Piercing Types


How to Heal an Infected Daith Piercing

Are you looking for help with an infected daith piercing? Wondering what the signs, symptoms, and remedies are? Here's how you can care for and heal an infected daith piercing, as well as my own personal story with an infected daith!


How to Take Care of a Tongue Piercing

So you finally did it! You went out and got that weird muscle in your mouth pierced! I'm so proud of you! Or maybe you're still thinking about it and curious as to what it's like to take care of this piercing. Either way, I'm here to help you.


Do Tongue Piercings Hurt?

This article compares the pain of a tongue piercing to pain from tooth extraction and bee stings. It also includes recommendations for faster healing from your tongue piercing.


Tragus and Anti-Tragus Piercings

Tragus piercing is the process of piercing the small cartilage that is at the end of the ear canal. Care should be taken to ensure that the Tragus heals properly eight weeks after it has been pierced. Read on to see examples of these piercings.


Belly or Navel Piercing

Learn the what to do before and after getting a belly button piercing, including how to choose a salon and how to ensure the piercing heals without infection.


All About Nipple Piercings

Learn about how nipple piercings are done, what types of jewelry are worn in them, and how to deal with nipple rings and airport security.

Placing surface piercings in areas of high impact should be avoided

Extreme Body Mod: Surface Piercings

As opposed to a traditional nose or tongue piercing, a surface piercing has both entrance and exit holes that go through a flat area of skin such as the arm, leg or sternum. Read on to see great examples of surface piercings.


An Illustrated Guide to Navel Piercings

A navel (belly button) piercing passes through the rim of the navel. While they are typically done just above the navel on the top ridge, they can also go anywhere around the outside of the navel, wherever there is a fold or "lip."


Illustrated Guide to Eyebrow Piercings

The earlobes and cartilage are not the only places that can be pierced on an ear; the center is not the only spot that can be pierced on a tongue; and the eyebrow is not the only place that can be pierced on, well, an eyebrow.