tolerance for pain and the mentality going in. i knew from the beginning i wanted the piercing and i got it done. Right now I have the anti tragus, the daith, the snug and my belly button along with 2 extra cartillage and 1st and 3rd lobe holes. They were all really fun to get, and i cant wait to get more. I actually prefer needle piercings to gun piercings :/

      • profile image

        Tiffany 5 years ago

        I have my nose pierced, my belly button was done twice, but I let one heal, four lobe piercings, two cartilage, and I just had my rook done. I had to take my rook out because it migrated and split (I had pressure on it a lot, probably the cause). I want my daith and tragus done.

      • profile image

        Sydney 5 years ago

        I would just like to say that guns aren't bad. I actually work for Claire's and I have never had a problem with guns, and haven't had any complaints from customers. I have 13 piercing and got 11 of them done by Claire's/Icings and never had a problem with them. I have 7 cartilage and they didn't hurt, and healed in less time than the 8-12 weeks.

        And with people saying the guns aren't sterilized, they are. And it isn't even the gun that touches the ear. It's a pre-sterilized package that holds the earring that does. If it gets infected, then maybe it's the persons fault for not taking good care of their piercing, or their allergic to the metal that was used. And cartilage piercings take extra care because it is so easily infected. It's not the gun, it's the person.

      • profile image

        Zoe 5 years ago

        how come there's no orbital?

      • profile image

        emily king 5 years ago

        Im 12 and i have 3 piercings in each ear!my cartilages done and 2 lobe piercings! I also have my belly button done and got all that done when i was 11!:o but got my 1st lobes done when i was 4. getting my tragus done soon hopefully! My parents wont let me get my tongue done yet, but i respect that as i shouldnt have half the ones ive got at my age anyway!

        But hope to get my tongue and industrial done in the future and the bottom of my belly... not 100% sure on my industrial though, might just be a bit too much! Want bottom of my lip done too but not sure on that one either!:)

      • profile image

        Court 6 years ago

        This was very helpful

      • profile image

        Jen 6 years ago

        They all look super white trashy. But if that's the look you're going for...

      • profile image

        Petal 6 years ago

        I have had the rook done 3 months ago it hurt a bit when it was done I ended up on antibiotics due to an infection and was told salt water and sea salts are no good for healing or keeping infection away for the salts to do that you will need buckets of the stuff. I was told to just clean it with normal soap and water which works. I love the piercing but one little knock and it hurts again like it has just been done and you end up starting over again :( but I love it so I just put up with it hurting

      • profile image

        monique p 6 years ago

        i have 7 piercings and im 13 turning 14 i have 1st lobe, 2nd lobes, both horizontal tragus on both ears, and my helix on my right ear. ok so my nan is taking me to get another on left ear i dont know what i want on my left ear not conch, not helix or rook

        asap reply to this i need help please

      • profile image

        Erin 6 years ago

        Thank you so helpful :)

      • profile image

        sam 6 years ago

        I had room and conch done at the same time last week, the room hurt more at the time but conch hurts like hell now. It's unbearable to sleep on. The rook is soo easy to care for and pain free!

      • profile image

        Lena 6 years ago

        Hi, I'm looking to get my conch and rook pierced (conch most likely since rook seems more painful and harder to clean). I'm actually quite scared of the pain involved, not sure if it will hurt too much for me. Any advice guys? Btw I have 2 lobe and 2 helix piercings on each ear. during piercing the helix ones didn't hurt but they were pretty annoying and sore during the initial 2 weeks. It's been a month and my piercer said they're almost healed but I shall just leave them with the starter studs for another month (: they don't really hurt now anymore (; in comparison to helix is conch a lot for painful? (i understand that the cartilage is thicker there though)

      • profile image

        Zoe 6 years ago

        Does anyone know if the anti-tragus hurts more than a rook? I have my rook and nose pierced and neither of them hurt at all. Is the pain with the anti-tragus even comparable to the rook?

      • profile image

        Danielle 6 years ago

        I got my forward helix done a few days ago and it hurt more than any other peircing or tattoo i have got lol i almost passed out. I couldnt imagine getting some of the others that are shown in the pictures here

      • profile image

        lolipop 6 years ago

        i want to know if it hurts???

      • profile image

        Katie Sue 6 years ago

        this website doesnt give the information that i was looking for.....so thanks for nothing.

      • profile image

        Chanel 6 years ago

        I'm 14 and I got my dad (he does piercings) to pierced my industrial when I was 13. I think it looks really good and it healed in only a couple months (rather fast). I'm pretty pain tolerant. When I got my industrial it didn't hurt to bad but I'm good with pain. I want to get 2 industrial bars in the other ear but I don't know what one to get? Any suggestions?

        There's some that are 2 straight bars, some cross, some go like a normal industrial and have 2 going up off that bar, some go through where your conch is.

        I also want a conch in both ears which I plan on doing soon. And I want a rook, trangus and anti-trangus. Would those hurt more than the industrial or not?

        This has nothing to do with ears but I want my tongue (venoms) and septum done too. I can't have my tongue done till I'm 18(cuz my parents dont want me to have that). Is that going to hurt? And how long do venoms take to heal? I havent asked my parents about my septum but does septum hurt and how long does that take to heal?

      • profile image

        Lena 6 years ago

        Hey jolyjass, I just had my cartilage piercings 2 weeks ago so I cannot tell if it will heal. But if done properly using needle at tattoo parlour, it should heal within 2 months, of course, that means you will also have to keep your new piercings clean to avoid infections and other complications. Don't worry too much and good luck!

      • profile image

        JOly JaSs 6 years ago

        hey every1..... em thinkin of cartilage to get pierced..... but everytime I go 2 a pharmacy I get dis phobia.... what if It never healed? n does it hurt??? I read above ... in some cases CARTILAGE never heals :/ ?

      • profile image

        stacy 6 years ago

        i got double lobes its been 3 weeks now hasnt healed as yet n im think of getting my cartilage down so thanks for the advice really appericate it ^_^ but like im scared :$ it takes so long to heal wtf -_- if my mom sees it im dead oh yeah im only 14 :X n she doesnt no about the piercings blah

      • profile image

        nicki 6 years ago

        Does it hurt to use earbuds when you have a rook piercing? what about for conch?

      • profile image

        rhian 6 years ago

        ive already got my tragus done and now i want something else. i either want to antitragus or rook or snug. any comments on which hurts the less? also should i get it on the same ear as tragus or different ear?

        please help.


      • profile image

        Lena 6 years ago

        Dang I just got 4 cartilage piercings done at a jewellery store and they didn't hurt just like what I felt with my lobe piercings. Btw my piercer used a needle gun. Shoot I just got them today and I don't feel anything, right ear is a little sore though. I'm not going to touch them or fiddle with them till they heal properly though. I also bought surgical spirit which will disinfect my piercings while they are in the process of healing. Are there any causes for worry? Someone please reply, thanks.

      • profile image

        Neera 6 years ago

        I am debating on whether or not to get an industrial and/or a tragus. I know it will be a long recovery, but I don't know if I can handle the pain. I'm a bit of a worrywart and kinda need someone to push me over the edge in the decision. Any help?

        Also if anyone can recommend me some good places to get them done in the Baltimore or Philadelphia areas, I'd be REALLY grateful.

      • profile image

        cholico 6 years ago

        hey i just got my ears pierced is it normal to get a headache after you get the piercing done

      • profile image

        LaLaLaLoopsy 6 years ago

        i got my conch done a week ago and the piercer said not to twist it. i accidentally twisted it and now it feels porous and weird. im actually genuinely scared of what will happen. it doesnt hurt anymore now though. any advice?

      • profile image

        Stephhhhh;) 6 years ago

        I got my rook pierced about a week ago and it wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be. It's sore to touch and sleep on, But i don't regret it. It's so cute, anyone looking in to getting it done... DO IT! Lol. Getting my tragus this weekend! :) Excited!

      • profile image

        kaybee 6 years ago

        I had my cartilage done with a piercing gun at a chain jewlelry store in the mall, a little more than a year ago. hurt a lot, and I had a bump on the back of my ear. I'd take it out for 2 hours for a track meet, and it would give me a lot of trouble when I tried to put it in. it closed in 5 days after a cross country meet, and they told me it'd be completely healed in 6 months, it'd been nine.

      • profile image

        kileynoel 6 years ago

        Heyy, i'm wanting to get my rook done really soon, and i've already asked my sister's friend who is the piercer for the tattoo shop i plan to go to about how much it would cost, i'm wondering, how bad it will hurt and also how long does it take before i can change the jewelry, and when showering, is there any risk of my shampoo hurting it, i know i'll have to be careful around the area for a while, thank you!

      • profile image

        LYNNSI 6 years ago

        I got my first and second lobe peircings within 2 years of eachother. 1st =gun @ mall 2nd= needle@ tatoo parlor. Not only did needle hurt SO MUCH LESS, but the gun peircing hurt for weeks! No pain after needle!!!!!

      • profile image

        cheymarie 6 years ago

        ok, i know all the stuff about piercing guns, using piercing needles, ect. but im never allowed to get my ears pierced, so i do my own ear piercings... i was wondering,(i got my 1st and 2nd lobe piercings done with a gun) i took the piercing earrings from the 2nd lobes, and pierced my 3 cartilage holes, by pushing the earring through my ear by hand... i sanitized it first but i was wondering if pushing it through using only ur hand is worse then getting it done with a gun? my piercing are seemless, with nooo bumps or skin that got stuck in it, but 2 right now hurt so bad, the healing process sucks. and i have unnaturally soft cartilage so my helix piercings allow me to slip different gauged rings through them... for example, i went from gauge 20 to 14, and it just slid right through...

      • profile image

        Megan 6 years ago

        I got my daith pierced a month ago. I harldy felt it and it bleed a tiny bit after. The girl who pierced it took these stick qtip like things and squeezed some blood out and that hurt more then the whole piercing. it hasent gotten irritated or anything since i have got it. i have just gotten little crusties on it. and vicky do it seperatly so your ear will only have to focus on healing one at a time, im doing that with my industrial. and i am at a 2 gauge in my earlobes, it is more painful then any piercing i have had but the small sizes hurt the most once you get to a 4g for me it wasnt very painful. If you want to gauge your ears you need to know that a 2g is considered "the point of no return" but many people can go father and have their ears stretch back, but if you go to a 00g and they dont go back they will probably go back to like a 14g or something so its not that bad as long as you know what you are doing, dont size up to quickly, and once they are healed let them air out and clean them occasionally because then they wont smell. I hope this helps people, but piercings are different for everyone so i wouldnt know how much a piercing or stretching would hurt for other people.

      • profile image

        Vicky 6 years ago

        I'm planning on getting my cartilage pierced and I want 3 holes in a row. Do any of you suggest to do them all at separate times or all at once? Suggestions please!

      • profile image

        Holly 6 years ago

        Hey, I wanted an opinion on what piercings are most problematic for the ear?

        I just got an industrial done and i've heard that that is up there with ones that cause the most problems i.e. scarring, infections irritation etc.

        I don't care about the pain, because my industrial literally didn't hurt and I have a high pain threshold, I just want to know which ones generally are easier for aftercare and which ones heal easiest, apart from lobes since they are pretty simple for healing.

        Thanks :)

      • profile image

        jan* 6 years ago

        I got all 3 of my cartilage piercings pierced with a gun and it healed fast and didn't hurt much either, I've had them for like 5 years now and I put a 14 gauge barbell in one :) now THAT hurt like hell lol

      • profile image

        Mackenzie :D 6 years ago

        Zomg, I have three lobe piercings (Three on each) But one is a 6 gauge, then 14 gauge, then 18 gauge. I have two cartilage piercings on each ear, both of which are 18g [gauge] None of which were painful, except gauging my ears. But after a while the pain stopped. I did mine myself, I recommend professionally. I am going soon for another cartilage, and soon I'm getting a rook on my right ear and a tragus on my left :D Wish me luck.

      • profile image

        Rachel 6 years ago

        I can't say for sure, but I strongly suspect that the reason my nostral piercing hurt less than my helix is that the chick who did my nose was way cute, had her shirt partly unbuttoned and had nice "attributes" and a lovely raven tat right across her chest and the helix piercer was a dude who, although quite nice and competent, simply wasn't as "distracting".

      • profile image

        Bryan 6 years ago

        Daith piercing, it is still very risky due to the location of the piercing. Every person has a different set of ears, and many might not be suitable for this kind of piercing. http://www.whatisall.com/fashion-and-accessories/w...

      • profile image

        lily 6 years ago

        it hurts my ears just to look at these.

      • profile image

        Dana 6 years ago

        Continued: That I wanted a piercing for my left ear as well , so two days ago I got a cartilage piercing with a CBR & I love it! It's only been two days so I can't say much , but I'll be back soon to give an update ;)

      • profile image

        Dana 6 years ago

        About 13 months ago I got my industrial piercing in my right ear, and now it's pretty much healed up, I love it, but it's been a long journey (scarring, bumps,etc) but its all over and healed, and it's really pretty. I have two small barbells now, and it looks great! I loved it Soo much

      • profile image

        mememoo 6 years ago

        hey i got a new pearcing yesterday, and its non of those above. I got it professionally done by a ladie and it seems to be very tense is that normal. i haven't had piercings done on my ear for about four years.

      • profile image

        Erikaa 6 years ago

        Healing time for conch is wrong. My piercer told me 9-12 months. Every other piercer ive talked to said that also.

      • profile image

        Whendee 6 years ago

        Just got my Industrial Bar Piercing and I love it! Got it done in 12-31-11! Thanks Tattoo Central only 35 bucks!!

      • profile image

        Hollz 6 years ago

        I had my rook pierced in october 2011 and i have to say I didn't feel anything at all.it was quite painful after a few days but other than that it was fine.I had to take it out last night as it has grown out in just 2 months.you could see the bar through my skin.is this a common problem with a rook piercing or is it just my body???

      • profile image

        Ana 6 years ago

        I just got a snug about four days ago. The piercing itself didn't hurt that bad. But I'm writing to you now with a throbbing ear, swollen with a potential keloid starting? I'm soaking, clear antibacterial washing, not moving and trying to be very careful of it. It was fine until about 36 hours ago. I wish I knew what in the hell I did! It's super cute, it's just a pain in the ass right now! I had an industrial done several years ago and after a year of it being pierced my bar fell out in my sleep and closed! Still wasn't fully healed! I've had several ear piercings but the snug is the only one I've got right now. Obviously do your research before you get pierced or at least brace yourself for the incoming maintenance!

        Anyone have a snug that's rejected or caused a huge issue?

      • profile image

        em 6 years ago

        I just got two piercings so I could put in a Scaffold bar but I think my measurements are off what should I do?Help.

      • becauseilive profile image

        becauseilive 6 years ago from N.J.

        You're probably fine if it's been a month and you have no problems. I'm not sure what you think is going to shatter? The jewelry? I don't think there's any reason to be scared that horribly, it sounds like it's healing just fine...?

      • profile image

        holy... 6 years ago

        holy shit…

        i got my cartilage piercing with a piercing gun…

        IS IT GONNA SHATTER???? T.T if so im screwed @_@

        but its already been a month so i took the earring out and it seems to be fine…. :O

        and i have a question

        are there different kinds of thickness to the cartilage earrings?

        cuz i looked up some cartilage earrings and some of them looks rly thick.. and mines pretty thin compared to those

        i shudve went to a pro to get my cartilage.. i went to the mall… and they pierced it with a piercing gun… im scared shit rite now...

      • profile image

        JanieKay 6 years ago

        So I'm planning on getting my tragus done in my left ear on Thursday and not gonna lie I am shaking in my booties after reading all of these comments. I have 3 lobe piercings on each side (all done with a gun except for one) and 1 cartlidge piercing about halfway up my left ear. I'm not really scared about the pain of the piercing because I actually prefer getting my ears pierced with a needle over a gun. Everyone is telling me how horrific the pain is going to be even tho I don't know anyone who personally has it done. I'm most worried about the infecrions, I had NO problem whatsoever with my cartiledge and actually was able to fly and go on vacation less than a week after getting it done. I'm worried the tragus won't heal like this last one and I won't be able to to sleep comfortable with this new piercing, reading these comments has given me an earache just reading them! Ekekekekekeke!!=(

      • profile image

        Jessica 6 years ago

        Not to be a bitch or anything, but obviously some of you haven't had your piercings done at a very safe place. I have 7 ear piercings plus my belly button, tongue & I have my lip done twice. Anyway, concerning ears, I got both of my cartilage piercings done at Claire's (one of them I had done twice because I caught the first one on my shirt while getting dressed & it got sore so I just took it out) and I have never had a problem with them. They healed in the time the woman said they would & never got infected or anything. I've had them both done for about 5 years now & I honestly don't think it's necessary to go to a tattoo place to get them done. I also have my conch, which my cousin did with a piercing gun. I don't recommend that anyone do a piercing themselves, but I've never really had any trouble with it either & I absolutely love it! I've also never really had any pain with any of my piercings while getting them done (except for my lip, it did hurt a bit) & I have a very low tolderance for pain.

      • profile image

        mle 6 years ago

        I didn't read through every single comment here, but didn't notice anyone mentioning daith piercings. I got mine done a few yrs ago, and I really really love it. It was pretty painful and took forever to fully heal, but probably mostly because its such an awkward and small space to pierce. I have a hoop in but no ball on it and its never fallen out.

        I also have industrial which I've had for many years and I don't recall it being too painful to get pierced but afterwards couldn't sleep on that side for a long time. I have my lobes stretched to 2g and am going to stretch to 0g soon

      • profile image

        fleep 6 years ago

        I got my industrial done a few days ago and it was quite painful . The lower hole didn't hurt too bad, but when he did the top hole it was 5x worse. I really like it though and am glad that I did it. Even if I haven't been able to sleep for the past two days because of the pain.

      • profile image

        Bex 6 years ago

        Rainie- it's just called a second lobe piercing you will just say can you pierce my lobes and point to exactly where you want it done that was an easy one anywhere in the soft fleshy area is a lobe piercing.

      • profile image

        Bex 6 years ago

        Hi Georgia-Lee I would say on a scale of 1 to 10 this is 6 I have mine and the first hole felt like a lot of pressure and I didn't even feel the second. Just don't think of pain it will be over in a second mine cost £30 and i love it it's a fairly unique piercing that stands out it's nothing big don't worry in the end you will wonder what you were worried about happy piercing :D

      • profile image

        Georgia-lee 6 years ago

        I am planning to get the industrial piercing done for Christmas, and I am unsure if I have a low or high pain tolerance. Any suggestions on the amount of pain caused by getting this done?

      • profile image

        Nikki 6 years ago

        I have my rook done and its taking FOREVER to heal. Like its been 9 months and it still hurts!

      • profile image

        Raine 6 years ago

        In My Previous Comment I Meant *Ear* NOT Eat. [:

      • profile image

        Raine 6 years ago

        Okay So I Want Just A Plain And Simple 2nd Eat Hole, That's Close To Wear You Would Normally Get Your Ears Pierced As A Child. What Would That Piercing Called?

      • profile image

        Candy 6 years ago

        I had my tragus pierced 4 days, and have had a constant earache and tender jaw and cheek for about 3 days now. I like knowing that its common though! (: And I love my new piercing, its so cute! I have my nose and earlobes done also

      • profile image

        :) 6 years ago

        I have got tragus, scaffold/industrial, rook, 2 lobe, and my top ear. Along with others have to say my belly Hurt more!! With every piercing it's best to expect the worse then it hurts less :)

      • profile image

        alexNicole 6 years ago

        nostheboss21 i have my tragus pierced but it never became swollen. However, i do have a snug piercing that loves to get infected and swollen. So i use bc powder on it. It heels right up after using it for a couple days. Just mix with a bit of water and let dry on your tragus then wash off with water.

      • profile image

        nostheboss21 6 years ago

        how swollen does the targus piercing get? I pierced it 3 days ago and today its pretty sore and swollen,is this normal??

      • profile image

        Evie 6 years ago

        Joie; it's not a good idea to twist it as you can form a lump in your cartilage and it won't go away for ages! Keep it clean by using luke warm salt water and kitchen roll (don't use cotton whool balls as it can come apart and get tangled in your piercing) In my opinion, using a gun to get it pierced wouldn't be the best idea, as you may have some problems with the healing stage.. Try not to sleep on it or fiddle with it too much, and it should be healed within one - two months(:

        I have eight piercings in total, four on each ear. Left; two lobe, helix & tragus. Right; two lobe, conch & rook. I had my helix & tragus done about three weeks ago and all is fine. Abit of discharge, which is normal, and a tiny bit of blood on my helix, where i had picked it.. silly me. Tragus has healed nicely and i'd recommend it. I had my conch & rook done yesterday, and they're not that bad - only problem is that the rook bled like hell! I've got a stud in the conch and a ring in the rook atm, but i was wondering, as i want a ring in the conch and a double ended stud in the rook, what's the best type and size to go for? & how long should i wait until i can change, & if i buy the jewellery from the market, how do i then sterilize them?

        A lot of questions i know, sorry XD

      • profile image

        joie 6 years ago

        i just got the top of my ear pierced yesterday and it doesn't hurt until I have to twist it. how long will it take for it to heal? I got it done at walmart, so I need to know if getting it done with the gun was a bad idea and the easiest way to take care of it. any suggestions?

      • profile image

        Anna 6 years ago

        I want my rook pierced but both of my parents HATE piercings and would kill me if I got it done. Also, I have ZERO pain tolerance (I got a local anaesthetic shot the other day and my eyes were watering lol). I have my earlobes pierced once and I nearly cried when I got them done so maybe I won't get any more piercings :)

      • profile image

        Ashleigh1994x 6 years ago

        ive had my rook done and im only 16, it didn't hurt hardly at all and i really panicked for nothing! get it done its worth it!! :)

      • profile image

        WB 6 years ago


        i got my rook done last year and yes, it was tender for a few days. I felt the throbbing too, but I don't think it lasted for more than a week. It does take a while for it to fully heal though! I am no expert however. If you're getting worried, just call or go to the place where you got your piercing done. They should be happy to check it out.

        Tip for swelling: use pure chamomile tea and soak your piercing the same way as the sea salt. (I never did it, but it works for some people)

      • profile image

        Sara 6 years ago

        Well, i have 5 piercings in one of my ears, two in the other ear, my tongue, nipple and belly button, the worst was the tragus but i wouldn't say it was a pain that you cannot handle. 3 of those ear piercings are cartlidge and its true do not get it done with a gun! My friend has a piercing gun so i thought ah what the heck and let her pierce the top of my ear, needless to say it swelled so big and was so sore, i refused to take it out and let it heal so i had to leave the back of the earring for about a week before my ear swelled back down to normal size so i was able to fit it back on again! will definetly be going back to my piercing shop for more!

        I was wondering what people were thinking of the snug piercing, as i don't really see many people with that so im considering getting that done prettyy soon!

      • profile image

        Laura 6 years ago

        I have a cartilage piercing in my upper left ear which was done with a gun. It did not hurt one bit. It just felt like someone had touched my ear for a second. It was not painful at all afterwards and I had no problems whatsoever with healing or anything!!! I love it!!!!

      • profile image

        Bex 6 years ago

        I had a helix piercing with a hoop in but changed it to a stud it was healed :] but the stud got embedded in my ear and i had to go to the doctors three days in a row on the third day [today] i had it removed it was painful severeal injections it bleed loads and i have a bandage on now covered in blood and the doc has said i can not have any more cartilage piercings i'm absolueley devastated just lettin you know what can happen.

      • profile image

        justme 6 years ago

        I just got my rook pierced like 6 days ago, I love the way it looks, it hurt like hell. And the piercer had to make the exit hole a little further up than the average rook piercing, and it took about 3 minutes to get the needle through, and a further 2 to get the bar and balls through and on, which is a long time for a piercing. Like I said, I love the way it looks, and it takes a lot of looking after, soft and gentle anti bacterial soaps, sea salt solution twice a day, pain when sleeping on it etc. But I have a question for anyone with a piercing already, is it usual for my ear around the rook piercing to be red and swollen? It hurts to the touch and I have a constant little throbbing pain, but you can clearly see the different in size when compared to the other, unpierced ear. Any answers and/or suggestions would be helpful, thanks x

      • profile image

        Sarah 6 years ago

        I just got an industrial piercing an hour ago by a professional. To be honest, it barely hurt at all when done. But now hurts. Throbbing and feeling hot mostly. I also have both ears done with tragus piercings and I think they hurt much worse when done.

      • profile image

        Lexx(: 6 years ago

        getting my cartilage done in a week. with a needle at a parlor. aha. im 13 years old. :D

      • profile image

        Bexi 6 years ago

        I have a cartilage piercing which I had a hoop in but i changed it to a stud it was healed but now there is a red painful bump growing over the stud any ideas what I should do take it out? any help would be great thanks :]

      • profile image

        Lo 6 years ago

        I have an industrial(very painfull) tragus(minor pain)both conch(very panfull)

      • profile image

        Mia 6 years ago

        I just got my rook pierced a few nights ago and it didn't hurt at all. The piercing just felt like pressure against my ear, and once the jewelry was in I could forget all about it. My ear was a little sore for a few hours but that was it. I couldn't press my phone against that ear for about a day but it's a relatively hidden piercing and really isn't that bothersome.

      • profile image

        Holly 6 years ago

        I have 8 all together, and I'm 17. My two lobe piercing son each ear were done with a gun, as was my cartilage. I also have one just on the outer edge of my ear, but I changed the type of earring in it too quick and it got infected and scarred around the hole. My conch and my rook are my favourites and the conch healed in no time and was the least painful. My rook got done about a month ago and only hurts when I occasionally bump it :)

        Next up, my daith or anti-helix!

      • profile image

        Shana 6 years ago

        Thinking of getting my left conch done, though, I'm going to wait 'til december for the simple fact that that's the month my birthday is and I feel it would be the best time to get it done.

        Just wondering at this moment though, considering there are quite a few saying this, does the conch hurt quite a bit?

        Considering the conch piercing has about the same amount of cartilage as a cartilage piercing, they should hurt around the same, am I correct?

        Granted, I've not gotten either, but it seems weird how the conch piercing would hurt more than that of a cartilage piercing, or is there more to it than that?

      • profile image

        meg 6 years ago

        I've got my tragus and rook pierced and my rook was definitely the most painful due to the thickness. It's finally healed now after 6 months. I'm wanting to get a cartilage piercing but from what I've seen, my local piercing place only uses guns for this area. I'm not a fan of using guns as all my other piercings have been fine using a needle. Is it possible to get a cartilage piercing using a needle? And does it make any difference using that and not a gun?

        and @chloe it hurts but only for 10/20 seconds, then sore to sleep on but that's it. I found sleeping with my ear between 2 pillows helped because then there was no pressure on the ear. I got mine on my ear opposite to my fringe and people always notice it. I paid £25 for my rook, so £30 isn't too bad.

      • profile image

        Chloe 6 years ago

        I want to get my rook done, but does it hurt? My friend got it done and she said it was really painful. Plus what ear does it look best in? I have a side fringe so should i get it on the opposite ear (left) so you can see it better? AND how much is it to get done? My friend got hers for £30..which i think is really exspensive.


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