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Woman Documents Her White Ink Healing Process and Day 6 Is Gnarly

Worse before better.

As you might know, fresh tattoos first go through a healing phase that can look somewhat ugly before the tattoo is fully healed. This includes scabbing, and even an ink sac if you wear Second Skin. Some other tattoos, such as black-out tattoos, can look pretty gnarly while healing - which is normal. 

However, there are a few warning signs to look out for while your tattoo is healing. Such as TikTok creator and tattoo enthusiast @psychoticlavv shares in her video about her first white ink tattoo, which looks more like a scar caused by lightning. Take a look for yourself.

It looks pretty gnarly, and unfortunately, it is not supposed to look this way while healing. 

It appears that a lot of scarring took place and the tattoo looks more like scarification than a white ink tattoo. This might happened because the artist went too deep, and now the skin is pushing all the ink out due to the scabbing.

According to a tattoo artist named Ally (@beelzink) in the comments section, the tattoo most definitely shouldn't look like this. 

As she explained,

"Hi! Tattoo Artist here, by the way, that it’s healing… it’s not good. I have done white tattoos and the layer under your scabs is gonna be a hypertrophic scab, which is a raised scar. Tattoos shouldn’t heal as scars for it’s only hitting the dermis layer which is a very thin upper layer of [the skin]."

Ally continued by saying,

"The white underneath is just the scar so basically your pink/pale underskin scar, sadly it’s not ink. You’ll tell by the surrounding hyper pigment around what should be the white, it’s darker than the rest of your skin cuz he basically cut you."

Another artist commented,

"It really shouldn't be that scabbed even if it is white ink. Hope it does heal well for you."

White ink tattoos should look like any other healed tattoo, except in white. They can, however, turn yellow over time.