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People Are Claiming the “Fading Tattoo Ink” Is a Total Scam

Clients say they are still seeing botched lines months later

There is a new tattoo ink on the market, brought to you by Ephemeral Tattoo which invented ink that's made to fade. According to their website, the fun will break down between 9 - 15 months. However, lately, more and more people have come forward, claiming the ink does - in fact - not fade. 

Los Angeles-based tattoo apprentice Celle also claims her made-to-fade tattoo is still pretty visible. Let's see for ourselves!

Yup, it is still there. But to be fair, it only has been 14 months!

However, others have claimed to be approaching month #17 with a pretty visible tattoo still and are now concerned that they are stuck with a temporary tattoo that has gone permanent. 

If that's really the case, might as well get a real tattoo. But I understand why some people would rather try out a made-to-fade tattoo first before they decide to commit to a "real" one. 

Tattoo artist Bunny, who Celle did the stitch with, claimed that Ephemeral Tattoo is even being sued, which couldn't be confirmed - except a Facebook page claiming a lawsuit has been filed. Therefore, always take everything you see on the internet with a grain of salt.

Nevertheless, just because a lawsuit might not be the case as of now, if more and more people come forward complaining, one might pull the plug.

The TikTok community was very split on this, looking at the comments.

As TikToker @venus.1237 mentioned, 

"It's mostly gone tho."

That's what I think, as well. You can barely see it. 

However, TikToker @hayl.madison commented,

"Mines at 20 months and it’s clear as day, looks like I just got it."

Now that might be a little bit of a concern. 

And TikToker @bobjingle0 said,

"I think yours is fading well, it takes 1.5 years so you still have 4 more months to go."

If that's truly the case, Ephemeral Tattoo might have to change that on their website, yet again. 

Do you have a made-to-fade tattoo?