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Artist Realizes Way Too Far In He Made a Huge Mistake

“Didn’t you say…”

Since tattoos are as permanent as life itself, the right placement is crucial. With that said, you always want to take a final look at the stencil, before your tattoo artist starts tattooing away. If not, you might end up with a tattoo on the wrong side, such as right instead of left. 

Tattoo artist Lala Ellsworth shares a funny video of exactly that, the worst-case scenario and probably anybody's fear, who gets tattooed. That, and if the artist messes up the tattoo design. Let's take a look.

Imagine that's you!

Imagine, you are sitting somewhat comfortably while getting tattooed, and halfway through the tattoo, your artist stops and asks you if you said you wanted your left or right arm tattooed, while he's almost done tattooing your right arm!

It is painfully funny, but could so happen. Especially if you and your artist have trouble distinguishing between left and right. 

Just kidding! This should never happen.

Looking at the comments section, TikTok was a bit confused, which is understandable since nobody knew if that was a fake tattoo or a real one and certainly just a parody. 

Let me clarify that this was a joke but the tattoo is still pretty real.

Some comments though were hilarious!

@alexhuh1 posted,

"I have a potato peeler if y'all need one."

This reminds me of another tattoo-related parody.

TikToker @lowabyss wrote,

"Just erase it duh."

If it was only that easy.

Another person (@adrian776655) said,

"Idk if this is real or not but let’s just say this is real, what happens next? Do you just keep doing that arm or what? Idk."

That's a good question. 

I doubt that this would ever happen, but you never know and I guess in his case, he just has to live with it.